「Falle ~ひと夏の経験~」 (Hito Natsu no Keiken)
“Trap ~A Summer Experience~”

The “evil Kaede” look is proving to be quite sinister, yet dangerously alluring at the same time. It’s definitely a nice change from her cute airheaded one. Problem is, it doesn’t look like she has some forgivable split personality thing going on — she’s just a huge deceitful bitch. On the plus side, Natsuru lives out THE dream when he’s forced into the women’s public bath by a bunch of attractive girls.

While I had considered the possibility that Shizuku’s been getting close to Natsuru to expose Kaede’s true nature, that doesn’t exactly appear to be the case. Instead, she’s earnestly attracted to him, which evil Kaede tries to exploit by manipulating Natsuru. In return for removing a nuisance of hers, Kaede promises to do anything for Natsuru (something he probably can’t turn down even if he wasn’t being brainwashed). It turns out that Natsuru has no memory of what happens when he slips in and out of his normal consciousness, so he ends up doing Kaede’s bidding. However, things don’t go quite according to plan when Shizuku’s kiss frees Natsuru’s mind momentarily and she learns he’s only acting in accordance to Kaede’s orders. Thus ends their first sexual experience as Shizuku knocks out Natsuru.

Where things go from here with Kaede and her white Kampfer (who have that sexy off-the-shoulder yukata look going on) isn’t entirely clear but you can probably expect an all out clash in the near future. The preview indicates so anyway, with Natsuru looking like he’s going to end up on the wrong side of things. Going back to the possibility that Kaede’s being controlled or has some sort of split personality, I find it somewhat unlikely after seeing her tell Shizuku she should’ve thrown away her pride and just slept with Natsuru, then instantly switch back to her “innocent” self.


After the huge cliffhanger they left off on last week, I was dying to see what’s up with evil Kaede. Much to my surprise, they delivered in that regard admist a lot of other things going on. This includes Akane’s drowsy self mistaking Shizuku as Natsuru and pulling her in for a kiss, which our prez would’ve been okay with. Girl-on-girl lip-locking action? I’d be so down for that. Funny thing is, Akane is too after convincing herself that it would count as an indirect kiss with Natsuru. Thanks to Mikoto, all she got was Seppuku Kuro Usagi instead, who got some trash bin treatment for her troubles. To contrast the laughs, they had some pretty cute scenes with Shizuku admitting she’s never been proud of her looks and shying away. That was a pretty good way of getting Mikoto to stop saying Shizuku should go after better looking guys and leave a guy like Natsuru to her. According to Mikoto, she can’t afford to let her chances slip anymore than they already have. All Akane had to flaunt against the powerhouse prez’s kisses and the childhood friend’s memories is that Natsuru said she’s her type. As usual, pretty hilarious watching them fight over Natsuru.

Other than that, the public bath fan-service was completely unexpected but a very, very pleasant addition. Here’s to hoping for an excellent DVD release as Mikoto was confidently baring it all, Akane and her were giving us some tasteful ass shots, and Natsuru was getting stripped and groped (by Akane too!). The most absurd thing of all? The girls were fighting over letting Natsuru see them naked. Akane in particular wanted to step up after he turned down kissing her. If only she took the forceful Shizuku approach and shoved him over when they were alone together (annoying Messengers notwithstanding). Amazingly enough, the bath scene pales in comparison to Natsuru forcing himself upon Shizuku and her allowing it. She even gave a small whimper of pleasure after placing Naturu’s hand over her bare breast. That scene was pretty “classy” fan-service, but ended prematurely after Shizuku realized he was only acting on Kaede’s orders and stopped his advances. While somewhat disappointing, the producers were probably thinking ahead. The anime community probably couldn’t have handled Shizuku undoing her yukata there… oh wait, or is that me?


* My initial thought was that Kaede was purposely messing with Shizuku at the end, because her personality changes don’t appear to be happening randomly. If there was some indication that evil Kaede can come and go as she pleases, I’d be more inclined to believe she’s schizophrenic.




  1. anon:
    I brought this up before, but signs point to her being a Moderator. Plain and simple. Aside from motives they have yet to divulge, I don’t think there’s much worth debating over. The split personality thing was an interesting idea though, hence why I mentioned it.

  2. Can’t anyone figure out by now that Natsuru’s gonna end up with his right hand (or a dildo) 😛 OK, I couldn’t help myself. That’s just how tired I am of this show. But that doesn’t mean its bad. Its great as the novels, but the anime isn’t even annoying anymore – its just a softcore. I’m glad its only 1 cour for now. But even so, I want to know how they’ll end the anime – even if its just the prelude to a 2nd season.

  3. Oh please let Kaede die…die Kaede…DIE!!!…just skip the torture and go with a nice quick none-dramatic death…she wore out her welcome way too early in the series anyway. God, I really want a Shizuku ending – she never seizes to amaze me (and damn if only I could find a girl like her…meeting romantically with a dramatic fight to the death then pushed around like a personal toy and then the sexual teasing…oh lord *drool*).

  4. I hope Sakura gets killed in the final episode. If not I hope she disappears forever so she won’t annoyingly pursue female Natsuru (if somehow everyone keeps their kampfer powers). I can’t stand her.

  5. Very cute scene right before the ED: Shizuku asking if Natsuru was feeling alright again (after all she knocked him out) and giving him a relieved “yokatta” and a smile when he said yes. And then we see his eyes go wide in shock. I think that he’s beginning to break through Kaede’s mindlock and remembering.

    Since it’s impossible to resolve the backstory AND the current love pentagon, I at least hope for some kind of closure on the latter. My theory: This whole Kaede business is rather about Shizuku than Natsuru. Natsuru is just a convenient tool for her.

  6. Not that I’m really fond of Kaede to want to defend her or anything, but I still don’t quite agree with divine’s dismissal of the split personality theory. Evil Kaede can come out one second taunting Shizuku, and then easily slip back, allowing Airhead Kaede to resume things as usual with her oblivious to what’s going on.

    Evil Kaede not only keeps her own unit of White Kampfers, but from the loose yukatas they’re wearing, they seem to be serving as her personal lesbo harem as well.

    Female Natsuru sure makes some really cute moans when being violated by the girls. lol

    Mega phwoar goes to brainwashed Natsuru on top of Shizuku. Words cannot describe how hawt all that action is.

    When Akane offered to kiss Natsuru as well, the Messengers sure do know how to ruin the mood by asking them to turn on the TV to see what’s on. XD

    PS Wow that Wildcat girl in the Eyecatch sure is hot. (She’s voiced by Mizuki Nana after all)

    Kinny Riddle
  7. @Divine: So Sakura’s greatest obstacle or nuisance to her is Shizuku then? Though I understand that seeing as Shizuku is the strongest Kampfer IMO so far and she is the smartest as well (a deadly combination). But what I dont get is I initially thought that she was jealous or pissed off at Shizuku for being so close to Natsuru in the last episode that she forced him to come with her to watch the fireworks. So I get that she’s manipulating him to somehow get rid of Shizuku, but I expected that Sakura would order Natsuru to fight Shizuku. So I don’t get how Sakura plans to get rid of Shizuku by just letting Natsuru sleep with her. I dont really think this would stop Shizuku at all, hell it would even make her really angry to know that Natsuru was manipulated by Sakura.

  8. @Divine: I forgot to mention about it, but I disagree with your statement “In return for removing a nuisance of hers, Kaede promises to do anything for Natsuru, something he probably can’t turn down even if he wasn’t being brainwashed.” The reason why is that in the novels,
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. ohhh man, a scene of Natsuru nearly getting lucky with Shizuku(even though he was under Sakura’s control) next a bathing scene full of acts that should not have been done(uncensored version please!) this episode rocks!

    Would anyone agree with me if Natsuru and Shizuku “getting it on” in this epi while Natsuru were to be in the female form will thrump anything this anime has thrown us thus far?

    Ps: anyone know of a second season?

  10. Kinny Riddle:
    I didn’t want to dismiss it completely, so I merely stated that I felt it’s unlikely. I thought she was purposely messing with Shizuku there, but I agree it could be seen like she did it unknowingly. In the split personality idea’s defense, it would explain why Kaede’s been able to put up such a good act thus far.

    Maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words. When I said “removing a nuisance” I didn’t mean to imply killing Shizuku. What I was referring to was that Kaede wants Natsuru to keep Shizuku “preoccupied” so that she doesn’t watch over her actions so closely. The way I see it, Kaede’s aware that Shizuku’s on to her and wants to shake her off. As for the line on being brainwashed, that was my inner comedic thinking.

  11. Kaede sending Natsuru after Shizuku like that reminded me of Mai Otome, where they needed to remain virgins in order to keep their powers. It would have eliminated a team member of both colours if it worked like that.

    I absolutely loved the way Shizuku’s rejection of Natsuru was handled, right in character. A strong willed girl unwilling to give up her pride is quite sexy, if I do say so myself.

    I’m almost looking forward to the next episode of Kampfer more than Darker Than Black II.

  12. Now that was interesting… Dark Sakura’s brainwashing is broken by Shizuku’s kiss? Maybe there’s some hope for a Shizuku ending.
    I just hope Natsuru will quickly snap out of this brainwashing thing, because I don’t want to see another “Please kill me, I can’t stop myself” scene. (thank goodness it’s almost impossible to happen in this show)
    Ps.: Evil Kaede is really evil, but at least she’s not as creepy as Yuka…

  13. Looks like Natsuru gets a slap or two next episode, which he really deserves, although I just can’t help feeling sorry for all these wimpy harem leads created by writers, made dense to an unbelievable degree, then woken up by a hot slap.

    I cringe every time and run away from harem shows because of this.

  14. I wonder if it was necessary to expend 8 eps of Natsuru’s lack of… everything to get things finally running up. The last 2 eps made Shizuku the real lead of Kämpfer, making Natsuru only a mean to reach the Moderator (aka The Evil Bitch tm) For what I reseach in the novels, the series is almost up to it (11 novels), so there’s no much of story per-se until the end. Why a novel with almost no plot can run that far and also have an anime adaptation is a mystery itself.

    As for the cast, The Evil Bitch tm deserves to be fried by an angry Natsuru or in the best case scenario, Akane and Mikoto will turn her into mincemeat, and Shizuku just made clear that she has feelings like a normal person: she wants male Natsuru to like/love her, and I belive we all can live with that.

  15. “this story is …. just a top away from becoming a pron show”
    I would classify this rather as a highly ecchi show. Kanokon, on the other hand, would fit that statement perfectly.

  16. Kanokon was heavy on the ecchi stuff but nowhere near hentai material… Now Aki Sora? If they are stay true to the manga, they will run into issues… I mean we are talking about a guy who screw his big sister, his twin sister, goes to an orgy with a classmate etc etc… The censorship will be heavy on that one.

    Back to the main topic: I’m looking forward to next week episode.

  17. Shizuku impresses again! She discusses firsts while encouraging Natsuru’s advances, and when she finds out he’s being controlled, she kicks Natsuru’s ass in 2 hits, shows she cares by that kiss on the cheek while he’s out cold, and then makes sure he’s okay later. The bath scene was ridiculous but funny as hell, sound effects and all! Kaede, again, is the bitch everyone needs to take turns slapping.

  18. Sakura really was creepy this episode. Someone mentioned that she reminded them of a bible black character last week. And I agree with that statement now. The firework scene is what changed my mind. She was really manipulative.

  19. i actually like sakura. i admit that i find her the most attractive. hm so it wasnt because she was an astonishing actor after all. it might be some evil moderator thing possessing her. who knows, she might turn out to have a role of damsel in distress. there might be a chance that those white kampfers are just her pawns, not taking part in the kampfer battle. evil sakura is probably manipulating natsuru to stir things up between the red and blue side.

  20. As much as I want Natsuru to end up with Shizuku, most likely due to harem anime he will unfortunately end up with Kaede probably (after they beat out her second personality or some shit they will pull out of their asses) In these types of anime the other girls never get to win 🙁

  21. Linzermaster:
    Odd how “obviously evil” isn’t as scary as “potentially crazy” huh?

    Aside from showing nipples from clothes getting torn up and the occasional scene with girls groping one another, Queen’s Blade surprisingly has plot and character development. They’re not revolutionary by any means, but provide enough substance to constitute a “normal” show even if you removed all the fan-service. i.e. It’s pretty far from being straight up hentai just like Kampfer.

    Haha, good point. How’d she get out of the trash bin? That’s some good anime continuity failure.

  22. Well I took a deep breath; after re-analyzing the series as a whole Kampfer is the story of Shizuku vs evil Keade and/or evil manipulator. The producer trolled us into focusing in Natsuru for the sex bending aspect. But is Shizuku the real leader and plot mover. Hopefuly we get a second season with a full focus in her and how see finds love.

    Island Esper
  23. @Spec at 10:50 am on December 4th, 2009
    ” hey i noticed somthing… seppuku rabbit kissed akane earlier part of the ep how did he went back to the clothesline?”.

    Been wondering about that too, as far as I am concern only natsuru and Akane has the key to their room so how did the rabbit got out then back in on the clothesline. That was just out of order in the episode. If mikoto took the rabbit down from there then I doubt she wold went back and hang it back up after the scene, just don’t make much sense.

    Now for the plot, I would say Kaede is under control from the moderator or split personality rather than her being truly evil, why? the answer is quite obvious Kaede is in love with female natsuru, for her to be the moderator or evil she must have known that male/female natsuru is the same person.
    So whats the point of making male natsuru fall in love with Shizuku, if the male natsuru actually fall in love with Shizuku then I would think the female side would too cause is same person. So in the end isn’t that kind of ruin her chance to hook up with female natsuru herself.

  24. Tom:
    The point would be that it’s all a really well played ploy so that no one would ever suspect her. Even now, it’s not entirely clear since the character who has the best idea of what’s going on (Shizuku) isn’t even sure what the deal is with Kaede.

    That’s just the flip side of things anyway. I don’t mean to try and cast it off as some undisputed truth. In actuality, all this discussion over split personalities has me heavily weighing in the possibility again. Seeing as they need to conclude the anime in some way (and axing off Kaede isn’t really an option), they could very well have Natsuru and the others “saving” Kaede from the real enemy (whoever that may be). In any case, I’ll be sure to revisit this topic next week.

  25. Pfff. asdf has no idea whatsoever how this thing is going to end, because we’re going to catch up with the novels in ep11. So do us a favor and stop talking as if you knew what was going to happen.

  26. I think the series already passed the novels a few episodes ago, but then again i’m not 100% on that.

    Anyway, it looks like this series has taken yet another turn towards something else. Hopefully it get back to the original plot at some point.

    [i]Tidbit: Kaede – means Maple in English. [/i]

  27. Sad thing is even if they do catch up to the novel, there are so much material they skip, filler or not some of the material are still very entertaining.
    I mean a normal 12 episode anime is only equal to around 3-4 novel so for a 13 novel series, Kampfer anime had skip like 9 novel of material, sad really.

  28. Huh…. Evil Kaede has her own harem. Never thought I’d say that, but I’m still not sure what it has to do with Natsuru. I wonder why she wants to screw with Shizuku for the lulz or some bigger plan.

  29. hmm i tried reading the manga some part of there are missing, i guess it has a different story line.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    anyways i still like the anime than the manga and wait what will happen next.

    hope shizuku wont end up with natsuru because she’ll end up with me 😀 just kidding.. haha :p

  30. For some reason Natsuru is important.
    And for some reason Shizuku is so in love with him, that she is willing to do anything he wants with her…
    After she knocked him out I found it funny that she said, that she might had let a chance go by…a chance to have sex with him..
    It seems that in the next episode theres more natsuru/shizuru action( hug & more)

  31. “Looks like Kaede truly is an obsessed yuri. Her collection of dolls were just a tool for to gain a collection of girls ”

    i really have to agree with you on that one. i mean it even transforms a guy into a girl!
    truely a weapon of mass seduction

  32. What hell? Did Shizuku really say “I don’t want you to fu… me just because s.o. ordered you to” or were the fansubbers just being creative?
    A little earlier you see the stuffed animals listening to Shizuku talking dirty to Natsuru. It wouldn’t surprised me if the DVD version replaced the animals with more revealing scenes of Shizuku. 😀

  33. balckfox:
    You mean entertaining, somewhat ecchi, harem anime?

    I’d recommend checking out Love Hina, Asu no Yoichi!, Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!, and Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun if you haven’t seen them already. There’s also the old school DNA^2, which I liked a lot back in the day.

    I find that Kampfer and SoraOto are doing this genre really well though, so it might be hard to match up to them. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I felt SoraOto has potential to be Golden Boy-level if they pushed the boundaries a bit more.

  34. bobara: Even though I’m a bit doubtful about the editing choice of “fuck” (I’e have gone with “sleep/have sex with” – Shizuku generally doesn’t use coarse language), the meaning was indeed like this.

  35. bobara:
    As Mentar pointed out, Shizuku speaks fairly properly — a nuance of her character that’s kind of lost in translation. She didn’t say “fuck” there, so that was a bit of translation liberty on the fansub’s part. It’s not too far off though, as 「抱かれたくない」 means “don’t want to embrace/sleep with”. There are just much lewder ways to say it.

    Justin Olbrantz (Quantam):
    Yeah I agree. It’s just one of the few harem anime out there that I wouldn’t really hesitate to recommend because it has something more to offer. Keitarou does find himself on the receiving end of perverted mishaps now and then (though not to the same degree), plus Naru was Horie Yui’s first big role, so it quickly came to mind.

    As mentioned above, that’s the human form of Kanden Yamaneko, Mizuki Nana’s Messenger character.

    You’re welcome. I’d really recommend Asu no Yoichi! first if you’re looking for something along the lines of Kampfer/SoraOto.

    That definitely seems to be the case amongst readers here. With how the story’s been going in SoraOto for the the last couple of episodes, I thought for sure it’d be well-received, but it still isn’t nearly as popular as Kampfer amongst readers. It makes me kind of sad since I love that show as well. :\

    While I’m happy about the buzz around Kampfer since I was eyeing the series well in advance, SoraOto was a bit of a sleeper to me so I was hoping to give it more exposure and share the “greatness” I found.

  36. Thanks, Mentar & divine. I knew that something was wrong with “f*ck”. I prefer the literal translation “don’t want to sleep with” which fits Shizuku’s character much better.

    I have yet to watch the latest two eps of SoraOto. I hope they’re worth the watch. While the ecchi has been pretty good so far, I am still waiting for the dramatic/serious story every manga reader is talking about.

  37. i have also seen Asu no Yoichi! and while i liked it i like these way better. SoraOto to me is one the funniest anime i watched. Its right up there with golden boy and Ouran school host club. Kampfer just has a complete different feel to me compared to other anime of this genre since Natsuru isn’t a complete pervert or he isn’t always getting beat up for accidental preverted things I feel that joke is used to way much in other animes. i just wished Natsuru wasn’t so dense so we could get a bit father with the romantic side of the show

  38. @divine
    i have also seen Asu no Yoichi! and while i liked it i like these way better. SoraOto to me is one the funniest anime i watched. Its right up there with golden boy and Ouran school host club. Kampfer just has a complete different feel to me compared to other anime of this genre since Natsuru isn’t a complete pervert or he isn’t always getting beat up for accidental preverted things I feel that joke is used to way much in other animes. i just wished Natsuru wasn’t so dense so we could get a bit father with the romantic side of the show

  39. @bobara,
    What Shizuku actually said “meirei nankade dakaretakunai no” is more along the lines of “I don’t want you to embrace me only because you’re under orders” But in that context, the translators took it a step further, which can also be translated as “I don’t want you to f* me” but everyone’s right, Shizuku’s not the type to swear… then again… she wasn’t really the type to talk dirty either… so who knows… maybe?

    IMO… well.. I’m a girl, so… IMO… Natsuru’s actually a pretty okay guy. Not on par with the bishies from Shoujo Mangas/Animes of course, but he’s got his own good points. And is pretty fairly looking as well, boyish looks, and his loyalties are barely swayed unless under mind control… at least from what I see. At least he’s not one of those useless main Guy characters I’ve seen around so much lately I’m getting sick of them. I don’t read the novels so… yeah…

    To me, in that final scene where Shizuku asks Natsuru if he’s alright the next day and Natsuru’s eyes growing wide with surprise makes me think that perhaps Natsuru is FINALLY starting to come around the fact that Shizuku actually does earnestly like him. It seems that way to me… Or maybe it’s just me… ^^

    Honestly, I doubt there will be a second season… Things seem to be wrapping up nicely so far, despite the number of novels the creators must have skipped, the story plot of the Anime never felt rushed at all. In fact, I’d say it would go right up there with my list of ‘Top Favorite Animes’ I’m looking forward to the DVD Releases myself. Although, high chances are that I wouldn’t be able to buy them yet… I hope they’d also release a Complete Collections DVD Box set with Extras and stuff. I think everyone would like that? no? Who knows, they might even include a few theatre omake things or even deleted scenes? *hopes*

    Well, Next episode we get to see a battle between Sakura vs Blue&Red Kampfers, namely her ‘Friends’. I’ll look forward to it…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  40. gcsasuke:
    That’s Kandan Yamaneko, or at least what she ‘would’ look like in girl form… Shizuku’s Electrocuted Lynx Plushie to be exact.

    On a side note, I agree with everyone else, Sakura seems to have her own Lesbian Harem thing going on… and she still wants Natsuru… sigh… Come to your senses soon Natsuru…

  41. I think Kaede is a classic dual personality, one the clueless ditz, the other an aggressive mastermind behind this whole kampfer fight. The story would have a different bent if Natsuru wasn’t in love with the girl, but you would think after seeing what an aggressive lesbian (borderline rapist in fact) that she is, he would give up on her and settle for one of the girls who clearly like the male version of him. Oh well, it’s anime, it doesn’t have to make sense.

  42. Don’t know if anyone realized, but there was a subtitling error? Translation Error to be exact…

    Just before Shizuku let’s Natsuru touch her breast directly, She said “I see. You’ve taken another one of my first.” When in actual fact, it’s the other way around.

    “sou, mata anata no hajimete wo morachatta mitai ne?”

    Direct Translation: “I see, Another one of your firsts has been taken.”

    Since before that Natsuru said “I’ve never touched them before”

    … Well, in any case, I hope gg would release a ‘v2’ for some of the episodes, subtitle changes and most especially for ep9 one that IS encoded properly… I don’t mind much really, but there are times I prefer to be able to skip the opening and endings properly…

  43. Z:
    You could always use mkvextract to demux their release, a text editor to modify the subtitles and chapters, then mkvmerge to remux everything back together. It’s actually not too difficult to do, so if it really bugs you, I suggest giving that a go.

  44. I’m not an editor type person. We’d most likely just wait for a possible v2 release or leave it be. plus, it’s not like I have a big issue with it, sometimes I’ll just watch the whole thing RAW… just for the heck of it. But gg subs are pretty much up there with the good ones.


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