Sawako’s training with Kazehaya has paid off, and she’s actually able to practice with the other girls for the athletic festival. She also runs into Kurumi afterward, and the two have a friendly conversation that culminates in Kurumi complimenting Sawako about looking like a doll. Sawako later sees Kurumi talking with Kazehaya in the hallway, and Sawako gets the idea to use Kurumi as a role model. In particular, she admires the quality of Kurumi’s hair and talks to Ayane and Chizuru about changing her own hairstyle. They object to the idea though and convince her to stay as she is, and Sawako realizes that she’s envious of how cute Kurumi is. The three girls decide to practice some more for the festival, and while waiting for Ayane and Chizuru to get a ball, Sawako sees Kazehaya being as popular as always. In the process, she overhears him refer to Kurumi by her given name, and this reminds her of how he wasn’t able to do the same towards her earlier that day while being teased by Ayane. This causes an unfamiliar feeling inside of her, and while she’s trying to deal with this, Kazehaya walks over to talk to her. He decides to try to call her by her given name again, but he’s interrupted by the arrival of Kurumi, so he stops himself. Sawako’s own concern over Kazehaya takes a backseat to her surprise when Kurumi calls the two of them friends.


I spent most of this episode hissing whenever Kurumi was on-screen. Despite her the portrayal of her this episode as very friendly, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t like Kazehaya and Sawako together (that shot of her eyes from last episode is the most obvious clue of her true intentions), and so I’m basically pegging her as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It doesn’t help her case any when she interrupts such a critical moment between Kazehaya and Sawako, and I’m just waiting for her to backstab Sawako. On the other hand, these past few episodes have caused me to really appreciate Ayane and Chizuru’s characters. When the two main characters are sort of dense and slow at engaging each other, it’s great to see those two helping move things along. And plus they make for some very good comedic relief, like in the hilarious hair scene this episode. Maybe they’ll be the ones who will finally expose Kurumi too, though I imagine Kurumi’s act will go on for a while longer.


  1. I was on stress every time Kurumi was on screen. I said it before “divide and conquer” she was oh so friendly bulls… I was waiting for the backstabbing any moment. The only thing I enjoyed was double Y’s (Yano & Yoshida ) visualizing Sawako hair do. They are truly friend and will uncover Kurumi plot. I hope she dies an horrible death like Saiko.

    Island Esper
  2. Kimi ni Todoke, I dub thee “The Yano and Yoshida Show.” When I saw the latter about to hammer-throw a desk in the preview, I said to myself, “I have no idea what is going on there, but I’m certain that it will be the highlight of my day this time next week!”

  3. ya lo vi, muy interesante e intrigante la forma de Kurumi para hacercarse a Sawako, su arma es la inocencia aunque quien sabe la verdad que es lo que va hacer mas adelante, mientras Sawako a primera vista le agradó mucho kurumi, espero ver los próximos episodios

  4. I will expect Yano and Yoshida to crush Kurumi sooner or later. Of course that won’t happen til after Kurumi does some real back stabbing thing to try and sabatoge Sawako/Kazehaya’s slowly moving towards romantic relationship.

  5. Man these kids are corny, even Kurumi – she’s my type anyway 😀 I really find Kurumi’s silent evil moe as hell. Jealousy is so damn cute. I need to stop these silly all-nighters soon.

    But srsly, Kurumi really doesn’t need to do anything to interfere with those 2. They do more than enough of that themselves, especially Sawako…voodoo doll, BAWHAAHAHAHAHAA

  6. actually, it wasn’t just kurumi who called sawako a voodoo doll. even yano-chin and chizu thought the same thing. in any case, the next few episodes are probably gonna get on my nerves with all the fakeness oozing out of kurumi.

    i seriously hope they’re able to follow the manga as closely and as much as possible.
    lots more great scenes at the later parts everyone!

  7. the only part that make me laugh so loud is when Ryu spell wrongly about Sawako’s name, man, he’s funny!!! But i didn’t really enjoy all the long and awkward moment between Kazehaya and Sawako….

  8. Kurumi is the female version of Light Yagami…. Touta Matsuda – Sawako won’t figure it out until the later. Well Kurumi should be aware that Ryu and company knows a lot about her true personality that Sawako should watch out for only to be defended by Sawako herself.

  9. @ Cherubim

    Kurumi didn’t call Sawako a voodoo doll, but was complimenting her by saying she’s pretty like a doll. Of course, Kurumi’s just saying that to make so Sawako thinks she’s nice and stuff.

  10. Why is it that in this kind of story, if the main character gains a rival in love, that rival will inevitably turn out to be a complete bitch? I was actually hoping that would be a serious competitor, and not just a cardboard cutout of evilness to show that yes, Kazehaya does indeed love Sawako more than anybody, and will not fall for the charms of some baaad blond witch.

  11. Loving the series.
    Still not decided on Kurumi though.
    She’s cute and everything and seems nice, but is it actually just a front, where her true feelings are that of jealousy and hate? Most likely, but like the above poster said, I’d like to think she has some good qualities to make her a serious contender for Kazehaya’s affection, rather than just being an obstacle between him and Sawako.

  12. I’ve been reading the manga and Kurumi is definately the wolf in sheep’s clothing, prepare for drama, since Sawako is so pathologically naive she would never consider that Kurumi is not what she is portraying herself to be until it comes back and bites her.


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