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「仮装 ぺんぎん 姉ごっこ」 (Kasou / Penguin / Ane Gokko)
“Costume, Penguins, Pretend Sister”

We only just reached September, and Sunohara-souis coming at us with a Halloween episode. Unfortunately, it isn’t able to do as much with the holiday backdrop aside from getting the girls in costumes as Aki is invited to go out to karaoke with Nana and her friends. A lot of this segment is taken up by her friends acting creepy around Aki with how handsy they get around him, but Nana and the photo booth helps reign everybody in to make the section a little more pleasant. It helps that they take some time to show us what’s happening on Ayaka’s end as Yatsuhou invites herself and a bottle of hiyaoroshi sake over to the dorm house, getting the both of them drunk as Yatsuhou demands Ayaka to be her mom and places an orange on her breasts to resemble kagami mochi.

The second part continues where the first left off where the aquarium tickets that Yatsuhou left with Ayaka were put to good use for a day out with Aki. For the most part, Aki tries to seem tougher, and yet it’s the universal appeal of penguins that ultimately acts as his weak spot. Ayaka notices at times, but the date does help Aki act more comfortably in times of weakness when he finds himself obsessed and smitten with how cute the penguins and penguin-related items at the Tokyo aquarium are. He didn’t fall for how cute Ayaka was when she swayed alongside the garden eel, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t! Yuzu is shut out of the trip or any interest in going, however, when she sees a shark horror movie the night before, but shows a little interest in possibly going with Aki before he mentions sharks again.

This episode’s last part shows a different angle to the familial complexes in the series by focusing on how the Aki’s dorm mates would work as older sisters. As it turns out, it’s far different than just being acquaintances as Yuzu still bats Aki away the more he lays on her lap and Yuki finds herself too embarrassed by how excited she was to see Aki eating an apple she peeled. Sumire seemed the most into the idea of playing the older sister to Aki as well as a younger sister to Yuzu as both scenarios had her want to bathe with them. Although Halloween seemed to have passed with the first segment, the final moments of the last section took a turn for the scary as Aki is reminded of the trauma he faced with his older sister only for the episode to end on a cliffhanger with her finding the dorm house. What happens from here will be interesting as it will definitely unearth a lot of why Aki is so determined to improve himself and be seen as tough.


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September 8, 2018 at 3:34 pm