Introduction – A Backbone of Japanese Values

Hello there! My name is Gabie. I am a self-employed Brazilian designer, social media strategist, copywriter and digital marketer. I am also the mother of two cats (a midget devil called Jupiter and an adventurer called Mago) and two lady dogs (a blind husky called Jerry Bonksalot—yes, she bonks in a lot of places—and a highly anxious mixed beagle called Pina).

My day to day life consists of working, cooking, baking, weight-lifting, watching anime with my boyfriend, reading manga, fanfics, trying to understand human behavior and drinking tea.

I recently binged One Piece starting on episode one all the way to the latest episode available, which I think was 964—in a total of two months and thirteen days. I had just taken a step back from overworking and was a bit lost regarding my professional career.

When going through periods like these some might take a sabbatical, go to a retreat or simply spend some time in nature away from everything. But given the current situation, me being an introvert, and the fact that I live in a tropical island in the middle of Southeast Asia where the only nature I get is either going to the garbage-littered tourist beaches or to the ass-sweat-snake-jungles, I decided to give this epic saga a go.

Introduction – You Have Failed This Community

My name is Raphiel (ラフィエル) or Raphi (ラフィ) for short. After five years in gacha hell, I have come back home for one goal, to save my community. Now, I hope others join my crusade. To them I’m Raphiel but to the rest of the community I’m someone else. I am something else…

If you have yet to get it by now, I won’t be doing any written content for this website. Instead, my focus will be in producing video content for it recording videos, researching topics, writing scripts or editing.

Nowadays I don’t really watch much anime as I used to outside of the standout hits like Attack on Titan or Re: Zero and other miscellaneous titles. I’m more of a manga person rather than an anime man. Stuff like Munou na Nana, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint or Shinju no Nectar. In that case, you can expect more content geared to various Japanese otaku subculture in general rather than just anime. But I will try to dedicate some to anime as well!

Introduction – Just Saiyan Hello!

Hello dear readers! My name is Yaseen Hijazi and I’m a freelance writer who happens to have a great passion for anime! I love watching anime and collecting merchandise of my favourite shows, but most importantly, I love discussing and reviewing my favourite shows with friends and family, or even with an online audience.

That being said, it’s no surprise I was ecstatic to be offered a spot on RandomC’s writing team! Writing about the things I love is a dream come true and I intend to do my best for my nakamas here at RandomC and for all you awesome readers and lovers of anime!

So, a bit about myself and my anime first love series, it was definitely Dragon Ball Z that hooked me into this beautiful world. My clearest memory as a 5-year-old was seeing the Cell Games Saga airing on Cartoon Network in the early hours of the morning as I headed out to kindergarten. Seeing the awe-inspiring action and sheer talent in the animating of this series was out of this world for my baby eyes to comprehend. Growing up with two older brothers, DBZ played a huge part in getting us into play fights at home, karate classes and even shaping some of our ‘heroic’ morals and sense of justice.

Introduction – Suppose a random nobody writer moved to a really popular blog.

Hey hi hello! My name is FJ Freeman, I’ve been a massive fan of Random Curiosity for a long time, but have only ever lurked here (and also maybe (allegedly) stolen some screenshots…) Anyway, it’s very nice to meet you all, I am in your hands. 

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a young fantasy writer during the night, but during the day I’m a freelancer specializing in graphic design, illustration, animation and visual effects. My dream is to someday produce a feature film which I’m currently writing the script for – and it’s based on my novel Heavenly Bodies. It’s a fantasy elemental story, if you’re interested search for it on Amazon.

I was born and raised in Mexico where I was lucky enough to attend private school during my young years. This led to me being fluent in English from a young age, which alongside me being an only child likely led me to my love for anime.

Introduction-In the Name of the Moon I Will Write for You!

Hello! I am Princess Usagi! While my name is lunar in origin, being a combination of Princess Kaguya, the legend of the rabbit on the moon, and Usagi Tsukino (aka Sailor Moon), I am not actually writing to you from the moon. However, I am over the moon with excitement to be one of the new members of the Random Curiosity team!

Like Sailor Moon, I am a bubbly daydreamer who loves anime, manga, and video games. RC is the “moon prism power makeup!” transformation that will allow me to funnel my love for anime into a power used for the good of others – i.e., the reading enjoyment of the RC readers. I enjoy writing and am passionate about anime, so I couldn’t believe it when I found out that I would be able to have an amazing gattai combination of the two!