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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – 04

Interested in advancing her relationship with the manly side of Ginka, Chika gets the idea for a trip to Hawaii and makes the suggestion to Kyouka by reminding her of a potential honeymoon.

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Da Capo II SS – 05

In preparation for the upcoming ski trip with Yoshiyuki and the others, Yume buys a lot of first-aid materials because she’s been getting visions of an accident.

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Kanokon – 05

「ダメになっちゃう?」 (Dame ni Nacchau?)
“Became No Good?”

Episode at a Glance:
Nozomu’s brother Saku drops by the school and puts a braclet of abstinence on Kouta to prevent Chizuru from doing ecchi things to him.

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