「Versuchung ~抜け駆け~」 (Nukegake)
“Temptation ~Steal a March On~”

The two-episode Blu-ray release of Kampfer’s direct continuation has been released, and with it comes the more relevant first episode (thirteenth overall) that was preempted on March 31st due to the earthquake crisis in Japan. This episode is more relevant in the sense that it addresses the fallout of the eleventh episode of the original series, when Kaede was revealed to be a Moderator who oversees the Kampfer battles used to settle a power struggle somewhere off in the universe. Exactly how relevant is another matter though, given that things kick off with Akane and Mikoto kicking back in the tub while Shizuku (bless her assertive soul) “steals a march on” them by mounting Natsuru in the buff. We can always count on our dense Natsuru to not catch onto what Shizuku was suggesting when she said “thirty minutes should be enough for us to ‘come'”, even when he has a completely naked girl on top of him. Still, I got a good kick out of that scene when Natsuru got aroused and transformed into his female form, only to find out that Shizuku doesn’t mind girls the least bit. If anything, Natsuru probably made it easier for Shizuku to pleasure him since she knows her own body really well.

I highly doubt that Natsuru’s as sheltered about sex as he conveniently lets off — especially when he’s still checking out Kaede knowing very well how psychotic she is — but when it comes to harem-like anime, his density is pretty much the last defense against what looks like a potential hentai series from becoming one. Anyone who’s been watching this series and enjoying it is well aware of that fact (myself included), since being able to look beyond that often-used plot device allows Kampfer to shine with its all-star female cast. After all, we have a series that comes with a heavy dose of fan-service and doesn’t take itself too serious most of the time, which leads to quirky moments such as Mikoto and Akane locking tongues when they get caught up in the moment while practicing kissing scenarios. The inside jokes surrounding the aforementioned female cast are examples of the latter, much like we had here with the white Kampfers’ advisor, Bakuhatsu Penguin, whom Mikoto was quick to point out is a full-out tsundere that sounds just like Kugimiya Rie. I got a little chuckle out of that, simply because the seiyuu bit is a running gag in the series, and Mikoto was hypnotized by this latest Zoumotsu Animal much too easily. Also, Bakuhatsu Penguin’s supposed human form seen in the eyecatch sidesteps KugiRie’s loli typecast.

Clearly, there was no shortage of fan-service-type teasing with Kaede trying to make Natsuru hers using her body, followed by Mikoto taking the initiative once she was hypnotized. Overshadowed by all that was the revelation that the normal, innocent Kaede that Natsuru loves is still untainted (at least her mind anyway), and that the evil Moderator version of herself (who is arguably hotter) acts as a split personality of sorts. What that means is that there’s still a Kaede who can be saved by Natsuru, even though “fur die Liebe” (“For Love” in German for those wondering) made no strides toward addressing that aspect of the plot, other than alluding to how there’s still an ongoing story.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m disappointed when I wasn’t expecting any sort of overarching plot from these two extra episodes to begin with. I’ll take what I can get, even if it’s just Shizuku taking a page out of Hatake Kakashi’s book and unleashing a “Sennen Goroshi”, a.k.a. Thousand Years of Death, on Mikoto’s butt to give her a very startling wake-up call. To the episode’s credit, it was pretty awesome seeing Kaede single-handedly take control of the fight against Akane, Shizuku, and Mikoto, and looking “psychotically seductive” while doing it, before calling it quits just like we saw in the episode eleven “finale” before. Again, nothing much came from that exchange, but the episode as a whole was pretty entertaining to watch when the characters look as good as they do in 1080p, coupled with their usual spunky personalities. Who said anything about depth? Kampfer’s about the fun.




  1. This wasn’t a good anime story type anime but i got tons of laugh with Natsuru’s harem gag and how dense he was.
    Never the less. the Sennen Goroshi was priceless in this episode XD.
    I still don’t understand what Sakura is plotting.

  2. It would be interesting (and hilarious) if they made a special episode with the “supposed human forms” of the Zoumotsu animals doing stuff, lol. Basically, taking it a step further than having them simply body swap with their respective Kampfer like episode 12 did.

  3. Divine, when I saw the post for this, I was tempted to click and check out the screencaps. Dude, that would’ve spoiled a LOT of stuff. Luckily, I waited and had some of the biggest laughs this week.

    Poor Mikoto. That’s one hell of a way to shock someone out of hypnosis. I was expecting Shizuku to kiss her or something, but this works, too. Now we just need to demand a second season and we’ll be set.

  4. finally found subs.
    im not sure to feel about this one. it got a bit hard to follow with some scenes that were hectic.

    but I do love those yuri scenes and natsuruXshizuru. I wish shizuku got a bit farther there, not graphic obviously but still get a kiss there.


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