Kanokon – 07

「あたためてあげちゃう?」 (Atatamete Agechau?)
“Warm You Up?”

After interrupting one of Chizuru’s ecchi attempts on a cold morning, Yukihana, a servant of Chizuru’s mother, heads to her school to assess the situation between her and this human she’s heard about. After Chizuru declares that her bond with Kouta is deeper than anyone else’s, Yukihana decides to test that out.

Kanokon – 06

「お願いしちゃう?」 (Onegai Shichau?)

Episode at a Glance:
On New Years, Kouta is relaxing at home when Chizuru comes crashing in through the door to spend some time as lovers. While Kouta tries to spend the day normally by doing some kakizome (書き初め), i.e. “New Years writing”, Chizuru’s boredom leads to her taking advantage of Kouta as usual.