「Liebste ~初めてのデート~」 (Hajimete no Deeto)
“Dearest One ~First Date~”

Damnit Natsuru, when the hot and sexy student council president invites you out on a date, you don’t ask why, you just do it! There’s no need to convince yourself that it’s camouflage for luring out white Kampfers. It doesn’t matter if she wants you to strip down and jump through flaming hoops; you just do it because she’ll reward you personally. Gah, I’m so jealous!

Oddly enough, things went smoothly from Natsuru’s perspective simply because he didn’t realize it was an actual date Shizuku was after. Thanks to his stupidity and overall denseness, he was pretty nonchalant in a hard-to-get kind of way. This of course works well for strong and confident girls like Shizuku, who enjoy making a project out of their boy toys. It’s the whole, “how can I get this seemingly uncaring guy to love me and want to protect me” type of challenge. For the most part, their date took place at an aquarium before shifting to a picnic lunch prepared by Shizuku. While our prez maintained her calm and complacent composure throughout the day and even initiated on a quite a few occasions, her girlish side came out a fair bit. This includes getting Natsuru to buy her a commemorative gift, being happy that he likes her food, and cozying up against him. Now now, I know she’s the super sexy, sultry, and seductive Shizuku, but she was so cute during those moments. It’s for softsided times like these that make the confident type of girls stand out in my eyes. The best part is that they’ll only show it to you, and only rely on you when they need help.

That said, I actually felt a bit sorry for Shizuku after seeing how much effort she put towards making the date go well. Natsuru was so convinced it was a ploy to lure out white Kampfers and daydreaming about doing all this with Kaede that he wasn’t the least bit receptive to her feelings nor advances. Using her esper-like senses, Shizuku was also well aware that he’d much rather it be Kaede here than her, and tried to make it easier for him by telling him to pretend she’s Kaede. Even then, Natsuru was too dumb to see where she was going with things. (Seriously, what an inconsiderate jerk!) To make things worse, when Shizuku eventually ended up talking about Kampfers, the idea that Kaede might be a Moderator, how she won’t fight the white Kampfers and be a tool, and how she’ll take revenge on the Moderators, freaken Natsuru dozes off and dreams about being popular and kissing other girls. During this time, Shizuku simply watches over him in his sleep, lets him rest on her lap, and steals another kiss, being the caring girl that she is. Ugh, so much angst! Why do all the nice girls flock towards the unappreciative guys?


Okay, the fact that they have me all riled up means they’re doing something right entertainment-wise; however, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the thrashing Mikoto gave Natsuru. I mean, not only did the highly sought after prez invite him out on a date, she also showed him where she lives and was about to invite him in as well! Even with Mikoto kicking his ass, he was still begging Shizuku to clear up the confusion over the date. Well you can call me one happy camper after Shizuku insisted that it was a date and suggested they did a whole a lot “more”. Unfortunately, Natsuru is proving to be quite the lost cause since he doesn’t even understand why Mikoto was in tears at that point. No one other than Kaede my ass!

His saving grace of the episode came at the end, when he managed to cheer up Akane by saying a girl like her is his type (amidst the one-track Sakura Kaede mindset). This led to the yet to be seen Kampfer transformation for Akane, which was mersmerizingly delicious. (All that’s left is Mikoto’s transformation!) Despite falling victim to Natsuru The Player’s ways, it was nice to see Akane in good spirits and forcibly getting him to pledge to her and go on a date. Next time, it looks like we’ll see just that during midsummer, which means SWIMSUITS. Oh hell yeah! To top it off, we have some new faces showing up as well. More white Kampfer? I’d say it’s pretty likely. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this show rocks. Harem anime done right. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

* I’ll get it right this time, I promise. Here‘s the Rika Seppuku Kuro Usagi eyecatch!
(Good god, the seiyuu’s voice is a dead giveaway yet I never bothered to take notice until now. Ha, that was pretty fail on my part. orz)
* Uncensored DVD version for this scene please.




  1. I really don’t get it. First he’s on a date with the prez (damn good!) Then he’s geeting kicked, thrown around, & shot. Is that shit suppose to be funny. Ah, who cares. I would like to kill all those chumps out there giving the male lead such a shitty rep. My list is way too long to know where to start so I’ll just start with Natsuru & work my way down.

    On a lighter note, this will probably be the only episode w/o the female Natsuru…

  2. Perhaps the reason why Shizuku likes Natsuru or has an interest in him is that even after all that, he does not really think much about it and still was thinking of Kaede the whole time. In other words, if she is ever able to get him, he would probably always think about her devotedly.

    On the other hand, if he was not “dense” and go for her right away, she would throw him away like a trash as he is not someone who is exactly loyal if you know what I mean. Therefore, since he’s hard to get even with someone like her, he’s definitely someone who I could say worth it as once you get him, I can be pretty damn sure he’s going to be thinking of me and not be tempted by anyone else.

  3. Oh to add. His devotion is definitely to me a very good thing. However, on the other hand, his devotion is to the freakin Kaede who is annoying as hell. Seriously it really sucks that it has to be her of all people.

  4. I think it’s safe to assume that Shizuku stole another kiss in Natsuru’s sleep, leading to the kiss in his dream, but that girl’s hair (bangs & sides) didn’t quite look like Shizuku’s. Here‘s a brightened up picture. Now compare that to this while noting the ears. Obviously I’m not 100% sure, so that was just a judgment call on my part when I said “other girls”.

  5. This episode reminds me of why I normally dislike harem stuff. There are much better choices available (Shizuku), and yet the protagonist insists on the blandest one.

    Geez, he even made Mikoto cry.

    Mr. Alpha
  6. Oh my god, how can Natsuru be so dumb? He’s getting a date with Shizuku and he can only think about the white kampfers and Kaede… And what’s with the conversation where Shizuku asked why he likes Kaede? Becouse she’ beautiful? Have a good persunality? Oh, that’s gettin ridiculous. This is the first time i got so irritatad becouse of the male lead…

  7. My God I wanted to punch Natsuru in the face. Glad that Mikoto kicked his ass for me. That was satisfying… But really. She was as direct as anyone can be without straight up telling him she liked him (I figure she thought of it but dismissed it because he would have some sort of reason related to Kampfers as to why she did it; no really, he is that stupid). So, she figures if she spends more time with him, hopefully his eyes will turn to him. Not bad. If this was real life, it would probably work. Too bad this is anime. *sob* The scene with Mikoto was awsome. I am still amused by the dialogue. The use of “misunderstanding” the meanings of words in this show is about as clever as I’ve heard. Kudos to the writers :Dv

  8. Yeah I do feel sorry for Shizuku, she really was into him. Mikoto’s thrashing was extremely satisfying, but I doubt Natsuru understands why though.

    You know I don’t understand why Natsuru is still after Kaede. She’s clearly gay! Not that its a bad thing but doesn’t Natsuru understand that sort of thing doesn’t rub of just like that? Not to mention Kaede is really creepy in her advances. I’m surprised she hasn’t started stalking Natsuru.

  9. How in the hell can you feel sorry for those girls. Its their fault for liking such a MFing chump. He isn’t even one of those all-around nice whimpy guys I hate so much. He’s just a chump. Such a dense creature shouldn’t exist. He’s eating the pie while being pie himself, & he doesn’t even know that he’s eating (or even how to eat for that matter). I wanna kill him. Mikoto was WAY too light on him. I would have left him with a few broken bones (mainly in the neck). This show is doing a great job of making me sick…so it must be doing something right 😛

  10. @Hitsugaya_10
    I think they will release the uncensored DVD, to boost the sales. Btw, I wonder how they are going to end the first season in 13 episodes. It seems very likely that we will see the second season of this.

  11. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really sure that Kämpfer will run only for one season. Everybody had been assuming this, but… they’ve been holding back the dark backstory for SO long, it would be strange to introduce it in the remaining 4 eps, particularly since it can’t be resolved anyway. The pacing would make more sense for a 2-season setup.

    So yea, even if it’s only a S1 for now, I’d say it will definitely get a S2. And I hope it’s simply 2 seasons to begin with.

  12. @Ence, Gil,
    How can the girl in eyecatch be Rika? It is clearly the cut-belly black bunny, this:
    and the bunny: https://randomc.net/image/Kampfer/Kampfer%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2032.jpg Its the human version of the bunny.

    this is also the same in episode 6, the girl next to Natsuru in the eyecatch:
    https://randomc.net/image/Kampfer/Kampfer%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2019.jpg is the newly introduced hang dog:
    Now left are the electrified cat the cut-belly tiger.

  13. The Only reason I watch kampfer because of SHIZUKU and yet Natsuru was so dense. I dunno what happen to natsuru brain since he not realize it was a real date 🙂

    My Question : “Oh… Come on Natsuru! Shizuku was perfect afterall and why you still liking retarded kaede? and why dont you just Give up with her coz Kaede is a Lesbian”
    Natsuru Said : “Come on Guys, Love made me Blind…!!! I dont care if Kaede are lesbian or whatever since she is my first Love, So GTFO is None of Your Business” 😉

  14. mice:
    All you really had to say was listen to their voices to convince me, but thanks for being so emphatic about it.

    Anyway, it just goes to show how little I pay attention to the eyecatch. I’m usually more focused on capping the frame I want. That was pretty fail though, I admit. orz

  15. I doubt it’ll happen but I’m rooting for Shizuku at this point. Mainly cause she’s mature calm and she actually goes for what she wants without blatantly cock blocking Natsuru’s interaction with others. Doesn’t hurt that I find the other girls too bubbly, girly or just plain bat shit crazy.

  16. Shizuku has officially taken over the “Kämpfer Wars” story part. Seeing that Natsuru sleeps through by far the most interesting part of the episode was… gah ^_^

    Well, at least she got one more kiss out of the date.

  17. Did Natsuru give Shizuku a sea cucumber keychain? Shizuku seemed happy about it too! Damn, Shizuku’s smokin’ hot, intelligent, kicks everyone’s ass, she can cook, and she’s actually very kind. Natsuru’s got the perfect girl and he’s too stupid to realize it.

  18. Why, oh why, Japan always seems to lean over to this “I’m an emo-whatever-inconsiderate-to-other-kinder-characters-than-my-boring-first-choice” kind of (male?) character. It’s official, Natsuru is as man as the male cast of Gravitation, and that’s being nicer to him. I’m starting to think that his Kämpfer alter ego ir more a man than his real self…

    In a season with real heroes like Yuuto Ayase or Ken Sugisaki, watching the next winner of the “Shinji Ikari’s Emo of the Year Award” is a real pain. And while there’s no much “story” in Kämpfer whatsoever, Shizuku, Akane and Mikoto save the day. Pity that all their effort is wasted in a sub-par character like Natsuru.

    Why, oh why…

  19. Natsuru is seriously too stupid to live. Unfortunately, Shizuku had the bad luck of being the hardworking responsible type, who ALWAYS take a backseat to the girl next door/childhood friend (Kaede) in harem anime. This is especially pathetic since Kaede has already made it perfectly clear that she’s only interested in Natsuru-onna, NOT Natsuru-otoko.

  20. Kurotetsu: I’m almost willing to bet that if Kämpfer is to end indeed, it will not be with Sakura. At least, not the Sakura as we know her right now. I definitely wouldn’t rule out any other girl. His current infatuation with Sakura is merely a wonderful tool to “lock out” the others, but at the same time allow them to pursue Natsuru even more aggressively *grins*

    Besides, I’m not sure that Shizuku fills the typical “hardworking responsible type” slot. She’s too teasing-playful-mischievous for that, and she DOES get what she wants.

  21. Gotta LOL at Noto Mamiko doing her trademark Jigoku Shoujo parting shot: “Ippen, shinde miru?” to Natsuru. A most apt and deserving “greeting” for Natsuru if there ever was one.

    (Noto did that stunt a few weeks ago in Seitokai as well. Surely I’m not the only one that noticed this?

    But what I didn’t notice was that the hot eyecatch girl was actually Tamura Usagi. Wow. Does that mean the eyecatches from here on will be the Kampfer dolls in their human/anthropomorphized forms?

    (And doesn’t anyone find the scene with Harakiri Tiger climbing out of the bin cute and funny to watch?)

    I think Shizuku sort of answered the question we all were asking: “Just what the hell do these girls see in that dork?” Her reply was simply “Just because” Either that or it’s just another lazy way by the author to perpetuate the harem.

    Natsuru is such a failure as a guy I continue to demand he permanently switch to a girl. Speaking of which, female Natsuru (and Sakura for that matter) hardly appeared today. Thankfully, she’ll be back in bikinis along with the rest of his/her harem.

    Kinny Riddle
  22. Ence:
    My apologies for that. I feel bad for misleading people about the eyecatch… again. -_-;

    Kinny Riddle:
    Yeah, I noticed it in Seitokai because it was pretty obvious there, but not so much here since I didn’t watch Jigoku Shoujo.

    mice also pointed out that the eyecatch in episode 6 was already a human version of the strangled dog Chissoku Norainu with Natsuru. The “Kampfer” line makes it pretty clear that it’s Noto Mamiko.

    Everyone else:
    Much like Silver and Mentar mentioned above, part of the charm of this show is that Natsuru isn’t aware of his popularity and is entirely dedicated to Kaede. I know it can be frustrating to watch at times, but that angst is exactly the reaction they’re trying to get out of you. It’s pretty standard for a male lead in a harem to either 1.) not be aware of all the girls’ feelings, 2.) openly reject their perverse advances, or 3.) be constantly rejected. If not, we’d just be watching a perverted guy bang everyone in sight and that’s not very entertaining. You may as well watch hentai.

  23. @divine
    Yeah, you have a point there, but still isn’t Natsuru way too dumb? Shizuku practically confessed to him… Well, maybe for a quality harem you need a quality dumb.
    I have a theory: Maybe this episode wasn’t from the novels, they just made an anime original, and Natsuru’s dumbness is only greater than usual because they didn’t wanted to move the story forward. (If someone actually read the novels please correct me)
    ps.: I liked part when Natsuru got beaten up by Mikoto, but she arrived at the worst possible time, isn’t she?

  24. @Divine
    That’s very true. It’s not so much that Natsuru is dense that’s frustrating, just that the object of his affection is bland (and possibly one of the people instigating this entire mess). It’s kind of like Rosario+Vampire in that there’s better options but the most boring character gets all of the attention. Thankfully, Kampfer’s not like that as Kaede gets relatively little screentime in comparison to say, Shizuku.

    Mr. Alpha
  25. Wel, I wouldn’t say that is dumb. He’s just dense to other people’s advances. What I meant is like this, I don’t care about getting into relationships so there are times that I become really dense and don’t even notice that someone was pretty much into me and it was after a long time when I was thinking back that I realized what that other person pretty much trying to say. In another example is that a husband is devoted to his wife and never thought about cheating. So when some random girl comes up to him and try hitting on him, he never even notices because that’s not what he’s busy thinking about it. Now on the other hand, if he is pretty much a cheater, any girl that comes up to him whether they are hitting on him or not, the thing that goes in his mind is whether this girl is hitting on him or not. In the case of Natsuru, he’s just freaking dense like a Brick. Dense is not the same as being dumb. Of course, going crazy for Kaede is the dumb part but being dense is not something that I considered dumb.

  26. @Linzermaster,
    The date in this episode is from novel, no doubt about that.
    In novel Natsuru is even denser. If not mistaken, I think he jumped out of window half naked once to escape, when Shizuku wanted to do some in-bed action.

  27. Well, in a way I could even forgive Natsuru for misunderstanding Shizuku. After all, she was on his radar as “enemy with a temporary truce” – not exactly material for romance. However, you really have to be thick like a brick in order not to understand Mikoto’s teary reaction in the end. Hell, she was crying. A real childhood friend would at least try to find out why – and she was very clear about what was upsetting her. Yare yare.

    Funny side-observation: Mikoto is quite powerful even in her “normal” form *lol*

  28. @Divine
    Eh, yeah. Being annoyed at his densness doesn’t mean I think he should go for Shizuku…actually as far as the anime goes, I’d rather he not fall for her, even though that is my fantasy couple. But jeez yea, get a freakin’ clue! It’s perfectly ok for him to have complicated feelings, or even still have dislike as long as he gets a bit of hint! Maybe even if the thought crossed his mind it wouldn’t be so painful. “I wonder if she likes me…nah, that can’t be.” vs. “What the heck was that date all about?” …yeah. Not saying he has to fall for her. Just stop being dumber than a box of rocks.

  29. @DIVINE: Aren’t you forgetting someone other than Mikoto that we have yet to seen their transformation? How could you forget the cool beauty that is Shizuku?! I know that her Kampfer form doesn’t really show much change, but who cares, lol!

    So he actually said it this episode that Akane is the kind of girl that is his type? Impressive, since I believe that in the novels or manga, that he said if Sakura wasn’t on his mind, and he met Akane, he would probably fall for her.

    Though I love Akane, I definitely think that Shizuku is the better girl for this dense guy. Since she would be the type of girl who would change this guy, seeing as how dense he is, oh wait… I guess Akane’s kampfer form can do that as well, hmmm… Really a hard choice if I was in that guy’s shoes. I definitely wouldn’t count that lesbo Sakura. Still a hard choice between Akane and Shizuku.

  30. X:
    I didn’t forget about Shizuku actually. She transformed in episode two around the 14 minute mark. It wasn’t a very interesting sequence though. Definitely not as enticing as Natsuru and Akane’s. However, there’s still Rika and the other white Kampfer now that I think about it.

    As for Natsuru saying that Akane’s his type, she was pretty much forcing the issue asking what kind of girls he likes OTHER than Kaede. After thinking long and hard, Natsuru answered with, “a girl like Akane I guess…?” It was the farthest thing from his mind, but it made Akane transform impulsively and go trigger happy. Hope this gives you a better idea of how it happened.

  31. Natsuru nonchalant and smooth? What episode were you watching? The guy was a jerk who couldn’t get past his hard on for Kaede. He seriously looked like he had a stick up his butt and was incapable of going with the flow and having fun. The whole white kampfer thing went so overboard this episode. Honestly, it felt as if he was purposely trying to make her feel bad. He definitely deserved to get his butt kicked for the way he treated her. I felt very sorry for Shizuku. And yeah, I’m sorry but no girl would like a guy who acted like he did this episode…

  32. @SeedStriker – Tell It Like It Is Bro! You Are Beyond Right, Natsuru Is A Useless Character… I Bet The Whole Show Would’ve Been Better Off Without Him… He’s Not A Man Or Boy, I Couldnt Even Call Him A Women/Girl. Hes Just… Useless Space.

  33. Justin Olbrantz: You seem not to get it. The point of this episode is to show that
    “Aggressive normal Shizuku” == “passive, mature Shizuku on a date”. That’s how she really is. And I’d say she was aggressive plenty enough in this ep 😉

  34. God, Natsuru has GOT to be just as bad, if not worse than, Naruto when it comes to females…((Naruto with his whole “Sakura” (yeah, coincidence? XP) obsession while she was completely obsessed with Sasuke while, behind Naruto, he’s got Hinata with her eyes on him all the time))

    I mean, do the others gotta rape him on the roof of a public building while screaming out their feelings for him to have him have even the SLIGHTEST clue???


    ……..on second thought, even THAT wouldn’t work with Natsuru based on this episode. =\

    And even though the manga showed a bit more sincerity on Natsuru saying he could’ve fallen for Akane if he wasn’t into Kaede so much, the anime just made it seem like he only mentioned her just because she was the first female besides Kaede to pop into his mind…literally, which makes him seem a lot more insensitive or, at the very least, shallow and dense.

    Shizuku made a good point in questioning him on WHY he likes Kaede so much and what makes her so great to him. I mean, all the things he mentioned were just shallow reasons that could just as easily fit Shizuku (and a bunch of other girls as she points out) and she’s right there and willing to be close to him, as well as Akane and Mikoto, as in the REAL him without any sort of disguises, deceit, Kampfer-related things or anything, yet despite ALL the signs from them as well as all the signs from Kaede that she’s not interested in “him”, he’s still SO stuck on her.

    And as a friend pointed out to me over MSN, Kaede is just as bad as Sakura was with Sasuke in the first part of Naruto in that all she REALLY sees with the female Natsuru is admiration and whatnot from saving her life like some knight in shining armor, yet is SO sure that it’s true “love” or that they’re some sort of destined couple or something.

    Such guys REALLY annoy me if not outright piss me off. Very rarely do they look elsewhere, if only a little, like Teppei in Princess Lover! (even though the anime as a whole was “meh”)

  35. @Mentar

    “Aggressive” and “passive” are polar opposites 😛
    On the date Shizuku really didn’t seem any different from the mature older female archetype. A bit of “education” perhaps (as characteristic of mature older females), but she completely lacked the seductive aggressiveness characteristic of her in the previous episodes (many different instances). Everything she does on the date could just as easily be done by run-of-the-mill anime females; I really expected her to be a lot more seductive on the date – a lot more Shizuku.

  36. Justin Olbrantz: I don’t think so, honestly. She still got her skinship, got him to buy her a present, stole a second kiss from him while he was asleep, flirted heavily in various instances and in the end even invited him to spend the night with her. How much more aggressive can you possibly get in an outdoors date in the public?

    She wasn’t passive at all, I have no clue where you got the idea from.

  37. I felt very bad for Shizuku this episode, but in some way I also liked Natsuru’s behavior — a little.

    How come he only shows backbone when doing so would make him a jerk and just gets pushed around in other things.

    I don’t know how the gender-bender thing works, but I would think changing to a different gender and being forced to fight without any idea what’s going on would have the idiot sit down to think at least once.

    Anyway, I have a feeling this is going to be the best episode of the series. I can’t see any of the girls being this forthright except by some jealousy-related outburst. Maybe I’m being a wet blanket, but I can only see things going downhill from here — more so if they decide to wrap things up in one season.

  38. @Mentar: Well she could force him to go to a romantic movie with her alone,getting cozy with a fireplace, walks on the beach while the sun was going down and more of that stuff. (old fashioned i know but those are sometimes good enough)

    I am just curious to which of the women other then kaede gets him to be her boyfriend since that girl doesn’t have to be ever afraid that her boyfriend is leaving her for another woman ^^

  39. I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. Having a main character whose clueless about his harem’s feelings for him is one thing, but it’s gotten to the point where Natsuru’s infatuation with Sakura has pretty much left him neutered to any and all other females he manages to get to fawn over him. I mean, I know his thickheaded-ness supposed to be funny, but it’s not. It’s weak. I mean, I won’t claim to be an expert on writing relationship-comedy, but it can’t be a good thing that my only reaction to the entire episode’s running gag was to repeatedly shake my head while going “whaaaaaaaa?” Get it together Kampfer! Show some effort! I know you can do it, dammit!

    That said, Shizuku, Mikoto, and Kampfer Akane were all awesome. Thank you very much, ladies. You continuously manage to make this show just bearable. I will very much be looking forward to the opporutnity to see you all in swimwear. Natsuru, you go off and get your head checked and try to fix that unobfuscated stupidity. Or go get shot. Either one works for me.

  40. @Darth,
    People, what happened to the undying love, those romantic classics? A man loves his beloved one so much that no other women can seduce him?
    Just because you cannot see beauty in Kaede or you find her boring, annoying or whatsoever doesn’t mean Natsuru has to feel the same too. He thinks he loves her, for a reason he cannot describe himself but that is enough, his love makes him go blind on all other women. Can it be any more romantic than that?
    This world is sad.

  41. I can’t even count the number of times i wanted to blow up natsuru’s head in this episode DX shizuku-sama! hang in there! DX

    ps. . i know you don’t have to have a reason for liking someone but. ..why useless kaede?! ;__;

  42. Actually, after rewatching the first few episodes out of boredom (didn’t see anyone bring it up), Rika and those other White Kampfer being shown next week are those girls shown in episode 5 during the Miss Seitetsu Contest. They were in the audience and ended up being tossed Entrails Animals while Natsuru was at a loss on what to do for a performance. (The one with long hair commenting on how gross it was.). Then Kaede just happening to walk out onto the stage right after and performs her little Entrails Animals sidestory act.

  43. HalfDemonInuyasha:
    You’re definitely onto something there, as Rika and three other girls received Zoumotsu animal from Kaede then. While the three other girls are only listed as “spectators” in the credits, I did notice something interesting about their seiyuu names.

    Spectator A: Minagawa Junko
    Spectator B: Yamakawa Kotomi
    Spectator D: Nakao Eri

    Now if you compare that to the remaining three white Kampfers’ names, you’ll notice their family names match:
    – Minagawa Hitomi
    – Yamakawa Ryouka
    – Nakao Sayaka

    Mere coincidence or clever casting? I’m thinking the latter here.

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