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  1. Next chapter should set up for something interesting I think. Danzo vs Madara? I hope Danzo is able to put up a good fight against him (although I think it’s pretty obvious that Danzo won’t kill Madara; Madara Should win or maybe a stalemate at best) Also LOL at Sakura even having the thought of killing Sasuke on her own, does she think she will be able to talk reason into him or what rofl. I predict she gets owned hard

  2. I like some of the faces Naruto and Kakashi were making while Sai was telling them about the whole thing. Naruto was like “uh huh… right… sure I believe you” and Kakashi was like “when will this end?”

  3. “Speaking of which, is anyone else a bit turned off by how stealing eyeballs and limbs is the “cool” way of powering up in this series? Whatever happened to promoting inner strength and doing things with your own abilities to young kids?”

    Nah only noobs do it the real way lol. 😛

  4. Sakura is gonna get her obnoxious little ass kicked.

    Also, am I alone in that I don’t want Sasuke to die? As interesting as it would be to have a main character be forced to put down his evil best friend, I’d hate that and I’m hoping that if Naruto can solve what would’ve been a really damn big problem with Nagato by using words, he can also get Sasuke to stop being such an asshole.

    Besides, I am a fan of blind Sasuke.

  5. Kishimoto lurves Sasuke too much to kill him off.

    Inner strength has its limitations. If you weren’t born with it you might as well steal it. Come on kids, everyone’s doing it.

  6. tb fair though sakuras really more of an extra now !!! shes like Jack bauers daughter in the first few seasons of 24: ‘Jack the terrorists are planning to launch a WMD oh and btw your daughters been missing for the last half hour but you can fix that whenever!’

  7. We all know Sakura would die if she faced Sasuke, simply because she has no arsenal of awesome stuff.
    I pretty excited. Sakura’s not exactly important. As WingZeroZXT stated before, she’s more of an extra now. Therefore, easier to kill off.
    The manga is taking a turn for THE BETTER. I am actually excited for next week.

  8. This chapter pleased me greatly. Sasuke has spat on every chance of redemption he’s been offered and has reacted with the utmost hostility and intolerable angst. Not to mention as a character he has decayed greatly, you can imagine how great it is to hear that 99% of the cast wants him dead now. I was also glad that Kishimoto really reinforced that Sakura loves Sasuke and not Naruto. Always been a Naruto x Hinata fan.

  9. I’d like to think Sakura has a chance at Sasuke myself; no, not killing him of course, I mean some kind of emotional reversal. Who knows how Sasuke will react to the prospect of fighting Sakura, since he still seems to hold some fond memories of her (perhaps even more than that), Naruto and Kakashi; remember how in the aftermath of Taka’s fight with Bee, he looked upon his team and compared them to Team Kakashi?

    On Kakashi becoming Hokage, for some reason I get the feeling that A.) Danzo will weasel his way out of his just desserts, perhaps by teaming up with Madara (again?), and retain the position, or B.) Kakashi will pass it down to Naruto. I admit most of my suspicions for the latter comes from the chapter’s title, “Hokage’s Resolution”; if that’s any indication, then Naruto will declare his final intent toward Sasuke (more than likely continuing to try and redeem him, but not before kicking his emo a**) and Kakashi will suggest him for being the Seventh.

    As for power ups from bodyparts, I’m not really annoyed at that, since very few ninja upgrade in that sort of way. Off the top of my head, the only ones I can think of are Kakashi, Orochimaru, Ao and Danzo here. One thing I am a little annoyed at, however, is Naruto’s lack of variation when it comes to his jutsu; just how much longer before he learns true Wind Jutsu (or perhaps even upgrading it to his own specialty element)? I’m getting tired of the Kage Bushin and Rasengan spamming, along with his having to use the former constantly to make the latter (you’d think he would have learned how to manipulate his chakra better by now).

  10. Sakura is likely gonna end up fatally injured or possibly even dying, depending on how the Japanese readers favor her. Personally, I say kill her. It’s the final thing keeping Naruto and Sasuke’s bond together and for him to witness her death, like how he thought Hinata had died, would be the perfect “point of no return” for them.

    Plus, Sakura has reached the end of her growth. She hasn’t really grown and just put on a facade the same way Tsunade uses drinking and gambling to hide behind the fact that everyone that she has loved is gone.

    Sakura is gonna end up like Tsunade. Living in the past while not noticing what’s there in front of her until it’s too late. Either by dying herself, Naruto and/or Sasuke dying, or Naruto and/or Sasuke rejecting her and moving on with their lives.

    When it comes to Naruto, he has already vowed and promised Jiraiya, Minato, Nagato, and Konan that he would put an end to the ninja system and end the cycle of hatred that sadly Gaara, the Kages, and the villages represent. So Naruto will attempt to understand Sasuke, like he did Nagato, before acting recklessly.

    Mania Lyssa
  11. @Nellie
    Lol, all the cool kids steal eyes and arms.

    Kakashi always seemed like a Jounin to me, but not Hokage material. Plus, he’s got the whole side effect of the Sharingan. Naruto’s chance to step up then?

    I honestly thought Gaara was going to confess.

  12. “Speaking of which, is anyone else a bit turned off by how stealing eyeballs and limbs is the “cool” way of powering up in this series? Whatever happened to promoting inner strength and doing things with your own abilities to young kids?”

    That’s what makes Naruto such a badass. While everyone else is relying on their stolen and inherited talents,

    Sasuke(<–absorbed Orichimaru)/Itachi/Madara – Sharingan
    Neji – Byakugan

    Naruto just whoops ass with his own power that he gained through hard work and determination. Yea I know the ninetails is still there, but that’s just a backup, and if my guess is right, the Akatsuki will eventually get it anyways.

  13. It would be a fitting end if Sakura dies at the hands of Sasuke. I think her story has finally come to an end. The only thing that worry me is that she is going to get someone else killed, like kiba or lee.

  14. Meh:
    I agree, the Tajuu Kage Bunshin and Rasengan spamming is getting really really old. That’s one thing I hate about the anime fillers. They can’t add any new material that would upset what Kishimoto has planned, so it became a Kage Bunshin/Rasengan spamfest whenever Naruto was involved.

    As for the manga, I’d like to see Naruto be more tactful with his wind chakra too, but they keep pushing his brute force image.

  15. I’d spam Kage Bushin, Rasengan, Futon Rasengan, and Futon Rasenshuriken too if I had damn near limitless chakra, absurd self-healing abilities, and natural energy to fall back on. He just needs to learn the 4th’s teleportation jutsu then its gg on the pure hax train.

    So Very Odd
  16. @pw3age

    i also cant really see kakashi as a hokage but i think hes the one most fit for the job rite now. He’s a quick thinker, extremely skilled ninja, and although he acts laidback he’s extremely reliable. Naruto on the other hand has taken 100’s of chapters to make one decision that will impact the entire ninja world (still hasnt decided actually). So naruto IMO doesnt have what it takes to be a hokage yet but hes definately on his way

  17. What the hell gives Sakura or any one other than Naruto the thought that they are capable of taking on Sasuke? Hello, Sasuke destroyed Orochimaru–the one that killed the Kage and devastated Konoha. Sasuke killed a legendary Sanin, and the only other person who has demonstrated that level of power is Naruto by defeating pain who defeated Jeraiah.

    If I were Naruto (and therefore this were an entirely different manga in attitude) I’d have said “Okay, but before you go can you please dig yourselves some graves so I don’t have the trouble when I have to bury you.”

  18. divine:
    At the very least he still has potential upgrades to alleviate the aforementioned problems: Itachi’s final gift to him for redeeming Sasuke (which I hope to God are transferred jutsu like he did with Sasuke) and the remainder of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra that scroll told is supposed to unlock.

    I think the thing that bothers me about it the most is in spite of what was said at the end of the Invasion Kanoha arc (in which someone claimed Naruto had possibly surpassed Sasuke), Naruto still feels subpar when compared to Sasuke’s power development. Naruto only uses Wind Jutsu (barely), Sasuke can use Fire, Lightning and his own personal Blaze Jutsus. Naruto has the Rasenshuriken as his top technique, Sasuke has the Kirin. Naruto has Sage Mode, Sasuke has Mangekyo Sharingan, in which one technique alone (Susanoo) would be a superior contender. Really, if Naruto wants to take Sasuke on again, he really needs a boost in power, as simple brute force and Kage Bushin tactics won’t work the way they did with Nagato (and even then it barely worked).

  19. Just from that screenshot alone, I think I see the caption: “Naruto, I’ve always loved you.” (Much to the excitement of yaoi fangirls everywhere, except the Sasuke x Naruto ones)

    Kinny Riddle
  20. While it’s true that Sasuke’s got more resilience than a concrete wall, it’s also true that Sakura learned the techniques of Tsunade (including I’m sure, her ability to enhance her strength many times over). While Sasuke’s more likely to win, people shouldn’t be so quick to write her off, as she’s got abilities we’ve yet to see (such as the end result of her apprenticeship).

    Tsunade said it herself that such techniques were necessary so a medical-nin could resist being subdued or incapacitated (and thus being unable to save the rest of the team). And we’ve no idea how a fight between Raikage and Tsunade would go down, she may possess more strength than even he does.

    It’s kind of nice to think that maybe the manga is getting back to the NINJA elements of what Naruto is supposed to be, and moving away from the super freak moments (at least for a little while).

    Abd Al-Azrad
  21. Yeah, lately we’ve seen a lot of people who are strong just because they stole a part or two from someone’s corpse. Guess people these days are too lazy to do train to power up, wouldn’t surprise if kids started integrating strong people’s parts onto themselves.

    On a side note, I’ll be interested to see what this right arm can do. Must be something special if the geezer went through the trouble of stealing it as well as the eye.

  22. How are you sure that danzo his sealed arm is a uchiha arm?
    it could be a hyuuga-arm, or even better, a senju arm…
    Which brings me to the question if any part of his legs had also a power up?

  23. I loved this chapter. More than the usual ones. Naruto is the only one now who still has some hope for Sasuke, i like that. Sakura is dumb, she WANTS to kill Sasuke, but is it that hard for her to grasp that she just CAN’T ?

  24. @brooklynOtaku XD wasn’t it supposed to be Sai, or was he rejected? XD

    I just hope Sakura just DIES like srs I’ve wanted that for a long time now, though if Gaara dies then Naruto can go bersek and my beautiful mayhem dream world will become true ^^

    I want Sasuke dead, and while it is true that I do hate him, I just think that his death would actually bring some new flavor to the Manga, not the whole “I’m going after Sasuke” but more “Now we actually have to stop the Ninja war”

  25. Totally true that the war would end if Sasuke and Madara die.
    At least it would save Naruto from having to fight two battles one after another.

    About Sakura deciding to fight Sasuke, I think that this is a big step for her. Ordinarily, I don’t this Sakura would ever think of killing Sasuke to end all the problems that has effected Konoha. But it seems to enhance her character, as she doesn’t want to cause Naruto any more harm, finally realizing that after asking him to take the whole promise on by himself (yes, I know Naruto wants to save Sasuke for his own reasons, but still, what sparked the whole thing was Sakura asking Naruto to bring Sasuke back home). And I wouldn’t count Sakura out in a fight against Sasuke. True, he has more jutsu than her, but I think in terms of physical strength and endurance, Sakura has more of a chance than most are giving her credit for. And like what was stated before, we haven’t really seen the payoff from her training with Tsunade, as she really hasn’t fought much in Part 2.

    Naruto needs to learn the Fourths Flying Thunder God jutsu for major ass kicking. If he’s able to incorporate his Wind chakra, then he’s more deadly than before. Since he’s probably the only character (not counting Madara for the sake of the argument) that has the most chakra available to them, what does it matter if he reuses techniques? True, it would be awesome if he tapped into the full abilities of his Wind element, but from all the training he’s done, he’s pretty epic right now as he is. And he probably hasn’t shown off all the Frog Kata that he’s learned, too. And the whole jutsu that Itachi left in Naruto could help him in the Sasuke/Madara battles, since it could mean that the Sharingan might not work on him, or possibly an unknown Sharingan technique that Itachi found before his death.

    I’m still on the “Sasuke-needs-to-seriously-die-now” group, but I could stand seeing a Sasuke that can’t be a ninja anymore.

    Plus, Naruto should become the Seventh, since most of the village was shocked that he wasn’t nominated in the first place for saving Konoha after Pain was defeated. Not saying that Kakashi shouldn’t be Hokage, as for the war, his quick thinking and abilities are more than enough to qualify him, but I mean after all is said and done, Naruto should lead the village. The kids freaking Konoha/Hokage royalty.

  26. so im guessing danzo had something to do with the uchiha massacre. Madara mentioned not seeing him since that event.Thats probably when he got his lop eyed sharingan. Plus I for one believe Kakashi will make the perfect new Hokage. It would ruin the pattern if Naruto became the Hokage. 4th Hokage super special jutsu dead. 3rd hokage super special justu dead. 5th Hokage super healing jutsu almost dead. Kakashi super copy jutsu almost dead… Naruto..oh True Wind jutsu..messed up hand. Okay so I guess Naruto would be okay. He will probably develop some new technique before facing Sasugay and use a merge Sage-Fox mode against Madara. No matter though Sakura is bout to get her butt handed to her if she dreams of facing Sasuke along. I mean come on girl you could barely handle facing Orochimaru and Sasori and Sasuke is able to pwn them both. Yea this may be her last serenade if Im lucky. Totally want Naruto and Hinata to get together at this point.

  27. Feenix:
    Depends on whether you’re referring to my posts or Omni’s. This one happens to be by me, so does that mean you’re after my hands?

    If so, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re not getting the “Divine Hand” 「ディバインの手」! =P

  28. Seems to me eventually at the end Sasuke will redeem himself and sacrifice his life to protect Konoha or something along those lines. Remember that Itachi imparted a piece of his “power” to Naruto before he died and i think this will be the key to Sasuke’s redemption later on.

  29. It’s about time the storyline kicks in after so long of random dialogs and fighting. As for the outcome…I look forward in seeing what Sakura has in mind exactly and seeing how it fares 😀 Reguardless kudos for Naruto once more for not buying into that false confession.

  30. orochimaru started it with the whole body snatching techniques and even before that Kakashi got his eye implanted. But what comes to my mind is this, if the sharingan is so powerful why did the Uchiha clan become second rate citizens? Anywho I hope to see some more big monster battles from naruto up against some of the other tailed beasts.

    It will be great seeing if Sakura gotten any better (since she’s a pupil of a sannin ). Its her turn to shine now!

  31. Queenie –

    Eh, I know Naruto’s strong the way he is now, but his fighting style’s pretty boring. To me, it would have been like Son Goku sticking with the Kamehameha as his only technique; yes it’s his main one, but he has others so that his fights don’t boil down to only throwing those out against the main bad guys. Plus it doesn’t help that the other Kage levels all have more variation to their jutsus and fighting styles, leaving Naruto as an odd man out of sorts if he were to become Hokage. But as said, he still has room and potential to develop before the story ends.

    And amusingly, I also wondered if Naruto would learn his father’s jutsu and perhaps even advance it further (Flying Wind God Jutsu?).

  32. Yeah i agree Naruto’s fighting capabilities are strong but very boring to watch. Even with sage mode its just him blasting bigger rasegans and shit. I hope they develop his skill set a bit more since hes the main character and make it idk… cooler?

  33. No one seems to have considered the possibility that Sakura will actually change sides and is using the other teams members for the sole purpose of finding Sasuke, after which she joins him. I can see the Sakura-Karin catfights now.

  34. omg wouldn’t it be awesum if sakura died!!!!T^T it would be a dream come true..but the japanese ppl are too stupid to do that so they’re probably gunna make sasuke do sumthin stupid like confess his “undying love for sakura” -.-


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