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Focal Point – Favorable Adaptations

One of many fiercely debated topics in anime fandom, the adaptation of manga into anime strikes a particular cord with FANS in general, because it is closely related to the topic of film adaptations of books.

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Allison & Lillia – 09

「元戦場に架かる橋」 (Moto Senjou ni Kakaru Hashi)
“Bridge Spanning the Original Battlefield”

Episode at a Glance:
Allison, Wil, and Fiona take a trip on the new, luxurious, transcontinental express train that connects Roxche and Sou Biel, after receiving an invitation from Benedict. Somewhere along the middle of the bridge, the train stops in front of an island to allow the passengers to pay their respects to the soldiers that died on this former battleground.

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Introduction – “My teacher watches anime!”

Before a week ago, I was just an average blog reader like many of you, foraging the World Wide Web for RSS feeds that nourish my interests in anime and video games.

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The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ – 09

At a bridge crossway, Pazuz watches as several parties below him are battling a seemingly never ending stream of monsters.

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kurenai – 09

「貴方と私と」 (Anata to Watashi to)
“With You and Me”

Episode at a Glance:
Shinkurou asks Benika for a full explanation about the Kuhouins, so she explains the ways of their conglomerate and how they inbreed to get pure blooded children. While Shinkurou realizes this job’s too much for him, he decides to protect Murasaki as he originally promised.

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Macross Frontier – 09

With Sheryl shooting a documentary at the school, Alto isn’t happy that his practice time was cut.

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Bleach – 172

After spending a lot of time chasing a missing cat in Soul Society, Kira and the other members of the third division discuss how they’ve been doing a lot of menial tasks lately.

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Sheryl Nome starring May’n Live R-Zero Appearance

For all you Macross Frontier and Japanese music fans out there, Nakabayashi May (Sheryl’s voice in all the songs) made an appearance last night on TBS’s Live R-Zero program and sang Diamond Crevasse in its entirety. Even after listening to her CD ad nauseum, I still really like the song, so it was cool to hear the live version. She did a fairly good job with it too – much better than I’ve heard some more popular artists do (SMAP and Ayumi come to mind) anyway. My main complaint is that the audience and host Izumiya Shigeru didn’t really seem all that into it, and that kind of took away from the atmosphere. Then again, this is an anime song appearing on a normal music program, so it might be somewhat understandable. Regardless, the video is definitely still worth a watch, if for just the song alone. Hopefully it’ll be able to hold me over until the first Macross Frontier soundtrack is released next Wednesday (June 4th).

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Vampire Knight – 08

When Kaname secludes himself in his room, the other vampires get worried, but the more pressing matter at hand is the imminent arrival of Ichijou’s grandfather.

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On Vacation – To the Land of the Rising Sun

While hearing about my vacation plans is probably not the most exciting thing, my blogging will be affected; therefore, this can be considered as a somewhat official notice of that. For the first time ever, I’ll be going overseas and on a real vacation (i.e. paid vacation days). Evidently, this will also be my first time in Japan, but I’ll be there for a month, staying at an apartment I rented in Ikebukuro, so hopefully that’ll be enough time for the Japanese lifestyle to soak in. I’ll have Internet access at the apartment, but I’ll only have my relatively old and underpowered 10.6″ Fujitsu ultra-portable notebook along with me. While this little thing has served me well in university, blogging will be somewhat difficult due to its inability to playback HD videos smoothly (…in addition to the time commitment of course). Regardless, I don’t want to put all seven shows I’m covering on a complete hiatus, as the backlog when I return would be somewhat daunting.

My tentative plan right now is to continue covering the shows that I currently am, but in a fairly trimmed down manner. These “lite” posts will probably be restricted to screenshots and impressions alone, so my apologies to those of you who come here for the summaries. (Writing detailed summaries is always the most time-consuming task for me.) At the very least, I want to have a “placeholder entry” with just screenshots for completeness sake (indicating that I have watched the episode), which would also allow for any discussion amongst you, the readers. The regularity that my posts appear will probably be affected as well, given how I’ll be on Tokyo time and out and about most of the time. Again, this is merely a tentative plan, but I’ll try to adhere to it the best I can.

I’m leaving in the middle of next week, but some of my posts this week may also be affected while I prepare for my trip. As mentioned above, I won’t be back until a month later (~July 6th), but hopefully by then, I’ll have some interesting stories that I can use for Random Musings.

Note: This will affect (Mon) Wagaya no Oinari-sama., Nabari no Ou, Special A, (Thurs) Allison & Lillia, kurenai, To LOVE-Ru, and (Sat) Kanokon, but Omni’s coverage will continue as normal.


Tidbit: The image above is taken from the official site of the Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) movie, which premieres on June 28th in Japan. Seeing as how I recently finished the drama and thoroughly enjoyed it, I just might check it out while I’m there. I was asked, “Do you really want to be in a theater surrounded by bunch of screaming Japanese fan girls?”, but the person quickly added, “Oh wait, that might not be such a bad thing.” I’ll let you guess who said that. =)

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Special A – 08

「旅・犬」 (Tabi / Inu)
“Trip / Dog”

With the S.A class off to Hawaii, Kei is still visually upset (black aura and all) by what Hikari told him after the contest. When they arrive, they have some free time before dinner, Hikari, Akira, Tadashi, and the Yamamoto twins go off shopping, while Kei stays in his room, claiming that he’s not feeling well.

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Wagaya no Oinari-sama. – 08

「お稲荷さま。探し物する」 (Oinari-sama. Sagashimono Suru)
“Oinari-sama. Searches for Something”

After running into Mubyou and listening to her explanation, Tooru agrees to help her search for the Sakasaen since she doesn’t seem like a bad person. Although he agreed, Tooru doesn’t quite know how he can help her, so Mubyou suggests asking the smart kitsune who’s at his house to help out and then introduces herself as the god from the next area.

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With the defeat of Soul, Medusa encourages Chrona to kill Maka and eat her soul.

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Nabari no Ou – 08

「伝わる心」 (Tsutawaru Kokoro)
“Inherited Spirit”

Some time ago, Yae was crying over the body of her daughter, Alisa, and with the kinjutsu in her hand, swore to avenge her. Back in the present, Yae and Miharu are waiting in the parking lot, where Yae reads Miharu’s mind and realizes that he’s worried about not telling Kumohira about Yoite.

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Suzaku is surprised to hear that Zero is going to cooperate on the Special Administration Zone idea, and though he still feels that Zero is still accountable for his crimes, he has no choice but to accept this for now.

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