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  1. Totally agreed, Divine. Well put. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    My thing is can Sakura do ANYTHING right? No matter what she does, whether it’s confess her ‘love’ to someone or fight, she just fails at it. gg, Sakura. gg.

  2. NEVER LIKED SAKURA AT ALL! This chapter just confirmed the reason why I dont like her. The best girl for Naruto is definitely Hinata, who was the only one to like him even when the rest of the girls (including Sakura) hated or looks down on him. Now a scene between the two would be a chapter that I would definitely like, the last good chapter the two had was when Hinata almost died, that really was a good chapter that shows the possibility of them hooking up. After all, Sakura just stood there and didnt do anything, while Hinata was willing to die for Naruto, just goes to show how Sakura feels towards the guy.

  3. Yatta! Naruto on RC!
    I’m hoping that after this revelation, Sakura will undergo character development and finally become a more respectable character. I wasn’t quite sure at first if she was completely lying to make Naruto stop chasing after Sasuke, but Naruto’s comment at the end makes it apparent Sakura’s just lying to herself.
    That being said, I’m expecting Sakura to “see” Naruto’s resolve and chase after Sasuke again. Nothing’s really changed after all!

  4. REALLY NARUTO THANK YOU and sakura is a bitch…how cruel can she be? i never liked her in the first place XD people seem to be really pitying naruto, i do too but im actually quite happy with him right now. I would have thought he’d get all happy and silly, but he has brains after all. hehe

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    Wannabe Otaku
  6. Hate how Sakura thinks that he’s doing all of this for the past years JUST BECAUSE OF HER. I mean, after all the times that Naruto said Sasuke is like a brother to him, you’d think she’d know that he’s doing all of this for himself as well.

    That said…One Piece > Naruto > Bleach. >___>

  7. Before calling Sakura a slut…..think of the reason why she does this!

    Yeah thats right!

    She just doesnt want him to die for her sake!
    Is it that bad?
    Her way of trying to achieve it is UBER WRONG but…come on give her some slu….slack!

  8. I don’t think she’s trying to rid herself of guilt at all. And while she may not have known, before Sai told her, that Naruto is suffering while trying to fulfill his promise, I don’t think she came up with this to try and make it up with Naruto in any way.

    Wasn’t this really all about just how dangerous Sasuke is, but even so – one them, a konoha ninja, and it has to be settled among themselves, least a cycle of revenge is spurred? Like, Sakura still ‘loves’ Sasuke but just has enough brains to (finally) realize that they can’t go easy on him, given how little hesitation he shows for making an enemy out of the world.

    I mean, Sakura showed up in a party that was called together to hunt down Sasuke and now they just have to sell that to Naruto – “Sasuke must be dealt with. ASAP.”

  9. Sweet, Naruto on RC! Totally agree with everything Divine said.
    Next chapter: Hinata throws snowballs in Sakura’s face because she is the true heroine of the story. Time to retire, Sakura.

  10. dude… I have a prediction… naruto is gonna kill sasuke and get killed or barely able to live, and sakura will sacrifice her life in return, similar to the technique used on gaara ):3…

    after that NaruHina fans will be able to rejoice O_O

  11. @Wanaabe Otaku

    thats how i feel to… I DONT think Sakura is just trying to save herself…

    sure r lots of Sakura haters here…or ppol who just became sakura haters…. I bet reading the manga would get rid of the “hate” feeling xD

  12. Hurrah for Hinata 🙂

    i think Sakura wanted to remove a cloud of ‘bring Sasuke back to me’ from Naruto’s head.
    Thing is, he’s doing it as much for himself as for her… lol.

  13. …was I the only one here who thought that the title was N64?

    Anyways, this definitely is Sakura’s attempt to get Naruto to stop chasing Sasuke. “Girls are fickle”? Sheesh…you’ve been chasing the same guy ceaselessly for what…5 years now, and suddenly you just give up calmly and say you like the idiot you keep beating up? Yeah, definitely buying that.

    Well, considering how this is going, the “not-so-final battle” will be Sakura and Naruto vs. Sasuke, not Naruto alone. Probably with lots of dialogue from Sakura, some crying, a bit of dumping (by Sasuke to Sakura) and then it’ll just turn back into Naruto vs. Sasuke, DBZ style…

  14. Divine! What have you done?! You’ve doomed us all!

    Nah JK.

    I was like WTF when i read that chapter and then i kinda lost all respect for her and her sexy pink hair -_-

  15. Uh… voidn, you did see Kiba, Rock Lee, and Sai’s look of anger and disgust, right? She told nothing to the group about this and also told them to promise not to interfere. Something that should have no meaning since the ORIGINAL plan was for all of them to talk to Naruto together.

    I’m sorry but this is strictly guilt. Kishi has been building this with Sakura for a while now and it finally came to a head.

    Sai’s words about her and Sasuke, being a burden and a source of pain for Naruto have definitely affected her. Add the fact that she was just told about something she already knew since part 1, but due to her devotion to Sasuke, couldn’t see it. Plus, the peer pressure she is getting from their friends and the breakdown she had with the cloud nins.

    She most definitely trying to rid herself of the guilt by disrespecting Naruto’s feelings, which shows how little faith she had in him. Everyone of their friends were WILLING to help Naruto. Hinata without a second thought, risked her life to save Naruto.

    Sakura has done nothing like this for Naruto, but he has for her. Sakura has only shown to be willing to die for Sasuke and without a second thought, was willing to abandon Konoha for Sasuke.

    Kishi is showing that it is Sakura and not Naruto, who is the liability when it comes to Sasuke. It seems this is all leading towards Sakura finally waking up and reevaluating herself cuz now, everyone… including Naruto, is seeing her for what she is.

    I do believe she cares for Naruto as a comrade, but she has always underestimated him and never truly had faith in him like his friends have. She has subconsciously manipulated and used him to bring Sasuke back to her and while she believes she’s doing this for him. It’s really for herself.

    Mania Lyssa
  16. Just to clear things up, I agree that Sakura’s probably doing this because she wants to lift a burden she’s imposed on Naruto all this time. Whether or not she feels guilty about it is up in the air, but that’s the impression I got from this out of the blue confession. Hence, the “All I see it as is…” line above.

    However, much like a lot of people are suggesting, Naruto’s obviously chasing after Sasuke for his own reasons too.

    Mania Lyssa:
    I’m with you on that one Mania!

    I don’t follow One Piece. I’m not sure if Omni does either. :\

  17. If you bring Naruto here you should bring the god of mangas, Oda, that’d be One Piece 🙂

    Anyways, as some pointed out Sakura does this with the best things in mind – however usinig the complete wrong method. I think the point in this is, that she doesn’t want Naruto to suffer anymory going for Sasuke. However Naruto has his own reasons. The promise he made to Sakura is important, but not all. That confession of her is just lame – what a real confession and real love is we’ve seen a few chapters before from Hinata. I think that Sakura may like Naruto, there were several hints on that afterall. However she just might feel guilty and her acting might be missunderstood as love.

    Anyways, Naruto said her the truth right into her face. Now I wonder how she’ll react – either burst into tears, being silent or just admit the truth: That she just doesn’t want Naruto to go after Sasuke anymore. But poor girl, loving that bastard after such a long time and after all he did..

    I join the prediction of Putang, that Sakura might possibly die. What I’m sure of at least 90% is, that Sasuke will die in the end. I mean even when Naruto can convince him, that what he’s doing is wrong – he is a world criminal and he’ll have to pay for it.

  18. I can’t believe Sakura did that, doesn’t she know that by saying that stuff she is only going to hurt Naruto more. I mean her intentions are noble, not wanting Naruto to be killed for her sake, however, giving him a pity confession when she is just lying to herself is wrong. It only brings about more pain to both her and Naruto, and I feel happy that Naruto realized it, as it will only prevent them from finding their real happiness.

  19. First, gratz on taking Naruto on. That is a great risk! XD
    Now for Sakura, I guess she only said that so that Naruto would give up and work with brains instead with power. But it seems he wont buy it…
    I was worried that he might forget Hinata that way! She really meant it!

  20. The confession is at least partly true, IMO. Sakura really has been noticing Naruto more and more, like when she was going to feed him ramen after he broke his arm. Given recent events in the manga, it’s clear that she really can put her feelings for Sasuke aside.

  21. come on lets remember here…sakura has been a useless lump since episode 1. she cares for naruto as a friend tho and is just trying to help remove his burden, the one she placed on him in the first place. wtf else is she supposed to do? ask him to chase sasuke forever til he kills naruto? or try to get him to stop using the only tool she has available, his crush on her.

  22. EHHH? For the anime viewers this doesn’t make any sense at all.
    Pity confession? What why how nande?
    Rejected as well. I have no idea what’s going on. Naruto still likes sakura right?
    What happenned now that he couldn’t accept it.

  23. LOL…Sakura throws herself at him and he rejects her?!?!? How gay is that? We all know Naruto’s only true love is Sauce-gay so I guess this should come as no surprise.

    Please, tell me you are not going to follow Naruto manga from now on. Why is even this place following crap like Narutard and Bleh-ach when the greatest shounen out there – One Piece – gets no love?

  24. The moment you started blogging on Naruto, the intellectual quality of posts went down a full 20 points. If this was an experiment on the human condition, then it’s either very much successful or very much a failure.

    Although it is rather interesting that the week Kurosaki Ichigo turns into a cheap comedy tool of a bitch, Naruto turns serious and is able to reason on the level of a human being who is capable of killing to protect what he holds sacred (almost as if the two characters traded for the week).

    But that’s what Pain did to him, isn’t it? Naruto went there to kill Pain, but instead, he changed the world.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  25. @above: The same can be said of Bleach regarding intellectual posts. But anymore can’t hurt, can it? Except Naruto’s comedic moments have taken a backstory to his promise which he held to true from the very moment Part II started. So I don’t really see where the trade-off happened.

  26. divine: you don’t follow the manga that’s lightyears ahead in quality of both bleach and naruto combined :O … well maybe that’s a good thing, you can actually enjoy the ankward stuff Kishi writes.

  27. @Who
    A t least Bleach’s artwork blows Naruto’s out of the water…

    But yea, this is wrong; the least I expected was to see a Naruto entry on my favorite anime blog. Bleach I can deal with because it doesn’t take tak itself too seriously, its basically DBZ now. But Naruto is just pathetic at its attempt to be an epic tale. If Kishimoto had just kept things simple (Chuunin Exam/Konoha Invasion arc was the high point and climax of the series, everything after that was just insanely lame), then this series could’ve been epic indeed. Bit its not. Its not even remotely good.

    Just my two cents.

  28. Yeah, we all know that Naruto is getting with Hinata anyway, she practically gave her life to protect Naruto against Pein, Naruto sees that as true love, not that bull**** that Sakura spouted >=d(

  29. @damian:
    That being said, there are many many many RC readers who do follow Naruto, and seeing as Divine reads the manga himself (+ a manga entry takes far less time), I’m glad he is blogging it.

  30. Anyone else notice how history repeats itself? Naruto loves Sakura but she rejects him. The 3rd member of their team (Sasuke) leaves the leaf and becomes a villian. Now look at the 3 Sanin and you will see Naruto = Jirayah, Sakura = Tsundre (sp), and Sasuke = Orochimarou.

    Im ok with a Naruto/Hinata pairing or Naruto/Sakura pairing. I realize Sakura messed up this week in what she did but I think her confession to Naruto is somewhat heartfelt but she is STILL in love with Sasuke and if he showed up and asked her to leave with him she would in a heartbeat. If he is smart enough to see thru Sakura’s confession then he should be smart enough to realize he should go to Hinata. With Naruto telling her off like he just did I bet he will go and look more at Hinata now.

  31. I’m a die hard fan of naruto. with that said I’m repulsed by shippuuden. Upon further introspect the hate is for Sasuke. I hate him so much I stopped watching the anime after teh Guren story arc (which was a filler of the anime). I will come back to this series after Sasuke dies an horrible death destroyed in bits. Is the only way for me to come back. And god forbids everyone forgives him and become a good guy…. I’ll kill him

    island esper
  32. I’m sure Sakura has some sort of real feelings towards Naruto. It just hasn’t had the time to mature and to develop into anything “real” before the whole Sasuke/Tobi/whatever debacle started up. So IMO her confession is real, but with the wrong reason behind it.

  33. HELP
    … this is concerning. i read the chapter a while ago. enjoyed, and left the window up. i just got back to it and decided to recap to make sure i digested everything right, considering the wavering views on this. i was shocked to see that the translation was a little off. i have a good memory for this kind of stuff, the line about the confession recap was different

    i think the exact line was
    “You heard me right. I said i really like you”

    —> now changed to
    “Naruto… i said i love you”

    = loses impact and is more blunt than the conversation really is)and the line that said that girls were fickle was changed to a women’s heart is like the autumn wind.

    i liked the translation i read first, it was better thought out, considering what was being said and the subtle meanings (like Sakura trying to abuse Naruto’s feelings to get him to stop chasing Sasuke)

    does anyone know of the scantalation group i read first?
    i know the second one was Sleepyfans

  34. oh Divine should know,
    there were quotes from the scan i read. along with the first few posters.

    It had so much more thought and impact in the “seemingly” straightforward confession.

    btw i enjoyed this thoroughly, i think this chapter was Very well thought out and will make itself clear in the next chapter.

  35. Totally agreed, Divine. but there is something funny in all this, we didn’t saw the confession, we saw when she reapited it, after naruto asked, maybe this is a way the author save that moment if it ever truly happen in the future (real felings), that say, i hope not, i like hinata more XDDDD

  36. My official take on this chapter:

    Sakura is feeling guilty because she thinks that Naruto is killing himself for her and their promise to bring back Sasuke. So she thinks up a lame way to abuse the power she has as his crush, without committing too much because she does it IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

    That makes it a plan, NOT a true confession.
    Think of Lupin and Fujiko. She’s trying to pull a Fujiko on Naruto.

    Everyone bashes this manga but there is a LOT of character development that people overlook because that’s not what there a looking for. There was a few times that it was hinted at that Sakura liked Naruto as more than a friend. ie: when naruto freaked out at the bridge with Sai and Yamato against Orochimaru. Sakura was in tears and Yamato started to suggest that she loved him. that was forever ago though…

    oh, and Sasuke needs some professional help, he changes his objectives so many times i have NO idea what he’s up to and my head spins whenever someone even SUGGESTS something to him (Tobi especially) cuz i know he’s liable to do it for lack of better self direction.

    ok i’m done. if someone could kindly tell me the translation group i read before…

  37. @Snipyro

    Yes I know, and Im not telling Divine how to run this blog/what series to blog. What I meant to say was that EVERYWHERE I go, people and their grandma talk about Naruto. RC was the one place I could get from all that. Yes, I dont have to read these entries, obviously. But just the fact that Naruto managed to crawl itself to this site saddens me.

    Oh well, Ill just wait for DtB2 and FMA entries to counter that feeling. XD

  38. (I kinda had to copy/paste most of what I wrote on another forum because I didn’t feel like writing something similar again.)

    Sakura thinks that if Naruto pursues Sasuke anymore that it would endanger him more. He was beaten up by Karui for not selling out Sasuke. Basically, she feels guilty for putting Naruto in an impossible situation of returning Sasuke home while an entire ninja world is after him.

    She thinks that the promise of a lifetime is the only thing binding him, but she doesn’t know that he has other reasons for pursuing Sasuke. He has a promise to himself to return him home because he said himself that he can’t become Hokage if he can’t even save a friend. Furthermore, he seems to have a promise with Itachi that he would return Sasuke home and protect Konoha as they aren’t mutually exclusive.

    I won’t condemn her for her poor decision making. She’s an emotional mess. When your master is in a coma, the person you love is an international criminal and your friends are rallying against him, and the person that loves you is getting beaten up for what you believe is from upholding your promise, I don’t think you would be in the most sound of mind. These are the three most influential people in her life and she thinks she can at the very least do something about one of them. She is trying to find solace in anything. But who is she kidding with this confession of lies? (There may be some half truths in it but whatever.)

    She understands that she causes him pain. She wants to protect him. Over the course of Part 2, she has been developing feelings for him and given the circumstances believes that she should be really getting together with him rather than pursuing this love that she knows is wrong in the criminal, Sasuke. All I’m saying is that she’s basically ignorant about the situation at hand and doesn’t know the best way to handle it.

    As for Hinata’s confession, we don’t even know the aftermath of that, but even in the likelihood that NaruHina is a possible, Naruto has so much on his plate that it won’t happen for a long time. Personally, I was more of NaruSaku shipper. I was never too keen on Sasuke or Hinata. But even I understand that NaruSaku does seem very unlikely now.

  39. AHAHAH you’re so right. Who cares about the fourth ninja war talk?? I skipped through all that and jumped straight to the drama. That’s what she gets from taking love advices from Sai. XDXD I still think it’s just a matter of time before NaruSaku happens. When I say ‘matter of time’ I’m saying about 2 or 3 years more lol This is just the start. I bet Sakura’s going to dig Naruto more now that he pulled a Sasuke on her.

  40. The Naruto manga ended for me after Naruto met the real pain.
    Rather than everyone being revived, that should have been the end of the series cropping up, with Naruto becoming Hokage, and then only a few villans to take care with along with a final show down with Sasuke.
    Instead, it’s just been dragged on and gone straight down hill.

  41. I’m getting sick of seeing this whole sasuke uchiha centered stuff should be more of Naruto and his connections to everyone else. And he should have been like f off sakura even though everything you said was totally true about something being wrong with her and should like Naruto. There should be a part were naruto receives the frog that has the other kyubi chakra and then when naruto fights sasuke he should be able to use sharingan from the power itachi gave him (more like stuffed down his mouth) and hopefully its not a one time thing and he can use it from then on. And I feel like the other kages are really looking down on naruto’s power because he wicked strong even without the kyubi because they always talk about kakashi (he is strong) like some big dude when naruto has surpassed even him and isn’t immature or as stupid as he was in the past. (i had a mouthful of stuff to say so sorry about rant)

  42. Um i replace it with another question…
    what’s a good place to read Kefka Scans Naruto?

    i’ll ask google, but what does everyone here use?
    OneManga uses SleepyFans, but they had Kefka Scans up earlier.

  43. the biggest problem with naruto I have is that you can’t just make people be who you want them to be and apparently the whole story is based on him trying to do that and I just know it’ll have some sappy “I NOW SEE THE ERROR OF MY WAYS” confession/flashback from sasuke when it’s all done. in real life that doesn’t happen. i kinda hate how wrapped up in A FIGHT anime gets and how every single problem, emotional and economical, is somehow solved with A FIGHT. If you’ve ever been in a fight you’d know that that’s now how they end, because people have their own lives and don’t just wrap it around some hero messiah character. To do that would be to devalue the character themselves.

    I actually think the ending of death note was great for that idea, that “shit happens”, “people never change” and that’s just the way life is. the end. He didn’t have some big climactic moment. in life there is no winning. Even if you “accomplish your goal”, that won’t mean you’ve won. Life keeps going after that “story ending” and you’ll just be a regular jackoff like everyone else. Light couldn’t change shit and he got fucking shot to death by the police for attempted manslaughter in the presence of an officer of the law. Sometimes people just get shot to death and freak out. Just the other day some guy freaked out at the grocery store and started driving like a psycho in the parking lot almost hitting people and the cops gunned him down. He didn’t prove anything it was just something that happened and then it was over and things went back to the way they were. That’s why the ending of death note was great, because none of it really mattered in the end.

  44. Sasuga:
    I don’t have an answer for you regarding Kefka Scans, but I just wanted to clarify on the translation. As you probably know, “suki” in Japanese can mean anything from “like” to “passionately love” (although the latter usually has a “dai” attached). As such, its intended meaning is really up to the context.

    What Sakura said was, 「だから…ナルト、アンタの事が好きだって言ったのよ!」 If I were to translate that literally, it would be, “…Naruto, I said I love you!” Given the situation, I would say it’s safe to translate it as “love”, or at the very least, “like you a lot”.

  45. Did Sakura really mean what she said about loving Naruto and not Sasuke, or she just trying to get Naruto to stop chasing after Sasuke? Either way, its clear that her “Confession” did not have the reaction we might have expected. Naruto’s not as dumb as he acts. Even he can see that Sakura may still have a small hint of feeling towards Sasuke.

    Matt Gross
  46. I think Naruto is doing this more for himself than for sakura. And though Sakura cares for Naruto he will always come second to Sasuke, in which Naruto knows. In my opinion she only said those things to somehow relieve Naruto’s burdens and to change his mind about something, maybe worrying that he will be killed. Anyway its great to see Naruto becoming the child of prophecy. He kicked Pain’s ass.

  47. I agree w/ Divine.. the way she told it to Naruto wasn’t sweet at all.. It’s like she’s only doing it for the sake of Naruto not going after Sasuke anymore.. Furthermore, she made alot of comparison w/ Sasuke and Naruto.. which is very bad even in real life situations (you should never compare a past relation to a new one). It even makes me feel she’s only using Naruto to forget Sasuke, and gladly Naruto noticed. The only way I could feel better about what Sakura did, is that she do it again (w/o the comparison stuff) after Sasuke is back and affiliated once more w/ Konoha..
  48. Never, damian! Stop getting so worked up over trivial shit like this being on the FP of a website. Until you can, Naruto is the best anime/manga in the whole wide world… Especially the fillers, don’t get me started on them. SO FOKKEN GOOD!!!

  49. maldita sakura, es una tonta, q buenoq Naruto no se dejo convencer por algo q le dijo de repente, no puede ser que luego de qn sabe cuantos años donde sakura le fregba diciendo que amaba a Sasuke , le salga que lo quiere a él.

  50. Hina is one of those women that 20 years later would regret marrying Naruto because she never found her true self.

    On the other hand Naruto has already seen the worst that Sakura can be, she will mellow with age and be a great wife.

    Trust me on this…

  51. @elephontarg
    Naruto filelr suck so badly thier like alternate universe characters in startrek Your watching thinking ‘ Thats all well and good but i really dont care about you people and its always gonna end the same way anyhow’, the filler arcs make the story stagnate

    @Damian You say that here of all places!!! REALLY????

    Sakura was prob (definately) just saying that because she wants him to stop chasing sasuke but it dont matter anyhow because it wass never gonna happen . Also the fact that she planned it out with the others was obviously to try and stop naruto (who now btw is hokage level and can no longer simply be confined)
    Also i always get really ticked off when people get confessed to infront of (6) other people (both in tv and reality) i mean its ultimate emotional blackmail trying that kind of rubbish

    @Masiro lol words of wisdom from a divorcee it seems like 😛 (im sorry if thats actually true)

  52. i think ur looking at her confession in the wrong way. from my perspective this is sakura owning up to her past weakness and being strong for once. Yes shes doing this partly out of pity, but most of it is that she wants naruto to be happy and,she doesnt want her best friend to suffer anymore, because of her inability to rescue sasuke. I think this is her way of taking control of her guilt and doing the one thing she in her situation believes is the only way to stop naruto from risking his life for her and sasuke. She wants to protect naruto and she knows that she cant just tell him to stop she believes she has to take drastic measures. im sure this is in no way a selfish or happy confession for her but to her its a neccesary one. Naruto can see through that, because of the time they spent together and knows that sakura isnt doing this happily, but he has yet to realize her reasoning for this act.

  53. Personally I like Sakura more than any other girl in the Naruto universe (save for Tsunade, but she`s kinda in a coma at the moment). And I do agree that the poor girl is probably really emotionally screwed up at the moment. I mean, she probably finally realized how much Naruto has gone through to try and bring Sasuke (the little bitch who I was really sick of from day one) back to Konoha. And you have to realize that she`s trying to forget her first love, which is harder than what it seems. Even Ino has given up on her crush (though, the two girls were more infatuated with Sasuke than in love), but I think it`s harder for Sakura because she had more of a ” relationship ” (friendship) with Sasuke. Yes, I do believe that she loves Naruto (and yes, I do mean LOVE, not LIKE, because from all that`s been hinted at in the manga, it`s quite hard not to call it love).

    But the big thing here is that THESE ARE TEENAGERS. They are so emotionally unstable that it`s no surprise that Sakura`s ” confession ” got rejected and screwed up. Plus, these kids have seen stuff that we can only comprehend, so I really don`t think that any of them are emotionally stable to be making any romantic confessions at this point in time. I give credit to Naruto for how much he`s matured since Part 1, as his younger self would have fallen for it more than his current self did. I think he does realize what Sakura`s trying to do, but he wants her to see that at this moment, it`s too late to back out of his promise to her and himself, and that he can`t except her feelings for him now that they`re trying to find the last enemy before finding peace.

    And for any Hinata romance? I really doubt that it`s going to be a NaruHina end at this point. There`s barely any story for Hinata, and she`s basically always been a background character in the whole series, so I doubt that her and Naruto will end up together. Besides, I`m putting money on a NaruSaku ending still, even though it did get royally messed up because of this chapter. ( And I still wanna see Sasuke dead by the end of the series. He just bugs me waaaay too much. And I think that he`ll die in the end, though still a criminal, not a hero or reformed main character. It`s way too late for that. And I`m just freaking sick of all the Uchiha`s at this point in the manga. Let`s go back to the titular star here, thank you.)

  54. Sasuke kill Naruto without flinching? We clearly aren’t reading the same manga. Nevertheless, I think the vast majority of Naruto readers have to agree that Sakura’s “confession” does not show her in a good light. I don’t think it’s entirely selfish, though. She wants to stop Naruto from going through the same pain of being forced to keep that silly promise. What she doesn’t understand is that Naruto will keep chasing Sasuke just because he’s Sasuke. The promise isn’t even relevant in his resolve to get through to Sasuke. She’s really overestimating her part in Naruto’s brain mechanics (and they’re really not all that complicated to begin with). At the end of the day, it’s always going to come down to Naruto and Sasuke.

  55. This chapter confirms that Sakura will die.

    Sasuke and Naruto will engage in a fight, with Sakura at the sidelines watching.

    The tides will turn against Naruto, who tries to reason with Sasuke during the fight.

    Then we see Rasengan versus Chidori Part 3, with Sakura jumping in the middle, a la Part 1, though with nobody holding her back.

    Naruto stops but Sasuke’s arm runs through her body.

    Sasuke nonchalantly removes his arm from Sakura’s chest. She falls forward towards Naruto.

    “Don’t fight anymore for my sake, Naruto…” she whispers painfully.

    “Sakura-chan!” exclaims Naruto.

    “I don’t want to see you get hurt” continues the moribund Sakura.

    The feelings of Sakura finally reach Naruto as she flees the world. Sasuke, disgusted at the scene, decides to leave the battlefield-turned-graveyard. A chasing Naruto is unable to catch him.

    Something like that.

  56. It was pretty much Sakura saying “LOL BTW I love you” and Naruto saying “LOL WUT WTF You liar.” Friggin Sai, just putting this into Sakura’s head. Although she was pretty stupid to listen to him,

    Which reminds me, they never resolved the whole Hinata confessing thing. All we know is Naruto was uber-pissed when we thought she was dead. They didn’t really show much else. >_>

  57. All right, I think Sakura did a splendid attempt, for her at least. Here is the plot, she could not accept the fact of being rejected so brightly by Sasuke ages ago. Now she felt bad about the things the others said to her. To clean her own conscience, she tried to use Naruto’s feelings for her to take away all the weight from his sholders (and from her own, of course). The Idea was brilliant. The execution was a PIECE OF SHIT.
    If she had said that with only Naruto listening, as dumb as he is, it could have worked better! The lie however, was clear. For a person that would beat the guts out of everyone, whenever the fact that Naruto likes her was brought to light say now that so lightly, and worse, it was the first thing that she said to him…
    That may be something new, but for me Naruto now will pass to dislike her, and at the very end she will be ALONE…
    But now Naruto has one more motive to kill the useless Sasuke, because of him Sakura was forced to lie about herself.
    Plots apart, that chapter was great, I can not wait to see that scene in the Anime.

  58. I have nothing against Sakura when she’s not too busy being a Sasuke-fangirl or a-girl-in-love. Because I doubt she knows what’s love in the first place…I’ve always thought it’s adoration. But maybe it’s just me.

    However. It’s still good to see that Naruto has matured from the old himself that was so into her. It shows that what he is doing – looking for Sasuke – is not _mainly_ for Sakura…

    (…because I don’t ship SasuSaku. I just don’t.) /ducks from SasuSaku supporters

  59. @ George–

    If that happened, Kishi would have to go into hiding and I think the internet would die from all the Narutards posting on the 19+ million forums. /nods to self

    @ crystal_ —

    /saves from SasuSaku shippers.
    For that matter, everyone knows that there`s no way in hell that Sasuke is going to fall in love with Sakura. It`s just…not possible at this point. The guy is full blown evil and angst all in one complete package. I`m personally still surprised that people STILL ship SasuSaku by now. Seems irrelevant now. /still wants a NaruSaku GOOD END

  60. ive only posted once in the past on this site, even though ive been using it for a very long time. I have to say i have lost 100% respect for sakura, i was cringing as i read this chapter. What an utter disapointment, but so damn glad Naruto took a VERY strong stand against that crap.

  61. HA! youre rich! *RC was the only place I could get away form naruto cry cry sob sob*

    you know…no one said you had to click on his post, OR better yet make a POST in the post you hated so much!

    come on dude, maybe that high and might poster was right, peoples iq drops by 20 from naturo posts, all the wannabe *Im too cool/mature/old* for naruto, when they are teh same ones that watch, read it themselves, you guys are like sakura, lying to yourselves to make yourselves look cool to other people. I definately like the *narutards* over the posers like you.

  62. the author has rly bad writing and this confirms it…yet again. Think the kisame vs. killerbee is going to be a filler fight in the anime and won’t be shown in the manga, which is expected again (remember gai team vs their clones, or the three tail arc). this series is going downhill ever sice part 2 started. some exciting parts, but most of it has been bad plot development..and some plot holes too.

  63. Hinata is the only girl for him, well at least her confession timing was much better than Sakura’s I mean seriously I know Shikimoto(spl?) was teasing Killer Bee fight but that was just wrong.

  64. Sorry I like NaruSaku, but this way to confess was a bad time. Espically when more important things are going on in Naruto’s mind. Get over it, its just a pairings. It sounds more like Naruto has it for Sasuke anyways..

    This is getting pathetic. Its just a pairing, as NaruHina is. I never bashed it when Hinata confessed, I respect it. How come you guys can’t?

  65. Well, I just skipped all the pages of posts because I figure they’re mostly all the same “sakura sucks” bit over and over. So thus I dunno if anyone touched on these points but I’ll bring up my view of things for the hell of it.

    This chapter was a long time coming, I was mostly expecting it. Not exactly this way but the point of it basically. This is, if you agree or not, meant to be part of Sakuras crossraod arc. It started a bit before Sai talked to her actually.

    Does she have guilt? Yes. Does she still care about Sauske? Yes. But on top of that I think she also has feelings for Naruto as well. While the Sauske bit was a childish one-sided crush on her part from the start of the manga (that got nowhere) her relationship with naruto has and still is growing. Right now this part of the manga has her at the 50/50 stage, sitting on the fence. The next chapter will probably show her being left behind to reflect even more on what she should do.

    I think there’s real Love there for naruto, more than a friend and a brother, it’s just been overshadowed by her original crush for Sauske. Though it’s been shown to be growing more and more. The Hinata “confession” was nothing more than a plot device to push Sakura more. Have we even seen Hinata since then? No. Sad truth is Hinata is a plot device character meant to push Sakura to realize her growing feelings.

    It’s still too early to call it romantic love, ofc, but this chapter/event was a long time coming regardless. The next chapter, or next 10, will work it out. So I think anyone saying Naruto x Sakura is dead is jumping the gun here.

  66. @GP
    Maybe you are right, but probably, Sakura now will be the one that is with bit of troble to persuade Naruto about that love and not the contrary. Like I said, the idea was good, the execution was awful. She could have waited for a better opportunity.

  67. Wow everyone, relax, breathe. It’s a manga. I didn’t know people could hate a character so much especially if compared to real life she’s probably more innocent than half the girls out there and yet everyone’s calling her a slut or whore. Hinata lovers, Sakura haters, don’t get me wrong, I like Hinata, but I don’t think it’s fair to turn down Sakura so fast just because you want to see Hinata and Naruto together.

    I have to agree with Wannabe Otaku on this one. Don’t jump to conclusions so fast. Though I’m curious to who Kishi will pair up.

  68. Wow, I knew that when I saw Naruto go up, some idiotic comments would get made, but some of these are just plain laughable. For those of you wondering, I’m with the NaruHina crowd, and though I never thought of NaruSaku as too far out, I think it’s pretty much beyond reach now. Speaking objectively, I think Naruto gave up on Sakura the moment he promised to bring Sasuke back at Konoha’s gate, and while he flirts with her on occasion, he knows that Sakura’s heart lies with Sasuke. But anyway, just a few of the comments that made me laugh (paraphrased of course):

    “Hinata can’t end up with Naruto because she barely got any character development!!”

    So? Chi Chi from Dragon Ball got even less character development than Hinata (she made only two whole appearances in that whole story), and yet she still married Goku in the end. Just as well, Bulma barely got any development with Vegeta, yet they ended up a loving couple in the end as well. Point being, it’s not the amount of development one gets, it’s the kind of development they get. That said, the fact Hinata confessed at all pretty much negates all of the lack of attention she got, because like it or not, the cat’s out of the bag now.

    “But they never resolved the whole Hinata confessing thing!”

    That doesn’t mean they (more like “he”) won’t. While I admit I am disappointed that it hasn’t been resolved yet, that doesn’t mean it was just dropped altogether. If it was, then why even bother with her confessing (and living) in the first place? Kishimoto could have just as easily had her “disappear” from the story at some point or just have her die from Pain’s attack, but apparently he chose not to. This indicates that Hinata still has a purpose in the future.

    “The Hinata ‘confession’ was nothing more than a plot device to push Sakura more.”

    This one makes me laugh the most. So following that logic, Naruto’s just going to ignore Hinata’s confession and her attempt to save his life all because Sakura made her own confession? Much more, if Sakura does truly have legit feelings for Naruto, then why is her confession so fake and made out of pity? Why didn’t she just tell him her true feelings rather than make it sound like she “loves” Naruto out of the guilt she feels? While she definitely cares about him and empathizes with him, I think any romantic feelings would have come out in this chapter. In the words of Jack Sparrow, “If you’re waiting for the oppurtune moment, that was it.”

    Just my two cents, take it or leave it.

  69. All the things that Sakura says to Naruto come off painfully shallow.

    “I liked Sasuke–but he left and you’re still here.”
    “Nobody use to like you, but now every one loves you-you’re really popular”

    “I guess I’ll have to settle with you.”

    I’m sitting there reading this chapter, mouth agape, thinking how ridiculous this confession is. I was glad to see Naruto call her on it, but frankly I think he should of added to the end of his statement: “And even if you were telling the truth–as if I’d date some one who is fine with “settling with me” now that I’m popular.”.

  70. so yeah, naruto needs to slap sakura, he emotionally did, and now he needs to physically slap her, srsly wat is sakura thinking, i mean making naruto give on his whole ambition just for the sake of her, i mean it was her fault originally, and now after all of this, dammit, its one thing to feel sorry for naruto but to make him feel like everything he went through wasnt worth it, damn sakura ur still a child, i hope she becomes old and lonely


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