「ここから」 (Koko kara)
“From Now On”

..and after two weeks, she picks up the phone. In a smashing clash of montages, flashbacks, bubbles, blushes, and tears, the confession finally comes to a close after three “long” episodes.

To be honest, I’m not even exactly sure where the emotions lie anymore, I just know the two want to get together. There’s been way too much back and forth ambiguity in their words for me to keep track of where they’re emotionally at, so it’s like trying to piece together some kind of human enigma. One problem with the past few episodes is the repeat of several things, making it feel like things weren’t going anywhere, such as Sawako’s confessing to Kazehaya about how grateful she is for him. Like, apparently telling Kazehaya one more time about how she’s changed was STILL her believing Kazehaya didn’t like her, and that she’d prove to him the new her with the festival performance. I mean, it makes sense, but it’s kind of bland as a story. This is probably my biggest issue with the series as a whole. But of course, things have to be different after her confession, and yet it was still a complete surprise when Kazehaya suddenly answered her feelings back in public. I couldn’t help but spread a big smile across my face smirking at all the shocked onlookers. “Yeah that’s right peeps, love has been declared.” Oh, AND THANK YOU FOR DRAGGING EFFING JOE THE INTERRUPTER AWAY.

Although it’s to the point where it’s being shoved in your face, a large part of the episode was dedicated to simply how far Sawako has come since the beginning, an aspect that has actually been brought up almost every episode this season, so I didn’t get as much out of it as the directors might have intended (because I’m probably emotionally dead inside from outside stress >_>). Instead, I enjoyed the little things from a first love coming through, like the excitement of a simple text message from the person you’ve just confessed to, and watching Kazehaya experience genuine happiness (I envy this the most). And to wrap it up in a neat bow-tie, the title “Kimi ni Todoke” finally comes into play, with their “likes” cleared up in a brilliantly romantic final scene. It’s the scene of purity that I felt was missing last time, and well, they delivered. Seriously, I felt like I’ve seen the two standing like that with their heads bumped in my dreams or something (it’s probably just a reminiscence from some subliminal scene somewhere). I also thought they were going to kiss. What a tease.

With two episodes left, hopefully we’ll at least get to see the new couple BE a couple. Well, unless acting like a couple takes them as long as it did confessing… FFFFFF

wtf, maru got HUGE




    1. Or just taze him lol
      There were some great scenes in this episode alone. I choked some tears of satisfaction when Kazehaya shouted his love to Sawako! Finally! GOOD LORD!

    1. Exactly, when I saw him come up with his “Kazehaya!” I was about to facepalm, but then the whole “STFU, I’m pimpin, bixh.” he gave made me put my hands up in excitement.

      And yeah Kiiragi, WTF@ Maru getting so damn big??

  1. finally, no more rage! after so many years weeks, they are finally there…
    +1 to the tease on kissing… shame, but that is the innocence they are trying to portray.
    Maru got huge precisely shows how long our rage have lasted… :3

    1. Damn. Im on the very edge of my seat (with a huge grin on my face)when Kazehaya closes to Sawako, I was prepared for a kiss scene in there but then argh.. whatever. I can at least say this episode was very satisfying, after all the misunderstandings they finally “reached each other”.

      PS: I just saw mini Kazehaya lol

  2. What struck me artistically was the way they drew Sawako after she had confessed. She exuded confidence in herself, something that Ayane had said she needed before she and Kazahaya could really be a couple. Her performance in the parade was fantastic (Ayane’s makeup certainly helped). She had finally reached a point of equality with him. Now they have to figure out how to act as a couple. Neither of them have been in a relationship before.

  3. They probably won’t cover it due to the number of episodes left but… Show Spoiler ▼

    Kimi Ni Todoke the live action movie is out and subbed as well. I liked it but felt that the Kazaheya they had didn’t quite fit. He was more subdued and didn’t have such a great smile and charm as the anime version.

    1. I responded about 5-6 posts above re:the movie. I liked the movie for the most part. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. guess I didn’t read the other posts… lol
        about Kazehaya, I thought he was adorable ! of course, truthfully, I didn’t get what was so AMAZINGLY “refreshing” about him but he was indeed the right man for the part. 🙂

  4. I kind of have a bad feeling that the rest of the episodes this season will be Sawako and Kazehaya still wondering if the other person likes them as much as they do. I really wouldn’t be surprised.

    Jack Spicer
  5. Too many good things crammed into this episode that I can’t say about it. (I was hoping there was a screen shot of Kazehaya confessing in public.) ^_^ I like these screenshots of the best moments: 6, 13, 15, 18, 19, 22, 33, 36*
    This couple certainly has become closer but not close enough. I need to see them kiss!!

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke/Kimi%20ni%20Todoke%202nd%20Season%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2036.jpg
    Oh my gosh, this was so awesomely adorable.
    (I love it when people bump heads. I was super happy when it happened in Lovely Complex too. ^^)

    There was so much win in this episode. Joe getting told off and dragged away, Shota’s public confession, Sawako’s performance and Pin’s fail (and face for most of the episode) and the whole final scene was awesome.

    Also, I had no idea Shota had a brother. I was confused when I saw a mini-Shota until Maru popped up…


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