Summer 2024 Preview

There are some things about summer that quickly become a nuisance- namely the heat and humidity. I have always found the best remedies to be a frosty drink from the fridge and some nice, cool ice cream. What goes perfectly with such frozen deliciousness? Here at Random Curiosity, the right answer is, of course, the season’s coolest anime! While the freezer may be a bit empty, as the anime offerings typically are fewer during this time of the year, there are still plenty to satisfy everyone.

For starters, we have much anticipated sequels – in fact, it looks to be a summer dominated by sequels. The second season of the wildly popular idol twins pursuing fame and dark mystery in Oshi no Ko. The return of the rowdy, lovable Fairy Tail Guild crew in FAIRY TAIL 100-nen Quest. Then, the continuing emotional journey of the humans and katawara as they seek justice and life purpose in Sengoku Youko. Not to mention another addition to the Monogatari series with Off & Monster Season. If you are a fan of Code Geass, we also have a new expansion of this series’ wide universe with Dakkan no Rozé. One of the biggest (non-sequel) highlights of the summer looks to be Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi, Matsui Yuusei’s latest work, following the action packed history of a boy who ran away and the crazy friends and foes he meets.

There’s a big summer of leisure and enjoyment ahead of us. This is Random Curiosity’s Summer 2024 Preview!