「Einladen ~招かれざる客たち~」 (Manekarezaru Kyakutachi)
“Invitation ~Uninvited Guests~”

Whoa, there are white Kampfer now? I haven’t gone back to the manga since my original skim of it six weeks ago, so this is a surprise to me. With the appearance of Ueda Rika, we also see the addition of Ueda Kana to the series. Unfortunately, there was no time to poke fun at her with an inaugural seiyuu remark this time around.

Before we have Rika bursting onto the scene and causing havoc with her kusarigama (chain-sickle) Schwert ability, things start off with a sleepover at Kaede’s place. To make up for bailing on her during the culture festival, Natsuru is the only one who’s expected to go, but Shizuku and Akane invite themselves and tag along. Once they arrive, everyone’s mesmerized by Kaede’s display of zoumotsu animals before things shift to the amidakuji Pocky kissing game she has planned. Despite Kaede’s attempts to demonstrate with Natsuru and rig the results, the only two who end up kissing are Shizuku and Akane. Frustrated, Kaede decides to give up on the game and shows everyone her zoumotsu animal collection instead, including her favorite, Hiaburi Lion (“Burnt to Death” Lion).

Having fished this info out, Shizuku is curious about it for Kampfer-related reasons, but before she can find out more, Mikoto arrives out of the blue looking for Natsuru and offers everyone some curry. Over the course of their meal, Akane’s not keen on Natsuru staying overnight, while Shizuku decides to spill some curry on his head and force him to take a bath there. This leads to a very opportunistic Kaede trying to catch a peek of Natsuru undressing “accidentally”, after which she decides to just strip down and join him. However, things don’t quite go her way, so she resorts to sneaking into Natsuru’s futon at night, unaware that he’s reverted back to his male self. With Natsuru’s gender about to be exposed, Kampfer Akane busts in firing away and Kaede unexpectedly faints. Soon after, Rika shows up and attacks indiscriminately. She’s eventually chased off with the help of Shizuku, who later finds herself a bit jealous of what Natsuru was doing with Kaede.

First off, the question I’m begging to ask is why Natsuru had to change into females clothes himself this time, suggesting that he won’t automatically get a school girl outfit if he’s in female clothes already. What’s probably more concerning though is why he fits into those clothes while he’s a guy. Aside from that, Shizuku continues to “impress” as she totally manhandles Akane, leaving the latter visibly shaken after the kiss. I was hoping Akane would get to kiss Natsuru in front of Kaede afterward, but the damn guy had to bail at the last moment and tell her she should be doing this with her future boyfriend. If Natsuru wasn’t so dense, he’d realize Akane wants him to be that future boyfriend. Plus, I really doubt she minds kissing him after Shizuku just sucked her dry. >_>

On an unrelated note, I found it funny how the Messengers were drinking and the liquid was going right through them. Juice is one thing, but I can only imagine how they smell after eating that curry. As for Natsuru, the lucky guy had Kaede caressing his body with her fingers and rubbing up against him. Too bad he was busy freaking out rather than enjoying it. To add to the missed opportunities, Kampfer Akane’s confession to him was interrupted by Rika too. Plot-wise, Shizuku snuck into Kaede’s zoumotsu animal room and took a look at Hiaburi Lion, but they didn’t reveal whether she discovered anything or not. Either way, things should be interesting now that Shizuku is kind of jealous and the next episode is about her first date with Natsuru. She takes his first kiss and now his first date. The student council president strikes again!


* The eyecatch of Rika Mikoto as Hatsune Miku is pretty ecchi, even if that is just milk. (My mistake, not the commenters’.)
* Inoue Marina and Nakajima Megumi’s ending single “One Way Ryou Omoi” was released yesterday (09-11-11).




  1. I think the reason why those clothes could fit into his male form, unlike Ranma, his body size doesn’t change drastically.

    I’ve compared his body sizes both in female and male from previous episode, and it’s almost the same.

    aside from the breast of course.

  2. Traps are the bane of all male existence – for both sides. The prez isn’t making it clear enough that she wants Natsuru, she needs to bare all in front of him in his room – nothing else will suffice. Whenever he have any kind of urge as a girl, he changes back to a boy anyway. I’m starting to hate Kaede as it is so I’m all for the prez, especially if we get to see more of her deredere side. Too bad Natsuru is a chump. This might have been interesting if he wasn’t. As it is now, it just seems like a petty game.

    ps. I would have either told off or killed Akane by now. I hate pests.

  3. When I saw the eyecatch of Mikoto, it reminded me of that Minami-ke ep with Chiaki getting the same kinda treatment. Point is, if the producers of a slice-of-life show can do that, I don’t see why they can’t do the same with Kampfer given the show’s genre.

  4. Dam! At first I was rooting for Akane to get together with Natsuru, seeing as she is quite a cute girl falling for the guy and always misunderstanding things by letting her imaginations get the better of her, also added the fact that you get a combo lol with akane’s kampfer form having a different personality (tsundere dominatrix), BUT with the president like this, man I’d say Shizuku FTW! I mean she already admitted liking Natsuru indirectly last episode, with all her teasing to Natsuru in front of Kaede, and the fact that she already took his first kiss and then the first date. Although both Akane and Shizuku still has almost equal chance since Natsuru still only has eyes for Sakura, come on already Natsuru dump that weird lesbian!

  5. Awww…Natsuru’s so uptight she doesn’t let her hair down in the shower, even though that’s what she’s supposed to be washing up with shampoo to get the goo out. Guess Shizuku’s gonna have to find another way for Natsuru to loosen up…next episode!

  6. Mmm…what I was hoping for came true though a bit faster than I thought. Go prez! Too bad with shows like this the guy never gets any of the girls or else ends up with the one I hate the most… (ONLY exception was ichigo 100%…that one made me happy haha) Aside from that…prez totally knows way more than she’s letting on. She said that “something” is starting. Wonder if that’s some sort of plan the mysterious moderators are setting in motion…

    Ah, and for the record, since prez is taking Natsuru’s first everything, (kiss, date…) you all know where this is leading. She might as well take his virginity while she’s at it. (Somehow the scene is hilarious in my head…him crying and turning into a girl while she keeps forcing him to change back…)

  7. Oh as for clothing fitting Natsuru, that was semi-addressed when he first joined the girl’s side. They commented on how tall he was for a girl and that was when I really looked and saw that girl Natsuru basically has the same body build (a tad bit slimmer) with big boobs. (Makes up for getting skinnier). Height and stuff are the same though.

  8. Just looking at the last screenshot – this smile looks very much like Senjougahara’s smile at the end of Bakemonogatari ep2. And in fact, characterwise Shizuku and her have very much in common, too 😉

  9. I thought I’d like Mikoto first, but she doesn’t at all seem to be interested in Nasturu.
    Altough i like the prez too, but I am rooting for kampfer Akane!
    Go Kampfer Akanechan, drill the big hole in everyone with your huge shinny black pistol! xD

  10. Kaede probably takes obsessive yuri lesbians to new heights (or lows depending on your mileage). She couldn’t even wait for seconds before taking a peek just to see female Natsuru strip naked. lol

    Though the girls are cute, and Shizuku is awesome, but I wonder is anyone here besides me watching the show just for the Zoumostu Messengers and their “star-studded cast” (as mentioned by the characters themselves)?

    I LOL’ed at the juice going straight through their guts as they drank them, it looked as though they’re pissing. Plus where else are you gonna hear Mizuki Nana (Shizuku’s electrocuted cat) smiling so funnily “ohohohohoho…”? xD

    Kinny Riddle
  11. I have to agree with Nazarielle: “I thought the eyecatch was supposed to be Mikoto (just dressed up and with longer hair). Or does that mean Rika has white hair when she’s not transformed?”

    I figured it was Mikoto, too.

  12. I figured that was Rika at first based on the color of her eyes, but it may be Mikoto after all. Mikoto’s eyes turn purple when she’s in Kampfer mode and the white hair seems to indicate as much.

    My apologies for misguiding people. orz

  13. Soon there be green and black team and they all combine to form the mighty morphing power Kampfer.
    But seriously his problem is he has tunnel vision all he see is Kaede at the end of that tunnel, he need to start drag his ass out of that tunnel and realize there are more roads ahead of him than one direction.

  14. Except for Natsuru, going after Kaede means death…a whole room’s worth. It gotta be 40-50 of those things in there. Not to mention that she already rained 5 of the damn things down on the crowd during that bs beauty contest. He must be nutz. Akane is a pest (DIE) & Mikoto is hyper as hell. But I do have to say that kampfer Mikoto with those extentions looks sweet & the milk completes the picture.

    So that leaves Shizuku. She’s nothing but a tease but I’ll hit that any day of the week. So just make Kaede have one of her fainting spells, burn up Akane, push Mikoto off a cliff into one of those underground caves she likes so much, so you can have some fun with the prez – although it’ll be more like she’s having fun with you. Can Natsuru really be any more of a chump.

  15. Haha Shizuku pretty much pwns Natsuru! Honestly, he IS screwed, first the Dream intervention in episode 6 and now the Next episode we finally see her make her move… I wonder what’ll happen….

    Honestly, I REALLY like this show, Kinda shocked my friend when he found out. LOL Said it wasn’t ‘my type’ of anime.

    I Vote for Shizuku!
    I’m glad she’s FINALLY starting to realize her own feelings, it was kinda obvious from the start anyway…

    I’m a girl and even I think that Shizuku’s HOTT., if this were ever a H-game I’d TOTALLY go for Shizuku’s Ending. ’nuff said.

    I’m putting this blog on Favourites, reading comments like this REALLY make my day. ^^

    You REALLY have a way with words.

  16. Loving this anime. I love the Girl Natsuru’s voice and style. Its great how the both Natsuru’s personalities combine to make a bigger one. Also Akane is awesome, great double personality. As for Sakura, her boldness and how she initiates things is just incredible, god bless her. The captain also has guts, love her openness. This series really has lovable character. I’m grateful to this anime, inspires me quite a bit.


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