「貴方と私と」 (Anata to Watashi to)
“With You and Me”

Episode at a Glance:
Shinkurou asks Benika for a full explanation about the Kuhouins, so she explains the ways of their conglomerate and how they inbreed to get pure blooded children. While Shinkurou realizes this job’s too much for him, he decides to protect Murasaki as he originally promised. Feeling that goodbyes are important too, Shinkurou convinces Benika to allow him to take Murasaki back to his apartment to see Tamaki and Yamie one last time. Meanwhile, Benika sneaks into the Kuhouin house to talk to Renjou, who explains that he can stop things anymore now that Ryuuji has gone out. Back at the apartment, Lin Chenshin and three men easily beat up Yayoi and make it to Shinkurou’s room. There, Ryuuji shows up and talks to Murasaki, who fearfully agrees to go back to the Kuhouin house. Despite Shinkurou’s best efforts to stop them, Lin gives him the beating of his life, before they all leave with Murasaki.


Next Episode:
「慣れの恐怖」 (Nare no Kyoufu)
“Dreadful Experience”

As evident in the screenshot, yes, there was a loli kiss this episode. While this is probably going to be blown out of proportion by some hardcore otakus, it was actually an innocent kiss in a pretty touching scene. As for the discussion about the Kuhouins, up until now, one could probably figure out what the purpose of the Inner Sanctuary is, but it was only now that they explained things flat out. In short, the Kuhouin women of the Inner Sanctuary can only bear the children of the Kuhouin men, while they marry outsider women to make everything seem legitimate. Whether they’re restricted to inbreeding because of biological reasons or family custom reasons though, isn’t really elaborated on.

I was a bit surprised by how skilled Lin Chenshin is, given how Yayoi couldn’t lay a finger on her. In addition, I sort of expected Shinkurou to use his “bone” technique, but I guess he really meant it when he said he didn’t want to rely on it for strength. Seeing as he let Ryuuji take Murasaki away, I’m kind of uncertain why he looks so cheerful cleaning his room in the preview. Speaking of Ryuuji, it seems like he’ll be more of the main antagonist now, given how Renjou seems to be secretly opposing the Kuhouins for Murasaki’s sake as I mentioned before.

In other news, it has just come to my attention that kurenai is only slated for 12 episodes, according to the Japanese wiki page. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me since I was expecting this series to be two seasons long. With only three episodes remaining, it seems like the climax of the series will entail freeing Murasaki from the Kuhouin customs, with Ryuuji and Lin being the main antagonists. While I don’t feel any episodes thus far have been wasted, it still feels like things are ending a bit too quickly.


– Kurenai Shinkurou (紅真 九郎) / Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)
– Kuhouin Murasaki (九鳳 院紫) / Yuuki Aoi (悠木 碧)
– Juuzawa Benika (柔沢 紅香) / Ishige Sawa (石毛 佐和)
– Inuzuka Yayoi (犬塚 弥生) / Ookubo Aiko (大久保 藍子)
– Kuhouin Renjou (九鳳院 蓮丈) / Kuroda Takaya (黒田 崇矢)
– Kuhouin Ryuuji (九鳳院 竜士) / Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
– Lin Chenshin (リン・チェンシン) / Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)
– Mutou Tamaki (武藤 環) / Sanada Asami (真田 アサミ)
– Yamie (闇絵) / Kimura Haruka (木村 はるか)
– Kuhouin Man 1 (九鳳院の男1) / Kouno Tomoyuki (河野 智之)
– Kuhouin Man 2 (九鳳院の男2) / Masada Yuuki (増田 裕生)
– Kuhouin Man 3 (九鳳院の男3) / Shiratori Shuma (白鳥 修馬)
– Preview narration (予告ナレーション) / Marumatsu Ken (村松 健)


  1. There was a kiss but like you said it was well done and in good taste.I don’t think it was malicious but of course there will be some idiot saying “pedo bear alert” or similar for sure.There are only 3 or 4 light novels out so maybe they ran out of material that’s why it’s only 12 eps?I don’t expect anything major happening in episode 10 since it looks like Shinkurou will spend most of it in self pity that he couldn’t protect Murasaki even when he promised to until he realize that acting like nothing happened is not the solution.I’ll be expecting him to be scolded by Tamaki or Yamie too for being such a pussy and not doing anything. With that, I think it’ll be just right to finish it off with 2 more episodes after that.I saw the manga and it appears it’s either mostly original or set in a future timeline so who knows?Maybe a second season if it’s popular enough in Japan.

  2. Well i was completely disappointed on Shinshirou. He got his ass kicked and did not let the elbow sword out. Murasaki just cried like a baby instead of her high mighty self.

  3. “the Kuhouin women of the Inner Sanctuary bear the children of the Kuhouin men, while they marry outsider women to make everything seem legitimate.”

    That is some serious shit!

    someone you met outside
  4. It’s something that still exist in the real world you know and in civilized country :/

    About Shinkurou I can’t explain myself why he was crushed so easily, even without going wolverine mode he seemed stronger than that in training. Maybe he is only serious when he go seed but after promising to protect I was expecting him to go full out if needed :s

  5. “who explains that he can stop things anymore ” –> that he can’t, maybe ^_^.
    Up so far, the episodes are very well filled. I really like the atmosphere, the innocent Murasaki is so adorable :x.
    Shinkurou, be brave for the end 🙂

  6. For being a bodyguard Shinkouro keeps getting his ass kicked, did he not pay attention AT ALL when he was training with Yuuno growing up? Seriously if all we’re going to get is him losing her and getting his ass handed to him over and over, I suppose it’s a good thing it’s only 12eps long.

    And why the hell would Benika of all people allow them to go back? Anyone on the run would know not to go back to a place they know you are/been, that was just silly.

    Not knowing much about the light novels I really have to wonder if there is more to it than just the standard slice of life stuff between the two characters, and though that’s nice to see I’m still craving more to happen plot wise.

  7. The novels are pretty standard shounen-ish with highschooler protecting people, with more fanservice towards a loli relationship with Murasaki, novel isn’t that special really but the anime took it to a different level and made it more unique.

  8. @Machi

    Yeah “high schooler protecting people” But, uhhh, he’s not, in fact he got his ass kicked and Murasaki was taken again. So when does the “protecting” actually start is my point.

  9. I hope to God they end this series properly. I can’t tell you how damn long it’s been since I’ve watched an anime as great as this one.

    Yup, most people I know who’ve read the novel say it ain’t that special and that the anime deserves to be judged as a stand-alone entity coz it’s light years ahead in terms of quality.

    I guess my initial prediction about the manga starting where the anime ends may come true, after all.

    @Divine…. u in Japan yet? It would be nice if you’d post some ‘travel stories’


  10. I really like this anime but hated this wpisode. I am disapointed at how Shinkauro got worked so easily. He should have at least beaten up a few before going down. They beat him like a red headed stepchild.

  11. “I mean, why would they go as far as to interbreed just to remain pureblooded?!”

    The explaination in the novel is that the Kuhoin’s can’t have children with those who aren’t their siblings due to a genetic defect.

    Soujo who is Murasaki’s mother is in fact Renjo’s younger sister.

    Just so happens that Murasaki’s older brother is a damn sick pedophile.

    But the Kuhoin’s do have a law that female siblings can’t be touched till they are of bearing age.

  12. Shinkurou did punch some of Lin’s men out of the way, but when she stepped in, it was a pretty one-sided fight.

    I’m leaving next Wednesday (i.e. June 4th).

  13. @GP
    In the novels Kurenai doesn’t just focus his attention on protecting Murasaki the novels Kurenai takes on other jobs and the client relationship between Kurenai and his different clients are shown like any standard shounen, IE find out about past and just protect em.

  14. As for when does Kurenai protect Murasaki in the anime I’d say we’ll find out soon enough seeing as the anime knows how to get the ball rolling whenever you start to wonder.

  15. NO wonder Murasaki’s EYE’S ARE SOO BIG!!! INBREEDING!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! but seriously that shinchro is a pretty useless bastard, 12eps???? TOOOO SHORT.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  16. @Machi

    I understand all that for the novels, but we’ve not gotten much of that at all in the anime, and it’s going to end in a few more eps. It’s a real shame at this point. I hope it has good ratings and the DVDs etc sell well so we can get a 2nd season. With 4 novels it’s got enough to work with.

  17. Don’t confuse between manga and novel. The relationship of Murasaki/Shinkuro in the novel is describe in an innocent/cute way. While the manga may make it look more loli stuffs.

    the novel is still on-going. And lots of things happened.

    Great episode!!
    Thanks Divine like always!

  18. To clear up a little misconception about the anime and the novel. In terms of the novel, we’re still on book 1. The novel is about Shinkurou, not Shinkurou and Murasaki. Book 1 is the Murasaki story. But she’s relegated to minor character status starting in book 2 (although she remains to be the most important “women” – and I use that term loosely and non-sexually – in Shinkurou’s harem). The anime is going to end with book 1. Because book 2 is a totally different story arc with a totally different feel.

    Btw, it’s really very annoying to keep seeing Shinkurou getting beat to a pulp before he starts for real. It’s one thing to see this in a fantasy setting like Bleach, but it seems awkward in a world that’s somewhat rooted in reality. I know Shinkurou has an insanely strong body, but it’s still pretty wack.

  19. @Meh thx for the explanation. Now I’d really long to see the other novels animate too 🙂

    As for this episode, it was clear Shinkuro was going to loos this peculiar battle. It was to early to win for his beloved Murasaki. Now is the time of focusing strength. There are still other chars needed in the process, and they’re Yuuno and Benika. (i still wonder why Benika trusts Shinluro so much. There must be some untold reason for that)

    You may bet Shinkuro will slain all’the *ucking Kuhouins in the last battle!

  20. @red wolf
    Thanks for the explanation. I just watched episode 9. I even thought that the line “The kuhouins can only give birth to children by mingling amongst themselves” is just a mistranlation…

    this line is bit misleading “the Kuhouin women of the Inner Sanctuary bear the children of the Kuhouin men” What the line says is true but it doesn’t include the fact that Kuhouin men can only bear children with Kuhouin women… Maybe that is why many people here (like me) got the wrong idea…

    someone you met outside
  21. sorry!
    my second comment was meant for divine… so i am saying it again
    This line is bit misleading “the Kuhouin women of the Inner Sanctuary bear the children of the Kuhouin men” What the line says is true but it doesn’t include the fact that Kuhouin men can only bear children with Kuhouin women… Maybe that is why many people here (like me) got the wrong idea…

    someone you met outside
  22. Hmm, from the way the Kuhouins can only reproduce among themselves and not with other humans, they sound like a new species altogether. Maybe they’re the REAL X-Men!

  23. @Meh

    Thanks for the info.That explains the timeline difference between the manga and anime since the manga skipped and went with a present day scenario while the anime was like a prequel.I guess it was a good thing since it would spoil the readers if they already knew what was going to happen in the anime.I watched the subbed and I have to agree the Shinkurou is weak but I think it was more of a mental thing than physical. I think the fear losing and not being able to protect a person in general was preventing him from doing what he has to do.He was always asking for bigger jobs and when he was finally granted one he just falters when he couldn’t back up his words with his actions.But like any shounen stories, he is only bound to get stronger.(Although he still gets his ass kicked a lot before he wins, kinda like dragonball.LOL.)

  24. The hope is that with 4 novels we’ll get more anime wise. I’d hate if it just has this one series and then nothing.

    Maybe it’ll pull a ZnT or Shana and give us a new season later in the year or the next year etc.

  25. Is it possible that Shin’s mom was Benika’s sister? Or Benika is Shin’s mom and the other woman adopted/raised him has her child? There has to be some reason why Benika believes in Shin so much?

    Does anyone that has read the novels know more on this subject?

  26. It would be so idiotic of Shinkurou to be cheerfully cleaning and wallowing in self pity next episode after insisting that they should go back to the apartment in order to “protect Murasaki” better. LOL I just don’t get the light contrast of the preview from how the episode ended. The writers obviously kept Shinkurou’s secret weapon so that there would be more drama. There was no way that over make up woman was invincible.

    Child Protective Services will have a cow if they heard something like this lol I can’t believe this is almost over. Good animes fly by so fast.

  27. @someone you met outside:
    While I didn’t intend to mislead, I can see where you’re coming from, so I’ve edited the post slightly. Unless I missed something, they didn’t mention whether this restriction was because of biological reasons or family custom reasons though; therefore, I didn’t want to imply it was one way or the other. Thanks for the heads up though.

    @Solaris & Splash:
    While I can’t comment about the novels or manga, the reason Benika trusts Shinkurou so much was explained back in the anime version was explained back in episode four.

    Excerpt from my summary:
    “Given their past, [Benika] feels that Shinkurou is someone who resembles Murasaki and is the only one who can truly understand her feelings. She also believes that Shinkurou is someone who will strive to become stronger in order to protect someone, hence why she feels he’s suited for this job.”

  28. Well problem for Shinkurou here is his refusal to show that zoned out, nothing can stop him mode. Frankly an emotionless Shinkurou battering the opposition is something that would normally scare young children. I’m sure on some level he’s worried about damaging the bond they share by showing such a dark side of him.

    Toss in the fact he doesn’t want to rely on the horn (elbow blade thing), he was limited to getting beaten to a bloody pulp. Of course the only way he can possibly save her is by going out there and using everything at his disposal.

    Hopefully his apparent fake happiness won’t last too far into the next episode. It’s not over yet.

  29. @EvilDevil
    Yeah, its twisted. But the fact that they can’t bear children without interbreeding pisses me less than the idea that they are just interbreeding because they want to and they can.

    someone you met outside
  30. When did it say they can’t bare children without interbreeding? I don’t remember that being stated in the episode. It just seems that the whole idea is to have “pure” bloods so they do it that way.

    Now if I missed it, or interpreted what Benika said to Shinkurou wrong, sorry, but I don’t think she meant they can’t have kids normally, it’s just that it’s the way the family is set with regards to it’s customs and having/wanting to have pure blooded kids keep the family going.

    Anyways, with regards to this episode, the novel does it different, but I won’t go into details since I don’t know much aside from what i’ve been told.

  31. @GP:
    I think what the others are referring to is the one line where Benika said, “The Kuhouins can *only* have children amongst themselves” (loosely translated), but the keyword is “only”.

    As I mentioned in my post above, I don’t know if this is a biological restriction or just a customs restriction.

  32. @GP

    As has been mentioned, in the novel it’s very clear that they *can’t* get a non-Kohouin pregnant. So everything(the inner sanctuary, the lack of daughters in the family tree, the incest and boys given up for adoption by the “wife”) came about due to necessity.

    I’m assuming this to be the case for the anime too, even if it’s not that clear. Because otherwise, it would really, really sick and disgusting.

  33. @Meh:
    While I’ve been hearing about that biological restriction being made apparent in the novel, it actually wasn’t said in the anime (at least not in this episode), so perhaps they wanted to adapt that aspect of the story in a way that makes the Kuhouins seem more disturbing. i.e. They inbreed just because they want to.

    Again, this is just a thought though.

  34. With regards to to Kuhouin inbreeding practice, regardless whether the the men ‘have to’ or ‘want to’…. it’s pretty clear that the sick prick older brother ‘wants to’.


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