「ほんとのお願い」 (Honto no Onegai)
“The Real Wish”

Rather than going directly to the date of her death, Jinta flips through the pages of the diary and lands on the first idea that seemed plausible as a wish. Flying a rocket to God. Ah, youth. This episode turned out to be rather similar to when they played nokemon, except with a larger degree of impossibility due to requiring a license to fly rockets. No matter, as this episode provided some more subtle developments, mostly consisting of relationship improvements between characters. Jinta and Anjou’s relationship has moved a little more forward, bonding over being in the same position of running away from school, cohabiting the same workplace, and partaking in the classical “trip on another to raise sexual tension”. The whole scene between them at the game shop was pretty fun to watch, and I like how Jinta’s method of consoling Anjou, intentional or not, makes her laugh to forget the issues at hand. It doesn’t exactly solve the problem, but he’s socially awkward. Anjou’s slip of the nickname Jin-tan easily proves how she feels as of late, settled in comfort due to being able to be with Jinta like the old days. The tsundere effect afterwards works great on her.

Yukiatsu and Tsuruko’s relationship still hides in mystery, with Yukiatsu making what seems to be small advances on Tsuruko, and her profusely rejecting. It disturbs me that she wears Yukiatsu’s gift for Menma casually on her head as if it were a daily ritual, yet won’t put out in any form of emotion that could let me even begin to guess what she actually feels. I guess that makes her repressed. It’s obvious she cares a lot about Yukiatsu, and the rejections may just be that she doesn’t want to be the “pity date” after the Menma obsession. For all I know, maybe she’s just dicking around, screwing with everyone out of not really caring.

They spent quite a lot of time going over Jinta’s lashing out last episode, and Jinta realizes that he’s pretty similar to Menma, and cares for others first rather than himself. Menma then later realizes this herself, and watches Jinta in awe. Excuse me Menma, but I think you’re admiring a quality about him that you were precisely lectured about earlier. Other than that, this felt like a weaker addition to furthering their relationship overall, and it’s weird how it’s supposed to “improve” their relationship, yet Jinta’s still actively keeping her out of the loop. It’s a little counter productive. The reason the relationship between these two is so off is because neither of them know exactly what they want. Jinta can’t decide if he wants her to move on or stay, and Menma doesn’t make it feel like it’s urgent to do so. The story has to go on, so Jinta keeps on going with the wishes, and it feels wishy-washy.

Back to the guessing game of Menma’s wish, we get fed more clues again. Yukiatsu clarifies on the revelation of Menma calling them to the club that day for advice in that it was to be kept a secret from Jinta. This implies the advice had something to do with Jinta, but it could still be anything. Given how the flashbacks are shown, Jinta is already there with them in the club that day, so they must have talked about it before he arrived. The possibility of the rocket being the actual wish fits the current conditions, as Menma was the one that came up with the idea, even though Jinta was well aware of it. However, if the rocket were to be the “advice” discussed that day, the resurfacing of this information should have caused some memory to be rejigged in some of the characters. It didn’t. Menma does “confirm” that the idea may be it, but given that she’s got amnesia and thought all the wishes so far were it, I’m going to have to say it’s a false road they’re going down on. Seeing as how a hit on Menma’s head cranked a memory, she could hit herself a couple more times and we’ll have solved the story! Yeah, there’s way too many of these “apparent” solutions that the show teases but ignores.

I’m a bit perplexed as to why they didn’t check out if the diary had an entry on the day of her death, which initially made this endeavor feel like a needless detour. However, because of the last few seconds, perhaps one of the bigger developments, this detour is certainly going to lead somewhere with Menma’s mother, a good reserve for some dramatic scenes. It seems I was right last episode to assume that her gaze on the group was a look of contempt. With everyone’s scarred-like behavior towards anything Menma, I can’t imagine they’d march up to her house and demand for the rocket to be made, what with all the complications going around. The lack of any explicit development makes the recent episodes feel “draggy” to write for and made me think that they might be saving up for some multiple shocking reveals near the end. It’s been great so far, but I’m still staving off most of my opinion until the final few episodes.

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    1. Jintan was pretty cool in this ep compares to before. I wish this series was 24 episodes. Not that I think the time line is going too fast, but I would love further development of each character before the series ends.

  1. What did Menma’s mother say at the end? I didn’t get it (I used Doki subs because it came out before gg for this episode). This episode was okay for me, but the last scene with Menma’s mom has me excited for the next episode.

    1. The subs I read said, “Onee-chan (older sister) It looks like your friends have been working really hard to do all sorts of things for you. It’s time to stop playing around.”

      1. GG USED to be one of the better subbers. They’ve been losing credibility for me. I’ve stopped getting their subs altogether. They’re only worth it nowadays for their speed.

      2. They’re doing the literal translations for Hidan No Aria as a joke. Next time you download anime, don’t just download it from tokyotosho or such, read what the subbers have to say about it on their website.

      3. I don’t care much for their troll subs. But the obnoxious attitude of believing themselves better than the rest just because they can troll a pretty bad anime it’s 100% LAME, it’s like bullying on a weak guy. Easy stuff.

      4. Generaly if a subber group takes the time to sub an anime they want folks to watch it. Once they get a rep for being mopes and trolls then people will just skip anything that is from gg like alot of us are starting to do now. Its really a shame because they USED to be one of the best groups out there.

        I have 0 interest in downloading one of the animes I follow only to find the subs a joke troll thing. They aren’t really that funny and my anime time is precious not to be wasted on BS.

      5. @Spacy

        yeah credibility is more an issue of witnesses or news sources. i guess people are meaning to say they’re no longer a quality subbing group. not only time spent, people in other countries are limited on their bandwidth now, so it’s also a waste of money to be downloading subs you don’t enjoy.

      6. Different sub groups have different quality subs so you know who you can get your anime subs from and enjoy the anime and who you should avoid. Like DB used to be the best for Naruto and Bleach, and Horrible subs is hit or miss. Most of their stuff is great but every now and then in their rush to get the subbed anime out they forget to add the subs or something like that. UTW is pretty good, as is Eclipse, and gg USED to be good.

      7. They’re only trolling with Hidan no Aria, because that’s a bad show and it deserves it. That’s obvious to anyone who reads their Hidan no Aria posts on their website. Their other subs are good, so I don’t know where this much hate comes from.

      8. “Once they get a rep for being mopes and trolls then people will just skip anything that is from gg like alot of us are starting to do now.”

        Or not,since GG has had that rep ever since the group was born (seriously,if you think this is anything new you must have been living under a rock these past few years) and people still download their subs and complain.

      9. Horrible subs don’t do their own subs. They rip simulcasted episodes from Crunchyroll for those who don’t have premium membership. Anyway, my point is that any issues with “their” subs isn’t the fault of HS, but Crunchyroll. 😛

      10. @Viral

        Hidan no Aria (HnA) deserves what? You really think that their troll-subbing will make the Japanese anime producers realize something? You really think that gg (or any fansub group) has any kind of impact on the anime production at some point? Are gg the crusaders of quality anime that will lead us to better shows being aired each season?

        Reality is that producers don’t give any kind of fuck at these guys.

        So, that leaves us with gg messing around and being total asses at some anime fans that would appreciate to enjoy the show that they like. I agree that HnA sucks, no discussion about that, but that does not mean that I’ll make fools of the guys that do like the show.

        That’s the only part that pisses me off: Fansubbers mocking the first 4 letters of their own etiquette.

        PD: HnA sucks.

      11. Heh, I wonder how many of you can really tell if a fan-sub group are “credible” or not.
        Im not saying GG are good or bad, but honestly there are a lot of sub groups that make a lot of blunders every now and then. Funny thing is? Fans with no knowledge of japanese seem to decide a sub-group is good or not on a whim depending on thier popularity, even though they can’t really tell if the subber was correct or not ‘cuz they dunno the language.
        I remember downloading the first episode of Denpa Onna from 3 different groups: Underwater, Mazui and Doki.
        The difference between them was hillarious.

        See Key
  2. You still write a lot despite that “draggy” feel.

    I think I’m going to drop this show. When it is finished, I wanna have a back-to-back feature and get the full emotional effect. Watching shows in between this one on a weekly basis makes it a little difficult to get back into the mood. D:

    If I know I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna do it hard dammit.

  3. The last scene has me very confused. The mother knows something and said a very weird statement there. It has me completely baffled. Who is her Onee-chan? Who was she talking too? Menma? How is that possible? I suppose that kind of cliffhanger is good, as it gets me excited for the next episode.

    As long as this doesn’t end in yet [b]ANOTHER[/b] “erase memory” finale, I think I will like it regardless if it is happy or sad. That is high praise coming from me.

    And, we get more proof Menma is actually there, when she moved the light to give Jinta a path. I think if anyone had any question before this episode, which I can’t understand anyhow, it is effectively indisputable she exists now… In what way is still debatable.

    1. You’re reading too much into it. It’s common in Japanese households to refer to family members as their roles. Say a wife refers to her husband as “Papa”. So “Oneechan” would be Menma, since she was the elder sister of the family.

      1. I see. I knew sometimes wives might call their husbands father, but I do not clearly recall a mother ever calling her child sister. You learn something new every day!


  4. it seems like the series is intentionally avoiding the obvious solutions to all its problems >.>….as if it’s running out of ideas, and just dragging the series long enough to fill that 11 eps….

    plot holes man! plot holes!

      1. I don’t think it would really help that much if Menma ate ramen or drank coffee in front of her peers. Even if the whole gang acknowledged her existence, I’m not sure how that would help Menma pass on into the next life, UNLESS her wish has something to do with being remembered or acknowledged.

      2. It is a solution to the “Is Menma really here” thing. Besides, everyone is just helping out due to a hunch. They would try harder with solid evidence, of course it would help.

        Lectro Volpi
      3. I don’t see how they would “try harder”. They’re already making alot of effort, considering they are still teenagers who have priorities. Also they essentially trying to remember things that happened years ago. Menma revealing herself to the others real really isn’t an important plot point.

      4. I think he meant that if they just read her diary till the end, they could have probably figured out her real wish. And Yukiatsu should really just tell everyone about what Menma wanted that day, even if he leaves out Jinta. I don’t see any reason why he doesn’t tell Poppo or Anjou.

      5. In real life I would try harder (outside the ghost thing they are pretty normal). You are thinking with a “supernatural is common not gonna change anything yeah you are a real ghost lurking around but I have a test tomorrow” seriously? I rest my case then.

        Lectro Volpi
      6. And why not? They do have their own lives. Unless Menma being around spells doom for the world, their is no reason to “try harder” as they put it. They are living their own lives that they built years after Menma’s death. The fact they do stuff like part-time jobs shows they are making more effort than necessary.

        I’ll say this again. Menma revealing herself IS NOT IMPORTANT. Heck the show isn’t solely about Menma, it’s about everyone involved. I don’t see why some fans are splitting hairs over this.

      7. Everything revolves around Menma. Everyone was minding their business until she showed up, she triggered the entire show.

        It just blows my mind, maybe you are the grandson of Aleister Crowley. Why not? huh?

        Lectro Volpi
      8. Being the one that moves the plot and being the center of the plot are two entirely different things. Menma brought them together again, but the fact is their are plenty of screentime devoted to the entire group. Heck Menma gets little screentime in recent episodes.

        Fact is Menma revealing herself adds nothing narratively. The plot and characters are already moving.

    1. You don’t know if those are really plot holes or not.

      Maybe they already read it all and the rest of entries where the same as the first 10 they showed us, this sounds good enough to me.
      Maybe the answer to it all is in the diary’s last entry and the show is dragging us for, what would be, a very lame ending.

      I don’t feel that the diary is as important as what Menma had to tell everybody but Jinta the day she died. She doesn’t remember anything and it may have something to do with Jinta’s mother. I don´t know, these are just feelings.

      In any case, we should just sit and wait for things to develop. We could make many conjectures about why Jinta wouldn’t read the rest of the diary and they would sound as reasonable as the ones about why they should read the rest of it.

      – Totally unrelated awesomeness: http://gematsu.com/2011/05/tales-of-xillia-release-date-special-edition-pre-order-dlc-announced

  5. So no signs of tumors this week. I guess that’s a good thing. And if it wasn’t confirmed enough already, Menma’s shenanigans with the lights pretty much proves she’s not just a figment of Jinta’s imagination.

  6. Another episode of the best show ever. I will be reborn 200 years in the future and this will still be the best anime ever.

    Ano Hana replaced Amagami with the sidebars, a decent successor.

    The spotlight now is with Menma’s mom… huh, the Onee-chan thing got me perplexed.

    Lectro Volpi
  7. its not that complex in japanese families they refer to their eldest child as “oneechan” or “oniichan” as oppose to their names. Its an in group thing. She is specifically talking to her dead daughter.

  8. Ohhhh, Menma’s mom is still sour and bitter I see. Probably still blaming the Super Peaceful Busters for her daughters death, hence her intervening in their firework plan.

    Anaru continues to get cuter as the series goes on, and now she’s let her guard down further by calling Jinta by his old nickname Jintan. XD

    Sending a rocket to God is most likely not Menma’s wish, but OTOH, it is also necessary in order to fulfill that wish. Which leads me to speculate that Menma’s ultimate wish is to simply get the Busters being happy together again even in her absence, and this activity is part of that step towards achieving that wish.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Anyone else notice the subtle emphasis being placed on Jinta’s mother here and there?

    After Menma falls off Jinta’s bed while playing her game and hits her head, there’s a quick flash of Menma remembering a scene in which it looks like she’s talking to Jinta’s mom in her hospital bed. She makes a puzzled face before hearing Jinta opening a door, then the episode moves on and doesn’t reference it anymore. It seemed strange to me and stood out because its so out of place, why would Menma remember Jinta’s mom like that seemingly out of the blue?

    So my theory is, what if Jinta also eventually suffers from the same illness that caused his mom’s death, since I don’t believe it’s been revealed what caused it, that could be a significant event to drive the hidden plot of the show. Maybe Menma’s wish has something to do with Jinta’s health. Last week we had the bloody nose seemingly out of no where, event though it could simply be explained away as due to getting so worked up yelling at Menma, it seemed oddly random to be just be a setup to a perverted nosebleed joke and not have a real point behind it. So, maybe the secret Menma wanted to talk to the group about on the day she died was about what his mom told her in the flashback.

    This also could explain why Jinta is the only one who can see Menma’s ghost (assuming that’s what she is), because her wish or purpose there is to save him, or something. Also not sure what it means but Jinta’s father being so aloof regarding his son’s behavior seems odd as well, but could simply be his character trait and nothing more.

    Of course I’m probably wrong on everything but the subtle scenes that place importance on his mother in the hospital stick out to me too much to be coincidence, thus I assume that whatever the conclusion to the show ends up being, I think Jinta’s mother will have a significant role in it.

    1. Don’t you know all Japanese people are deathly allergic to the rain? I mean, just a bit of it drops on their heads and, without an umbrella, they are completely helpless and susceptible to disease. They fall seriously ill to the point of being bed ridden!

      All jokes aside, I think your assessment is fairly accurate. Jinta’s mother will definitely have a roll in this plot. Fairly decent deduction there as well about Jinta’s supposed illness. I’ve heard theories about the nose bleeding as well, but I am not convinced yet.

  10. sending rocket to god as a wish makes me remind certain episode of Shigofumi…
    and I lol-ed @ the gang’s horrified expressions at the original rocket blueprint from the childhood… children are dangerous…
    Menma’s mom looked more like happy with the gang’s efforts though gg’s clumsy sub leaves room for interpretation
    and on non-related note, Hidan no aria is quite good for lighthearted school of detectives comedy, and must watch for any Rie Kugimiya fans

    1. How can you hate cliffhangers? I love them. Or, more accurately, I love to hate them.

      They make wanting to watch the next episode that much more powerful.

      Forget-me-nots? Is that in reference to the episode 6 title in comparison with the English name of the series? Are you trying to say you know the answer to the question it purports!!!?

      Astute cognizance my friend.

    2. “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai”
      We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day

      In 15th-century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers. Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted “Forget-me-not.” It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love.

      Fufufufu…. *pushes up glasses up nose*

      I can see the ending!

  11. For this episode, I was thinking that Jinta was actually fulfilling this wish for himself – to do something for his deceased mother that he couldn’t do before – not just for Menma.

  12. I don’t feel the anime being “draggy” at all. I quite like the pacing this anime has.

    Anyways, I guess the whole drawing point of this anime is the guessing game of Menma’s wish. Then again, I prefer the character development and the relationship dynamics that have been developing over the course of the series. This episode was nice in that we see Jinta and Anaru getting closer to one another by addressing each other by their first/nicknames.

    In regards to what Menma’s wish might be, I have a feeling that it’s got primarily to do with Jinta. After all, Menma called for the meeting and asked everyone to keep it a secret from him. With that in mind, it could be a case of “supposed” unrequited love on Menma’s part, Jinta did call her ugly before you know.

    But more than all that (because that was a pretty shaky wish anyways), Menma probably wants Jinta to move on with his life and to integrate himself into society. That would be the most logical route given that we’ve been following Jinta’s progression from a reclusive hikikomori into a relatively normal guy, at least in anime. Menma might not even be “real” in the first place since only Jinta can see her. And besides, he’s noted on several occasions already that the image of Menma he sees could be a haunting ghost that he’s created with his own mind, and I’m incline to believe him on this one. If it is indeed his own mind creating Menma, it would make a whole lot of sense. This being the reality would help give the anime more impact since this would be an internal battle of sorts for Jinta and the whole struggle to go back to school and into the world would be the fruits of his labor. Having the wish be something related to the rocket or Jinta’s mother would be fine and all, yet it chalks all of Jinta’s character development up to a nice side-effect of sorts.

    1. It’s episode 7, and the story’s Final Boss has been revealed. I don’t think they’d be able to believably drag it on for 24 episodes at this point even if they tried. 😛

      On that note, yes, the 11-episode count is confirmed.

  13. Menma’s mom creeped me out at the end, WTH! was my initial reaction.
    Hopefully she won’t keep on hindering the group while they’re trying to figure out and make Menma’s wish come true.

  14. If its 11 episodes they are leaving an awful lot for the end. I hope its not gonna be a rushed clusterf^%$. Only 4 episodes left and Jinta is ONLY one that can see Menma (that admits it at least).

  15. I do agree that its getting somewhat draggy, but I suppose they’re doing it with a purpose. Slowly and painfully fleshing everything out and then ending with a big bang.

    I still hope they develop more on Tsuruko (and Poppo) though. She’s actually the most interesting character imo.

  16. Trivia fact:

    The book that Tsuruko is reading is titled “Aldebaran”.

    Aldebaran is an orange giant star located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus. With an average apparent magnitude of 0.87, it is the brightest star in the constellation and is one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky. The name Aldebaran is Arabic (الدبران al-dabarān) and translates literally as “the follower”, presumably because this bright star appears to follow the Pleiades, or “Seven Sisters” star cluster in the night sky.

    1. WTF, I was just reshearching about Aldebaran myself lol. I don’t know if it’s some kind of symbolism but I kinda ignored after checking that the book was titled “Aldebaran – English Course“.

    2. Did someone say Pleiades?

      So Aldebaran follows the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. Since Tsuruko is reading that book, it must mean she’s following a group of people. Ah! That must be the Super Peace Busters. Oh wait, there’re only 6 of them. But didn’t Menma’s mother call her onee-chan? So the mom is secretly a time traveler and Menma’s sister. Or maybe she’s the real Menma and all this was payback for Jinta calling her ugly. So Tsuruko will follow the mom’s actions, and she’ll be the second to undermine the efforts of Jinta and co——

      Okay, that’s enough. Richard’s right, it’s simply an English text.

  17. This anime is just littered with facts and allusions and stuff. lol.

    I remember reading a comment from a previous recap that Tsuruko was also reading Natsume Soseki’s “Kokoro”? Though I don’t remember seeing her read that book …

    But anyways, the book is about a friendship that falls apart when they both fall in love with the same girl. Friend A is a student and Friend B is a monk. Friend B confides in Friend A about his affection for the girl, when he shouldn’t because he’s a monk. Friend A becomes jealous and worried, and proposes to the girl without telling Friend B. The girl’s mother ends up telling Friend B about their engagement before Friend A could explain to B in person, and Friend B falls into despair and commits suicide. Though the reader never really knows if he killed himself out of pain, betrayal, or shame (or a combo of all). Friend A lives on with guilt and regret, and in the end, commits suicide also because he couldn’t forgive and was disgusted with himself.

    The friendship, death, and guilt theme of “Kokoro” does tie in nicely with AnoHana. How a group of friends seem to develop feelings for one another, some become jealous, do things they regret, a friend unexpectedly dies, and they all live on with guilt and shame.

    1. Yeah, I was the one who mentioned her reading Kokoro. It’s really hard to spot because she has a cover on the book (I didn’t originally notice it myself, some crazy bastard on 2ch pointed it out), but when she flips the page you get a glance of the text for like a couple frames.

      Exhibit 1

      Exhibit 2

      Exhibit 3

      Texts found here and here. :3

      1. Wow that is some crazy amount of art detail. lol. Need hawk eyes to see that. O_O

        I wonder if they’re just using themes from the book, or if they’re actually going to implement a plot device from the book into the series.

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      There are loads of hidden details to look into, this shows just how deep the show is. I really hope the ending won’t disappoint.

  18. Is anyone else excited about the progress of Anjou/Jinta and Tsuruko/Yukiatsu? I thought it was splendid and I love how Jinta (albeit awkwardly) stands up for Anjou when people try to imply she’s a prostitute or that she’s easy. But what’s with Tsuruko? Whyyyy does she have the hair pin Yukiatsu gave to Menma? Is it possible that she’s the real reason Menma died and she took the hair pin from her afterwards all out of some jealousy that Yukiatsu liked her?

    As for what’s really Menma’s wish and the stuff surrounding her… I have a ridiculous theory that is somehow possible I think. Just… go with me. Lol. What if Menma is Jinta’s HALF-SISTER??? I mean, think about it for a minute before you call me crazy. Has anyone noticed how much she keeps trying to make his mother’s muffins? Sure, she could be doing it to comfort him, but why specifically his mother’s muffins all the time? And then she remembered her in the hospital when she hit her head and she looked strange about it. Also, Menma’s mother was looking at him with contempt. Could it be that Menma’s dad had an affair with Jinta’s mother and bam, here is Jinta? And his father is so carefree with him because he knows and takes pity on him?! All leading up to Menma’s wish for her nii-san Jinta to know and be happy with his life!

    Ok… the more I think about it, the crazier it sounds, but hey, it was a thought.

    I still there is more significance to Jinta’s mother other than she was really sick and they all wanted her to get better. Menma seems subconsciously fixated on her. Got a feeling that Menma’s mother and her fakeness towards the kids also has something to do with it. Menma might have really liked Jinta’s mother because she was nicer than her own? But clearly, her wish is probably something along the lines of everyone being happy together forever. Her diary was repeatedly about being with everyone.

  19. I love the Anaru Jintan dynamic. It’s so cute when he tries to divert the attention to himself to save her the pain, and even cuter when she inadvertently calls him Jintan. Priceless.
    Another awesome episode. Seriously, I can’t wait every week.

  20. I really hope Yukiatsu and Tsuruko get to have a healthy relationship when this series is all wrapped up. That seems like the Good End route for the two of them.

    Thanks so much for blogging this amazing series! I wish I could get high res. screenshots like you do. (If you don’t mind my asking – or if anybody knows – how could I do that?)

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