「すきな人」 (Suki na Hito)
“The Person That I Like”

Unable to stand by at his throne with the many sub-par bros failing around him, Ryuu prepares to make his move after a bribe from a fellow worried bro. After getting the information he needed, he quickly makes haste to retreat the battlefield and strategize for another day. His art of bro is impeccable.

Kazehaya’s always been nice to people. To Sawako, he seemed the same, but it was the first time he actually liked someone. Unsure of what exactly to do, he slowly inches forward with interactions, while helping her along with social skills as well. His intentions are normal. Sawako on the other hand, fell for Kazehaya because he was the first one who treated her normally. Her intentions are also normal, but a little harder to defend in terms of “you only like him because he’s nice.” Still, it’s all fine and dandy because they actually like each other. However, now that paranoia sets in, Kazehaya thinks he was a bother, and Sawako thinks he simply treats everyone like that.

To be honest, the whole thing really works because of Kazehaya. It’s your popular guy meets hidden gem girl, a fantasy if you will of those girls who want to believe they’re hidden gems, but that’s a more cynical view. As much as the characters themselves are questioning their love, I’m probably on the same boat. There’s tons of girls out there throughout the years that have liked him, treated him the same as Sawako might have, so like Kurumi says, “Why Sawako?” Because he somehow can’t help but feel attached to damaged people? No, because he fell for that innocence. That pure unaware mentality untouched by social influences, the things that plagued all the other girls who pledged their souls to him year after year, that is what he fell for. The sought after “maiden” of the modern century, a Japanese ideal, you could say Sawako’s type is the only one “high” enough to match Kazehaya’s “perfection.” While we’re easily led to feel sympathy for such a couple and cheer them on, since humans just love underdogs, it’s almost too easy to ignore the rest of the girls. All of whom are conveniently bundled together in spirit by Kurumi, who as you know, is losing pretty badly. A story of sweet sweet karma perhaps, the outcast is the one with the purest of mind, and in the end, gets the best guy. When you look at KnT pessimistically, KnT gets sour really fast (Such as her recent surge in popularity only because she helped people on their homework. It’s hard not to think people like her just because they get helped on homework. However, it’s true that she isn’t an outcast anymore, but that’s only until she stops feeling happy about only helping people. Then what? D: Besides, they’re STILL calling her Sadako. Feels like nothing’s changed.)

Meanwhile, Kent doesn’t seem so bad anymore. He represents the questions posed above, the evil possibilities of such a relationship in real life, so he figures he should be the white knight and save her.. from another white knight. But is what he’s doing any better than the cruelty he attributes to Kazehaya’s actions? Not really. While guys like Kazehaya may be a dime a dozen, there’s only one Sawako. Setting off a gigantic misunderstanding of the partial truth that Kazehaya likes another person, the love triangle interlocks for the first time. Let the fight begin, and may the “best man” win.

I know, totally depressing impression this week, my brotastic opening was a trick.




  1. The first thing that popped into my head was what Ayane said a few episodes back. “Is this going to be okay?” Leaving Kent to do what will eventually lead me to believe that Kazehaya should just punch him for making Sawako cry like that. If Kent is telling Sawako to fall for him then I think he’s doing it out of pity after seeing her cry. Kazehaya should have made his move sooner once he heard about them meeting up. Pin was certainly no help imo. And I didn’t think Ryu was that worried about Kazehaya even after knowing what was bothering him. This episode just made Chizuru that main star of the episode – good for her for not feeling like a neighbor to Tohru. Ayane was helping Chizuru more than Sawako here. All in all a satisfying episode to watch.

    1. I dunno about Kent. Some of it might be out of pity but recently he’s been shown to have a hint of progressing feelings for Sawako. Besides, he said that he wouldn’t mind if she liked him. He may not be in love with her but it does look like the seeds of a crush are starting to take root.

  2. Main post aside; Chizuru, Chizuru, Chi…. wow… I mean, WOW. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her as a girl and not Sawako’s best friend. haha I love how Ayane’s attention isn’t just set on Sawako’s problems as sometimes Chizuru needs the spotlight on her (not that she hasn’t in these past couple episodes, being the best source for the laughs).

    As for Kent, I’m so glad they had his inner thought thing, where he said Kazehaya was a jerk or something. It showed that he wasn’t a bad guy at all like some of us were thinking. He was just a confused person who misinterpreted things… or misunderstood things. You know, this show invented misunderstandings lol.

    //Besides, they’re STILL calling her Sadako. Feels like nothing’s changed.//
    They’ve been calling her that for a long time now, it’s not like they’re gonna suddenly change it to her real name. Once you have a nickname in high school, it’s pretty hard for everyone to start calling you by your real name out of nowhere. Especially since everyone thought Sawako’s name was literally Sadako.

  3. What a cliffhanger…., i dunno what happen next because I never read KNT manga. By the way Interesting episode this week & finally kent taking initiative bring his relationship to next level with sawako meanwhile kazehaya struggle to express his true feeling for her. Damnn… When sawako started crying i feel like i gonna cry too T_T

  4. the screen before the last one, if Kent’s hair was black he’d totally look like Kazehaya. I know I’m just being random but it felt weird imagining Kent as Kazehaya in that scene. Anyways, it was an interesting episode and I’m looking forward to the next one. Oh and Sawako makes me want to cry so easily, I feel I can relate to her.

  5. Seems like you personified the feeling of the episode as a few paragraphs. Good job, I agree with all your points.

    Don’t think Kent is dense enough to not know shes the one Kazehaya likes, so his unintentional manipulation is a little underhanded, but even though he appears more interesting than Kazehaya…whenever I imagine Kent and Sawako in a relationship..i get this weird image in my head. Still shipping Mr.clean(refreshing).

    But as he said, may the best knight win, and may the shit hit the fan. Amen.

  6. Yikes, shit just got real. The last few episodes have really been preparing like a windup punch for this; so even if the Valentines episode was agonising, I guess it really helped the impact later on… you could almost hear the glass breaking. For Kent to then lay his proposal in a near perfect rebound moment was also incredible work on his part. I salute him. Let the duel of the shirobushi for the kurohime begin!

    Nice to see Chizu get her five minutes as well. Pin being an insufferable nitwit was as good as always too.

  7. Keeeeeeent! You bastard you made Sawako cry and then expect her to like you? Shame on you! I wish Kazehaya would be more assertive this time. It made me remember when Kurumi made a setup for Sawako and Ryu to meet. Then Kazehaya grabbed Sawako’s arm and took her away far from Ryu. Lay the smackdown on Kent Kazehaya!

  8. I am not sure about this show anymore. The one thing that drew me in was the fact that unlike a lot of other romance dramas, Sadako was actually honest about her feelings and how she related to people. The scene where she refuses to support Kurumi’s feelings towards Kazehaya was probably the highlight.

    That aspect is gone. Now its just internal dialogue and being lost and confused. I’m really annoyed.

    Jack Spicer
  9. Oh man, I was just about to say “forget Sawako, I think I like Chizuru”. I must say, Chizuru sure got the spotlight this week. Even though most of the attention was on Sawako and Kazehaya but man, oh man, how gorgeous Chizuru looked after Ayane’s fantastic work.
    I don’t think I want to watch the next episode, it’s going to be filled with depressing emotions. :'( I’ll watch anyways because KnT is just THAT good to pass up. 🙂

  10. Chizuru really cleans up nice. Someone should slap Ryu upside the head for not falling all over her.

    I’m not sure about Kent. He’s a jerk, but he did make some good points based on what he knows of the situation. Anyone notice that his actions this year mirror a lot of Kazahaya’s toward Sawako the previous year? Kent sat next to her, talked to her, even got her to do a review for the class. All things that Kazahaya did the previous year. Kazahaya has done nothing to interact with her since New Years except to say good morning. Kent even calls her by her given name, Sawako, while Kazahaya still calls her by her family name. And Kent did confess to her, which Kazahaya hasn’t been able to do. Gotta give him some credit.

    1. Ryu has already fallen for Chizuru, it’s she that still likes his brother instead.

      Kento is a lot more aggressive then Kazehaya, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a better person.

      1. Yeah, I know Ryu’s already fallen for her, but at least he could react a little more. My God she’s a knockout in that outfit.

        I didn’t say Kent was a great guy just that he has done some positive things regardless of his agenda. Things that Kazahaya used to do and appears to have stopped.

  11. I loved the cafeteria scene.

    Ryu – “Hmmm, how can I say this right while being a bro. Hey Kaze-”

    Ping – “Yo Kazehaya, I may seem dense, but I know EVERYTHING!You are a fool! What are you waiting for?! Oh and btw, Kent is making a move on your girl.”

    Kazehaya – “Dammit Ping, I hate you! You make my life……well shit. How did you know? And why are you so right and able to say the obvious?! Wait, did you say Kent?!?!” /runs off

  12. Oh my lord! Chizuru! Not only was she super cute, but her conversation with Ryuu was pretty funny.

    “I know, totally depressing impression this week, my brotastic opening was a trick.”
    I think it was a nice review Kiiragi 🙂

  13. “It’s your popular guy meets hidden gem girl, a fantasy if you will of those girls who want to believe they’re hidden gems, but that’s a more cynical view.”
    So harsh, but oh so true.

  14. Ahrg Kazehaya and his passive aggressiveness. I want to know how Kazehaya managed to spend a quarter of the episode looking for Sawako while Kent totally discredited him AND put the moves on Sawako. It didn’t really cross my mind that a love triangle was going to develop… I’m still all for Kaze x Sawako. Kent can suck it, he made Sawako cry >.<

  15. I love kent he is so forward I wish he was the main lead in a way he is very dare say “wise” in even imposing such questions as you mentioned in your recap. I like that added cyical view of all this in retrospect in a series that has been too flowery for me to tolerant. lol He brings a “light” humor that is enjoyable to watch as the others angst a way lol I love it. I want him to have more screen time.

    Kazehaya has been a bore feast for me since day one so kent a breath of fresh air to me.


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