「マンホールスパイラル」 (Manhooru Supairaru)
“Manhole Spiral”

I wasn’t planning to post about WORKING anymore, but this episode was too hilarious to ignore. I’m a sucker when it comes to gags about misunderstandings and the ones here spread like a wildfire through Wagnaria. The writers seemed to know when to put a spot to it as well, most notably on Souta thinking that Mahiru had a crush on Jun. He almost made her tear up on the spot when he suggested that she give up on the person she likes, and surprisingly, didn’t pick up on the fact that she likes him even when he’s as perceptive as he is. I guess he’ll forever see her as a dog in training, much to even Hiroomi’s disappointment.

As for the highlight of the episode, it was hands down Yachiyo getting Jun’s hopes up by asking him if he likes her. I found myself laughing helplessly during that extended comedic pause and even more so when he finally mumbled “sort of” underneath his breath. Watching that escalate thanks to Hiroomi’s accidental leak made it even better, especially when Jun fired back at Mahiru, wishing her good luck with Souta too. Somehow, a little upset just doesn’t quite describe the tone of his voice in that scene. There’s no denying that he does it to himself though, as he set himself up for a perfect opportunity to tell Yachiyo how he feels about her and backed out from it. Luckily for Jun, it does seem like she’s started to see him in a new romantic light.

Throw in a very adorable flashback between Kyouko and Yachiyo, as well as a one-in-a-lifetime chance encounter with Otoo-san’s wife Haruna (Iwao Junko), and we had the makings of an episode that got the entire cast involved in some way. By the end of the episode, just about everything was funny to me, including the Yamada doll that Aoi and Popura put together. Great episode. Easily the best one of to date for this sequel.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/WORKING!!/WORKING!!%202%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2003.jpg THOSE CHEEKS! Speedblog = Working will be kept! Next episode, kidnapping zomg. (Lie) So cuuute. Also, in the manga yachiyo was the only one who found Haruna (who might be the only one able to end up in Hawaii or something when she’s out to get milk.) but it’s not that big of a change.

      1. That was actually my “drunk-auto-correct” feature installed when commenting. I mean I got an achievement for 3 consecutive first-posts in a night! (Bento didn’t count cause I didn’t have a chance, I also only comment if I’ve either saw it or read it beforehand {I dislike spoilers}) People should drop by IRC more, it’d be funner than just LURKING.

  2. Yay! I vote you drop AGE for Working’!! 😀

    Anyways, my memory isn’t the greatest, but didn’t Yachiyo find out Jun was in love with her in the first season already?

    Loved that Yamada doll! Poor Yamada. I’d adopt you in a heartbeat. 😀

  3. Luckily for Jun, it does seem like she’s started to see him in a new romantic light.

    I hope they don’t go with this. I like the idea that Yachiyo is a lesbian, and its not a big deal. Sure, she’s weird, but she’s not weird because she’s gay, she’s weird for a host of other reasons. Having her fall for Satou would intensely irritate me. Thankfully Working’s pathological aversion to anything resembling romantic movement will almost certainly prevent anything of the sort.

  4. That Yamada doll bit is quite funny. Also, it looks like she’s dead set on making Otoo become her father. Poor Otoo-san… but then again, Yamada acts freaking cute when Otoo is around, so it might not be all that bad… no?

  5. OMG Romantic Progress (of sorts)! The flames of Hope has been restored for Yachiyo x Jun! And even a tiny baby step for Souta and Miharu!

    Interestingly at the final scene with the two of them, they used the same bgm as last season when Miharu started to realize her feelings for Souta, “Golden Day” I believe it’s called.

  6. Satou, don’t give up hope just yet! Yachiyo has raised her esteem of you, even if it’s just a tiny weeny bit.

    Still, it was just darn funny when Satou was stunned into a long awkward silence when it was Yachiyo herself that brought up the proposition out of the blue. I think I would’ve freaked out and screwed up worse than Satou if I were him, so he’s not that bad, I think. lol

    PS Divine, you are seriously NOT dropping this, are you? For the “shounen demographic shows” like Naruto, Bleach and AGE, perhaps you could do a monthly blog rather than a weekly episodic one, no?

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I agree with Maken-ki. But horizon at this point almost NEEDS other peoples commentary on it so people can get a discussion going to figure out what the hell is going on. C3 though is awesome though wow!
      Show Spoiler ▼

  7. It’s such a shame if you drop this show considering all season 1 was covered and it’s such a unique, funny anime. But then again it really is up to you.

    LOL so many misunderstanding’s in this episode XD

  8. Well I better put my comment down if this may be the last post for working. This is a great anime to watch because of the makeup of characters and the gags…you’ve got to love them. I just laugh at whenever Jun gets violent/mad/annoyed. I mean it’s a weird love triangle that he is in to say the least. So telling him good luck is like reminding him he’s got the short end of the stick of that relationship. Plus the pity glare is a good point to make in the episode. LOL

    1. For me I love it when he picks on popura ^_^ aside from him being annoyed he looks like he really has alot of fun bothering her lol if it doesnt work out with him and yachiyo then I hope to see something between him and popura but that is only a 1% chance lol


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