「炎の個人教授ランナー」 (Honoo no Kojin Kyouju Rannaa)
“The Blazing Private Instruction Runner”

Female underwear comes to save the (comedic) day! It was not a mistake in believing a mere bra could turn the tide, but having the Kirishima twins undoubtedly helps too. All they really had to do is make themselves at home at Junpei’s place with Kotone declaring herself as his future bride. That alone gets the ball rolling, but Nagi takes over soon after and steamrolls things along. Oh yeah, there’s more Junpei x Kaede going on and a cat problem to boot!

Over the course of the episode, there were plenty of cheeky remarks to go around this time, which I found was an improvement over last week’s showing. Right from the get-go, things bust out with a cold open of Junpei pulling Kaede’s bra out of his bag in the middle of a shopping district. Needless to say, I was lost as to why that happening out of the blue, but they quickly switched gears to show just how we got there. The quick rundown is that Junpei has to help teach the new cat in distress, Micchi, how to catch a tree sparrow because he’s a wuss. However, he gets heavily sidetracked by the appearance of Nagi, who blackmails him into taking part in track & field for Kaede’s sake. “It’s hooking up with her or marrying me!” Because of this, he ends up forgetting about Micchi’s request, spurring the resentful cat into stealing Kaede’s underwear and framing Junpei for it. After crap hits the fan in his situation, Junpei learns that Micchi’s actually trying to impress another cat named Sue, who won’t go out with him because he can’t even catch a bird. Feeling bad about neglecting him all this time, Junpei decides to make good on Micchi’s request and starts training him.

My personal highlights include Kotone being overjoyed about having Suzu as a little sister and completely disregarding Akari’s existence, Kotone tapping Junpei’s house with a wireless radio and overhearing that they’re going to have osekihan and whole red snapper for dinner, Akari telling her to not spy on others and be a peeping tom until she turns the adult age of 20 (because stalking is apparently okay then…), Nagi threatening Junpei into participating in track & field and spending time with Kaede or marrying her, the flat-chested senpai’s displeasure over Kanako’s “365 days a year, 24/7 outrageously sized breasts”, Metal Gear Solid style cat espionage, Junpei whipping Micchi into shape, and Micchi’s instant deep voice/personality change once he’s muscled up. Seeing as Junpei cleared up the misunderstanding over the underwear theft with the help of Haruhiko, and was still able to return Kaede’s handkerchief to her, the only person who really lost out this time was Kanako for joining in on the exercise. However, if we get to see her all bruised and battered for her efforts, it’s fine by me when it’s this alluring.

Without question, Tomatsu Haruka’s awesomeness as Kotone and Akari still steals the spotlight in my eyes. In fact, I would absolutely love to see her talking to herself during the dubbing sessions for this show, just because of how different the twins’ personalities are. Other than that, Kobayashi Yuu’s insanity as Nagi continues to drive the comedy factor. For this particular episode though, I must admit I enjoyed the MGS spoof more than I probably should have. I happen to be a big fan of the Metal Gear franchise, or at least that’s what one of my MGS4 playthroughs should indicate. Anyway, next time it’s swimsuits with Akari losing her top! Next Thursday is going to be fan-service crazy with both Kampfer and Nyan Koi pulling out their swimsuit trump cards. I’m probably promoting swimsuit episodes more than I look forward to them, but with amiable characters like these two series have, it should be a lot of fun.





  1. Hooray, we’re returning to the manga. And we’re skipping around the chapters again, it seems.

    Macho cat was great, though I felt the training montage was too short. Not enough awesome training.

  2. Hooray, we’re returning to the manga. And we’re skipping around the chapters again, it seems.


    In this episode ?
    Or the preview ?
    Don’t remember the two… :/
    (But the pool… yes..)

  3. Well that was refrreshingly entertaining. I needed that after a (slightly) annoying Kampfer…

    Got in some good laughs. Best to me was the Kirishima twins when Kotone thinks of putting a hidden camera and Akari tells her to wait until she’s 20 and this notification pops up at the bottom that says something to the effect of “Kids, let’s please not use hidden cameras” xD

  4. kbot:
    Heh, yeah. I was being conscious of my time to make sure I made it well under the 5 hour requirement. Guess I overdid it. Reloads are inevitable, so my “actual” playtime is way more than 3:45. It was fun though, much like when I beat MGS2 on Extreme difficulty under the same conditions. I still clearly recall the part that gave me the most trouble in MGS4 — the village at the start of Act 2 where you have to go through this huge open area and up a hill. That, and the obvious Act 3 motorcycle part. Ugh.

  5. That’s a pretty epic MGS4 time. Took me a while to do that myself; Act 3 was practically impossible for me unless I had that cheesy gun that shot balls of light.

    Can’t wait for subs for this episode 🙂

  6. “Now the series is trying to be the second season of Nogizaka between episodes 2-4, meanng that it started tame, and it’s slowly being naughty.”

    No, you obviously haven’t watched that many animus’s because you would know that each show, No matter what the genre or target audience, there’s always a beach/fan-service episode.

  7. Chizuru’s random showing up and comments “Junpei, you’re such a pimp. That’s right, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! BANG THEM BOTH!” made my crack up! Nagi boob grabbing and Kanako following suit, with Nagi getting the last grope in before walking off, ha ha! Micchi the cat–hilarious! His MGS cat-HUD, and later when he said, “you put a hoe before a bro” to Junpei made my sides hurt, and calling himself a “piece of cat shit…by Micchi” spiel while bawling was great! Not to mention the Rocky-like montage and the voice change afterwards which sounded what Stallone as a cat should be!

  8. @samu: The problem that I have with your quotes is that we can’t trust if that is literally what was said of if they were simply the idea of the fansubbers/editors. Also see the last Kampfer episode and Kampfer-Akane’s “Better save up your load for it.” quote which sounded more like “You better be looking forward to it.” to me.

  9. bobara brings up a good point. While I can’t speak for those particular lines, if you’re watching gg’s subs, I can say that they do adopt a dynamic equivalent translations at times over a formal one. For more information between the differences of dynamic and formal translations, please see here. In short through, dynamic strives for an equivalent saying in the target language (e.g. English) even if that’s not what they’re really saying, whereas formal strives for a literal translation of the original language (e.g. Japanese).

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