Yuki stands outside Zero’s bedroom door while he points the gun at her, upset because he doesn’t feel a single trace of Yuki’s human self. She smiles subtly and agrees with him, saying that her vampire side devoured the Yuki he used to know.

Outside the boy’s dorm, Yuki runs straight past Aidou and Kain, even as Aidou attempts to give her shoes that Ruka brought so she doesn’t have to walk around barefoot in her nightgown. Aidou chases after her, and she finally stops when she steps on something in the forest, causing him to panic (because Kaname might kill him if she’s harmed). He finally gets a chance to put the shoes on her, but she’s totally disgusted by his sudden change in attitude, or at least his attempts to be polite. It can’t be helped since she’s a pure blood vampire now. In a moment of reflection, Yuki sheds tears over her tragic past.

In Shiki’s bedroom, Kaname interrupts Ichiru’s brooding to borrow his sword, and openly admits his inability to kill Rido. Despite this, he dramatically stabs Rido’s body anyway just as Ichijou arrives, carrying Shiki over his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Zero suffers angst over Yuki, and his vampire seal seems to be affecting his body strangely. Down below, Yagari meets auspiciously with Kaien, and they almost clash in a near fight as Yagari admits his reasons for arriving on campus: Locking up Zero to protect the students because of an order by the Vampire Council. He’s pretty impressed with Kaien’s serious side, but before he can indulge in too many details about Kaien’s former vampire hunting glory, Zero drops in. He’s suffering in extreme pain as something strange happens to his body, so he throws his gun towards Yagari and demands that he kill him since that’s what he came here for anyway.

Back in Shiki’s bedroom, Ichijou realizes that Kaname has stabbed not only Rido, but his own hand as well. As the blood flows from Kaname’s wound into Rido’s body, it begins to boil as he recalls the tragic deaths of Juri and Haruka Kuran’s because of Rido’s actions 10 years ago: Haruka bids a romantic and sad farewell to Juri, and she returns inside to take care of Yuki. Haruka remains outside to battle it out with his brother Rido and protect his family. He turns many of the vampire servants into sand after Rido regenerates his own body from the massive amounts of blood spilled onto the snow in front of the mansion. Haruka sends a hideous demon created from the dead vampires to attack Rido, but in the same moment it reaches him, a powerful sword that Rido flung towards Haruka lands right on target.

A young Kaname rushes forward from the mansion to protect Haruka, realizing how dangerous the sword is, but it’s too late. Haruka hugs Kaname and says his loving goodbyes, disappearing into Kaname’s arms. Kaname picks up the sword in anger, and tries to avenge his father’s death by stabbing Rido, but is stopped at the last moment. He doesn’t hold the power to be able to kill this man, and Rido gloats in his victory. Angry and cornered, Kaname emits a powerful explosion from his hands that causes blood and snow to rain down from the sky after striking Rido’s body into near nothingness. He may not be able to kill Rido now, but in the time it will take him to reform his body after this attack, Kaname will develop the means to kill him permanently.

Back in the present, in Ichijou’s grandfather’s house, the head of the Vampire Hunters meets with him privately. She.. I mean “he” tells Ichijou that thanks to him, Zero is safely locked up where he can’t interrupt their plans. He’s collaborating with the vampires in order to attain power, revealing a few hidden motives.

That night, Yagari throws Zero into a stone jail, and scolds him for his futile actions earlier. He tells him that above all else, Zero isn’t a vampire – he’s a vampire hunter. Because of that, he entrusts the bloody-rose gun to Zero, leaves it in the cell, and closes the door behind him. Filled with thoughts and memories of Kaname and Yuki, something powerful is changing inside Zero, and his tattoo glows deep red as it grows.



First Thoughts

I find myself enjoying this series much more now that things are escalating into the meat of the story. All past sins momentarily forgotten, I was able to enjoy the last two episodes based on the story alone, despite the studio’s best efforts to bring me down. I hope the rest of the season continues like this.

Zero’s angst is pretty reasonable, but I’m looking forward to the day when he overcomes it. I love Yuki’s new dangerous side and attitude. They pulled off the innocent human to powerful pure-blood vampire quite well, actually. It’s almost surprising. They made a positive, genki Yuki turn into a dangerous vampire quite smoothly as she begins to reconcile her human past with her true self. Zero’s right to be a little on guard, but consider their feelings for each other as “in waiting to be reconciled” until further notice. People who read the manga should be aware of what’s going on with Zero’s body, but I’ll spare the details for those who don’t. It will definitely be explained pretty soon, as it is a direct result of some fairly intricate planning.

Zero’s all locked up and things are only just about to go down (as next week’s episode subtitle even suggests), in case you thought the battle had started already. I want to see more of Yuki. I’m really pleased with the disposal of the downward spiral of her helpless victim girl stereotype, so I want to see her new personality in action.

To those that were waiting for this review to be posted, thank you for your patience. My big Japanese 試験 is finally over, and I can begin preparing for next year’s 一級! Best of luck to anyone else out there suffering the same horrible fate, and also to those of you finishing up college finals this semester.

PS: Ichijou’s grandfather’s beard has always looked like mold to me.


  1. Hey Trillian,

    I can’t tell if you meant to do this, but “Genrouin” in your post above refers to Ichijou Asatō (一条麻遠 (いちじょう あさとお)), Takuma’s grandfather and member of the vampire council, and not the 「元老院」 itself correct?

    The “Genrouin’s beard…” line threw me off. :\

  2. I kinda liked Yuki’s old personality… it feels like she’s never going to return to her old cheery and kind self. She now gives off a feeling of… coldness and slight sense of detachment in my opinion. I didn’t like the fact that her vampire side “devoured” her human side… gives a sense of helplessness. I must be the only one not to like this change in personality, especially when it was forced.

    I definitely feel sorry for Zero. Hope that something better happens to him.

  3. g-money: Maybe you just have a kind heart, but technically you’re wrong about one thing: If anything, her human side was what was forced on her, deshou? : )

    I like the positive side of her, too. But I don’t like helpless victimization, so I’m excited that she’s going to take a more assertive role in her fate.

  4. @Trillian: You’re right about that, I forgot. But still…

    Technically, they’re both part of her, one just being her vampire side sealed. I’d like to see them merge together, but that’s me wishing. But yea, the damsel-in-distress gets old evenutally, I agree.

  5. I’m with Trillian on this one. Yuki’s helpless, naive human side was just too overdone. This anime doesn’t need any of that junk anymore. If she didn’t change, she would just end up being a root for Zero or Kaname going off on someone (or each other). She still might be but at least its not a given anymore.

  6. Vampire Knight Guilty just got a lot interesting right now the only i,m confused about is why kaname decided to give him his blood i mean it seemed to me that takuma was planning to remove rido from shinji’s body but again i might be wrong also yagari mentioned zero is a vampire hunter not a vampire i just had to laugh when he said that, like thats going to have any effect on zero he can,t even control himself anymore. yuki now acts like a spoilt princess now that she is a vampire. who is going to save zero now?

    Joe Cole
  7. Joe Cole – Yuki isn’t acting like a spoilt princess just because she’s a vampire. Imagine if people who were above you started treating you like you were something special. Wouldn’t you feel odd or weirded out how these people are giving you this kind of treatment?

    If that doesn’t help. Imagine the president putting on your shoes for you? How are you going to react?

    “Yes you BETTER put that shoe on properly.” Now that sounds spoiled to me.

    Xineohp Erif
  8. lol, wow good explanation though don,t take it personal just giving out my own opinion on her to be honest with you yuki is one my least favorite characters simply because she is now a vampire doesn,t mean i don,t like her i just feel that she is spoiled.

    Joe Cole
  9. i like the old yuki :'(
    i dont think there is a vampire yuki taking over tho, she probably just say taht to make zero hates her, which she thinks is better for zero, why else wud she run off crying if the vampire yuuki really take over yuuki

  10. brianleung8912 has a point, vampire or human your soul is still the same. Yuki’s problem is that she’s either stubborn and strong willed or a mushy pushover crybaby. She may have been trying to BS herself saying that she got rid of her mushy pushover crybaby side but we all know she haven’t at all. Episode 10 proved that.

  11. Awesome post Trillian! I was eagerly awaiting this review to see what your thoughts were on this episode. Glad you’re done exams! I had my second of five tonight (Electromagnetism…it was brutal XD). Only 3 more left to go!

    On an episode related note, I am also very happy to see Yuki’s changed attitude. I was getting quite upset ever since season 1 when she was having so many issues and had to depend on others so much. But now it should be different 🙂


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