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Zettai Shounen   16   01 Zettai Shounen   16   02 Zettai Shounen   16   03
Zettai Shounen   16   04 Zettai Shounen   16   05 Zettai Shounen   16   06
Zettai Shounen   16   07 Zettai Shounen   16   08 Zettai Shounen   16   09
Zettai Shounen   16   10 Zettai Shounen   16   11 Zettai Shounen   16   12
Zettai Shounen   16   13 Zettai Shounen   16   14 Zettai Shounen   16   15
Zettai Shounen   16   16 Zettai Shounen   16   17 Zettai Shounen   16   18
Zettai Shounen   16   19 Zettai Shounen   16   20 Zettai Shounen   16   21
Zettai Shounen   16   22 Zettai Shounen   16   23 Zettai Shounen   16   24
Zettai Shounen   16   25 Zettai Shounen   16   26 Zettai Shounen   16   27
Zettai Shounen   16   28 Zettai Shounen   16   29 Zettai Shounen   16   30

Short Summary:
Miki and Ayumu are still in contact after so long. Over the phone, Miki tells Ayumu how her sister met Akira, and they discuss her and the material fairies. Their call is interrupted when Ayumu hears a noise outside and goes to investigate. He finds Okakababa, followed by Doshiru and Shisshin (the fairies), who briefly show up but then fly off. Akira takes in the ragged cat and feeds him. Above Yokohama, a mysterious disk silently floats along. Sitting in a restaurant, Masaki gets a call from Akira. When she asks what he desires to do, he says that he wants to prove the existence of material fairies. He messages Kisa about monopolizing Bun-chan, but she immediately deletes his message. Meanwhile, Akira, who is back at her room, has a lengthy conversation with Doumaru-san (the cameraman). There are apparently two types of fairies, the warm colored and the cold colored, who are in a conflict of some sort. The next day, Ayumu wakes up to find Okakababa gone, and there are tracks in the snow leading away from the house.


  • On the whole, I didn’t like this episode as much as previous eps: not a lot happened as most of it is spent on the phone. However, there were some interesting revelations (and hearing Miki was a definite plus).
  • Ayumu and Miki! I knew we were going to see Ayumu, but I didn’t think we’d get to hear Miki too. Never mind the fact that she just got out of the bath and is on the phone in a bath towel. @_@
    That picture on his desk implies that he’s paid her at least one visit, and their relationship seems pretty close now. It’s a shame he’s not wearing his trademark GLF shirt though.
  • The two types of fairies (hot colored and cold colored) in conflict sheds some light onto why the white colored ones were beating on the orange colored one back in episode 13. And since Bun-chan’s orb color is whitish, he must be part of the cold colored group.
  • On the subject of Bun-chan, I am really beginning to hate Makki. Kisa looks ready to cry after seeing his message.
  • Poor Okakababa. His presence raises a lot of questions. Why does he track down Ayumu, but leave the next day? He’s related to the warm colored group, so what’s going to happen to him now? Especially since the cold of winter is setting in…
  • September 9, 2005 at 10:23 pm
    • September 9, 2005 at 11:58 pmwao

      Sukawara’s desktop is waaaayyyy tooo cluttered… thanks for the caps.

      But sheesh, Ayumu going out in just a shirt and pants… no jacket? (He seems to have graduated from GLF -> WALK)

    • September 10, 2005 at 12:23 amflou

      I don’t see any caps of Miki =( can you put any up if possible?

    • September 10, 2005 at 12:24 amOmni

      There were none, you only heard her voice on the phone. Trust me, if there were, you can be sure that I’d have capped it. ;)