Vampire Knight Guilty – 08


Up on the rooftop after Yuki faints into Kaname’s arms, Zero asks Kaname what Yuki meant by confessing they are siblings after all this time has passed without ever knowing about it. Kaname only replies that Yuki is 100% Kuran pureblood, and even a low status vampire like Zero should be able to sense it. As Kaname carries her back to his room, Yuki dreams about her past memories that have finally become unlocked.

Vampire Knight Guilty – 06

A knock on the door of Kaien’s office late one evening opens up to Ichiru, stopping by because Kaien had called to introduce him to Kaname. Standing in the doorway, Ichiru mockingly asks if Kaname wants him to be another piece in his game. Kaname wants to know his real goal, but as Ichiru turns to leave and closes the door behind him, he composedly answers that Kaname couldn’t do a single thing to stop him even if he did reveal his true intentions. Outside the door, Ichiru stares at a vial of blood in his hands.