Kazehaya arrives at school to find a huge crowd gathered around the girls’ restroom because of the supposed fight between Sawako and some girls from another class. Finding out that it’s about the rumors, Kazehaya defends Sawako in front of the crowd, and it just so happens that Ayane and Chizuru arrive just then. The two end up rushing into the restroom just as Sawako is telling the other girls to take back their words. Sawako is surprised when she gets blamed as the source of the rumors, and the girls suggest that Sawako got close to Ayane and Chizuru because her goal was Kazehaya. Sawako denies this and tries to clear up the misunderstanding, and she ends up saying that she loves Ayane and Chizuru. Hearing this, the two girls step in to defend Sawako and force the other girls to back off and take back what they said. As he sees the other girls emerge from the restroom, Kazehaya makes it a point to say loudly that he hates worthless rumors.

Sawako then confesses all her feelings to Ayane and Chizuru, and she states that she wants to be friends with them. To her surprise, the two hug her and reveal that they’re already friends, and the entire situation ends on a happy note. Kazehaya is happy to see the girls getting along, and Sawako is grateful to him because of his encouragement from before. In the aftermath, everyone finishes with their exams, and Sawako’s notes helps improve her classmates’ scores. She spends more time now with Ayane and Chizuru, and when they ask, she reiterates that she loves them, causing them to start calling her by her real name Sawako instead of Sadako.


I was really frustrated at the end of last week’s episode and that only built up more as I watched the beginning of this episode. Even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I was totally rooting for Sawako to open a can of whoop ass on those girls, or at the very least slap someone. Still, I guess she did a good job standing up for her friends, and I found the scene where Ayane and Chizuru finally stepped in to save her to be very sweet and touching even though I had suspected that it was coming. The two of them speaking in unison for Sawako’s sake was a little on the cheesy side, but I didn’t mind too much because it meant that the antagonist girl was finally backing down and maybe experiencing some fear. Along those same lines, it was very convenient that Kazehaya had so much pull among those girls, and I was glad because it made what he said about hating worthless rumors all that much more devastating.

I should say at this point that a series that can get these kinds of reactions out of me is definitely doing something right. Come to think of it, I directed so much hatred at those random girls that I didn’t really feel any towards Hirano Aya’s character when she showed up at the very end, even though I’m fairly certain that she’s the mastermind behind it all. That’ll probably change once she gets more involved in the story instead of appearing for a single scene here and there, though the preview doesn’t seem to hint at her showing up next episode.


  1. At last week ep I was expecting Yano and Yoshida to step in and beat them up. However when Kazehaya step in I was totally “he’s going in!” to beat them up. But no it has to be Pin to walk into the girls restroom. I like the how ryuu was “damn I won’t need to confort her” He is almost as cool as Kazehaya.
    You missing also how Kazehaya at the end express how much he wants so to be with Sawako. While she is leaving with Yano and Yoshida. Love is bursting and is the kind of love that hurts. I thought he was going to jump and confess right there. I can’t wait another week!

    Island Esper
  2. It has been a while since i’ve found an anime that made me cry so much of hapiness, honestly, this has got to be one of the best surprises this anime season gave us. I’m enjoying every second of it, especially because it is so realistic in every aspect without being dull – on the contrary. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Murasaki Ayame
  3. nice episode. i really love this part in the manga and am very glad they did such a good job animating it. can’t wait for next episode!

    and don’t worry, there’s lots more of Aya-chan’s character coming up in the later episodes.

  4. Man, a show hasn’t gotten to me like this since Kanon, Clannad, & Itazura-nK. Except it was way worse if you would have seen me. Good thing I’m doing more solo over-nighters these days. Can we beat the hell out of Pin…PLZ 😛

  5. I’m waiting for them to get past the point in the manga I’ve read to. Maybe after that it will not seem so painfully slow to me. And Noto is like eating white sugar with a spoon. Too much for me. But yes, I had tears in my eyes.

  6. They stopped to hear what she was saying, so they didn’t go in to help her right away.

    As well, I wonder how far this will go? Isn’t the manga still going or something? Also I think this is just 12 or 13eps, which is fine imo, if it’s too long the drama will start to hurt it anyways. But it makes you wonder how far the story will actually go.

  7. …40 chapters of hell & its still not done yet, they REALLY could have done w/o chaps 30-38 though. Those chaps made Sawako look so stupid that she shouldn’t even exist. They definitely need to edit that out if they don’t want to shoot themselves in the head (the foot is way too light a sentence for the BS that was those chaps). “What do you mean by ‘I like you’, I’m sure you mean ‘like’ right.” WTF, when was confessions that damn hard!!!

  8. @megas
    Sawako has been ignored by the public that she even didn’t know this social relationships such as the feeling of having friends, and love from another person besides your family.

  9. hmmmmmmmm……. thought it was aya hirano’s character who spread the rumours… im hoping she would be a rival for sawako, sort of like healthy competition and be friends 🙂 (Y)

  10. @raven_master

    Let me just say that something happened at the end of Kurumi’s mess that would make you think the Sawako would say yes to any kind of confession from Kaze, but I guess the gap was so long that she forgot about it…& that other idiot that came along that deserves death didn’t help either (& she even called him shisho).

    The girl might be the queen of misunderstanding but she brings most of it on herself by beating aruond the bush with her words. How would you feel if the girl you just asked out said “huh…”, when you’ve been around her long enough both of yall to get to know each other.

    I think he should have just said “I FUKIN LOVE YOU” as loud as he could, then grabbed her & ran off to the gym storage, movie theater, or love hotel (I’m for the first or last)

  11. Her smile totally makes it! It really is a nice charming series thats for sure… That and nyan koi are probably the highlights for me so far this season… oh and Seitokai no ichizon! Still, stuff like clannad, kare kano and toradora totally floored me so im looking forward to seeing more of this!

    Im yet to get into Fuyu no Sonata though!

  12. Damn! This series is so good I CAN’T wait for a whole week to watch a new one…waiting hurts.

    Thought it could be an interesting twist if Aya Hirano’s character didn’t really spread the rumors…kind of a curve ball, as we all thought she did.

    Btw, Kazehaya has egao-moe……

  13. Next week Kurumi-chan strikes! Kimi ni Todoke is probably going to have a second season. Chapter 6 and they have covered about the chapter 8 on volume 3. There’s still a lot more coming

  14. After the emotional roller coasters that were Kanon and Clannad I tried watched Natsu no Sora and Kemono no Souja Erin for some light relief. Now watching this series and still sobbing. Although it is a slice of life type drama it has a similar life afirming feel as that in Natsume Yuujinchou.


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