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「軒下のモンスター We cannot decide where we go but you can.」 (Nokishita no Monsutaa)
“The Monster Under the Eaves We cannot decide where we go but you can.”

Even gods fear the terror of deadlines.

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Shingeki no Kyojin – 37

「叫び」 (Sakebi)

Talk about dropping the curtains in style.

*Final Impressions included.

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Tsuki ga Kirei – 10

「斜陽」 (Shayō)
“The Setting Sun”

The passionate kiss at the end is what I would imagine their 60th Summer of Love to continue being like. Arguably it was worth the stress of this episode.

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Seikai Suru Kado – 10

「トワノサキワ’」 (Towanosakiwa’)

Father to his 5-yr-old: People can die at any moment and safety is an illusion. Goodnight, sweetie.

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