Somehow I managed to survive this hellish week, so things should be back to normal shortly. Like I said in my earlier post, I won’t be making up all the shows that I missed, but I’ll still do DtB, Railgun, and probably Bleach.


  1. small preview for DtB:
    -blonde girl in the pool in the preview is NOT Tanya!
    -Hei kicks ass as usual, plus goes on eating rampage again courtesy of FSB treating him 🙂
    -dr Pavlichenko and Shion appear briefly
    -there’s a spycraft game between Madame, Misaki and “improvosed armor” contractor – and of course section 3
    Show Spoiler ▼

    but not by Suou’s shot

  2. okaerinasai. i would suggest u to watch last week Inuyasha as it actually contains a very important plot (the death of one of the main characters). it is very sad and touching, hence i think it is sort of sorry if you miss it.


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