Kampfer fur die Liebe – 13

「Versuchung ~抜け駆け~」 (Nukegake)
“Temptation ~Steal a March On~”

The two-episode Blu-ray release of Kampfer’s direct continuation has been released, and with it comes the more relevant first episode (thirteenth overall) that was preempted on March 31st due to the earthquake crisis in Japan. This episode is more relevant in the sense that it addresses the fallout of the eleventh episode of the original series, when Kaede was revealed to be a Moderator who oversees the Kampfer battles used to settle a power struggle somewhere off in the universe.

Kampfer fur die Liebe – 14

「Jeden Tag Leben ~ひさしぶりなのでけんぷファーのちょっといいとこ見てみたい~」 (Hisashiburi na no de Kenpufaa no Chotto Iitoko Mite Mitai)
“Everyday Life ~It’s Been A While; I Want To See Some Good Parts of Kampfer~”

Despite the “For Love” German subtitle, this two-episode sequel of Kampfer is a direct continuation of the first season. Unfortunately, we were shortchanged on the more relevant first episode (thirteenth overall) due to the earthquake scheduling delays, leaving us with only the fan-service-filled second one as part of the televised broadcast.

Kampfer – 12 (END)

「Weihnachten ~臓物たちの奇跡~」 (Zoumotsu-tachi no Kiseki)
“Christmas ~The Zoumotsu Animals’ Miracle~”

Well it looks like episode eleven is all we’re getting story-wise, so the manga and light novels are the next step for any more Kampfer-related needs. Despite leaving things open-ended (as expected), they provided a climactic finish with all the fights at least. Natsuru also made a decision amongst the girls, which landed him the touted harem ending.

Kampfer – 11

「Wählen ~歓喜の歌~」 (Kanki no Uta)
“Choice ~Joyous Song~”

Out of all the shows I’m covering this season, Kampfer is the one that usually has me frantically trying to get a post out about. The plot isn’t overly profound — something that’s blatantly obvious after learning of the Moderators’ motives — but I almost want to call it “harem anime done right” because of characters like Shizuku. She’s kissing Natsuru at least once per episode and it’s gotten to the point where Mikoto and Akane can’t sit idly any longer.

Kampfer – 10

「Falle ~ひと夏の経験~」 (Hito Natsu no Keiken)
“Trap ~A Summer Experience~”

The “evil Kaede” look is proving to be quite sinister, yet dangerously alluring at the same time. It’s definitely a nice change from her cute airheaded one. Problem is, it doesn’t look like she has some forgivable split personality thing going on — she’s just a huge deceitful bitch. On the plus side, Natsuru lives out THE dream when he’s forced into the women’s public bath by a bunch of attractive girls.

Kampfer – 09

「Hochsommer ~恋の熱帯低気圧~」 (Koi no Nettai Teikiatsu)
“Midsummer ~Tropical Cyclone of Love~”

I always suspected that Kaede was some crazy zoumotsu animal spreading, Kampfer-inducing, psychotic Moderator, but I never would’ve imagined that she’s this two-faced. With a squad of white Kampfer seemingly doing her bidding, Natsuru really needs to rethink his harem choice. Shizuku’s not shy about showing everyone how to steal a third kiss in an unrequited love, so she still has my pick.

Kampfer – 08

「Liebste ~初めてのデート~」 (Hajimete no Deeto)
“Dearest One ~First Date~”

Damnit Natsuru, when the hot and sexy student council president invites you out on a date, you don’t ask why, you just do it! There’s no need to convince yourself that it’s camouflage for luring out white Kampfers. It doesn’t matter if she wants you to strip down and jump through flaming hoops; you just do it because she’ll reward you personally. Gah, I’m so jealous!

Kampfer – 07

「Einladen ~招かれざる客たち~」 (Manekarezaru Kyakutachi)
“Invitation ~Uninvited Guests~”

Whoa, there are white Kampfer now? I haven’t gone back to the manga since my original skim of it six weeks ago, so this is a surprise to me. With the appearance of Ueda Rika, we also see the addition of Ueda Kana to the series. Unfortunately, there was no time to poke fun at her with an inaugural seiyuu remark this time around.

Kampfer – 05

「Komödie ~ファーストキス~」 (Faasuto Kisu)
“Comedy ~First Kiss~”

A lot of you probably thought I was crazy when I was blabbing about seductive student council presidents last time. Well now I have some cold hard evidence. You let your guard down for even a second and their tongue is down your throat before you even realize!