「初期不良」 (Shoki Furyō)
“Early Predicament”

This was an another solid episode of Mirai Nikki with a lot to like, but only one moment stands out among all the rest for me – “You’re still hiding something from me, aren’t you?”

In its first two episodes this adaptation did a very good job of showing its gloriously manic, exciting and absurd side. But there’s a lot more to Mirai Nikki than that, and this week revealed some of the other facets to the series. It’s a lot like Yuno Gasai in that way – once you think you have everything figured out, the sands shift under your feet and you’re back to guessing again. As big as the story starts, we’re now starting to see some of the depth that’s lurking just underneath the surface.

Make what you will of Fourth’s motivations for sending Yukiteru and Yuno on a mission to act as bait for Ninth, but it did give them a chance to do some serious bonding. As Yuki himself said, Yuno was “cuter than normal” at the amusement park (and normal is pretty cute). Both manga and anime do a nice job of putting you inside Yuki’s head and getting a sense of the bewildering array of thoughts and emotions running through him, and I’m glad Asread decided to keep the occasional cuts to his first-person narration. While he tries to keep an intellectual distance in assessing his situation with Yuno, it’s not so easy when she has “ginormous” breasts and seems totally devoted to his happiness. And when he finally “pops the question” of why she’s so dedicated to his welfare, her recollection about their conversation at school a year earlier seems perfectly reasonable.

There are some important tidbits about Yukiteru laid out in the amusement park sequence, some obvious and some a little more subtle. Yuno as well, though one big clue regarding her – the reaction at the haunted house, seemingly odd from such a calculating and fearless girl – are revealed within this very episode, during Yuki’s memorable visit to her house. There’s not much I can say about that scene without going places I shouldn’t go, so I’ll just talk about how well it was executed in the anime. There was a sense of wrongness from the minute Yukiteru walked through the door and saw that apple on the table in the dark, and I thought the scene was just right atmospherically – which proves you can still animate effectively without having a huge budget. It’s not telling tales out of school to say that was an important moment – just look at Deus and Murumuru’s reactions if you have any doubts.

There’s no denying that this ep was more of a slow build than the first two, which were pretty much in sixth gear as soon as they backed out of the driveway. But I think that kind of balance is better for the show in the long run. And there’s no denying the payoffs were big – both the big reveal at Yuno’s house and the travails of poor Ninth in the hidden cottage. She’s had a tough life, starting out as an orphan in a war zone, but in her weakened state and on the lam she found herself at the mercy of a seemingly helpful stranger (Kawahara Yoshihisa) who speaks of his commitment to justice. Again skillfully manipulating POV, the anime shows us what it feels like for Ninth when she finds out that the pain pills she’s taken weren’t pain pills – and what happens next is pretty much self-explanatory (and icky). If you love a story that can really make you squirm, this is the one for you.

It does seem as if a ton has been packed into these three eps, and while things haven’t felt rushed to me I can only hope that’s also how it feels to the non-manga viewers who comprise the bulk of the audience. While the introductory eps ran on pure adrenaline, I really enjoyed the use of misdirection and suspense in this week’s effort. The best part for me is knowing that the surface has only just been scratched, and the best is still very much to come.


  1. You have the Ninth and Fourth mixed up. The Fourth is the Detective.

    Also, I love the hint that it gave for the “Stranger”. And the Ninth herself is probably my favorite female character, despite her bombing ways… though it is a tough call to make with miss Gasai in the running (though both would kill you, most likely).

      1. Agreed, the best part of anime is the story. Especially with stories like these with plot twists. I especially feel so with Code Geass. I wish i could forget it completely and watch it again to get my mind blown away.

        Anyways in short, the surprise factor is huge in watching anime, i wouldn’t want to spoil it.

      2. As a non-manga reader for Mirai Nikki myself, I can sympathize with Luxorcist. For such an excellent series, it’s tough holding yourself back when you can see what happens next at the click of a mouse.

        Must be strong though. Awesomeness is way more awesome when you have to suffer for it a bit. >__<

  2. I like the liberty they took in portraying Ninth’s PoV which the manga skipped over. The cosplay bomber is still my favorite character.

    Also, opening the door = break in the space-time continuum. Oh Yukki stop messing with Yuno’s plans.

    1. Same here. It’s been far too long since I read the manga, but what I can recall I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing here in its animated form, and the liberties Asread has taken are subtle and, imho, only for the better thus far.

      Minene is one of my favorite characters as well, despite her vicious terrorist acts. But hell, all of the Future Diary cast has a few screws loose. Anyway, I love the pace these eps. have set so far, and knowing more of my fav characters will get the same loving treatment in the coming weeks/months just fills me with joy.

      Cannot wait to own this twisted little gem.

  3. Look like somebody open Pandora’s Box…

    There is no closing it now. It is open. So what will happen next…is she going to murder him? Or chain him up in her house next to the corpses until he died of old age?

    I say, there is not much he can do. She will always be 1 step ahead of him due to her diary. So he is F&^ked either way. I was told that a murderer will spare your life if you sh%t your pant while begging and crying like a little girl. I am sure Yukkii can pull it off after seeing him piss in his pant twice already. That bring me to my next question. Man, I wonder how many pants he have? It must be expensive to buy so many…

      1. Well i guarantee that for most people, they feel a little sorry for her cause she’s a somewhat cute cosplaying girl. Had it been a defaced creepy old guy, i doubt many would stand up for ninth or “feel sorry” for ninth.

  4. All of the scenes between 9th and her mysterious non-benefactor were anime original, but they were all great. And it’s not like these events didn’t happen in the manga, they just weren’t shown. But hey, if Asread wants to put in more scenes with my favorite character (<3 you, Cosplay Bomber!), who am I to complain?

    1. No those arent anime original. Those are from the sidestory manga ‘Mirai Nikki Mosaic’. It tells of what 9th is doing behind the scenes. And it seems they incorporated it here which did a goof effect.

  5. The moment Yuno and Yuki was inside the house of Yuno, I felt how strange it is that the house doesn’t have electricity — well it turns out to be what I expected it is. So far this series has a lot of crazy characters. Can’t wait to see the other players of this game.

  6. Anybody who’s read the manga all the way through knows that Gasai Yuno is SUPREMELY FUCKED IN THE HEAD. Christ, look at that first screenshot there. Look at how you can see the whites above her irises. That’s not a normal smile! Normal people don’t look like that when they smile!

    What a psychopathic freak. A semi-adorable psychopathic freak, yes, but still…

  7. The dark setting in Yuno house or the bright setting in the school really suits the art style in this episode. The amusement park art style looks a bit, how to say.. to much things?

  8. Is this on track to go through the entire manga in one season or will there be another ~25 eps down the line?

    And Enzo, I’ve never read a lick of the manga and it doesn’t feel rushed to me. In fact, I kind of want it to rush. The story is so enticing I want to watch more and more!

    1. That’s great to hear. I certainly think the pacing is fine, but I’m glad the general feedback from the new viewers is in agreement with that.

      I believe entire manga will be finished in 26 eps. I’d love more, but these days that all we can reasonably hope for and I think it can be done.

      1. Episode 3 ended at the same place as chapter 5 of the manga. As there are 59 chapters in the manga, I have a tough time seeing how they could get through the whole manga in 26 episodes without rushing it — the current pace is 1.67 chapters/episode, which comes out to about 43 chapters for a two cour series. Even if they sped it up to 2 chapters/episode (which is the pace the first two episodes were at), they’d still be a couple episodes short of covering everything.

        I’d like to see the whole story finish, but… I’m worried about what they’d cut. I guess the only thing to do is wait and see!

      2. But there are some parts of the manga that is slower paced and can thus be crammed easier then these first extra important episodes. I am pretty sure they have the pace set down to make it work out fine. Also note that while this was 5 chapters of the manga so did it also include stuff from the Mirai Nikki Mozaik manga.

      3. Well, this manga’s chapters aren’t usually very long, and some times it uses many pages just to show faces of agony and stuff. The action-scenes, which can take more than 5-20 pages out of the whole chapter, can also be easily covered in a seconds of fast-speed animation. I also reread the manga, tried to divide it to 26 episodes and didn’t even find it very hard. I think this show will be just fine.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2025.jpg

      This guy? Nah, Lelouch is dead. It is Suzaku.


      This?! I am not a genius or anything. BUT…from the blood spattered walls, dried up figures that resemble arms and legs, and human clothes, I can only guess they are dead bodies. I counted three.

      I know what you’re thinking? She murdered them, right? I am sure there is a perfect explanation for it, especially when she suddenly sneak up behind you…Shsss, she will hear you. Maybe they accidentally died of natural causes and she forgot to call the cops. Maybe it was self-defense. It kinda mean if you were to say she murdered them in their sleep.


      Cry me a river…

      1. The real question is why didn’t he smell anything first?

        Dead bodies ain’t exactly refreshing, unless she used Febreze. I didn’t know Febreze work so well on corpses.

        I left my accidentally unplug my fridge when I was on a 3 months vacations one time. Let just say when I came back and open it, I saw the devil somewhere in there…along with tons of maggots and so many shade of black, yellow, and green. Not to mention, the mere smell was so poisonous that my lungs completely collapsed and gasping for fresh air just to vomit my guts out. Oh, don’t worry. My friends were laughing, but once they open the fridge, they join me in the ritual vomiting. Fun times…fun times!

  9. Finger through the eyeball… ugh made me cringe.
    The recollection that Yuno shared with Yukki from a year ago was quite endearing and for a moment I forgot that the anime is revolved around a game where you either die or become god.

    It looked like a dead body in the room.. or am I imagining things?

    Anyone else thought of Rena and Keichii when Yuno peered through the door’s peep hole to say goodnight? x]

  10. Just a thought – If Yuno was really through with her plans, she could have at least made some effort hiding those bodies. But on the second thought, I think this is not something to be dealt with a sound reasoning. 😀

  11. am just guessing here but i think one of those bodies is Yuno. why because in the first episode we see a clip of Yuno getting stabbed to death in a similar dark room so maybe Deus Douch machina created another her just for the fun of it and Yuki saw the dead Yuno body making the future change drastically. since he saw that the dead Yuno he knows that this one is not real and is controlled by Deus i hope am at least a bit right.

  12. Dang I just love how everything is animated now. After reading the entire manga I can pick out all the little clues in the opening and ending that leads into the plot. It sort of sucks that I won’t be surprised anymore but at least i understand the full story already making watching the anime that much more enjoyable.

  13. I love the gist of the ending, Yukiteru fearing for his life as Yuno chases after him. What will happen next? I guess that’s for the next episode to explain. I may have finished the manga but that doesn’t mean I am going to spoil anything XD This episode itself puts so much effort on the word “suspense” as Yukiteru’s diary points about the mysterious door just before the end of the corridor.

    Stupid curiosity always slaps naive people. Well I guess I can’t blame Yukkii for that~
    Yuno all the while knew that he was going to open the door, hence the apple turning into a different color, etc….he’s not even aware of it. But lol setting all those observations aside, great episode, can’t wait for the next~

    And gaaah that ferris wheel scene. GAAAAAAAAAH. *dies*

  14. It’s hard for me to feel much suspense concerning Yuki and his situation, considering what we saw in the first 50 seconds of episode one.

    But, Yuno is definitely growing on me. You manga readers had built her up to such unrealistic heights that I knew it’d take a few episodes before I began to feel the magic there, since those expectations of the manga readers are built off the full package I’m sure I won’t see for another 20+ episodes. Anyways, Yuki is missing out on possibly the greatest (and craziest) sex of his life with that crazy girl! You’re young boy! Live that youth to the fullest! 😀

    Kind of sad not to get a Murumuru skit at the end. Finally getting a good intro to Yuno made up for it though.

  15. After the events of the second episode I was worried that the show wouldn’t let Yuno go full Yandere after that scary image at the end of the first episode. It seemed to take a step back and let her appear normal. Now all is right with the world!

    I’m mighty tempted to sneak a peek into the manga to spoil myself but I shall hold firm and distract myself with anything else! While I do read the manga right after I watch the show, but only up to the last scene of the anime. Since the anime actually follows the manga quite reasonably, it’s safe to use it as a baseline. Moreover, a couple of spots are explained better in the manga which adds to the viewing experience. (such as Yuno’s ambiguous reaction to kissing Yukki in episode two, and the manga’s inner monologue clarifies that).

  16. If you put every manga/anime yandere into a battle royale, there is no doubt in my mind Yuno would come out victorious atop a mountain of corpses.

    All hail Yuno! Supreme Queen of Yandere!

    Random Prinny
      1. There’s those 2 from School Days, Misa from Death Note, Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, some of the cast from Higurashi notably Rena (who is very funny), Magic Knight Ray Earth’s Nova, Bakemonogatari’s Senjougahara is a lite version, Ayase from Oreimo are the more memorable ones for me

        But yeah so far Yuno is kind of outclassing them except machete murderer Rena. There’s a reason you see Rena mentioned in the comments

        Zaku Fan
  17. The tags to Yuno are too many. From Yandere to Insane.
    From Stalker to protector.
    From shoujo to -spoiler-
    From X (wo)man to -spoiler-
    From Show Spoiler ▼

    to -spoiler-
    To clear the -spoiler- please read the manga. Afraid of posting and then some unsuspecting chap clicks the tag accidentally.

      1. I concur. And coincidentally enough the “1000 smses” incident in episode one reminded me of a girl in my class. She is damn pretty, but was terminally depressed when i joined college, and she always used to keep a jubilant smile on her face.
        I socialized with her a bit before i got to know about her emotional instability, but it was too late, to her i had become her only *emotional support*.
        Used to receive over 200 text messages every day…and about ~60 at night.
        Although i was a bit happy at first, it quickly became tiring…and she used to act so awkardly around me in college, it embarassed be on multiple occasions.
        Thats when i decided to make things clear to her and stopped interacting with her, before she goes off the deep end.

        And 4 months later, i read mirai nikki…about the yandere named Yuno…and couldnt help but reminisce about that girl!

  18. even the smses she used to send me were things like:
    “hey are you asleep already? If youre not asleep reply”
    “hey are you ignoring me , reply please i need you”
    “You are the only light in my life, i was thinking about you the whole day”
    “Hey i wana talk, please call me”

    1. I know what you mean.

      Way back in 2003, I met this cute little blonde who was way too clever for her own good. She had a twisted sense of humor… at first. Naturally I turned on the charm and by the end of the first day, i got 25 text messages when I put down my Sidekick for a little while. Naturally I was flattered. But after a week of insane texting, I had to set a few ground rules. Best thing I ever did.

      Those texts revealed to me her complete lack of cultural knowledge, lack of tact, lack of social skills, and zero tolerance for dirty jokes. After a few visits to San Diego I had enough of her, and went out with normal girls who knew their boundaries and had far more tolerance for male humor.

      Yuno reminds me of this blonde Yandere, big time, but not as insane, and definitely much cuter. 🙂

      1. I can relate. Although the girl i used to know exhibited no violent tendencies…… Who knows what would have happened if i actually answered her feelings?

        In fact i dont think yanderes are all that unrealistic, Crank up that girl’s depression by an order of magnitude, and im certain she would come to resemble yuno very closely…in all aspects.

  19. oh boy look things were normal & fun til yea we got our version of pandora’s box opening aka open the door & what yuki get yea yuno dark’s secret & soon rise of yandere goddess.

    & oh eye pain on it. torture yea ow eye.

      1. Then I guess my eyesight is far worse than I considered it to be. Can you at least tell me the exact moment when it’s shown? All I can see is the “Apple starts oxidating” entry in Yukki’s diary.

      2. Oh hell, you mean the apple in the room he was sitting in? Since they don’t show him walking through the door before seeing it, I was thinking about the room with the bodies. Now I feel both silly and more confused.

  20. seems like its competing w fate zero for “darkness level”

    and i dont mind each ep ending off w a unique yuno moment… i like her character but to know someone like that in real life…. i’d rather not

    1. Ah, but Yukii is short too, so now that it’s just them so isn’t it as obvious. As for her figure so did he mention during the first episode that she was a school idol and her rack is most likely a part of that.

  21. Expected great things of this as a horror show in the pre-season and its delivering. The entire amusement part to help lull the viewer into a sense of normalcy was excellently done especially the last part where Yuno peered through the letter slot.

    Yuki’s reaction is normal but if he was calmer, he should have talked with Yuno. Its not that likely she will kill him then and there and its not like you cannot defend yourself unlike 9th’s situation.

    The scene at her house seemed to imply either Yuno doesn’t live there and instead killed the original occupants of the house or Yuno killed her family hence the desire to have a new family. From an external point of view, i find Yuno more saddening than frightening given her age.

    9th on the otherhand, i did not feel much about. Its basically her comeuppance. When you choose the path you take (and she did always have a choice despite her background), you should be ready to take the consequences

    Zaku Fan
    1. I only read up to the end of the anime, so I have ZERO clue as to what happens next, except from some of the spoiler-laden comments here and there. So far it’s hands down the anime of the season. Chihayafuru and Fate/Zero fighting for second place.

  22. This episode was great! I almost forgot what genre of anime I was watching. Waiting for Yukki to catch a noise bleed at the pool and all… THEN BAM!!!

    Just to solidify the creepiness “Good night, Yukki”

    …are you serious

  23. I feel Kurogane Line Barrels, Steins;Gate from this anime after this episode.
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Thanks Enzo, and I agree about being considerate. I think it was in this post that i mentioned that not knowing what happens next and being surprised is one of the thrills of anime, which ironically was partly ruined in the same post.

  24. To be honest, I didn’t think this series was going to be that good, especially since I’m not really a fan of Thrillers and also because there are so many great series this Fall. But I must say, Mirai Nikki blew me away and is definitely made my Mondays the best day of the week. I don’t know why Yuki don’t just simply embrace Yuno. From these three episodes, Yuno is obviously in love with him (obsessively), yet Yuki doesn’t realize this. Yeah stalking someone is bizarre/psycho, but given the fact that Yuki talks to his ‘imaginary friend’ Deus, he shouldn’t be the one to judge or even surprised.

    1. Correct. But then again, Yukkiteru is a cowardly loser who can’t look beyond his insecurities. Thus we can’t expect him to go against character and act out our fantasies. But man… the things I’d do to Yuno… -`-

  25. OMG. Part of me wishes I read the manga to know what happens next, the other part wants to be surprised… but the weekly wait is killing me >_<!! Between this and Guilty Crown, I can't wait for the week to go by so I can see the next episodes.

    Yuno's creepin' me out so bad yet it just makes me love her even more!

  26. Well, well, well…
    1. Yukki needs a seriously more social skills… his flailing in date situation was seriously comedic relief
    2 Yuno’s house (of horrors…) can be explained some way… I give her benefit of doubt. Too many times things have been not the way they seemed. Still, it freaked me out. But in place of Yukki, I would ask Yuno directly about the bodies.
    3. unnamed mask-happy guy is another psycho on the loose, and on related note…
    4. poor ninth… she might be terrorist, but even terrorists deserve clean shot in the head.

  27. All you had to do was to not check out the weird room, Yukiteru.

    This was a pretty good episode, especially with the fact that small actions can possibly change everything around. Ouch for the eye-pulling.

  28. damn. The final scene of this episode sent shivers down my spine; exactly how i pictured it in the manga when i first read it.

    So far this adaptation is going great; can’t wait for the craziness of the next episode with Yuno being Yuno.

  29. I like this anime the most out of all other ones in this season! I love the plot and concepts! The ideas and the plot are so fresh and new :]
    2nd choice would be Guilty Crown. 3rd is Personas. Personas isnt that great but has good art and designs.


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