There wasn’t a lot of progress considering that Darui’s division only clashed with Zetsu clones, so this felt like a setup chapter for the most part. Kitsuchi’s been informed of Shikaku’s pincer plan, Gaara’s patiently waiting for the Kages so he can stall them, and Kankurou’s got his hands full with Chiyo, Kimimaro, and company. There was a lot of build-up on several fronts, including the old feudal lords that need to be protected, suggesting that things might start unfolding really quickly in the coming chapters. I’m starting to think this upcoming battle will be the deciding one for the entire war, since all divisions the forces will be collapsing on one point. I wouldn’t say it’ll mark the end of the war though, seeing as Black Zetsu is snooping around and will likely get the jump on Mei, the fifth Mizukage.

At this point, I can picture the ninja alliance coming out on top of the beach battle, yet suffering a significant blow on the feudal lord side of things. Both Madara and Kabuto have proven to be far too cunning to not have multiple layers to their plan, which could very well take into account the reshuffling of divisions sent to counter their forces. With Zetsu’s surveying the entire battlefield, they may already know enemy reinforcements are on the way, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a trap lying in wait for Kitsuchi’s division. For now, those developments look a little ways off though, as the focus will likely be on Darui’s moment in the spotlight with his storm element Bloodline Limit, while Hiashi contends with his twin brother Hizashi. In the latter case, there’s always the possibility that Hinata and Neji will join their parents’ fight, making it a complete Hyuuga family reunion.

On a completely unrelated note, I think both Tenten and Hinata are overdue for some more feminine ninja attire. Kishimoto should promote his female characters better, especially in the middle of a huge war where girls kicking ass and looking stylish at the same time is an easy sell.


  1. hmmmmmmmmm i wonder how they are gonna win since cant kabuto just use his tech and resurrect all the ninjas killed during this war and use them to fight them more? wouldnt be more advantagious the more he drags it on then?

    1. Surely Kabuto would run out of chakra if he just tried to ressurect a ton of ninjas on the battlefield, and to do it he’d have to expose himself on the battlefield which is very risky considering he’s the second highest priority for the alliance to target.

  2. I’m really interested in seeing how Darui fares against both Kinkaku and Ginkaku. While he is strong (the General title is testament to that), he is facing two legendary cloud nins, possibly the leaders of the Kinkaku force that killed the Niidaime Hokage.

    Then again, this storm element might be the match leveler. I would have thought that storm would eventually be Naruto’s element, but I guess hurricane is different enough.

  3. “Kishimoto should promote his female characters better”
    Is it safe to say you’re like me and you like your share of fanservice as well Divine? It may just be me but I prefer it if they just stuck to their current clothing as it shows the girls are in serious mode as well.
    But damn, I can’t wait to see what Darui can pull off being a General and all.

  4. I think the fact that Kishimoto is dressing his female characters in sensible military attire is a wonderful thing. I wish more manga and anime would realize that female characters don’t need short skirts and breasts the size of volley balls in order to get readers.

  5. I gotta gree with Divine. I know these are shonen action series and all but its not natural for the male and female characters not to interact in a romantic way more then they have. They are teenagers for god sake. Hinata confessed to Naruto and the whole plotline was dropped like it didn’t even exist.

    The same thing goes on in Bleach. Renji loves Rukia and Inoue loves Ichigo but they never do anything to move them plot lines along. I’m not talking about turning it into 90210 or Melrose Place but at least be realistic that teen ages are going to be attracted to the opposite sex.

  6. Yeah, I can’t believe you actually just said that Kishimoto should slut his female characters up. There’s enough pervert anime and manga for that. The fact that he doesn’t just adds to my respect for the man.

    dragon tattoo
  7. I actually prefer the way Tenten and Hinata dresses now,it’s more realistic.This is war after all,those tactical vests are needed to store supplies and all.You don’t see female GIs wearing a dress into combat do you?
    I do wish they are given good fight scenes later on though.

    1. Racer X

      Female soldiers are not used on the front line, they are support only which means they could technically wear a dress on duty. When they see action is the situations where they find themselves at the wrong place and time such as convoy going from point A to B as oppose to being sent out daily on patrol.

      Hinata is not useless mario

  8. Seems NaruHina are getting aroused only for ONE Hinata’s panel…meh! I want more Sakura not that useless Hinata. Anyway…another boring chapter showing only useless character (Hinata is one of them). Meh. Sakura forever!!! Go Sakura…kick some a*s and get Naruto!!!

  9. I agree with Torint. Plus, I think that it’ll have more impact to see them in more feminine clothes after the war. Also so far I think kishimoto has done a brilliant job of conducting a war like situation. It’s great to see the characters using their abilities this way, as oppose to them battling off in big one on one fights. I hope he keeps it up.

  10. I would definitely love to see a Hyuga family reunion on the battlefield, especially taking into account the amount of emotional growth both Hinata and Neji have gone through in the course of the series.

    And I couldn’t agree with you more on the kuonichi front. Kishimoto has always had a problem with how he handles and presents his girls in Naruto, and while I’m utterly SICK of the in-your-face, subtle-as-a-blowtorch variety of “sexy girls who fight and OOPS! Are those my breasts falling out?! Tee hee!!” appeal that some manga and anime have employed in the last several years, I’d STILL like to see some attention paid to the strong yet feminine women of the ninja world. I won’t hold my breath, but it’d sure be nice.

  11. Since when do women in Naruto win fights, let alone beating men.
    – Konan got killed by madara
    – Temari won against shikamaru, but it was really shika’s match (chuunin exam)
    – Neji > Hinata (Chuunin exam)
    – Pain > Hinata
    – Kabuto > Tsunade
    – Sasuke > Sakura (after Danzo’s death)
    – Kabuto > Anko
    – Hell even when ino and sakura fought in the chuunin exams, both of the lost

    I think The 5th Mizukage will get punked by black Zetsu. she is probably strong, but women don’t really win in Naruto

    1. Awful comparison. A lot of those battle lost are due to experience of the enemy they faced.

      Konan while strong is a nobody compared to Madara.
      Temari losing was due to her underestimating the ‘lazy’ character Shikamaru was.
      Neji is simply more experienced than the little princess.
      Pain and Hinata, same thing as Madara and Konan.
      Same goes for the rest.

      You can make an entire list of female characters in the naruto world who could beat the poop out of their male counter-part in real combat situations or hell, in the video game series, which if anything, is a good sandbox to have your favorite characters face off in battle.

      If you feel the author is being a sexist, then write some fan fic to make yourself feel better.

      1. Aint about writing a fan fic. Its safe to say in the naruto world the female characters cant fight any strong male characters and win!! They can Only win against the lesser simple characters. Kishi has shown this over and over, strong characters dont live long in his world. They die or get pushed down and wait for a man to save them.


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