「わかってない」 (Wakattenai)

See, now this is why this series impresses me so much. I usually don’t expect much realism in anime, nor do I expect supporting characters to ever actually play a significant role for the main characters, because that’s just how years of watching the medium has conditioned me to think. I joke around saying they always use “japanese logic” in things, with twisty wordy sentences that don’t really make sense, or just around the bend solutions that seems clever, but you hesitate to think so. Usually, this doesn’t matter, but when you’ve only got romance driving your story arc, relying on “japanese logic” just isn’t engaging anymore. So when Ayane actually sat down with Sawako and went over what happened in the past two episodes, and then presented a solution, I just clapped. No denials, no delays, just a good friend to slap some sense into our almost frustrating characters before the issue became stagnant. On the other hand, they made such a scene moving, rewarding, satisfying, AND funny. Very impressive.

After 30 episodes, Chizuru finally finds out Kazehaya likes Sawako. The multiple reactions towards each revelation had me in stitches, but it also acted as sort of a highlight to why the hell our main couple hasn’t gotten together yet. Anyone who has been confused or frustrated why they’re taking so long should probably feel diffused along with Chizuru. Ayane’s remark about not wanting Sawako to feel inferior or to have the couple getting together as a pity thing, or just in name, is probably the deepest KnT’s ever been regarding relationships so far (since we’re well past Sawako and friend making, sort of). Again, the great thing is, it all makes sense, and having predicted as much from Ayane’s behavior in the past episodes, you just get this satisfaction from seeing confirmation that the story actually knows what it’s doing. AND AYANE NEW HAIRSTYLE WHAAAAT

Meanwhile, Kazehaya’s character has been stamped on repeatedly by paranoia, the culprits being Kent (who is STILL ambiguous to what his intentions really are) and hilariously by accident, Chizuru. His popularity strikes once more as the main problem, but can you really blame him? It’s all those damn girls, why do they have to be so evil? The ending scene was amazingly poetic: The supporting characters helplessly standing behind Kazehaya all finally knowing the situation, Kent and Sawako up in front as the impending danger to defeat, and Kazehaya in the middle, the lone fallen knight, realizing that he himself is also an obstacle. Cue tear inducing song. ;_;




  1. Chizu-chan was so cute when she was trying on the dress in the store. She was the center of attention for me this episode. <3

    And OMG What's Kazehaya going to do?! He's been pushed so far away from Sawako! :'<

  2. YES! I’ve been waiting for Ayane to finally have had enough and let both of them have it both barrels. Her explanation explains so much though and I think is spot on. She’s figured out Sawako’s psychology. If she’s not the one to initiate things she will assume that Kazahaya is doing it out of pity/sympathy. Her view of herself is that bad.

    Even though Kent’s agenda is still ambiguous, he did make some good points. Would the other girls turn on Sawako? It’s interesting that he has assumed the role for Sawako that Kazahaya held in the first season, forcing her out of her comfort zone.

    Chizu finally realizes what she said to Kazahaya could be troublesome and is going to fix it before Ayane finds out. I hope she doesn’t screw things up even worse.

    1. Chizuru is getting dressed up for Ryu’s brothers wedding. Question is.. is she doing it to show the brother what he could have had and passed on or possibly doing it to catch Ryu’s notice?

  3. As much as I love this series, I can’t help feeling that after watching 20 something episodes in season one, I deserve better in season two. Go one already! There’ll be plenty of room for angst and misunderstandings after Sawako and Shouta start dating..

  4. Man do I love how much they’re spotlighting Kazehaya. Very rarely in shojo do the male leads ever get their character moment to show that they’re real people and not just the “perfect guy.” I mean a lot try but they feel forced. Kazehaya has shown that he’s a real person. He genuinely and deeply cares about Sawako and showing him growing impatient about the whole situation is well… REAL. Also loved that he gets angry when Kent said [Kazehaya] didn’t know Sawako as well as he thought he did. If you’re a guy (or girl too?) who’s fallen in love or really like someone, you don’t want to hear that. Hope I explained that well? I just know how he probably felt after Kent said that to him.

    I really loved this episode (like all episodes) but was kinda saddened by the lack of Sawako. But it gave the others to be fleshed out more. Also, easily one of the funniest episodes in the entire series so far. Ayane is the best friend anyone could want/have. <3

  5. I enjoyed this episode so much, best episode yet! I marathoned 1-3 – they were good but felt draggy. This one felt completely refreshing. And this is why Ayane is my favourite 😀 KICK START THEIR RELATIONSHIP! Chizu’s oblivious/shocked faces were hilarious. That match idea what great too.

  6. Hey Kazehaya I think that’s a challenge from Kent, you better smarten up or he’ll take Sawako from you. Sawako should have talked this over with her friends i.e. Ayane (don’t go to Chizuru for advice) then she didn’t have to worry so much alone.
    Ayane sure can kick high…https://randomc.net/image/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke%202nd%20Season%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2021.jpg
    I think there was an arrow in his chest…LOL
    There are no flaws to his anime I believe so. Love it!

  7. This episode totally remind me of Kare Kano for some reason. I think Kent’s intentions are not bad, he’s just going the wrong way about showing them. If anything, it seems to me that he’ll end up helping Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s situation. But don’t hold me to that. Ayane is a baller, by the way.

  8. kent thinks that kazehaya doesnt reciprocate sawakos feelings, so thats why he asked kazehaya to back off, because he assumed kazehaya was unintentionally leading her on. when he was refering about his lack of understanding with sawako, he was talking about her crush on him, which he refers as “a girls deepest secret”. kent thinks id be better if they stopped being so close, cause based on what he thinks he knows, it would be easier for her to forget about kazehaya and make less possible enemies. thats why he felt sorry for her.

    i dont think this is really a spoiler.. since im just clarifying the episode.

  9. Kii, you lame ass. I went all day oblivious that you had this up.
    Admit it. Ayane’s hairstyle is fuwa fuwa and you want to run your hands through it.

    Jokes aside, Kazehaya needs some happy soon.

  10. Ahhh, one of my favorite parts of this series first season was Chizuru realizations. So glad to see some more of that. Kurumi taking notice of Kent has me interested as well. She could come down on any side of it, maybe even Sawako’s. One of my favorite things about this series is the richness of the realistic reactions. Makes for a better emotional impact when it doesn’t feel like plot points are force fitted cause they couldn’t do better. These guys do better!


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