kurenai – 09

「貴方と私と」 (Anata to Watashi to)
“With You and Me”

Episode at a Glance:
Shinkurou asks Benika for a full explanation about the Kuhouins, so she explains the ways of their conglomerate and how they inbreed to get pure blooded children. While Shinkurou realizes this job’s too much for him, he decides to protect Murasaki as he originally promised.

kurenai – 08

「自愛と臆病と」 (Jiai to Okubyou to)
“Taking Care of Oneself and Cowardice”

While two Kuhouin men continue to observe the area around Shinkurou’s apartment, Renjou and Kazuko discuss the discovery of Murasaki living in Tokyo. As Renjou worries about what Murasaki is being exposed to, he asks Kazuko if she’s ever pitied the women of the Inner Sanctuary.

kurenai – 06

「貴方の頭上に光が輝くでしょう」 (Anata no Zujou ni Hikari ga Kagayaku Deshou)
“A Light Probably Shines Over Your Head”

After getting a request to volunteer for the town festival, Shinkurou finds himself participating in a musical play, thanks to Tamaki and Yamie. Flaunting her supposed experience, Yamie says that she’ll probably steal the lead role since she used to be in a children’s choir, much to the surprise of the other two.