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Vampire Knight Guilty – 12


Seemingly long ago, an older version of Kaname with long hair walks through a desolate landscape in the red sun. In the slightly more recent past, a young Kaname reads a book with a very small Yuki while she dreams of being able to see such beautiful landscapes.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 11


As the entire school campus slowly turns into a desert, Zero still suffers his transformation alone while he’s locked up, for now.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 10


Still talking in the forest with Aidou, Yuki experiences the annoyingly painful rays of sunlight from a vampire’s perspective for the first time.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 09


Yuki stands outside Zero’s bedroom door while he points the gun at her, upset because he doesn’t feel a single trace of Yuki’s human self. She smiles subtly and agrees with him, saying that her vampire side devoured the Yuki he used to know.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 08


Up on the rooftop after Yuki faints into Kaname’s arms, Zero asks Kaname what Yuki meant by confessing they are siblings after all this time has passed without ever knowing about it. Kaname only replies that Yuki is 100% Kuran pureblood, and even a low status vampire like Zero should be able to sense it. As Kaname carries her back to his room, Yuki dreams about her past memories that have finally become unlocked.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 07

Kain and Aidou spend the night guarding Yuki’s dorm as she sleeps restlessly, and Kaname meets with Rido (in Shiki’s body, tagging along with Ichijou) for the first time in 10 years.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 06

A knock on the door of Kaien’s office late one evening opens up to Ichiru, stopping by because Kaien had called to introduce him to Kaname. Standing in the doorway, Ichiru mockingly asks if Kaname wants him to be another piece in his game. Kaname wants to know his real goal, but as Ichiru turns to leave and closes the door behind him, he composedly answers that Kaname couldn’t do a single thing to stop him even if he did reveal his true intentions. Outside the door, Ichiru stares at a vial of blood in his hands.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 05

Yuki is thinking about her first memories from 10 years ago (again). She wonders why Kaname was there that day, and why she can’t remember anything before that. She starts to leave but is deeply startled by a sudden bloody illusion on the doorknob as she turns it.

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Vampire Knight Guilty – 01

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Vampire Knight – 13 (END)

Holding the dying Shizuka in his arms, Ichiru offers to give her his blood, but she refuses on the grounds that he’s the only person she won’t make a vampire.

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Vampire Knight – 12

Having left the dance, Yuuki heads straight to Maria in order to offer herself in exchange for the way to save Zero.

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Vampire Knight – 11

Reunited with his twin brother after so long, Ichiru compares past expectations with how Zero now has to fight against the desire lurking within him and will eventually become a Level E.

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Vampire Knight – 10

With Kurenai Maria now part of the Night Class, Zero tries to keep Yuuki away and instructs her not to have anything to do with Maria.

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Vampire Knight – 09

Zero has a nightmare one night of the vampire who killed his family holding him in her arms and saying that he’s tied to her through a bond that cannot be broken.

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Vampire Knight – 08

When Kaname secludes himself in his room, the other vampires get worried, but the more pressing matter at hand is the imminent arrival of Ichijou’s grandfather.

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