「Komödie ~ファーストキス~」 (Faasuto Kisu)
“Comedy ~First Kiss~”

A lot of you probably thought I was crazy when I was blabbing about seductive student council presidents last time. Well now I have some cold hard evidence. You let your guard down for even a second and their tongue is down your throat before you even realize!

Seeing as Natsuru was close to locking lips with both Kaede and Akane this time around, I really wasn’t expecting Shizuku to swoop in out of nowhere and actually do it. Even more so, I wasn’t expecting there to be body fluids here. Holy saliva transfer Batman! I didn’t know this was that kind of show! Get the kids out of the room! Kampfer is officially rated ages 18+ only. They even had tentacle rape going on in a movie at the culture festival. Bio Hazard my ass, that was straight up hentai. I should file a complaint. The “comedy” part of the title is completely misleading.

On a more serious note, this is probably the most fan-service-filled episode thus far. However, it was still pretty tame by season standards. There were no panty shots, but plenty of cleavage shots and “forced” cosplay. Aside from a lot of random occurrences at the festival not even worth mentioning, things revolved around the beauty contest and Kaede and Akane’s ongoing struggle to make Natsuru theirs.


In preparation for the almighty student council president and the highly-touted Sakura Kaede, fellow classmates decide to increase Natsuru and Akane’s public appeal by stripping them and playing dress-up. Kaede barges in later and is upset about missing out, so Akane chases her off by saying Natsuru’s not into yuri. After school, Natsuru tries to cheer Kaede up and manages to do so by inadvertently encouraging her to go after his female self. All the while, Shizuku is taking notice of what Natsuru’s up to and probably enjoying it more than she’s letting on.

On the actual day of the beauty contest, Natsuru considers using his Zauber as his stage appeal, but Masumi warns him about the use of fire. While he’s fretting about what to do, Kaede appears on stage, scatters some Zoumotsu Animals into the crowd, and starts reenacting one of their messed up stories. This almost leads to a kiss with her prince Natsuru, but Kampfer Akane shows up to put a stop to it. Not long after, Shizuku shows up and takes everyone out, thereby winning the “beauty” contest.

When Natsuru wakes up, he’s back to his normal self with Shizuku looming over and teasing him about changing his clothes and the excitement he felt about those near kisses. Shizuku claims outstaging them was her last resort to winning the contest, before going on to ridicule Natsuru for not having enough assertiveness in those situations. Before he knows it though, Shizuku’s stealing his first kiss and telling him they’ll do “more” later. After she finishes with her tongue dance, she suggests not telling Akane because she’ll probably kill him. Outside, Mikoto has returned to Japan looking for Natsuru and is surprised to find a Zoumotsu Animal in her bouquet.


So um, yeah. Did I mention that Shizuku is hot stuff? I mean god damn. If you don’t count a lot of “oh snap”s, I was speechless after that kiss. Next time, we finally see Mikoto Kampfer it up thanks to the mysterious Zoumotsu Animal Messenger she stumbled upon. If you’ve payed attention to the opening sequence at all, it should come as no surprise that’s she’s the white-haired, red bracelet Kampfer.

Anyway, damn that was hot. Natsuru is officially Shizuku’s sex slave. -_-;




  1. A lot of you probably thought I was crazy when I was blabbing about seductive student council presidents last time. Well now I have some cold hard evidence. You let your guard down for even a second and their tongue is down your throat before you even realize!

    you make it sound like a bad thing =/

  2. Besides being the feared student council president, Shizuku’s been established as the most powerful kampfer, unless Mikoto has something that’ll keep her at bay. Sword vs. knives action? And she’s a red kampfer too!

  3. This crap is officially full of itself. Note that I’m still not going to call it “shit” 😛 BTW, how can this be a romantic comedy when Natsuru isn’t taking any of them serious, including the girl that he said he likes O.o That’s how I like my wishy-washy males, just roll with the punches. But this stuff still has a lot of room to get much dumber.

  4. So does this mean that Shizuku likes the male Natsuru? Or both? But dam what a development! To think that dense Natsuru who only thinks about Sakura gets in this kind of situation, can we really expect a lot more just as Shizuku said? Well they better show more! LOL. Guess this is going to be their little secret, especially since they can’t let Akane know, I mean she was firing like crazy when she found out that Natsuru touched Shizuku’s boobs last ep., cant imagine what she would do when she finds out about this.

    Anyways, what is up with that screenshot in the previews? Is Natsuru actually going to kiss Sakura? Or is this going to be one of those near kiss shots he had like with Akane and Sakura this episode?

  5. In the end I hope Natsuru would be like: “F**k you Sakura! I’m…

    Choice 1: going out with Akane, she’s always caring for me.
    Choice 2: want to be with Mikoto as she’s always been there for me for so long.
    Choice 3: going to be Shizuku’s slave. Shizuku-sama!!! *runs off*

    and Sakura’s outcome…she’s dies a horrible death and everyone forgets about her. 🙂

  6. I think she is, albeit not in a “rrrraaah he’s miiiiinneeeeee!” way which is currently exemplified by Kaede and Akane.

    Look at it that way: She’s the admired and respected (almost feared) Seitokaichou. She has one childhood friend (Kaede) and alot of lower-level admirers; in other words, she’s lonely. Now Natsuru is a guy who not only spared her life where Akane was about to off her, the only thing he asked for was to keep Kaede safe (something which she’d do in any case, even without him asking her). That was when she took note of him and got curious.

    Due to his well-meaning, but klutzy behavior he’s a wonderful target for her teasing and machinations. However, he’s not reacting to her seduction attempts the way she wants him to: He isn’t seduced, he’s scared. And for someone like Shizuku who is not just used to success, but who hasn’t know anything else but victory, this is quite a delicious challenge.

    I absolutely buy Shizuku’s earlier line that Natsuru was “her first man”. And so, the more he struggles and the more he tries to stay/get away from Shizuku, the more desirable he will become for her. And things will develop in this direction for sure. So at the moment, I’d say she’s definitely interested romantically already, and it’s bound to grow.

  7. Tom: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, used in the OP sequence.

    I must watch this again! I fell asleep just after Shizuku pashed Natsuru, the shock must have sent me into a coma…

    Anyway, I did like this episode for all it’s fan service, if you can call it that (first show I’ve seen that makes no use of panty shots, oh well, I have Sono no Oto for that), and weird plots.

  8. Wow, now that was unexpected. Shizuku swoops in for a surprise win. Though my inner yuri fanboy was a bit let down as I was hoping to see female Natsuru get kissed more instead of his normal male self. Still, Natsuru’s pwned face is priceless.

    For the cosplay posing scene, there’s all sorts of messages written in the blackboard as Natsuru and Akane did their poses, with the bikini pose having a tongue-in-cheek: “Only just (passed the censors) for TV.” This led me to think, with such a message, are those “keep out” signs in the bikini pose actually TV censors rather than creative censorship on the producers part?

    i.e. Meaning there’s actually screenshots out there of some TV stations that have the whole view of Natsuru and Akane showing their meat? 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Haven’t watched all the episodes, so I’m confused a bit. If Natsuru turns into a girl, Akane turns into a different girl…what about Shizuku? Have we been seeing her all this time in her Kampfer form? What if she, like Natsuru, is actually a guy?

  10. Shizuku’s hair turns white when she’s in Kämpfer form, and glowing purple when she’s transforming. Her personality stays the same, so she’s the most “stable” Kämpfer so far.

  11. Besides Nyan koi and darker than black THIS IS my fave anime for this Fall Season.
    Natsuru getting owned by President hahah… 🙂
    He must be extremely lucky to become President sex slave

  12. You know what I feel bad for him, first he turns into a girl, next he has to go to school as a girl while being technically raped and used by every girl there, the girl he loves likes his female side and hates him. Has to flash his girl body for all to see, to me it sound like a mini hell

  13. Well turning into a girl part was out of his power, but the other stuff

    ” next he has to go to school as a girl while being technically raped and used by every girl there, the girl he loves likes his female side and hates him. Has to flash his girl body for all to see, to me it sound like a mini hell”

    To be honest it is his own damn fault for having no balls to say NO.
    Not sure if you read the novel but for me I want to smack Natsuru so many times in the novel and just tell him to get a sex change and become 100% girl, the guy basically have no balls to say NO in whatever abuse hes been getting. You know what his attitude is in the novel whenever he get abuse he be like ” I give up, I am too tired to even argue I am just goner let you guys do whatever you want” 9 out of ten times thats his attitude in the novel, not one instances where he have the balls to stand up and say ” No, get the f@#@ out of my face, if you wanna to this then go do it yourself and don’t drag me into it” either the ppl bother him are his male classmate or female classmate, he just got no balls to actually say no and refuse.

    That while I am say here for whatever abuse hes been getting from the ppl around him, Natsuru totally deserve it until he start growing some balls and start telling those ppl to get the F@#@ out of his face when he just don’t feel like being force into a situation.

  14. While I’d also like to see Natsuru stand up to the sexual “abuse” now and then, I think it’d make for a pretty boring anime if he always did that. Because of that, I’ll just assume he’s pumped full of estrogen when he changes genders and doesn’t have the balls to say no (in more ways than one).

  15. This anime isn’t good enough for Natsuru to stand up to the abuse, they can’t afford to lose such comical situations – & even if he tried to, Shizuku would turn it around in a heartbeat anyway. I would love for him to get pissed sometimes but he already lost all of his boyish nature in my book. Even Kouta from Kanokon has more balls than he do 😛

    BTW, I love these silly little netbooks. You can have 3 or 4 on your desk & look like you’re humping while playing around crazy (I’m suppose to be in the midst of an all-nighter atm). Now let me get back to wasting company time 😛

  16. The deal with Shizuku being elite and possibly lonely was already brought up so I won’t repeat it but one thing I did not while watching the series wss definitely the sense that she is interested in Natsuru. Not necessarily in the romantic sense but she does want to get to know him more because he’s the first one to stand up to her (in words) and he is comfortable in speaking to her. This is a change from her usual males around her who are A: Worship or B: Afraid. I got this sense when he calls her stupid and she responds : I’ve never been called that before… And how he has no interest in seeing her get changed (telling her flatly to her face and walking out as opposed to mumbling and turning red like all the other girls). She also tells him “You know how you always wanted to meddle in others affairs as a child? I never understood the appeal in that…until now.” So she is interested. Personally I hope she turns out to fall for him…but that will probably not happen. Oh well.

  17. Shizuku is too cool! luv her!
    I really don’t like Akane, she’s so annoying and isn’t honest with her feeling..
    Sakura is okay..it would have been nice if she pay some attention to the male Natsuru..
    but all my love go to Shizuki 😀


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