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Kuroko no Basuke – 21

「始めるわよ」 (Hajimeru wa yo)
“Let’s Get Started”

A beach episode, Kuroko no Basuke style! But wait for the kicker – this one is actually relevant to plot.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 09

「妖精さんの、ひょうりゅうせいかつ」 (Yōsei-san no, Hyōryū Seikatsu)
“The Fairies’ Survival Skills”

Just pretend you slipped on a banana peel and it’s Sunday again…

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As You’ve Probably Noticed…

…the site’s been down for the past couple of days. I managed to put up a maintenance message for a good part of time, but for those who missed it, the server had a hardware issue that required some emergency maintenance. The short story is that the hard drive was failing. To make matters worse, the RAID-1 mirrored drive that’s supposed to have me covered in this situation actually failed back in July without my knowledge, which left the site running on a single faulty drive that needed to be backed up and swapped out immediately so that both drives could be replaced.

With the help of Mentar and his friend Fruit, I managed to get a full up-to-date backup of the site, so nothing was lost — not even a single comment — unlike the crash we had back in the day on Aniblogger. It took me longer than I would’ve liked to reconfigure the server with a new Debian (Squeeze) distro, but everything should be up and running now. I expect there to be some hiccups, so please let me know if you encounter any issues (performance or otherwise). Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Note: Expect a flurry of posts to be published, as the writers have been staying on top of things during the downtime.

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