Kimi ni Todoke The Movie

「君に届け」 (Kimi ni Todoke)
“Reaching You”

If you’ve never watched a Japanese live-action drama before (or any Asian drama for that matter), the first hurdle you’ll have to overcome is how cheesy they can be at times. There will also a bit of an East meets West culture clash going on if you’re unfamiliar with Asian mannerisms, which anime can ease you into but can’t truly prepare you for the “real” thing. For a live-action adaptation of a manga, it’s basically the next best thing though.

* Warning: Contains spoilers, so you may want to refrain from reading if you don’t read the manga or watch the anime. If you do, you’re fine.

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season – 05

「すきな人」 (Suki na Hito)
“The Person That I Like”

Unable to stand by at his throne with the many sub-par bros failing around him, Ryuu prepares to make his move after a bribe from a fellow worried bro. After getting the information he needed, he quickly makes haste to retreat the battlefield and strategize for another day. His art of bro is impeccable.