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  1. A MERE invertabrite(sp?) what hunts a octopus cause that shark dinner now
    I think its the mythos we give sharks that we automatically assume it can beat everything
    its like fearing a fat guy just cause he’s big doesnt mean he’s strong… I would go with killer bee if it wasnt for the fact kisame sword ABSORBS chakra and rlly killer bee octo form is nothing but a mass of chakra

  2. If Kisame wins this which he most likely will I’ll be irritated. Kisame’s sword is way too overpowered and to be able to take on a 8 tailed so easily makes these tailed monsters look like a stupid joke. If he wins then he is almost on par with the 4th hokage who had to sacrifice his very life just to SEAL the 9 tails and that would just be ridiculous. I like Kisame, he’s one of my favorite Akatsuki but overpowered is overpowered.
    These ninja battles no longer have the charm they use to, I agree with that. no strategy or stealth. back in the early years every jutsu mattered and wasn’t unbalanced, no its super powered ninjas who would have destroyed even Kakashi back in the day if they ever met up. I really hope Killerbee beats Kisame he’s cool in a way.

  3. Killer Bee seems to rely too much on his Tailed Beast, meaning Gaara and naruto are probably better than him if their beasts were extracted or they don’t use them.

    Who would win: 4-Tailed Kyuubi or 7-tailed Hachabi? Though there’s no doubt 6-8 Tail Kyuubi could curbstomp 8-Tail hachabi with its nuke-like Menacing Ball

  4. I agree with the sentiment that battles in Naruto are now uninspiring. I mean, remember Naruto vs. Neji, Naruto vs. Gaara, etc.? Those were all awesome battles with cool quirks and twists. The series has overall gone downhill after the years-gap after Sasuke’s desertion.

    I also agree there are too many broken abilities like Kisame’s sword. There really aren’t ninjas in this series any more. How often do you see a shuriken being thrown or someone doing some good old bunshin no jutsus?

    I used to love this series even before the narutards showed up. Now, I’m only keeping up for the sake of finishing it.


  5. < the idea of this chapter.

    Sadly with this, this manga has finally completelly jumped the shark.

    This chapter has proved that even if naruto was already nothing like the original first ~50 chapters of the manga, now Everything’s Even Worse With Sharks

    I feat that this manga won’t be able to Submarine the shark

    The stuff Kishi pulled out ever since the Pain Arc is ridiculous….no, scratch that, the stuff Kishi pulled out ever since the start of PArt II was ridiculous.

    I miss the old good storytelling days of Zabuza…

  6. @prox: And you only say that now after 7 beasts were stolen effortlessly by other akatsuki members?

    Also am I really the only one who enjoyed this chapter?
    Sure Kisame’s broken, but than again, did Killer Bee really did anything aside from showing off his huge-ass chakra? NO.
    I mean really, the logic behined all his moves is “bash forward with mega-force”! Obviously Kisame will counter such obvious moves. It’s like heading stright to a guy with a shotgun to kill him with your knife instead of going behined him where you have the adventage.
    Lame analogy aside, there actually needs to be some sort of tactic to beat him aside mindlessly bashing.

    Also I see nothing bad about everyone god-moding. It’s just as intresting as always.

  7. Ah but you can’t say that for the entire part II. Granted, all of the Akatsuki are monsters without exception but the battle with Hidan/Kakuzu pair still managed to be pretty jutsu-heavy and enjoyable. To an extent Pain’s arc was too(both Jiraiya’s battle and the invasion). I agree though that Kisame seems pretty overpowered but really it’s probably only because of the rock/paper/scissors like relation in this fight. A Jinchuuriki who rely mostly on chakra are at a disadvantage against him while Might Guy or Rock Lee could probably handle him. That said I really hope that Killer Bee survives this encounter- he’s just plain awesome.

  8. I cant believe most of you are complaining about the story, we have two of the most powerful ninjas fighting and yet you are all like `kisame is broken, this manga is awful`
    i cant believe you people, just enjoy the fight and if you dont, stop reading naruto until is over >.>

  9. I dont read this series, but readin this summaries make LOL and glad I stopped reading a loooong time ago; I just cant believe people like this. FMA’s new chapter came out today and that chapter alone puts the whole Part II of Naruto to shame.

  10. @SomeKindaNick
    The other akatsuki members include immortals, elemental masters, an uchiha, Madara, a village blower upper and even a terrorist that nearly killed Sasuke. I do believe they have a good chance of defeating a beast, using effort. For 5th and 6th I imagine some strategy and teamwork would be necessary. Kisame’s sword just feels like a cheap way to make him powerful and not only that, he seems like has jumped up to top five strongest in the whole naruto manga just because of a single sword and not his own techniques. but it’s just my opinion is all but quite a few seem to agree.

  11. The Shargingan plus Byakugan will just make me drop the series. You know how people on yahoo and deviant art make those really bad original characters for every series? Yeah, that would make him one, and the worst kind, since he’s canon. This series has been disappointing me a lot lately, and that makes me sad. There hasn’t been much about it in the past few months that I’ve read and went, ‘Oh, that’s awesome!’ All the focus on sasuke is one thing, but the powers and abilities they’re giving people is just ridiculous.. kind of like they had so much planned out, then said, ‘Hey, let’s see what the ignorant fans might think is neat!’ and threw stuff together. While they have the plot idly progressing, a lot of elements in it are unnecessary, and take away from what makes.. made Naruto so good in the first place. I used to like Kisame, but this fusion thing with a sword that isn’t even a sword, really, just ruined him for him. he’s obviously going to lose this battle, and if not, he’s completely peaked, so he’ll be useless from now on. Awesome. Only Akatsuki left that I wanna see fight is Zetsu, but I’m sure they’ll ruin him also.

  12. There will probably be some kind of twist to lets bee take him down or draw whatever but still as kisame said it his sword can absorb god damn chakra and now he is fused with it… any thought on how a ninja that uses a mass of chakra can defeat such a opponent … ANYONE

  13. “I can say that Naruto (as a series) is looking less like a battle between ninjas and more like a battle between freak shows at this rate.”

    Now you realize. In fact, Divine, the series has already been a freak show battle ever since Naruto first fought Gaara years ago.

    Kinny Riddle
  14. About the eye… anatomically, it shouldn’t matter whether it’s the left or right eye, correct? It just so happens that “eye imports” in this manga have happened on the corresponding injured side (too lazy to check).

  15. Kinny Riddle:
    This is the first time I get to say something about it, so I just wanted to throw it out there. =)

    I thought about that too, so I guess it’s still possible. As for matching the corresponding side, I’m fairly sure they’ve been doing that for all the eye transplants so far. While it may not be anatomically necessary, it seemed to follow that trend here so I used it as a loose requirement/guideline.

  16. Sharks aren’t that tough actually. Especially small ones. When you hold them upside down and restrain their movement (they have to swim/move to keep getting oxygine). Besides there are those stories of 15 meter Octopusses. I bet they could take on a great white.

  17. naruto may not be realistic, but kishi’s take on ninjas has always been extremely revisionist and was more of a motif/gimmick than anything else.. in spite of all this, i still find naruto one of the more entertaining manga series.

  18. I for one am a huge Kisame fan and well… I mean its ok this abilities and all but…

    I mean I figured that Kisame was much stronger than what people gave him credit for. But now he has this cyclical power increase vs his opponent. I wanted him to just be strong on his own…

    Oh well at least he is badass.

    I do miss the old kunai days though. But these are the top of the top. Really all of the Akutsuki were quite powerful in their own way. I had a healthy respect for all of them since the first battle Itachi took part in. And the way Kisame didnt seem worried about the Leaf Village or Kakashi at all. Thats when you knew it was a bid deal.

    Terror and Love
  19. :/ “Also, I don’t really need to hear Kisame talk about how big it’s gotten” is that an inuendo @@?!

    either way, octopus eat sharks was quite suprising :/ thought shark eats everything thats smaller than it ~”~ well.. i was wrong 😀

  20. I’m pretty sure that Samehada’s supposed to represent a shark’s skin. Y’know, what with the whole “my sword doesn’t slice or dice -it shreds” thing. It’d certainly fit with Kisame’s overall theme anyways.

  21. How can Madara be Abra O.o?

    but yeah everything has just become pokemon like, with a bleach hint. I just hope to see who’d be Arceus XD

    I’m betting on Killer be… but only because I want him to meet Naruto…

    as for what I truly do wish, since the ninjas are truly gone and this seems just battle of the colossus: Kyuubi gets out trashes Madara and destroys the world.

    Oh and there won’t be a geass, because almighty C.C. wouldn’t allow it

  22. The whole fusion of human and weapon had started at KHR.. putting it in Naruto makes no sense anymore (well same as KHR, but I like the battles). The manga was good up until the start of the time skip. D: It isn’t very ninja like anymore..


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