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  1. Hmmm…can`t wait to see Killerbee use Samehada, cause I don`t think that swords down just yet. And, as usual, the star of the manga is nowhere to be seen….

    And yes. I do wanna see Killerbee and Nartuo meet. Thy might become best buds, like what happened to Gaara.


  2. The sword is actually alive!?!
    Now that is hilarious! A great and silly weakness to a overkill weapon. I hope it kills Kisame because I’ve been cheering for Killerbee the whole time. When the sword betrayed him the whole thing sounded like a romance drama.
    “You’re leaving me….for him?”
    “Sorry Kisame. He satisfies me in ways you never could.”

  3. So the reason Suigetsu and Guy were not about to wield Samehada wasn’t because Samehada was bound to Kisame. They just didn’t have a large enough chakra supply in order to satisfy Samehada.

    Matt Gross
  4. FOOTBALL!!! its a field goal lol, I hope killer bee dies just because he can control the 8-tail and if meets naruto then Naruto might be friends with 9 -tails and then Naruto can be another rational character in the manga. I like berserk 9-tails

  5. Don’t forget Bee turns into a giant bull octopus . . . You’d think the octopus part in all of it’s mighty demi god like power would be able to sustain it’s host in the 8 tail’s element. Wait didn’t Killberbee hide as a tentacle for god who knows how long in the water(chap 419)?

  6. Why does the chapter remind me more and more of Bleach? Maybe it was the Zanpakutō….I mean, Samehada with emotions and thoughts. And the Bankai was the whole fusion thingy. Soon will see the spirit of Samehada, and we’ll be inside the sword talking on a sideways building…

    Yeah. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the issue here was not necessarily air but rather, Killerbee’s running out of chakra (hence the problems with air) and also hachibe’s running out of chakra. As for the other two…they are just weak. The sword punting was rather funny though. Wonder what happens next XD

  8. Well think about it, if you are signing up for classes at ninja school and you have a choice between flaming fireballs from the mouth jutsu class, or common sense jutsu class, which one are you going to choose?

    Paradoxically, the common sense answer is the flaming fireballs from the mouth jutsu class.

  9. man this is disapointing, this fight was just getting epic and now its obvious that kisame is gonna die. he dosent have Sameheada anymore so all killerbee has to do is flip over and stab him.

  10. @divine, that is why i believe its has become somewhat borderline “magic” instead of ninjutsu. i miss the days of hand seals, that was one of the real reasons i liked Naruto. I guess it was too much of a hassle and waste of space to illustrate hands seals.

  11. I don’t think turning your mouth into some flamethrower (happened in the old days of hand seals) is any less or more magical than creating a water bubble. They’re both just summoning up elements.. however one is way less ‘common’ to appear in manga with ~powers~ so it may seem more farfetched.

    As for the air thing. I think in this case, Bee would have to summon some air to create an air bubble. Not possible since he doesn’t have the affinity. I don’t expect Sakura to summon water to douse something on fire, although that seems like the convenient thing to do.

  12. lol kisame was like wtf, but if it fed off chakra why was samehada giving bee chakra. Wait maybe since most that chakra was from the 8tails. Bee gain some kind of control over it. Whatever the case Kisame is done for since everyone is searching for Bee and his sword just betrayed him. I wonder who is going to get the honor.Anybody except Naruto I hope let the other characters develop Kishi jeez

  13. See I thought kisame was some sort of invincible monster but it turns out he’s just another retard who can transform into a pokemon…………. though i must say kicking Samehade is pretty intense, I wouldn’t try a stunt like that with out steel toed boots at least….

  14. Nyte:
    I can answer that question pretty easily.

    Reasons for covering the manga and not the anime are:
    1.) It doesn’t take nearly as long to write about one chapter of a manga compared to one episode of an anime.
    2.) The anime is seemingly never-ending, so that’s not a lifetime commitment I want to take on.
    3.) The anime is plagued with poorly written fillers, which I’d rather not write about since I rarely enjoy them.

  15. “I wonder what that sounded like lmao”

    I imagine that it’d sound a whole lot like a scraping thud type thing….I mean that bad boy has gotta scratch something before it kicks LAUNCHED into the air (Sorry i had to emphasize that kick, think Captain Falcon’s Falcon kick mixed in with a little 50-yd field goal attempt)

    Here’s my two cents on what happens: Bee somehow gets Raiton armor and negates Kisame’s futile attack, then the combined power of Samhada (dude HAS to be hella pissed that he got kicked like that) and Bee+ 8Tails do some gattai and just utterly wipe Kisame off the face of the earth, with some cruel Octopus killing shark irony.


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