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  1. this was kinda confusing part like r they punching him or wat?
    i still dont get how both of them can decapitate kisame by punching him or do they hav some crazy chakara
    also btw where did kisame’s sword go… i wish bee can weild that bad ass sword

  2. yeah you are overlooking that sai its certanly going to say to him that sakura and company decided to kill sasuke them selfs… that is what naruto dosnt know, and as for kisame dying? i doubt it, he praiced bee and raikage combo with his head off already, meaning he didnt died the sec after his head was cut off, and i dont think he is dead yet, remember that inmortal guy? his head was cut off and tottaly dismembered and still didnt died… i believe he its still alive in that hole below the earth in that forest, its not strange that in some near future he is going to be found alive and either cataloged as a demon or god

  3. I understand how you all are feeling and I as well am disappointed in this fight but Kisame is dead end of question. His reliable sword Samehada betray him and whenever an Akatsuki is near death their Cloak are off.

  4. ks:
    I don’t read One Piece so I can’t really make that confusion. I’m just hesitant to say Kisame’s dead because he’s a pretty key antagonist in the series. We’ve seen Orochimaru die only to live on in Kabuto, as well as Kakashi die only to be revived by Pain, so I didn’t want to rule out the possibility of Kisame getting some similar treatment. For all we know, Samehada might save him with all that chakra it has stored.

  5. Man, the fight between Killerbee and Kisame was ended like complete crap.
    The shark was about to land the final blow on the bee and his weapon conveniently turned on him. Give me a break!!!

  6. Sai will most likely tell Naruto the truth of disposing Sasuke. Before you make conclusions about what Sakura’s motivations are, you’ve got to realize that in chapter 451, Kiba was referring to Danzou giving permission to take out Sasuke. This has nothing to do with the “truth” that Shikamaru told Sakura that even the rookies were going with Danzou’s decision, that essentially the entire village was against Naruto on this issue.

    There’s a difference between Danzou giving permission and the rookies deciding on their own to go against Naruto.

  7. Mino, Mark:
    The unwritten rule/understanding around here according to Omni is that once something has aired or been released, it’s fair game. We purposely refrain from showing/talking about anything we know might be coming up, which we consider to be real spoilers.

    Anyway, your concerns can be said about screencaps for an episode on the front page, but unless you know exactly what’s happening, I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s more of a teaser preview. For manga posts, we already hide the text so you don’t inadvertently read something you don’t want to.

  8. lol samehada save kisame? i dont kno if u noticed but by the end of the chapter that sword was hugging bee on one of the pages haha. i think kisame is dead becuz IMO naruto is on its final arc and i think the author is starting to close loose ends before the final epic battle against the death star….i mean the moon

  9. okay, I know now….

    When Pain revived everyone way back when he also revived that old lady from the sand village who revived gaara, and then that old lady went and revived sasori who defected to the back to the akatsuki again and went and sewed kisame’s head back on with his special puppet string…….

  10. Kisame died to quickly! I liked him! I like Raikage and Killer Bee too, but I wanted a longer fight.

    But if this means quicker Sasuke/Sakura action. Heh! I’ll take it. LOL I don’t really know what Sakura is thinking at this point, and if she’s seriously going after Sasuke to fight him. (or find out his reasons for joining Akatsuki, since she got a teeny hint that he has a good reason from Naruto before Kakashi cut him off)

    The thing Sai is likely to tell Naruto is the rookie’s decision to kill Sasuke?

  11. Kisame is so not dead. After finding Samehada so lame, I hope he does something to redeem himself. An Akatsuki to said to have the most chakra shouldn’t be taken out with a head chop from those guys. It will be interesting [Maybe] to see what he does. It would be a good way to let their guards down so he can take Bee out. — As far as everything else, Choujiro is the only one out of everyone else that holds my interest, I want to see a swordsman of the Mist with something good, for a change. How I miss Zabuza. — Sakura’s confession was at a horrible time, which is why Yamato was rather angry about it all. I’m very glad Naruto turned her down, since she’s always been horribly stupid, not seeing someone that cared about her all along, and going after the emo loner boy that hates his own life and everyone around him. Naruto deserves Hinata, but since he hasn’t ever had a chance to even talk to her about her confession when fighting Pein, then I doubt he will ever do so, which is a shot in the leg on a prefectly good pairing, in my opinion. — Sasuke will be fine, he can do anything, didn’t you know that?

  12. i dont kisame is dead either. He finished whatever jutsu he was doing. I bet he did something he learned from Hidan that Immortal that is just a head now. Kisame will bide his time and come back. He deserves an epic finish like Itachi,Pein and the others. Im just glad Naruto didnt show up steal the spotlight. Yes I know the manga is called Naruto. I just like seeing what everyone is capable of doing.

  13. I don’t care about his death or how this guy died. I’m so pissed though about the betrayal of his sword. This is complete BS. Kisame has probably had a lot of battles. How come the damn sword didn’t betray him then? Unbelievable.


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