Holding the dying Shizuka in his arms, Ichiru offers to give her his blood, but she refuses on the grounds that he’s the only person she won’t make a vampire. In talking about how their circumstances were similar, Shizuka remembers back to when she had first taken over Maria’s body and how Ichiru wasn’t used to it. After she had given him some more of her own blood, Ichiru had questioned why she wouldn’t make him into a vampire, so Shizuka had revealed that she didn’t want him to be her servant and thus lose his ability to speak with a sharp tongue. That would be boring for her, and she had turned Zero into a vampire precisely because it wouldn’t be boring. What’s more, Shizuka saw vampires as fleeting and fragile, and it goes back to how her previous lover had been hunted by Ichiru’s parents. Since Ichiru didn’t resent her for killing his parents, Shizuka had called him sinful and had kissed him with Maria’s body. Ichiru didn’t want her doing something like that since he thought she didn’t love him, but the truth is that Shizuka had intentionally pretended not to notice his feelings.

Back in the present, Ichiru is in tears over how Shizuka has started to disappear, and by the time Zero arrives in the room, Ichiru had already drunken Shizuka’s blood. Her body then shatters, and Ichiru remains frustrated over how she didn’t want his blood. Zero, however, refutes this and struggles to explain that he understands because he also has someone he doesn’t want to become a vampire. Ichiru doesn’t care to hear this from a Zero who he thinks is already a Level E, and he leaves via the window. Zero can’t chase after Ichiru because of the pain he’s going through, but what he can do is hear Yuuki coming. She sees him writhing on the ground like this even though he doesn’t want her to, but by the time Cain comes by, Zero is gone from the room thanks to the chairman. Zero is subsequently absent from class, and when Yuuki asks the chairman about it, the chairman merely proposes paying a visit to Zero sometime later. Cain meanwhile reports to Kaname what he saw in the aftermath and how the chairman appears to be protecting Zero. When Kaname acts like Zero could have been the one who killed Shizuka, Aidou is disturbed because he knows the truth about what really happened, however he chooses not to say anything. In any case, Kaname feels that he has to report this to the Council of Ancients since a prohibition was violated in the killing of a pureblood.

Aidou is bothered enough by all this that he talks with Cain afterwards about Shizuka. He knows that Shizuka had a pureblood fiancé but had loved an ex-human vampire, and this man’s name had been put on the Vampire Hunters Association’s purge list. The problem is that this man hadn’t become a Level E yet, so he shouldn’t have been a target on that list yet. What’s also puzzling is that Shizuka was on the run from the Council of Ancients, yet she put herself at risk by showing up at their school. Aidou suspects that she was after something, and his thoughts fall to what Kaname had said to her after he had impaled her. Kaname meanwhile finds Yuuki by a water fountain, and he laments how she’s getting involved in problems that should be solved by the Night Class and how she doesn’t let him protect her. Seeing how concerned she is about Zero, he tracks Zero down in the chamber where he is being held and finds Zero at his limit. Even though Kaname had left Zero the blood that could have saved him, Zero hadn’t been able to drink it, and with Yuuki so sad, Kaname decides to offer his own blood. After making it clear that it’s only for Yuuki’s sake, Kaname lets Zero drink from his neck, and both of them think about Yuuki.


Well, for a final episode (of the first series), this was rather slow all the way until the final two or so minutes when Kaname let Zero feed off of him. I’ve been using the word “anticlimactic” a lot lately, but it fits in this case too since all the big things happened last week, leaving not much for this week since it appears they didn’t wanna delve into too much new stuff. Given that I thought things were rather fast paced last week, it feels like the writers/director could have balanced the story a bit better. The only big surprise was that scene at the very end (for a moment there, I thought we were headed for a BL scene), and while it makes for an interesting segue into the next series, I’m told that this screws things up a little because apparently it’s not something that happens in the manga story for quite a while. On the plus side, they did manage to set up some interesting subplots with the mystery behind what Shizuka was doing there and with how Aidou knows that Kaname was the one who killed Shizuka (you could just see his loyalty waver), so while this ending may not have been all that, they can hit the ground running in the next series. The ED sequence this week also featured preview shots of the next series, though it doesn’t appear to give any big clues about anything. We’ll have to see how things turn out in starting in October.

Incidentally, what kind of name is Vampire Knight Guilty? It sounds awkward and conjures memories of Guilty Gear.


  1. you think waiting is fun? it takes a month for a new chapter to come out on the manga. The anime made some changes compare to the manga for this episode but overall, same stuff. I feel sorry for Zero. Sometime, i wish someone would just put a stake in him and just end his suffering. It is painful to watch him alway in pain, whether physically or emotionally. I am a sucker for lovable underdog and zero is by far the underdog while kaname is the overal favorite in this show. My one beef with this show is that the fighting is pretty minimal. But this is a romance show and not an action. I love the love triangle and that might be my only reason for watching this show since the action is almost nonexistence. I have my hopes up that zero will win in the end. Underdog need to win once in a while or else it is just boring.

  2. WEll, this is a good a place as any to end season 1 when you think about it. For those who’ve read the manga, then you know they couldn’t have really went too far into it yet.

    It also doesn’t help things that the manga is monthly, having this gap between seasons is a good way to let the manga move ahead also. Though I doubt season 2 will catch up to the manga either.


    I don’t know if you read the manga or not (even watching the events in the anime though.) that point to Zero winning in the end. It’ll just be a long process, but that’s how these things go anyways.

  3. @Natsume Satoru

    The fact the manga is monthly means at best it will end this time next year. And that’s AT BEST. Still quite a lot going on in there we haven’t seen explained yet. So yeah it does look like the manga is “nearing the end” but by the time it gets there it could be another 20 chapters, or more.

    I actually believe it will end with either 10 or 12 volumes.

  4. What! The bloodsucking scene between Kaname and Zero turned out so gay!?!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. WTH……… In the manga Yuki awakened as a vampire first before Zero drank Kanames blood. And it was in Kaname’s room in which Zero drank Kaname’s blood. They already though that if they will follow the MANGA its impossible to finish it in 26 episodes so they made revisions without changing the entire PLOT. What a PLOT twist 10/ 10 ….

  6. BTW, kencute….you might wanna add spoilers warnings on your posts next time…and

    SPOILER ALERT SPOILER—>Its the otherway, Zero bites Kaname before Yuuki wakes up as a vampire


    Don’t hate Zero because he is a equal opportunity playa

    Please use spoiler tags for people like myself who have not read the manga but I did guess that would happen or I thought Yuuki is pregnant with Kaien Cross baby.

    Maury show studio

    Zero you are not the father!(Tries to kill Maury with his .45 get his ass kicked by security)

    Kaname you are not the father! (cries then kills himself)

    Cross you are the father! (High fives the men in the audience while the women boo him then says “she is not my daughter so it legal”)

    Then maury says “but she is underage” so Cross is found guilty of the rape of a minor and goes to jail ergo Vampire Knight Guilty is the title for the second season.

  8. My mistake, unknown2 is right… since the earlier post already spoiled it out so its not a big deal now if we spill it out.
    SPOILER ALERT SPOILER—>Its the otherway, Zero bites Kaname before Yuuki wakes up as a vampire… yeah.
    My mistake sorry^^. Its like in chapter 39 if I am not mistaken that they took Zero in the prison and Kaname spoke to him.
    BIG SPOILER >>>>>>>> ===
    Lolz, Yuki’s power as a pureblood surely is quite strange [turning antivampire weapons into her own]

  9. Vampire Knight Guilty………. Can’t they come up with a better name?! This is rather ridiculous…

    The ending bite looks so gay. Somehow, I actually start to think that the story might end in a threesome (hey! That’s a good way to work out a triangle love problem!!! Everybody win and be happy!)

  10. Truth be told, it is a bit soon to have Zero to bite Kaname, and like the other REALLY dramatic scenes, they just don’t transfer well from the manga into mthe anime. The scene where Zero is first revealed to be a vampire was pretty shocking to me, as I didn’t read enough into the blood tablets (thought he was either trying to become more like a vampire or killing them and taking their blood tablets for some reason) and the panels were really good.

    Likewise, the scene at the end is SIGNIFICANTLY less dramatic since the original scene had them do a small battle before Zero gave in to Kaname’s offer. Its kind of weird since I find most anime are able to really able to show a good transition and make these scenes really pack a punch. Sad too, because it was one of my favorite scenes.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. wow kencute321, im ok with spoilers since i read the manga but u should really hide the spoilers like other ppl. writing text BIG SPOILER >>>>>>>> === above the spoiler does not help to hide it.

  12. How dissapointing ending in my point of view, ididnt like the “Kaname&Zero” bite scene it felt really weird, in the manga it happened 10 chapters after Shizuke’s death and was much better!, i mean how are they gonna show the things in the 10 chapters, cause after the bite it changes everything, zero wont be suffering from his hunger, very important things will happen!!.. hhh lets wait and see what happens in the next season -_-:.

  13. Wow, the anime version fast forward the Zero & Kaname bite scene this early and skip the middle portion of the manga. It left me wondering if they’re going to do more flash back scenes in the second season since they skip quite a few chapters of the manga. I’m still looking forward to the 2nd season though. I really hope the studio will do something to improve the animation quality.

  14. Considering this was the end of the anime (or end of the season) it was kinda BLEH! This could just as easily have been in the middle of the series and nothing special instead of the last episode.

  15. Lol, I love you roger.

    yes! Finally an alternative couple! I vote for KanameXZero because I cant choose between them!

    (Thats a lie… Kaname is creepy… But thats ok ’cause hes hot…)

  16. hope the animaton improves next season… everything is wayyy better in the manga… oh well, still love the anime even though it looks like this… kaname crap, zero yeahyeah go get yuki!!!…can’t wait for the yuki arc!!!

  17. hope the animaton improves next season… everything is wayyy better in the manga… oh well, still love the anime even though it looks like this… kaname crap, zero yeahyeah go get yuki!!!…can’t wait for the yuki arc, love long haired yuki!!!

  18. I like the idea of Kaname being with Yuuki. The only thing that threw me off the idea was how Kaname is ‘related’ to Yuuki. Some call Kaname an overbearing prick who thinks he can do whatever he wants, but it’s not like that.
    Kaname wants Yuuki to know he cares about her, but all she can think about is Zero. I know how frustrating it is for Kaname to try to be closer to Yuuki and fail. He wants Yuuki and she’s COMPLETELY oblivious to him. *sigh* Such a shame because Kaname is sooo much hotter than Zero.
    My Spoiler: I think Kaname is going to get real frustrated with Zero not being able to take care of Yuuki and Kaname’s going to end up seriously hurting Zero to teach him a lesson.

    Peachy Zutto
  19. You probably don’t read the manga huh Peachy Zutto?

    Yuki isn’t oblivious at all, she likes him, but at this point doesn’t understand why. It makes sense later when she remembers her past. That aside, Kaname is a prick. He is doing whatever he wants in regards to both Yuki, Zero, and the others who are clueless and just following his orders as a “pure blood”. If you like being jerked around by someone then Kaname is your guy I suppose, but screw that personally.

    Saying he’s doing it to protect Yuki is also just half true. Again if you read the manga then you know he’s got his own reasons for it as well in regards to Rido. It’s all a preset plan that’s been going in motion since the start with this whole Night class idea.

    That aside, it’s still going to be a Zero ending, sorry to say, but having read this type of stuff over and over, I think the signs are all there.

    Kaname = manipulative smartass who’s doing everything just as much for himself than to “protect Yuki”.
    Zero = used pawn trying to fight his fate and not hurt Yuki.

    Note the difference.

  20. Yeah for a final episode this thing didn’t really do it for me. I suppose its ok that they left some questions it helps with the next season. Though overall a good anime, some parts just did not live up to the anime, like this finale.

  21. This kinda reminds me vaguely of Fruits Basket.
    I mean not the action or the curse or anything but the character relationship between the two main male character and the one main girl character.
    I agree with GP although, I have not read the manga, thanks to many people my eyes have been spoiled soo many times. And no matter how you think about it, Zero is most likely gonna come up as the victor in this duel.
    Although, we can’t really predict this far yet I mean the whole series could totally turn a 180 degree (It all depends on the director).
    I don’t really mind who ends up with Yuki. Kaname and Zero are both fine candidates. If the other wins and the other loses it will be sad, but then at the same time you kinda get the “meh” feeling and just move on in life.
    In any case, like i was saying before somehow I vaguely remember Kyo being Zero (because he is picked around) and Kaname is Yuki (because he acts superior).
    I definitely don’t mind Kaname acting superior though, if anything it makes him more interesting, it adds more character to him.. cause if not everyone would think he’s some emo-pedo trying to win over Yuki’s love. {I however do not think this..let’s hope I never will)
    So in conclusion Ganbatte Zero, Kaname! Koi wa POWER da!! (or something along the lines of that..)

  22. I read somewhere that the author of the manga said there she is only halfway in her story (right now the manga is at chapter 41). So i doubt the anime will be able to match the ending to the manga. We will probably see an open ending in the second season or an anime original ending. Though the author did mentioned that she had planned out the ending already. go Zero, you better win or else all this emo-ing is for nothing. kaname, stop treating human beings as your chess pieces. Their lives isn’t a game for you to play around with. If you want to do something, do it yourself. Stop using Zero for your evil purposes. Yuuki, eh, if you pick your brother over your best friend, you have to live your whole life regreting it. If you pick Zero over your brother, then you can get married legally. It isn’t a hard choice if you think about it. Kaname is still hot, but evil so i don’t feel sorry for him that he had to count the days all these years of raping yuuki but can’t.

  23. i’ve read the manga actually and it turned out that yuuki is kaname’s sister (but not really related) anyways, yuuki was born to be the bride of kaname that’s the story goes. poor zero though he love yuuki with all his heart but he knew from the start that yuuki is deeply inlove with kaname senpai. hu hu hu i feel sorry for zero… can the second season be air early than october? geehh i still have to wait for 2 months.

  24. xdtox dear please dont be mean to kaname sempai. he and yuuki had the same feelings, though yuuki care for zero also but not in a romantic way. and added to that yuuki and kaname sempai are not really related. please read the manga. please dont put hursh words for kaname. im his fan hehehe. kappooo

  25. ok i have watched the anime and read the manga and i LOVE the anime way better anywho i think that kaname and zero should be together kanamexzero omg how sexy and yukki should die however you spell her name but thats just me and people please stop the spoils

  26. Oh, I love Zero x Yuuki so much T-T it hurt me at the end of the anime series. But I didn’t read the manga and I want to start off on thew manga from where the anime left off, because I cheat like that! >=O I don’t want to have to read all the suffering I’ve already watched T-T I’m going to have to ask my friend. Ah well :3


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