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Sword Art Online – 12

「ユイの心」 (Yui no Kokoro)
“Yui’s Heart”

They say that opposites attract – that two people who are completely different are more likely to make a better pair than two people who are very similar. I guess it’s true in a sense, and the Asuna/Kirito pairing certainly seems to conform to this idea.

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 12 (END)

「世界が君を見つめてる」 (Sekai ga Kun wo Mitsu Meteru)
“The World is Watching You”

Mixed emotions come with the end of Hagure Yuusha.

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「友の声が聴こえる」 (Tomo no Koe ga Kikoeru)
“I can Hear the Voices of My Friends”

As this arc is heading towards its end, the battles are getting more and more intense. If Dragon Slayer can be heard during a battle, you know that it’s serious business!

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