OP Sequence

OP: 「輪廻-ロンド-」 (Rinne-Rondo-) by ON/OFF
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ED Sequence

ED: 「 砂のお城」 (Suna no Oshiro) by 分島花音 (Wakeshima Kanon)
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Given that they’re by the same artists, the new opening and ending songs are very reminiscent of the ones from the first series. What that also means is that I didn’t really like either of them, and the creepy element is gone from the ED, replaced by some butterfly/spider imagery.

-Vampire Knight Guilty picks up exactly where the first series left off, with Zero being more or less back to normal after drinking Kaname’s blood and the Council of Ancients coming after him for supposedly killing Shizuka. There was a bit of recap in the form of flashbacks towards the beginning, but it wasn’t too bad, and the story got going pretty quickly.
-For manga readers, they skipped around quite a bit, so the basic elements are the same, but they’re being presented in a different order. As I’ve said in the past, I actually prefer the way the anime version is presenting/ordering stuff.
-For the most part, nothing has changed production-wise. The animation quality looked pretty good, however since this was a first episode, that was to be expected. None of the voice actors changed, and the background music is still mostly subtle.


  1. not that this is here, let me go watch episode 4-13 of first season, and then continue on to this… idk first time around there were other important. series for me to keep up with. anyways i liked it but though that it would be better to watch it in a pack then singly. well now i will have to anyway who cares.

    This https://randomc.net/image/Vampire%20Knight/Vampire%20Knight%20Guilty%20-%20ED%20-%20Large%2003.jpg butterfly thing was pretty cool. lol

  2. honestly, I’m quite ok with VK
    it’s just…

    the fangirls… o___o ugh…

    damn horny teens… yaping on and on about how great vk is…

    I (and probably alot of other people) would like VK more if only it wasn’t so overrated…

    oh well, yay for season 2.

  3. @Omni

    Come on!? Aroduc from Tenka Seiha already has ef ~ A Tale of Melodies #01, Vampire Knight – Guilty #01, Skip Beat! #01, Macademy Wasshoi! #01. Whats taking so long… :/

    Highschool Debut
  4. @AznCoffee

    why would you not like vk because of the fangirls? If you don’t like fangirls, just ignore them, like it shouldn’t affect how good or not good a series is. I don’t understand why somebody would not like a series because somebody obsesses over it, like it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you, and it doesn’t ruin a show. If you don’t like it just ignore it, why do you let it bother you?

    Anyways rant aside.

    The ending looks amazing

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Sorry for the double post everybody but I really needed to add this

    @Highschool Debut
    I’m sure Omni is trying his best, and you just need to be patient. Besides Omni’s life is NOT the computer and I’m sure he has LOTS AND LOTS of other things to do.

  6. i was hoping there would be a bit more… action in the opening. :/ i know if i were watching this series for the first time, that opening would’ve left me utterly confused.

    the ending may not be as creepy as the last one, but it fits with the title of the song, the same as the last one did. we hear “still doll” as yuuki is being portrayed like a doll, and during “suna no oshiro” (“sand castle”), yuuki is surrounded by sand. although i do feel that the songs for the first season, in and of themselves, were better than this season’s. oh well.

    diet otaku
  7. Highschool Debut:
    You know if it were just a matter of posting a lot of screenshots and writing up some impressions on-the-fly without giving people a good understanding of what a show is about, sure, I can give you 5-6 posts a day too. If you want something that’s written well and is informative, then you need to consider quality over quantity. Also, don’t forget real-life commitments we have. With that said, there must be a reason why you’re asking us for those posts when Aroduc has already put his up…

    Also, you didn’t ask me for anything, so no Snapshots for you. 😛

  8. I can stand reading the manga, but once its animated it suddenly dawns on me that its painfully shoujo.

    But yeah.. err.. yay for season two. No one’s supporting Kaname? Does Zero just get pity points for having a gun and being angsty emo?

    Also.. if that scythe doesn’t pop up this season I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

  9. It appears as though the opening and ending have a bit of foreshadowing and at the same time…sort of explains a bit of what’s going on in the manga. In other words, there’s some symbolism involved with the opening and ending.

  10. The opening song sounds like the first season song maybe because its the same sang guys that sang it but i have to admit those guys make me laugh anytime i hear the opening songs cuz they sing like they are cryin their songs sound like a tradegy waitin to happen serieswise. Apart from that the season is on fire i don,t think i,ve ever seen kaname that pissed off before even though he tries to hid his emotions and zero that get this cold chil up his spine anytime he sees kaname just adds to the whole drama this almost looking like a love triangle thingy with yuki in the middle of it i bet kaname wasn,t expectin yuki to reject his touch i felt bad for him i bet he ain,t wooried becuase he can always pull out his trumpcard anytime so zero beware .

  11. alliecatt:
    Not to start an argument but that’s kind of a naive way of putting things. Fanboys and fangirls, no matter how much of a mature point of view someone might have, can potentially ruin things for someone else. Have you ever been to a movie where all your friends tell you that it’s the greatest thing since the sliced bread and when you watch the movie it’s not all that great? Or maybe a sequel to a really great movie/book/series that doesn’t meet up to the original even though it’s probably pretty good on it’s own right?

    Now, think vice versa. I know many instances when I went to watch a movie, shelling out $10 for a movie I had zero interest/expectation for, and came out pretty satisfied.

    Like the overused phrase “high expectation means greater disappointments”, blind fanboys/girls usually set the bar too high for their beloved and overrate them; rarely do we see a show that meets up to the hype that the fans generate. When non-fans get caught up in that, I’m sure they can’t help it but to think “what’s so great about this?” and wonder what the show might have been if they saw it without any form of bias.

  12. for a complete newbie to the show, that was seriously difficult to like. Too much to catch up on, even if you knew there was a previous season. For those that didnt, a convoluted mess with too much, what the eff are they talking about???…

  13. @alliecatt

    I think some people had read about VK in forums or other sites that fangirls commented “VK is awesome!” or “Zero/Kaname is so hot!!” when they are not the type of people who reacts to manga that way. They would focus more about the story and the events that occurred to see what was so great about it and would disagree with fangirls’ opinions. Plus, maybe they can’t ignore it when there seems to be people overrating the series (in their view) all over the net or something like that.

    Personally, I’m one of the group who’s not one obssessed with manga/anime but I don’t mind fangirls showing their love of manga/anime as it means that’s the way to express their opinion of Vampire Knight. Just giving my two cents and not really that important, maybe…

    So anyway, the OP and ED was a bit creepy for me and they seems to be like the first season’s with having some kind of hidden meaning. The anime itself is quickly reaching the recent manga chapters (after what happened at the end of the first season).


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