「大盛りチーズカツカレー 1080kcal」 (Ōmori Chīzu Katsu Karē 1080kcal)
“Large Serving of Cheese-Filled Katsu Curry 1080kcal”
♦ ♦ ♦

Hunting Dogs? Rednecks? KKK? That’s racist.

Well that wasn’t very interesting at all. Food tasting better after some hard work is easily relatable, as any reward feels much more earned. The interesting part is realizing this doesn’t go for all people. Some, like the Hunting Dogs, prefer efficiency and tactics. Maybe even possess an affinity for racism. Sure, it’s bland, but you end up at the top every time. And that’s capitalism folks. Well, it would be if there were stronger forces coming up with ways to usurp the Hunting Dogs. Now that’s competition folks. The Half-Price Bento club, staking their pride on pure fighting skill, as vague as it is, is economically a mind fuck. This makes the events over this episode an isolated case. In the real world of Ben-To (or so I would imagine), The Hunting Dogs cannot win every time, since this would make them the highest enemy. Exemplified by the previous two showings, there are better opponents out there (like The Goddamned MagicianTM). They cannot be the high enemy. Therefore Satou rejecting them to the alternative, the scrambled Wolf team that has oddly left the Hunting Dogs to continue winning multiple times without interference, shouldn’t make any sense in the fabricated fighting universe of half-price bentos. Of course, said Wolf team could be so high-tier, they’re not even bothering with these low-tier supermarkets anymore, implying that the Ice Witch is rather weak in comparison. Maybe this was just an underlying public announcement that White supremacists are boring and not the way to go to get what you want. The Japanese do love their Black people, though their obsession with blonde hair blue eyes is more prevalent. Germans?! That could explain everything.

You will never be fed like this, RC. ;_;

But wait, that sounded pretty interesting. Yeah, since I made up everything (so it might also be incoherent). No matter, as it doesn’t change the fact that there’s no depth in this episode. At all. My second sentence covers all there was. But Ben-To is not to be taken seriously! Really? I think it has to be when the pacing slows down to focus on an apparently important part to the Ben-To universe. A bento must be earned to taste good. Like the first lesson a master Yoda would teach to his young padowan. That’s great and all, but spending an entire episode on it… boring. It took him ten minutes of screen-time to figure out why the bentos weren’t tasting as good. It took me 2 seconds after he took his first bite.

Also, does anyone else find it difficult to sympathize with the post-bullied trauma they’re pumping into Oshiroi? When you’re fathomed and kidnapped by a lesbian on a daily basis, it’s kind of hard to believe that you’re still hung up on bullies. Ume is definitely getting up there in annoyance.

You will never fight like this, RC. ;_;

Surprisingly, this is the worst episode so far. Didn’t even laugh once! I have a faint feeling they’re dumbing the light novel down. Like the hunch that the anime’s way of adapting the countless amount of prose depicting how good food is perhaps one such example. The fight scenes are still sweet though. And rather than Sonic, I think the author just likes Sega in general. Story-wise, it’s probably Shaga’s bonding material with Satou. Shaga seems like the perky tomboy, whereas Yazirui is the calm tomboy (though fighting is the only thing I can say that swings her over to tomboy territory). Refreshing dynamic to me. Oh. They’re blood-related. Wait, that might actually improve some of your fantasies…



  1. it’s pretty rare to see an anime with a stupid premise turning into something brilliant xD

    David Production has found a nice gem. It’d be awesome to see David Production grow and climb to the top. They’ve been pretty consistent so far with their work. I’m just hoping this anime won’t become one of those annoying harem animes. They better not screw this one up xD

      1. @Fencedude. Completely agree. Really amazing how a show that seemed like a trainwreck episode after episode ended up coming all together at the end. Easily the most underrated show of the last few years. Plus, Romi Pak as Hamuyets was totally rawr. 😀

  2. Remember kids, the proper way to enjoy a meal is through outright VIOLENCE! Its this kind of SERIOUS BUSINESS of this show that keeps me entertained. I’m actually impressed how Yo can suddenly fight crowds of people now.

  3. Half an episode of content stretched to a full episode.

    I get what they were going for, and I think its a relatively reasonable “lesson” for this show, but it could have been done in either the first or last half, and then focused on something else.

    Like say Ume having her way with Hana. Just as a suggestion.

  4. I can only imagine if you’re taking Ben-To seriously, you’re one of the people who take shounen shows like Naruto super seriously. 😀 In which case, I’m not sure I can take anything you write…seriously. :/

    Anyways, it was the worst episode, but that’s just because there wasn’t enough actual fighting. Or, more accurately, the kendo team fighting was really dull. Hopefully things will spice back up next episode!

    1. If it wasn’t apparent by the first paragraph, I don’t even talk about Ben-To very seriously. So you’re on the right track. Not taking anything I write seriously is fine by me. Less butthurt all around!

      Oh, and if you have some semblance of opinion on the negative side, then it would appear that you’re taking it quite seriously. Serious.

  5. The best part was Oshiroi running around in the midst of the fight, then claiming the last bento while Satou blocked the teacher’s punch.

    However, I did really like the beginning part of the episode. It might have seemed like a waste of time to some, but I thought it was funny, and the way it was presented was very good.

  6. Excellent episode with the Wolf vs Dog. The wolves have shown that they do unite vs people like Boars and the Arashi before fighting each other. The Dogs though, are much more disciplined than the Arashi gang and use strategy rather than just “hit everyone but us” style of the Arashi.

    Undoubtedly why Sato found the food to be less tasty was obvious to viewers, however if Sato (a novice regarding such matters) simply came to the conclusion 5 seconds after the problem surfaced, it would be noted as an illogical asspull from the writers. The way he spent time thinking and trying to find the reason was much more logical.

    Oshiroi’s first win was very cutely done, sneaking in when everyone is distracted. Along with her sexcrazed methods of thinking, she’s gotten much more interesting.

    Ice witch was amusing in throwing Sato’s clothes out. I cannot say it was not justified since she was helping him in sewing repairs the least he could do was to listen (or at least act like he was listening)

    Zaku Fan
  7. They cannot be the high enemy. Therefore Satou rejecting them to the alternative, the scrambled Wolf team that oddly has left the Hunting Dogs to continue winning multiple times without interference, shouldn’t make any sense in the fabricated fighting universe of half-price bentos

    I can’t read this without giving up five times.

  8. first we have bento terminology
    dog = starter
    wolf = advance /intermedia
    nick name = dominator/ master eg ice witch
    storm = a group of sportmen who takes everything
    pig = greedy person
    gundog/ huntdog = hunt in pack
    then whats next ? bear? fox?
    love the scene where ohana get her bento, and kinda pity sauto due to ume’ jelousy. cant wait for next week new character introduce; shaga and what role is she in the show…

    1. The girl in his bed at the end.

      The episode overall was a little drawn out. And I know what you mean it sure took him way to long to figure out what the audience knew the moment he took that first bite and had doubts.

      1. I know who that girl is. I was talking about the spoiler that Kiiragi blacked out at the end of the post. I know it’s referring to two people, but I’m not entirely clear on which two characters.

  9. I liked it, I thought it was a good episode.
    It made my sandwich taste better.

    Kiiragi, it just appears to me that you don’t like the entire series from the start.
    Why did you choose to blog this if you already had an idea of what you’d write about it?

    1. Thought the way Patrik described the series was very interesting. He’s very critical and surprisingly praised the light novels. The anime so far has not shown to be the same. Mind you, I enjoy writing about Ben-To regardless. If you can’t deal with impressions that don’t ooze the idea that “anime can do no wrong,” I suggest you stop reading my posts.

      1. There’s plenty of horrible anime out there, It’s just my opinion this isn’t an example of that.
        I felt like you had a bias going into it and were not being fair to it, I don’t know for sure so I asked.
        You say you didn’t and gave me a normal answer to it. Seemed reasonable to me.

        Why I should stop reading your posts just because I disagree with you? that’s like sticking my head in the ground anytime someone whispers “Things Change.”

      2. Dunno man, it’s just the way things seem to generally work around here, as exemplified so nicely by Zaku Fan. The maturity levels are pretty low, but I’m glad you can read a post you disagree with without holding a personal grudge. After all, they’re only opinions. So you’ll have to excuse me if I jumped to the cynical response.

      3. Seems you have problems understanding things are not always about you. People can just choose to ignore you. Sorry to say, i don’t hate you nor like you since i don’t know you. A well reasoned review gets people to like you or at least respect you. A useless review merely gets you ignored. Thats the way of the world kid.

        Zaku Fan
      4. ..right, because your condescending tone really suggests you think neutrally of me.
        I don’t really see what’s so unreasonable in the post. Like others have echoed, it was half too long, and the lesson was pretty shallow. I don’t make up reasons. Maybe you should take your own advice and stop speaking for everyone.

  10. I just like watching Oshiroi twisting everything the other characters say. She’s got a very dirty mind this girl…

    Also she didn’t seem that opposed to an orgy with all the gundogs, that earns her points in my book.


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