「Hochsommer ~恋の熱帯低気圧~」 (Koi no Nettai Teikiatsu)
“Midsummer ~Tropical Cyclone of Love~”

I always suspected that Kaede was some crazy zoumotsu animal spreading, Kampfer-inducing, psychotic Moderator, but I never would’ve imagined that she’s this two-faced. With a squad of white Kampfer seemingly doing her bidding, Natsuru really needs to rethink his harem choice. Shizuku’s not shy about showing everyone how to steal a third kiss in an unrequited love, so she still has my pick.


What starts off as an overnight theme park date between Natsuru and Akane quickly becomes a party when Shizuku and Mikoto join in as well. Naturally, Akane’s annoyed about them crashing her date and ends up ignoring Natsuru, but he doesn’t mind one bit when he finds out Kaede’s here. At the water park, Natsuru gawks at Kaede’s swimsuit and ignores everyone else’s, frustrating the hell out of Akane and Mikoto. He later admits that only seeing Kaede’s swimsuit fall off would do something for him, but his confidence is quickly shaken when Shizuku shows everyone how close she is to him. This makes Kaede happy since she’d rather have him go out with Shizuku than the female Natsuru, who shows up shortly after at Shizuku’s request. As his female self, Natsuru’s embarrassed about being practically naked in a girl’s swimsuit, but Kaede and Akane love every angle of it. When Kaede asks Natsuru to teach her how to swim, talk about his male self comes up and she relentlessly calls him a dull and dense individual, leaving him completely dejected and on the verge of tears. He somehow recovers only to become an object for Akane and Kaede to fight over.

Seeing this, Shizuku drags him away and sends him on an errand to buy stuff, during which he gets attacked by three white Kampfer who introduce themselves as Minagawa Hitomi (Minagawa Junko), Nakao Sayaka (Nakao Eri), and Yamakawa Ryouka (Yamakawa Kotomi). They know of his true identity and claim this is payback for Rika, but also reveal that he’s an important individual and that they’re acting in accordance to the Moderator’s wishes. Natsuru recognizes them all from earlier but discussion falls short when Akane and Shizuku arrive as backup — the latter of which used Natsuru as bait to draw the white Kampfer out. Not enjoying Akane and Natsuru’s arguing nor looking forward to fighting the prez, Hitomi blinds everyone and retreats with Sayaka and Ryouka. Shizuku then decides to leave the talk about the white Kampfer for later and suggests they return to Mikoto, whom she left to “watch over” Kaede.

At the hotel later, Akane’s not pleased about Natsuru telling Kaede that his female self would be coming back for the fireworks tonight, but is quick to offer herself to him if he so desires. The Messengers than unexpectedly come out of the bath together and Natsuru is forced to wring them out to dry before heading over to Mikoto and co.’s room to hangout for a bit. There, Natsuru was hoping to talk about the white Kampfer but can’t because Kaede’s around, so Shizuku takes it upon herself to stir things up by presenting him with a drink she kissed, showing off the present she got from him, and talking about how she’s kissed him when he was sleeping on her lap AND during the culture festival. However, just to make sure everyone knows what it’s about, she goes ahead and demonstrates. Afterward, Kaede takes Natsuru outside in a hypnotized state and drags him off to the fireworks alone.


First off, kudos to HalfDemonInuyasha for pointing out that the new girls in this episode are the same ones who received zoumotsu animals from Kaede during the beauty contest in episode five . Rika was also clearly among them, but she didn’t have any lines in that episode. The rest were simply listed as “spectators” in the credits, but their seiyuu names made me curious enough to compare them to the white Kampfers’ last week. Lo and behold, each of the seiyuus’ family names matched one of the Kampfers’. I found it a bit peculiar how Ueda Kana plays Ueda Rika, but evidently this is no mere coincidence. I guess this is the casting crew’s idea of a joke or something.

Anyway, I haven’t read the later chapters of the manga nor any of the light novels, so I don’t know whether or not Kaede turning out to be a Moderator is anime original material. They’ve hinted at this possibility several times before, but there was no indication whatsoever that she created Kampfers intentionally. Well now it’s pretty apparent that she has been, which means she’s been aware of Natsuru’s secret all along. I find it kind of hard to believe that Kaede’s been acting like she had no idea all this time, but it did add to the whole shocking revelation here. Like I mentioned above, I never would’ve suspected her to be so evil looking, but this sudden turn of events makes me inclined to believe that this is the anime’s way of reaching some sort of conclusion. (If you know otherwise, please feel free to fill me in.) In any case, they didn’t really explain how Kaede was able to hypnotize Natsuru at the end there, but the preview seems to indicate that Shizuku will become a victim of his entranced state. Kaede on the other hand looks like she’s now the antagonist of the series, which should make all her haters out there happy.

As for Shizuku herself, she continues to impress with her unwavering words and bold actions, which are reminiscent of Senjougahara Hitagi like some people suggested. She’s that sexy, strong, take charge type of girl that doesn’t embarrass easily and (oddly) attracts quite a fan base. The interesting thing is, Shizuku outdoes Hitagi’s way of messing with Koyomi by actually seducing Natsuru every opportunity she gets. I guess that’s why we love her right?




  1. “Shizuku outdoes Hitagi’s way of messing with Koyomi by actually seducing Natsuru every opportunity she gets. I guess that’s why we love her right?”

    Hell yes that’s right, on top of all that Sakura doesn’t look that bad with that evil look to her. We’ll see how this continues next episode. I’m curious if Natsuru is in a hypnotic state whilst on top of Shizuku lying down on the floor, if not? I wonder…haha

    Jason Isenberg
  2. With the second kiss in front of everyone else, Shizuku has just outdid everyone’s expectation of her as the best girl in this series. I’m all for Natsuru ending up being Shizuku’s slave if it ends that way. (Akane and Mikoto’s pwned expressions at the kiss was damn hell funny)

    Maybe Kaede has a sleeper Moderator personality which only awakens once the timing is right, hence her oblivious attitude to the Kampfers earlier on.

    The four Messengers deliver their own laughs again as Natsuru literally squeezed them dry in the bathroom after they took a swim, and were then literally hung to dry. XD

    PS Noto’s random narrative at the preview about “Sensei will show you her oppai if you win the tournament” was referring to the movie “Oppai Volleyball” which was shown in Japan and certain Asian theatres earlier this year, the story of which is exactly what Noto just said.


    Kinny Riddle
  3. I say good, it’s about time the damn default male crush chick terned out to be some twisted evil bitch! I’ve become sick and tired of this redone/rehasehd harem setting where the male only has the hots for one girl ignoring the feelings of the others or acting like they don’t even exist. And to top it off the girl he does like is the worst choice out of them all!

    Shizuku is by far the best female out of them all, she should get the guy if he can get over his stupid teen crush on Kaede.

  4. No surprise that Kaede was behind all of this, but that evil look really unexpected. This raises a lot of questions, and I think we can’t get the answers for every of them in just 3 more episodes.
    As always, Shizuku owns everyone with a kiss, and than clearly declares her love for Narsuru “Her one-sided feelings”. Natsuru’s reaction was irritating, but after the date, I wasn’t expecting anything from him.
    And one more thing… I can only think two reasons for the hipnotism:
    1. – Dark Sakura don’t know that the female and the male Natsuru is one person, and she wants him to become lovers with Shizuku, hence the preview. (but if the white kampfers knew his secret, then Dark Sakura must know it too)
    2. – Dark Sakura don’t like Shizuku and that’s why she wants Natsuru to do something to her (or even kill her), hence the preview.
    I have a feelig, that they will go with a 3. reason…

  5. We have at least 4 more episodes. 10-13 have been listed already.

    Also keep in mind that the White Kämpfer crowding Natsuru were calling him “Natsuru-san… iya, Natsuru-kun”. So, they know of his male form already. And since Kaede is clearly in cahoots with them… draw your own conclusions.

  6. Finally some sense to all the insanity. After 9 eps, at least we have a REAL antagonist, but with Natsuru fawning all over the slut (aka Kaede), we need to ask if the idiot will dignify himself battling her (20 to 1 that he’s not gonna do it)

    The only saving grace if this happens, is that Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto will tear apart Kaede once they know what she has done to Natsuru, and frankly, we all expect to see some blood out of that annoying, treacherous, tow-faced lesbo-slut.

  7. “Falle” means trap only, not bed.

    anyway, wet+hot episode with wet+hot bikinis and wet+hot kiss, I like it! But i don’t believe Kaede is as bad as most people think of her now, remember how Shizuku tested her in earlier episode. Maybe Kaede have reasons too.

  8. Do yall seriously think anyone’s gonna die in this crapper. Ah, I don’t care. I just want it to end. But it would be funny as hell if they just started to kill off kampfers – bah, like that’s gonna happen.

  9. Actually, the anime is following the novel. Kaede shows her true form and has actually fought Natsuru’s harem in vol 8. Anyways, the part of all four zoumotsu animals are hung up and Natsuru dryingmakes me laugh so badly.

  10. I think the thing with Evil Kaede is just an anime original only, just like Claymore how they have to force an ending due to the number of episodes left ( I can’t say for sure since I am not that far into the novel yet. Maybe someone who have read up to volume 11 & 12 of the novel can answer that) thats right the reason why I say this evil side Kaede is only an anime original because the novel is already on volume 12, so I doubt a 12 episodes anime can really explain everything about moderator and Kampfer unless they create some sort of anime original ending.

  11. Correction, what I meant by anime original is that they are showing Kaede to be evil is still too early in the story. Yes I am sure the novel gonna make her the bad person in some sort of way, but it just due to the fact that we only have a few episodes left, thats why they have to rush it to show it to us now instead of getting more into the story before the big revelation. So what I meant by anime original is this revelation has been rush, if this has been truely following the novel, I would say the actual timeline where everyone find out about the truth would be something like episode 23 or 24 around that time frame.

  12. Go Shizuku! Kaede’s too obvious and princess like for the pairing. And Akane’s too mousy.

    @ Mike – They’re already at volume 12 in the manga? Wow didn’t know they’d gotten that far.

  13. @Mentar,
    oh of course. That’s my bad for being ignorant.

    Don’t know in which volume you are right now, but the anime does skip a lot of things, I think. So it is no wonder they are already by volume10 or so right now.

  14. I wonder if it really is a coincidence that Natsuru likes Kaede. I always thought of how it was a bit unnatural for one guy to ignore all other females (how the hell can one ignore shizuku!?)and only have eyes for one. Sure, it’s possible. Likely? Hell no.

    Shizuku once asked Natsuru what his reason for liking Kaede was. He couldn’t even list a reason. It seems to me that Natsuru liking Kaede may have something to do with Kaede’s mind control. Why she would plant something like infatuation in Natsuru’s mind is beyond me, though.

  15. @Schwegburt
    Not Manga but 11 or 12 volume novel forgot exact volume but I am sure is around 10+,usually a single novel can equal to around 3 – 4 anime episodes or maybe 2 – 3 manga volume if they actually follow it truely.

    Of course the anime never mention the red Kampfer that Natsuru and Akane took down for Shizuku, not to mention a very important part of the story which they skip in anime, and that is ” What happen to a Kampfer that got taken out by another”. The novel actually tell explains what happen to a defeated Kampfer.

  16. After finding out who Kaede (they pull an Aizen kinda) really is and what happens later on with it… I’m curious if they might do a second season.

    Kaede is a ***** ******* supposedly.

    Mania Lyssa
  17. Lol. It was the 3rd episode when i thought of dropping the show. But i held on after i found a most wonderful reason to watch: Shizuku.

    The plot has taken a very unexpected twist for me, as i don’t recall the manga ever hinted that Sakura was an antagonist. Looking forward to next week!

  18. Jonat3. I disagree some men, madly in love do ignore other females, even gorgeous ones, it´s rare, but no impossible. But I agree that this mad love of his is weird, Maybe she does control him.

    Another thing, if she knew Natsuru was a Kampfer, then why did she badmounths his male self so much, and loves so much his female self, she got him all sad/confused, tricky mean and evil girl.

    Maybe she does like him, or maybe he has something special that she needs as a moderator.

  19. Well, that’s that. Kaede from this show and Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono should meet at a coffee shop and talk about how to outdo each other to win the “who’s the biggest bitch” award for this season. Oh, and Shizuku’s so awesome–can she not get any awesomer? And she’s gonna have to put down a bitch (if she hasn’t already from that flashback from last episode) or four when she learns the truth about her dear friend.

  20. Now thats interesting…4 episodes left till final battle?
    lets see: 2 red kämpfer 2 blue kämpfer 4 white kämpfer (with the same sets of weapons (2 swords, 1 gun 1 zauber) – smells like team deathmatch
    well sakura is the moderator (the girls in ep05 knew natsurus secret and where to attac = sakura is involved like hell

    who will be the final boss:
    a) Dark Sakura (fate anyone?)
    b) Darkburned Lion (who possess sakura – innocent theory)
    c) ???
    and the question – what do the moderators really do?
    is it some kind of rich people entainment? Give your rich girl the oppertunity to kill all her friends in a ridiculous battle? or are the entrail animals some kind of alien invaders? kudos to ep 13 :-p

  21. *Sigh* (just to start it off I don’t like Shizuku)Well I’ll be looking at this more for the plot unfolding then the romance development. Seriously, I feel for Akane and Mikoto, its like they are being shoved off into a corner and just played up for the fanservice, becoming Shizuku’s butt monkeys to twist a situation in her favor. Bleh.

    For their own good, they should just give up on him now. I hope they get regulated above just tag-alongs later on.

    As for Kaede, the signs were blaring since the culture festival and even had some hints before. However, the show could troll us for thinking like that later, we’ll see.

    Altima of the Gates
  22. I think, in the episode 10, Kaede will hypnotize Natsuru and ask him to love Shizuku.Because she familiar with Shizuku, she believe if Natsuru woo her, Shizuku will defeat by the love.(This is the original dialogue in the novel.)
    But Shizuku debunk the fake.

  23. @Sama
    If what you say is true then this is such a complicated situation. Cause Shizuku actually only like Natsuru if he act coldly or not even show signs of a slight bit interested in her,so when he actually do show that hes interested in her (even thou is fake), she rejected him.
    So the way I see it these two can never get together since they can only enjoy each other company only when one of them act coldly towards the other and not interested in a bit, but when they do show sign of being interested the other side will always think he/she is faking or is he/she planning some plot.
    Such a complicated relationship these two have,it just doesn’t seem like they can both be in love with each other at same time cause the other will always think is a plot. 🙂

  24. Tom, I think that to Shizuku it began as game, but she began to really like him, to the point of being jealous of him, to date him, to kiss him in front of everyone. She knows he likes Kaede, but is trying to win him in her own pace.
    I Think that if he is hipnotized to love her, she won´t fall because despite the fact that she probably wants exactly this, the one she wants does not acts like this.
    I still think he will eventually be hers but, after all Kaede is one evil B*…

  25. Do you folks seriously believe that Kaede is evil? I really doubt it. Probably someone controlling her or something. The usual. This is still a harem anime with all the clichés we know, so there’s just no way that Natsuru won’t end with her. Of course it would be interesting if I were proven wrong, but I don’ think that the author would take the risk to try that.

  26. In the novels/manga or other animes of this series does Akane swear as much as she does in the subs that I seem to get? Almost each episode Akane (in scary gun toting form) says the “F” word among other swears. I’m just curious if the subbers are making the language a little more colorful or if the original anime in Japan airs with the use of “F” words?

  27. In the vol.8 (novel), Kaede hypnotize Natsuru so that Natsuru is unable to say what Kaede had said to him forwardly. After the fireworks, Natsuru want to m l with Shizuku uncontrollably. Shizuku pretend to comply and lead him telling the true.
    In addition, in the end of the chapter 1, Kaede ask rika don’t hurt Natsuru and Shizuku but she can kill Akane and Mikoto if she wants.
    I think Kaede is the leader of white kampfer

  28. You know… I really feel bad for Shizuku now, especially after that last scene where she says it is an unrequited love between her and Natsuru. Up to now, I keep thinking to myself maybe she’s still toying with Natsuru but that one scene makes think otherwise now.

    I haven’t gotten too far in the manga/novel, but I’d like to see her end up with Natsuru, honestly. She’s probably only girl out of this maniacal group that I’m rooting for.

  29. I’m hoping for an Akane or Shizuku end myself, but seeing how Kaede’s Kampfer “Aizen” form, from the novel, seems to eventually fall for (Male) Natsuru and dislikes/wants to kill (Female) Natsuru supposedly… we’re either getting a harem end or Kaede end.

    However. I’m told that Shizuku is the primary focus of the novel, to the point that she might as well be the main heroine so you never know.

    They might pull a Tenchi Muyo, with her being the Ryoko of the series, while Kaede is the Ayeka.

    Mania Lyssa
  30. Finally watched this episode…damn the latter parts has so many Shizuku’s seductions it’s almost a crime. Unfortunately, as some savvy viewers may realize, the aggresive ones tend to lose in harem animes(Senjougahara is an exception, but she’s the first girl seen and Araragi, unlike Natsuru, has no crushes on his own). On the other hand, Evil/Dark/Alter/Whatever Sakura is to my amazement quite attractive…I should’ve thought that she has some yandere-like sides considering the name(Fate/Stay Night and Shuffle! references)

  31. Seems that those 4 abilities of Kampfer are the same for each or Kaede simply made the White Kampfer to match the main cast; Zauber (Natsuru and Hitomi), Gewehr (Akane and Ryouka), Schwert (Shizuku and Rika), and Katana (Mikoto and Sayaka). Makes me wonder if there’s anything else or if that’s it.

  32. Mania Lyssa,
    I thought that Sakura(dark) does know that Natsuru(male) is Natsuru(female) why would she fall in love with one and try to kill the other? I understand that Shizuku probably likes him mainly because he did not want to kill her, at first she was only playing with him, then began to have feelings for him, but why would Sakura(dark) fall for him?

  33. Supposedly, she eventually falls for his male form and dislike the female form, but from the way it sounds, it seems she’s just acting more creepier towards the male form.
    Though, she does ends up fighting Natsuru(female) and his harem.

    Her weapon is also either a katana or SMG supposedly too.

    This is what I was told by some novel readers at a forum when mentioning this episode.

    Mania Lyssa
  34. Mania Lyssa: Er, what? Whoever told you that was either BSing you, or you misunderstood it. Dark Sakura doesn’t fall for anybody in the novels. She’s manipulating (male) Natsuru to some real extremes (including offering sex with “herself”, his beloved Kaede), but she never gets emotionally attached to him. So, Dark Sakura is about as clear and definite an antagonist as it gets.

  35. Well, they say she does… eventually, but it’s in a “twisted and creepy” sense. It’s at the Kampfer board at manga fox, where I got the info from.

    They mention the extremes as well as what she makes him try to Shizuku too, but say and I quote ColinatorGX and zeker KiLLeR from manga fox:

    “Shizuku is bisexual and comes to like (M&F)Natsuru; Sakura is also a kampfer and she’s evil when she’s transformed; she later on also starts to like (boy) Natsuru; and Natsuru so far has been kissed by Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto”

    “One thing i’d say here is this… Sakura will be evil to (girl) Natsuru but will attempt to claim (boy) Natsuru… Her weapon would be either a katana (seen in novel) or an SMG….”

    People from another forum said the same thing about Sakura(kampfer) going from using him to claiming him as well, but in the tsundere type of way. So as you see, it isn’t really being BS or misunderstood when multiple source say the same thing.

    Either way, Shizuku is who I’m rooting for since she’s the Ryoko of Kampfer.

    Mania Lyssa
  36. Mania Lyssa: I smell “echo chamber” going on here. Even though I haven’t read the novels myself (my japanese is too bad for that), I have talked to people who have, and I’m pretty sure that there are a couple of mistakes in the list you quoted. I will recheck with the novel reader to make sure.

    I like Zeker alot, but he didn’t read the novels, his knowledge originates from others. And Colinator also seems only to be repeating what he heard. So pending confirmation, please take these lines with a BIG grain of salt.

    In order not to spoil everyone silly, if you want me to indicate which parts I believe incorrect in what you listed, please send me a PM on Animesuki.

  37. So I made a fast but jounral non the less about this and I agree with you 100%. heres what I think : >

    if you’ve been keeping in watch with the anime Kampfer, then you’ll probably be wondering what the hell is going on with Kampfer altogether. No I did not read the manga but I figured this out a while back in epsiode 8 or 7. See back in one of the episodes Kaede happens to get Natsuru to go over her house and do a sleep over. Natsuru as being the girl version. Of course her plans get messed up to keep Natsuru because the other girls join in because they either have the hots for her/him yada yada. Getting back to the point of the matter, Kaede has a secret in the episode that she reveals on a very negativity bases. She has nothing but these gut dolls in her room (If you know what a entrails doll is, its what gives people the power and makes them Kampfer,They’re dolls that talk and stuff) This was a odd type of want and hobby. Apprantly in that world “Gut Entrails Dolls” Are what would probably be the equivalent of a Furby doll, or a collector doll to them. Kaede brings Natsuru into this and later gets in covers with her, trying to do what ever it is that her cloud of rainbows demands >>; She tells Natsuru that she is her “Black Lion” entrails doll. Like she wants to own him/her.

    This is Kaede’s first fuck up. Not only this but every time she trys and gets alone with Natsuru she always and I mean always gets caught up and happens to deal with the other Kampfer girls through either interuptions with anything or they all wanting to flirt with Natsuru and fight over him/her.

    So in the episode that just aired, Kaede looks sinisterly at these 3 girls while she talks to everyone and Natsuru happens to catch on only seeing that maybe Kaede knows these girls as her freinds. And in the episode also The president and Kaede both are working together to get Natsuru by herself, which works well since Natsuru is a complete idiot and doesn’t see through either the godamn presidents (its a girl I forget her name….Shizuku?) ideals as well as Kaede’s. Now I don’t mean to hate on guys but let me just ask the men here if they have ever and would probably be just like Natsuru. Is it that hard to relize that maybe no ones really flirting with you? and your a actual target and there trying to kill you off? I want to get off the subject for a second because this is something that I happen to be very good at doing. I can solve things easily, and know multiple ways and possibility of what and who is doing what. There is always a head factor controlling everything, and there’s always someone wanting to courput for power and pleasure. Kampfer defiantly takes its time getting to the main plot, but its finally there. It’s about time. Why? Out of the blue, Kaede asks the male Natsuru to go see the fireworks with him and he is not only willing but is controlled by her in some sudcutive way.

    This is what I see happening. Obviously Kaede is the moderator of the Kampfer battle, she specifically targets Natsuru in some lesbian sick manor to try and see what the outcome of it is, only to kill off Natsuru. Since Natsuru is pretty much and idiot to begin with he doesn’t realize that these other girls are trying to help him, but also the fact that Natsuru actually has alone time with Kaede as a male, which never happens, it just piles everything together. The only thing that is throwing me off is Shizuku is somewhat working for Kaede, which is even more obvious how much corruption there is in this Anime. There’s something going on and finally I’ll give you a list why Kaede is the moderator (owner) of the Kampfer battles and putting these people through what they are going through.
    * She owns a room full of entrails dolls.
    *She wants to make Natsuru her Black Lion entrail doll knight.
    *Natsuru catches these 4 or 3 girls being smirked at by Kaede as if hello that is a evil f!#@!^%# smile.
    * Those same 4 girls confront Natsuru alone and say that “The moderator set this up” not only that but Shizuku sent IDIOT Natsuru to go shoping, in a girls locker room? HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE!!@!@!@!@!@!@
    *Finnally at the ending song it shows a flipy like character thing with the normal girls and there kampfer side. When it gets to Kaede it shows her, and then her again without change. WHY first of all would you show this character doing the flippy thing if she isn’t a Kampfer, secondly why doesn’t she change. It’s simple ladys and gents.
    * Opps one more, Kaede in the begging when she meets Natsuru randomly outside as a female while Natsuru’s fighting another Kampfer. She goes AGRRFERGHAHGGETGH! For The female Natsuru on a very odd but overly omg gay I want her, I fell in love to quick, kinda situation >>;

    ***Kaede is the Moderator.***

    If I’m wrong? Oh well I made one hell of a better Anime then the damn artist, but I have some high hope and critical facts that lead to this conclusion.

    But really Natsuru….you are a dumbass………..

    The guys that watch the anime, do you see what I mean by what I said? Or did you already have a good idea whats going on after episode 9. I can’t wait for 10 btw O_O;
    *Kaede is flirting with the Male version, in which she isn’t interested in.

    p.s. I didn’t read the manga

  38. Crystal: Alot of interesting ideas, but I can’t comment too much without spoiling. I’d say look forward to the fireworks (literally)

    Mania Lyssa: I have rechecked with the novel reader. Like I thought, there are various significant errors in the list, particularly about Kaede. Handle with care!

  39. If it had limited her to smiling at the untransformed white Kampfers I would have assumed she was on their side. However, the ending scene really was too much. If it isn’t a split personality or something they’re laying her sudden evilness on too thick.

  40. I swear the only saving grace of each episode of Kampfer is Shizuku.

    Anyone noticed that Natsuru wasn’t rejecting her kiss in the first place? I took a frame by frame screen cap of the entire scene.

    Natsuru expected it to happen, but he wasn’t expecting Shizuku to force his mouth open with her tongue then slip it and kiss him THAT deeply. Then of course, the kiss probably became more than what he could ever comprehend, and his mind went berserk, hence the crazy eye movements, when Shizuku finally let him go, he was more shocked that it had happened and that she was daring enough to do it in front of everyone rather than disgusted. Not to mention the fact that it was done in front of the person he likes. LAWL

    After all, he’d only been kissed twice before, and none of them has ever been like THIS, even if they’re ALL by the One and Same Sango Shizuku-sama ^^
    However, it seems that there’s alot of hidden angst with Shizuku, it’s probably just me, but it feels that way when I see the her reactions and responses.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode. I know alot of you say that it seems like they have to rush everything to keep up with the manga. But up until now, I don’t feel like the creators have rushed anything with regards to the anime.

    Has it ever crossed your mind that it was probably made to be this way? To Deviate from the manga and form its own story, plot advancements and twists? Much like many other series have done? Or to not follow the manga chronologically? It might even still be ambiguous what the final episode actually is, for all we know, an episode 14 might pop outta nowhere. Last I checked, it said Episode 12, and now I see they’re planning a 13.

    Then again, most who watch this are probably guys, who are just watching it for the fanservice. Doesn’t matter if there’s no plot, as long as there are lots of pretty girls, an under mentioning of a harem, and boobs, they’re in.

    Sigh… Ah well, that’s what sells right?

    Me? I’m just getting more and more interested with this anime as each episode airs, who knows? Maybe the anime would just hang there at a cliffhanger, to encourage all its viewers to go read the manga if they want to know the full story. Much like MANY other series I’ve come across, Vampire Knight, Pumpkin Scissors, Black Lagoon… Just to name a few…

    Don’t be too quick to conclude on what we don’t know yet. That’s all I can say. Perhaps for all we know, Natsuru MIGHT even end up with our Favorite Student Council President after all.

    Or Something would happen and Sakura finally realizes Female and Male Natsuru are one and the same and falls for both of them (Although I would just be head banging myself into unconsciousness if that happens). To me… it still seems like she’s oblivious to that fact.

    OH OH… maybe she’s possessed… >.> By… That Burnt-to-death Lion Plushie thingy, apparently the oldest of the Zomotsu Animal series plushies and seemingly a moderator perhaps? =.= I’m getting ahead of myself…

    I don’t know, for me I’ll just wait and see. If it turns out the way I hoped for, I’ll be overjoyed, if it doesn’t, well, all the Shizuku’s in between gave this anime some saving grace, so I guess it’s still worth collecting… ^^

  41. @お化け屋敷の主人 and @Sama – Please say Natusru gives-up on Sakura at some point or is he too bleeding stupid to even get that far by later novels?

    Because right now, I do think I like Shizuku best. And even if she’s not the end girl, Akane’s woobie factor so far ahs pretty much made me at least feel sorry for her general being thrased-around by plot and Natsuru’s idiocy.

    So yeah, hoping for Shizuku for being the hot one (she won me over since episode 5 at htis point) or Akane for kind of putting up with all this crap by now. Mikoto would normally get my props for being the cute hyper one and trying to get him with the naked apron (she gets point for exertive effort) but well…Shizuku is just bloody hot.

    Akane for me has First Girl Wins trope on her side though. Anything better then Sakrua at this point.

    (Reposted since I think something went wrong as I’m not seeing th ecomment and di a weird keyboard shortcut, sorry for repeats).

  42. As I think on it…

    On the episode in question (just watched it about a half hour ago), I wan tot reiterate Shizuku is really smoking hot. Also, its good to be watching an anime mostly being an oppai show. The lack of token lolis this season for most of the shows (Sora no Otoshimono I feel it detracts, as one blog said, “In a shwo about round things, she is out of place”), but umm….very enjoyable mizugi episode. And Shizuku won on the style of bikini.

    Natsuru’s reaction to the girl’s swimsuit was pretty funny. To be hoenst, I kinda had a similar mindset as him on some of the girl clothing stuff when I watched Ranma years ago. Namely, skirts and female undergarments seem….extremely uncofortable to even think about as a guy.

    And reiterating, the critters win on being hilarious.

    And stuff.

  43. please note i noticed most sites mix up natsuru and shizuku due to both ending with u_u. for example: wikipedia(wtf…?). this causes confusion(i see some on here). also: i never saw kämpfer on tv(doesnt appear on tivo) so i was wondering: what channel(on charter with tivo) and what time(missouri time) also cristal had a good point about kaede being a modorator. sadly, i cant even watch the previews do to me readin this on a dsi. also halfdemoninuyasha, i also watch inuyasha.but back to my point: how can i watch it(if my mom or dad saw i was on dis topic they would lecture me for an hour, please note it sucks when that happens). so how can i watch it on a dsi(youtube doesnt work on dsis)


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