Ben-To – 01

「ネバれ、納豆オクラ丼ぶっかけチーズトッピング弁当 440kcal」 (Nebare, Nattō Okura Don Bukkake Chīzu Toppingu Bentō 440 kcal)
“Sticky, Natto Okra Rice Bowl with Cheese Topping Bento 440kcal”

So think Dragon Ball Tournaments, but held in a supermarket, where the prize is a half-off bento. Now you’ve got the gist of this aptly named anime, “Ben-to.


「死神の肩越しに永遠をみる」 (Shinigami no Katagoshi ni Eien o Miru)
“Looking at Eternity over the Grim Reaper’s Shoulder”

This was a finale that played it straight. It quickly tied up all its remaining loose ends, set the stage for the timeskip, and ended it with the classic “and they lived happily ever after.” After a little thought, I think that’s satisfactory enough.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 11, 12 (END)

「今年の夏はバスケと超能力と布団と天体観測と祭りと野球と女々たんと」 (Kotoshi no Natsu wa Basuke to Chōnōryoku to Futon to Tentai Kansoku to Matsuri to Yakyū to Meme-tan to)
“This Summer is about Basketball and Espers and Futons and Astronomical Observations and Festivals and Baseball and Meme and…”

I was expecting a more extravagant two-episode finale, which would include the festival that was supposed to come after the baseball game, but it didn’t happen. Instead, what gave the appearance of “closure” that finales typically ensemble was a focus on Niwa, our romantically indecisive protagonist.