「忘れて」 (Wasurete)

Dear Sawako,
Between your lovely innocence and crazy knack for understanding the small things yet not the big picture, your immaculate ability to create funnies under a thick atmosphere is quite admirable. I can’t really help you much with your feelings, because you just have to figure out them yourself, and telling you would be pointless. However, it seems your popularity has been growing, and more and more people are recognizing your good intentions, so I’m happy for you. You’ve come far. Keep growing those medicinal plants, but be wary of Kento, because not all humans are good people like you believe. And know when to ask for help! (like right now)
Supporter from another plane,

Dear Kazehaya,
You’re in a difficult position. You like her, but you don’t know if she likes you back. That, and you don’t know if you want to break the relationship you have now, or put stress on her. You say you’re selfish, possessive, and you always want it your way. Yet you broke it off, and backed off. Your compassion got the better of you. And I’m telling you, go for it! Be a little selfish! Isn’t that what love is?
Feels your pain but am disappoint,

Dear Ryu,
Even though you don’t really understand the attraction to Sawako, you still have your friend’s back. I liked the way you just carried on the conversation while subtly revealing that you knew everything that’s been going on, very smooth. I see you’ve been polishing that bro-ness of yours to fit the title you hold. Carry on.
Fellow bro,

Dear Kento,
What are you doing? Your actions are so ambiguous, you could even be gay for Kazehaya for all I know. I REPEAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Not sure if want,




  1. Very cleverly structured review, and funny. ^^ (I’d say more, but I’m waiting to watch the episode myself. It looks fairly faithful to the original chapters in the manga though.)

  2. hopefully this will be an improvement and a continuation of where Kare Kano (the anime) just blatantly left off. Like Evangelion, the series was 90% of the way promising towards legend and then what happens? Hideaki Anno changed and veered it straight off the rom-com tone of the manga (which wasn’t always bad) and took it deep into a series of emotionally ambiguous and dark episodes of Arima’s building jealousy causing him to become more and more distanced from Yukino. It was thanks to Arima that she was able to open up her true self in the first place and I feel popularity and a more complicated social life was going to make her forget that.

    But I haven’t read the manga. Arima however turned completely into Shinji – not unlike Kazehaya’s behavior seems to be mutating towards now. How is it that good-looking well-rounded ivy-bound jocks like these keep retreating to the self-esteem of a quiet little mouse? So what if there are more good-looking and talented guys out there you have to compete with, don’t give up. If he removes himself from the equation he’s only going to get less of a fighting chance to prove how valuable he is to his girl other.

    So if Kimi no Todoke is really supposed to be the His & Her Circumstances of the 21st century – with it’s Samara-inspired character heroine design and its Arima reduxed protagonist (minus the child abuse) – then I hope it really fixes up where Gainax went wrong.

    1. Kare Kano definitely had A LOT of issues especially towards the end of the series. It’s also understandable why the author didn’t want a second season. Anyway, If i were to compare both mangas, Id say that Kare Kano is better Kimi no todoke. Then again, comparing a finished manga to an unfinished manga would be lame

  3. It is crazy how well this show plays with my emotion or pulls them or controls them. Eff, maybe it’s the direction or the script or the acting but I ACTUALLY care. I care about these characters. And that makes me feel something. Gosh, I love it so much because it makes me come back every week and makes me enjoy this show so much more. So I’ll listen to Karmafan and prepare for next week…

    I love how much Sawako has grown. And when she smiles, I mean SMILE, it is like… my heart is happy.

    Also, Kiiragi, epic. Just epic.

    1. I love the line “my heart is happy” because that’s the way I feel when her natural smile appears. I think that’s what keeps me watching knowing that that smile might appear.

      Kazahaya is driving me crazy because he won’t stop being ambiguous. He should know by now that Sawako can’t interpret his statements. If the idiot had just taken up Ayane’s offer…

    2. Her smile:

      There is something in this world which no one has ever seen.
      It is soft and sweet.

      If it is spotted, I’m sure everyone will want to have it,

      Which is why no one has ever seen it.

      For this world has hidden it quite well, so that it is difficult to obtain.

      But, there will come a day when it is discovered by somebody,

      And only those who should obtain it will be able to find it.

  4. I think you’ll find that Kento Miura is working to eliminate all sources of relationship-based conflict, by instigating relationship-based conflict.

    Just as planned …

    Nice review too.

    J Jay
  5. When the second season dawned, I totally forgot this a patience anime … but my head is just getting a bit too sore whilst banging away on my desk awaiting some conclusion.

    Still, its funny how the anime itself is venturing more into RL … then again, compared to everything else this season, it definitely is the most like RL >.> .. I digress

    I just want more sustenance … I feed on a nice plot ^_^

  6. Kent is clearly running the role of “ass that want to mess with other’s relationship only because I found it interesting”. Is Mamoru Miyano doomed to be the voice of total idiots?

    The prize for today’s ep goes to Sawako’s Rape Face (pic#4)

  7. MoRn~ing!… I didn’t think there could be such a conversation on that alone. IMO Kazehaya feels that his actions are causing Sadako’s uneasiness https://randomc.net/image/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke%202nd%20Season%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2006.jpg and wants to back off with his advances towards her. But he can’t leave her alone when Kento is there making his passes on her and I know how that bothers him (jealous?). At the same time he feels impatient about not going with a straight-forward way to get close to her that won’t confuse or make her uncomfortable. https://randomc.net/image/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke%202nd%20Season%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2002.jpg I think he just feels insecure about not being the closet “friend” to her anymore now that Kento showed up and is spending more time with her than him. Now Sadako wants to hide her feelings from Kazehaya by trying to act more naturally as a friend, but easier thought than done. Hence, they “misunderstood” each other and it looks like it continues in the next episode. Declaration of a love rival perhaps? https://randomc.net/image/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke%202nd%20Season%20-%2003%20-%20Large%20Preview%2002.jpg

  8. interesting letter form 🙂 thanks for the innovation XD
    the title of the episode sounds so depressing, and the episode ended sort of depressing I guess… oh well… I guess some people in real life are like that too.
    so Kento even inherited Kiraboshi’s hand sign? the next step is to get a cybody cross over XD
    hopefully what Kento will do to Kazehaya will stir things to a more positive position.

  9. My favorite episode of the second season! This show reminds me of when I was in high school. A popular guy and a quiet girl matchup may seem “unrealistic” but it does happen in high school! After high school, popularity and such doesn’t really matter to people. Anyway, I agree the show seems slow paced at times but so is real life… This show makes me wish to return to the days of innocence. I’m digging it.

  10. When they draw her the right way and she smiles she is very beautiful. He is probably the most popular and handsome boy in their school so if he does end up with her he won’t be ashamed of her if they finally become a couple. At least she doesn’t look like a Quasimodo.

    1. Karmafan, liking the new avatar (still not sure how to change mine but whatever). I feel Sawako-chan is a real looker when she smiles. In my eyes, I feel what appeals to me the most is her overall character. She is a true gem.
      Kazehaya-kun is a nice looking guy and he has a good heart as well. He has also a good reputation and is popular but his undecisions will cause him a lot of struggles.
      This show deserves more than only a one cour.

  11. I really would like to see the two of them finally confess to each other instead of leaving it as it is. Sawako’s too bashful to say anything, and I know Kazehaya can take the initiative.

    Even I’m suspicious of Kent. I’d be careful if I were you, Sawako!

  12. What weirds me out is that Kazehaya is popular *because* he’s such a nice guy. When I was in high school (admittedly, it’s been more than 10 years since)the popular kids were asses, or at least, acted as such.

  13. For three episodes its all been misunderstandings. Plus the episode’s highlight is always te last part. Maybe a better approach for Kazehaya is to leave his pack of friends and talk to Sawako in the morning, and not late afternoon. I feel bad for him though.

  14. Kaze annoys me, hes had like forever to make his move, but just beats around the bush and leaves sawako in the dark. Sawako deserves a guy thats going to be upfront with her. I like Kento, I think he’s goofy like sawako and they look really awesome together on screen. Unlike Kaze who is not funny at all and doesn’t know what he wants. This is the first anime I have watched where I wanted the male lead to fail. Sawako needs to move on to bigger and better things, Kaze is obviously in the business of mind games.

  15. Dear Kent,

    At fist, seeing your actions I thought you were going to be a mastermind bro, but it seems Sawako’s charm has even affected you and this worries me. Even so you still uphold a tough love for kazehaya, if anything you’re egging him to make his move, well played.
    from a bro who has carried out this plan before,

    Dear Ayane,

    I’m concerned about you, you’ve been keeping track on your friends, but what about yourself? I’ve been getting some weird vibes between you and Pin, and this worries me a lot. A LOT.
    You deserve someone much better, you’re pretty, smart and deeply care about your friends.
    And no more college guys.
    Concerned for you,

    1. I too fear for Ayane x Pin development…..that’s TOO much for me to handle. I hope the writers are only teasing and we get a “as if that would happen” moment before it’s too late. lol

  16. I dont get it, I thought kent was a good guy, now all of a sudden he’s considered a bad guy? All he’s done is seem to be trying to push the relationship forward. If he happens to fall in the process, can you blame him? Sawako is a sweet girl, it’s Kazehaya’s fault for being so insecure.

    1. I meant to say if Kent falls for Sawako then he can’t possibly be blamed. Moreover, I don’t like Kazehaya’s temper issues. Sawako is too sweet to be with someone that looks like he will eventually become a wife beater.

  17. I tried watching the first episode of this series but I couldn’t bring myself to like it =( I’m not saying this to be mean or anything but this is not my kind of romance I guess. Reading the blogs I can see why people like this show and I hope for all of you guys that you get a good conclusion to this series ^_^ I would’ve continued just to hear miyano mamuro voice in kent but I fail.

    Good luck guys ^_^


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