So as figured, Caribou breaks out of barrel due to naively curious mermaids, then proceeds to metaphorically rape them all with his body with the laughably named fruit, Numa-Numa no mi. Don’t know why that’s funny? Then you probably weren’t aloof on the internet half a decade ago. Either way, Caribou is disgusting. I’m assuming he keeps the mermaids IN himself.. somehow? Which means he should be 5 times his size, unless his fruit can compact people or something, which I doubt. Plus, they need air/water to breath.

I feel almost numbed by the number of characters being introduced lately, and frankly, I don’t really care for any of them until some development. Megalo however, that shark from way back then, gets his identity answered, and is coincidentally Neptune’s daughter’s pet. Speaking of which, the idea of a small man bouncing on a large breast is highly amusing to me. It must be Oda’s idea of fanservice. Neptune’s daughter, or the Guu Kingdom Princess, or Princess Shirahoshi, is just as big as her father, if not bigger. A taiyaki hairband with Nami’s face but a different hairstyle? And 100% dere? Well, sort of. Now, I’m sure there’s tons of jokes you can crack at this situation, probably as many as Chopper’s bounty, but let’s not go there. I do wonder if she’s sensitive to fat jokes.

You know, after learning some biology, that “Sunlight Tree Eve” almost makes sense. Almost. Madam Shirley’s fortune is still ambiguous, and some say Van der Wicken also wears a Strawhat, so it could be him too. I heard of one where Luffy pisses the Princess off and she goes after Luffy and subsequently “destroys” Fishman Island. Probably unlikely, but who knows? Personally, as of right now, there’s tons of speculations to be made, so I prefer to just let it play out for now.


  1. 1) She could be pulling an ac with her prediction, to endanger Luffy and his crew
    2) She mentioned a “straw hat”..maybe some new pirate with a hat of the same king?
    …I hope they don’t start chasing Luffy and the other guys, we will have enough of that when the marines appear again.

  2. When I saw that huge door that Luffy to go into the thought of a huge monster or a prisoner with food popped into my mind. And then a pleasant surprise to see such a cutie princess magnified? Or just huge it the word used here. LOL on Luffy for trying to eat off of a mermaid.

  3. Ok…. there is just to much in this chapter to laugh at it actually shocked me. From the gang’s constant disrespect towards Neptune aka “Big, hairy old man” to Luffy’s single-minded obsession with food (like the banquet hall could really be behind door number…. lol to easy). nothing was truly laugh-out-of-your-chair funny but so many small things had me constantly giggling for the whole duration.

    As for the tree… meh. Probably going to be important later if it is the “artificial sun” so to speak of fishman island, gonna be the root of the whole prophecy thing but there are so many characters I got to learn that I might just forgo the whole tree speculation and just spend the next week rereading the last 3-4 chapters just to get an idea of whats going on.

    And as for Neptune’s daughter 10 bucks says she will be added to luffy’s ever growing harem list. I mean has has already coped a feel… I know that was just bad but I had too.

  4. Ok, Caribou needs to die, seriously. What a disgusting man.. Hope Luffy and crew will kick his ass and rescure the pure mermaids. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with this chapter as I was hoping for information about Jimbei’s message. Maybe next chapter? I agree with the new characters, pretty many of them lately. Hope there’ll be some good development on them~
    What really stand out for me this chapter is the whole palace (Oda REALLY has fantasy, his drawings are absolutely awesome) and of course the princess. Forget that I fell in love with her on first sight, but her whole character sounds like a lot of fun (and probably a pain in the ass for the Straw Hats) for the next chapters. I’d be interesting seeing her fall in love with Luffy, though I doubt that as the captain of the flying dutchman has his eyes set on her for a long time already. Well it’s just drink some tea and wait I guess. I’m already really into this new arc and hope it’ll turn out that good like it looks to be right now~

    1. Well….I’ve always seen Dalton as more of a prime minister of Drum Island. Not quite a king, but close enough. Still doesn’t take away from the fact that Luffy has won the respect and praise of the leadership of several island nations.

      Speaking of Dalton, I still can’t believe his seiyuu is Kenichi Ono (aka, Sanger Zonvolt).

  5. So in terms of “Beauty” Hancock or Princess? I think Hancock is hot and the princess is cute, I really can’t measure them.

    “So as figured, Caribou breaks out of barrel due to naively curious mermaids, then proceeds to metaphorically rape them all with his body with the laughably named fruit, Numa-Numa no mi. Don’t know why that’s funny? Then you probably weren’t aloof on the internet half a decade ago.”

    1.- I feel like Beavis or Butthead with your “metaphorically rape” thing, Caribou got some mermaids in “his pants” hoho~

    2.- Care to explain the internet thing Mr. FlyingPuppy?

    Lectro Volpi
  6. I can see how the Mermaid princess is number one while Hancock is number two. MMmmm. I wonder if the Mermaid princess is also able to make men fall under her commands. Seeing how Luffy made freinds with giants in the past. I’m sure this would be no different.

    Code fanboy
  7. Haha! Luffy is so damn lucky! He just keeps building his Haerm of women, but since hes bound to be the New Pirate King, you have to have a Haerm of the finest females right?!!! XD lmao

    Its just funny and awesome He finds himself inside a huge place and just happens to land right on the BIGGEST AND CUTTESTED aswell as the Most Beautiful Mermaid of them all, the The Daughter Princess of King Neptone.

    And -Ning-, nice half pun there. >w< LOL


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