「われ存在り」 (Ware Ari)
“I Exist”

Realizing that Shinkurou headed back to the Kuhouin household, Benika and Yayoi also decide to head back, but are pursued by Lin Chenshin. In the Inner Sanctuary, Shinkurou is met by Renjou, who tells him to leave if he doesn’t want to die. However, when Shinkurou says that Murasaki doesn’t want to become like her mother Souju, Renjou reaffirms if Murasaki really said such a thing. Before their conversation can continue further though, Benika and Lin burst through the room in their cars (apparently Benika thinks it’s a parking lot…), which results in Lin crashing into the pond/lake outside. Benika and Shinkurou then go deeper into the Inner Sanctuary in search of Murasaki and find Ryuuji with her. Shinkurou manages to defeat him using his Houzuki fighting style, something Ryuuji isn’t familiar with. Meanwhile, Yayoi is beating up Lin in the same manner, having learned some of the Houzuki style from Shinkurou before. Lin being unfamiliar with this style as well, gets defeated just as easily as Ryuuji did. (Power to the Houzuki-ryuu!)

Renjou then shows up again along with Kazuko and argue with the others over letting Murasaki live a life outside of the Kuhouin household. Benika however, suggests asking Murasaki what she wants, to which she says she wants to leave the Inner Sanctuary. Hearing this, Renjou questions her as to what she plans to do in the outside world, so Murasaki tells him that she wants to fall in love with a person that she loves, much like her mother did with him. She later adds that she doesn’t want to leave the Kuhouin household, but simply the Inner Sanctuary, which surprises Shinkurou. Turning to Shinkurou, Murasaki says she won’t ask for the impossible and that by staying here she is fighting, whereas simply following him would be running away.

Murasaki’s words get through to Renjou a bit, so he calmly reiterates to her the customs of the Kuhouin family, while Murasaki insists that her mother didn’t give birth to her simply because of customs. After she expresses the desire to pick her own lover, Renjou approaches her, but Shinkurou tackles him before he can lay a hand on her and demands that he acknowledge Murasaki’s existence. Yayoi stops Kazuko, who pleads for help, but her words fall on deaf ears from the Inner Sanctuary maids. Shinkurou tells Renjou that he’ll leave Murasaki here, but in exchange, he has to grant her wish of leaving the Inner Sanctuary. When Renjou claims that it can’t be done, Shinkurou questions as to why not since he’s the head of the Kuhouins. Without giving him a chance to properly respond, he simply tells him to fight the traditions set for Murasaki.

Benika says that if it ends up the same as Souju, then let it be up to Murasaki. If she likes Ryuuji, then that’s fine, but if she doesn’t, then to give up on the arranged pairing. Hearing that it was Souju’s dying request, Renjou seems inclined to agree with their demands, despite Ryuuji and Kazuko’s protests. Out of rage, Ryuuji then stabs Benika (with the blood censored completely), which causes Shinkurou to uncontrollably activate his Houzuki bone technique and cut him down. Just as Shinkurou’s about to deliver the killing blow though, Benika stops him. While Renjou is shocked to see the Houzuki technique, Shinkurou proclaims that it’s his fault that everyone’s crying and demands that he free Murasaki. Renjou retorts why he should listen a person who acquired such a murderous technique, but Shinkurou says that he won’t kill and that he’s not like him. (It sure seemed like he was going to kill Ryuuji two seconds ago though…)

Murasaki then stops the arguing, questioning Shinkurou what that is, so he explains that he altered his body at the Houzuki’s by embedding a weapon inside it, because he felt he had to in order to get stronger. Shinkurou claims it was a mistake though, since he has all these people supporting him and thus decided not to use it when he came here. Hearing Shinkurou claim he’s still weak, Murasaki says that she is as well and that’s why she has to return home and fight the Kuhouin customs.

Addressing him by name now, Renjou asks Shinkurou why he goes so far for Murasaki, so he tells him that it’s for his sake and because he can’t leave such a poor child alone. Reiterating that Murasaki said she’d fight here, Renjou encourages her to do so and tells Shinkurou that if she fails, he’s welcome to come here again. Renjou says that he’ll be his opponent then, but doesn’t know if there will be any value to saving a defeated Murasaki. He adds that without a place like the Inner Sanctuary, it’ll lead to the Kuhouin’s ruin, which causes Ryuuji to angrily express his opposition to the idea, but Renjou says that he’ll protect the household as the head and that they have nothing to worry about. Hearing this, Murasaki says she doesn’t intend to reject the Kuhouins and will grow up as a Kuhouin woman, but not with the Inner Sanctuary, as she plans to find her own way of living, just like her mother did.

Before Shinkurou and the others depart, he gives Murasaki the scarf Yamie made and a group picture from her Shichi-Go-San that Tamaki took. Murasaki leaves Shinkurou with some encouraging and optimistic words, before the two finally depart. On their car ride home (with Benika wondering if it’s normal not to call an ambulance in this situation…), Shinkurou mails Tamaki, Yuuno, and Ginko, letting them know how everything went. Meanwhile, Murasaki talks to Renjou about the things she learned in the outside world and the two of the reminisce about her mother, who smiled the most when she quietly carried Murasaki during walks. Asleep in the car, Shinkurou dreams about him and Murasaki walking happily along a narrow yet tranquil, violet, hill road.



First off, Yayoi sure seems to recover quickly from her injuries as she looked no worse for wear than when she originally came. Lin on the other hand is ridiculously strong or something as she was able to break Benika’s driver side window with her bare hand as the car sped right past her. There was a fair bit of censorship when Benika got stabbed by Ryuuji and when Shinkurou went berserk on him in return, as no blood was actually animated. This actually made things look somewhat odd though as the sound of blood gushing out rapidly was pretty audible in both cases. Given how much blood supposedly came out, it made me wonder how Benika didn’t bleed to death while everyone continued talking. As for Shinkurou’s Houzuki technique, boy did he look deranged when he’s using it. By the blank look in his eyes, it’s almost like he was possessed and his body was acting spontaneously on its own.

Seeing as this is the series finale, I felt a bit inclined to give it a proper write-up, so I’ve included a (usual) full length summary, despite being on vacation. As for the episode itself, I felt it was pretty climactic, despite a lot of it being resolved through heated discussion. My recurring impression of Renjou seemed to prove true, as he was the key factor in deciding Murasaki’s future. Evidently, nothing has changed drastically in regards to the Kuhouin customs, but given how emphatic Ryuuji and Kazuko’s reactions were, there is at least the possibility for change. Murasaki has seemingly accepted her destiny as a Kuhouin woman and instead of running away from it, has decided to fight and change it for the better from within. (Is it just me, or is this a Suzaku approach?)

While I could say this isn’t the most ideal ending, it’s hard to argue that things didn’t end well as everyone (mainly Shinkuro, Murasaki, and Benika) seemed content with the outcome. The other foreseeable ending would have been Murasaki escaping the Kuhouin household completely and leading a normal life, but for those who want a more “fulfilling” ending, I guess this wouldn’t address the Inner Sanctuary “problem” that still exists. With that said, I found the ending to be “good”, but not very “gratifying”. By this I mean the ending they chose concluded well (and more importantly, wasn’t rushed), but it left me wishing that Shinkurou did something a little more. Given how passionate he was about Murasaki (even until the very end), it was odd to see him content with such an uncertain future for her. Renjou sort of bent the Kuhouin ways for his daughter, but his stance on the Kuhouin customs was that he’d still try to keep things the way they are. His mediating speech at the end sounded like he more or less expected Murasaki’s “fight” to be fruitless, but just gave her a small glimpse of hope to cling onto.

Given Shinkurou’s character, he probably couldn’t really say/do much more when Murasaki seemed so determined in her resolve, but if he were to do something, this would have been the time to step up. However, seeing as Renjou left an open invitation for Shinkurou to come by and save Murasaki again, I guess this can be seen as leaving things open-ended for the next part of the story. Whether or not we’ll see this animated in a sequel though, only time will tell.


– Kurenai Shinkurou (紅真 九郎) / Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)
– Kuhouin Murasaki (九鳳 院紫) / Yuuki Aoi (悠木 碧)
– Juuzawa Benika (柔沢 紅香) / Ishige Sawa (石毛 佐和)
– Inuzuka Yayoi (犬塚 弥生) / Ookubo Aiko (大久保 藍子)
– Kuhouin Renjou (九鳳院 蓮丈) / Kuroda Takaya (黒田 崇矢)
– Kuhouin Kazuko (九鳳院 和子) / Koyama Yuka (小山 裕香)
– Kuhouin Ryuuji (九鳳院 竜士) / Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
– Lin Chenshin (リン・チェンシン) / Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)
– Kuhouin Man (九鳳院の男) / Ueda Youji (上田 燿司)
– Mutou Tamaki (武藤 環) / Sanada Asami (真田 アサミ)
– Yamie (闇絵) / Kimura Haruka (木村 はるか)
– Houzuki Yuuno (崩月 夕乃) / Shintani Ryouko (新谷 良子)
– Murakami Ginko (村上 銀子) / Masu Nozomi (升 望)


  1. I do think that the novel series this is based on is still ongoing, so I’m sure that a sequel MAY come, depending on how high the ratings were for Kurenai in the first place.

    Myssa Rei
  2. Wonder how they would implement a 2nd season since they strayed so far from the light novel. Sort of wish they hadn’t since the characters actions make more sense in the novel.

  3. Wait a minute though, is this ending even how the novel does it? They’ve already changed a few things so I don’t know.

    If anyone knows about the novels I’d like to know if this matches up or not. If it doesn’t then this is anime only ending and we’ll probably be left with this unless ratings and sales are very good and they do more.

    I dunno though.

    1. Right, I don’t really like the Benika nerf to much, but overall I guess it wasn’t that big a deal sense the anime was slightly more grounded and down to earth than the novel. Still don’t like how for a 2nd time she got got by Ryuuji a character made up for the anime that she trained. First she got bested, then she got stabbed and both times she saw him coming…like wtf….

      The ending I don’t mind, it wasn’t really happy but that’s expected.

  4. Yay? To be honest, I got a bit bored towards the end because there wasn’t nearly as much light-hearted interaction like the first half of the show.

    About continuing with the light novel. I don’t see why not. The Kuhouins aren’t exactly the main theme in the novel, and their influence decreases dramatically starting with the next story arc. So all inconsistencies aren’t a big deal. Becauseh they don’t ever have to bother with those things in season 2.

    Kind of bothered with so many people being nerfed in the anime (Benika especially was pretty much considered Invincible in the books). But that’s not a big deal either, really.

    Overall, things are very open for a sequel. Problem is that the sequel would have less of Murasaki, and is going to take a darker turn. I really didn’t like the serious parts of the anime too much.

  5. Hmm…I really enjoy this ending actually…it wasn’t one where the “good guys” (as if) won unconditionally through simple protagonist fiat. The sheer inertia of The World dominated right through and admirably thwarted the plans of the adorable little scurrying mice. As it is and as it should…

    …and once again I am giddy at how these great “Mediators” are little more than hired thugs while it is left to the ones who hired them to actually hammer out a agreement. A glorious waste of time and/or money. You know if this show at all reflect on the actual Japanese mindset they are a serious threat to world security and need to have their right of nationhood reevaluated by a multinational coalition RIGHT NOW…

  6. Considering they already deviated from the light novel I don’t think it’d be out of the question to hope for more Murasaki goodness in a sequel…if there is one. For me, Murasaki was the heart and soul of the series. I’d have a hard time stomaching a sequel without her.

  7. @Meh

    The thing is that because they did this anime original ending, if they do a sequel Murasaki is WITH Shinkouro. So how will they explain this off since now in the anime she’s stayed behind? It’s a major change if I’ve ever seen one.

  8. I mean in the next novels she’s with him. Only the first one is about her and her family, the rest are more about Shinkouro and his jobs, but she’s still there with him. Changing this ending the way they did, not to mention introducing Lin or w/e that chicks name is who doesn’t show up till later in the novels seems to just throw everything off.

    When you change some minor stuff that’s fine, but when you rewrite endings that’s another thing (claymore anime ring a bell?)

  9. With how the ending ended its very unlikely there will be any 2nd season especially this is Brain’s Base animation i’ve never see them doing a sequel for any anime since they always tend to make the ending a proper one, besides the ending is nice just a little too chessy. The only think i wonder is why didn’t Shinkurou use Houzuki technique when Rin and others come to take her back?

  10. @GP

    I can understand what you’re saying. But I just felt that if they could move the SnS anime storyline back in sync with the light novel with all the alterations they did,this can be nothing. Just add some BS here and there, and it can easily patch into a second season (should they go that route).

    Having Murasaki becoming part of Shinkorou’s life again shouldn’t be that difficult with the anime ending. I’m not a fiction writer, so I don’t know a good way. But it’s not as if she’s back in the inner sanctuary or anything. She does have more freedom. And it should not be inconceivable that for her to go to an elementary school near Shinkurou in the future…

  11. I personally think it’s a pretty good ending to the series.

    Over the past week I’ve managed to read the first 2 volumes of the light novel, and IMHO, it’s not anything special…. and not nearly as good as the anime.

    Sure…. many were hoping for Murasaki to go back with Shinkurou, but it leaves room for more anime original material if there ever is a second season.

    Just my 2 cents. Cheerz!

    Thanx for blogging this, Divine.

    1. I don’t know why she even had to get stabbed, that was unnecessary and added nothing aside from making her look weaker, and for what? She got right back up after the stabbing and was still able to hold someone and move around.

  12. I think murasaki going back with shinkurou would had been too predictable. Plus, even if she did that, the Kuhouins would had just went after them again. Though, if i was shinkuou, i would check weekly on the status of murasaki, even daily if possible. Can’t trust people would treat womens like that. Why don’t they just rename the inner sanctuary to “jail cell”? The sequel would make sense, since this is the best anime i watched this season.

  13. I’m perplexed by the censorship of this episode with the blood. Wonder if Japan is still using edits for blood in response to the 16-year old axe murderer that led to the blood edits for the televised airing of the final School Days episode.

  14. It is ridiculous how japan blames murder and violence on anime. i mean, you don’t see america blaming video games for car jacking. Maybe we should blame the murders on.. ohh i don’t know, the freaking murderers.

  15. It should end here. It’s an almost perfect ending. Like Cowboy Bebop ended. Like The Matrix should have ended after the first movie. No sequel needed.

    What we really have in this tale, people, is a metaphor for modern Japan. The struggle between binding tradition and a freedom promised by an outside world – that is, Gairaisekai. Murasaki (perhaps harking back to Chichibu Murasaki, arguably the ultimate Yamato Nadesico), chooses to balance tradition with her new found individuality, and view of an outside world of freedom. This is the exact challenge Japan has had to face since 1860. That it’s a young girl doing it can be related to contemporary Japan, and the rise of women – particularly the latest generations.

    The quick defeat of Lin and Ryuji is also a metaphor for tradition vs the shock of the new – when Shinkuro and Yayoi choose to cut themselves loose from traditional fighting waza, Lin and Ryuji are no match; their tradition-bound style can’t compensate, and they quickly collapse.

    The reason no further story telling is required should be obvious: the transformation of Japan isn’t complete yet; nor will it ever be. But we know it will transform. In the end, we see Murasaki enjoying a tender moment with her father – the happy ending here.

    I was really surprised at the depth of this anime. One could write a significant dissertation on it. I expect the light novel and the manga are far more loli-focused, but this piece of work is actually socially relevant.

  16. Wow Muraski’s did a Suzaku. Great. >_>

    IMO this ending basically foreshadowed a sequel. The only question is does the production team have the funds/ratings to produce a sequel…?

  17. Wow Muraski did a Suzaku. Great. >_>

    IMO this ending basically foreshadowed a sequel. The only question is does the production team have the funds/ratings to produce a sequel…?

  18. Quote from Squidpuppy:
    “It should end here. It’s an almost perfect ending. Like Cowboy Bebop ended. Like The Matrix should have ended after the first movie. No sequel needed.”

    Completely agree with you, dude!…. and the rest of your explanation was pretty deep as well.


  19. err no? the perfect ending would be the little girl being freed of her jailed cell aka the inner sanctuary. I doubt that her mother who died for her would want her to grow up living the harsh life of being a Kuhouin woman. How would you like to be borned into a life of slavery where you are forced to bear child of your brothers? Even the father at the end said he won’t do anything to change the lifestyle of that household. I expect a sequel where the little girl realized it is pointless to fight years of tradition. and then she have to be saved AGAIN. sometime, being smart don’t help. Her brave attempt at trying to change a bad tradition might get someone killed when they have to save her the second time. And the second time will be harder since the security will definitely be beefed up. There are no almost perfect ending. Just your false belief that people should accept their predetermined forced life of slavery. i mean, ffs, they don’t even let the women go outside. what kind of happy ending is this? sequel coming up assuming they have the funding. this kind of ending is far from perfect unless you like it when your sister get to bear your child and then put in the inner sanctuary forever as if she never exist in the first place.

  20. @Lithium17:
    Hmm, to be honest, I haven’t looked too into the summer schedule yet, so I’m not sure what shows there are to consider. The only one I’m aware of and that I’ve shown some interest in is Sekirei (if based on the cast and nothing else), but Omni has expressed an interest in it as well. If he wants to cover it, I’ll by all means let him as I’d like to lighten my blogging load on some days (i.e. Sundays and Thursdays) and overall, if possible.

    Of course, nothing is set in stone yet.

  21. @xdotx:

    Pay closer attention. For all intents and purposes, Murasaki has been freed and Renjou has abolished the Inner Sanctuary. He will look after the Kuhouins, and Murasaki will too as she grows up as a Kuhouin woman that is not a Kuhouin woman. The scene near the end where Murasaki is sitting in her father’s lap as they exchange stories should be enough to tell you that something has changed.

    That said, while I don’t think the ending was perfectly satisfying, it certainly had its beauty and provided great closure. The way I see it, while I’m all for more Samidare antics, a sequel could potentially ruin it.

  22. Well if Renjou wasn’t very optimistic about Murasaki’s struggle we should keep ours in check. Pretty much saying that when Murasaki fails Shinkurou can come and save her. It’s true that some things have changed, but there are also a lot of forces that won’t like what’s happened. Did all the influence of that grandfather suddenly fly away? Not to mention Ryuuji isn’t likely to accept things and would probably cause trouble in the future. The whole finish just left me a bit worried.

    Hopefully they can work things around into a sequel.

  23. Thank you for the thoughts, Squidpuppy. I share the same feelings and thought it wonderful someone had taken the time to post them.
    “Kurenai” is a wonderful piece of work and became one of my all time favorites. I won’t hide the fact I wished for a sequel before. I now see this wonderful series should come to a close. I’ve watched a few good series ruined by extentions and what not. I rather keep a good memory of what I’ve been given.
    If they release a sequel than is as different as they did with this series, I would be watching Murasaki with a big smile.

  24. It seemed to me like Shinkirou loved Murasaki. When he was talking about that dream and it showed them walking down the path, it looked like they were in wedding outfits.

  25. rather than furthering proving my point that this was a bad ending. I founded a post by someone else who already said everything i wanted to said, even with more anger too. :). http://chrome.dasaku.net/?p=593
    this said it all.
    Secondly, what is it with that stupid “I decide who can stick it in!”-speech? So Oniichan and Otousan won’t bumrape you, when the horny guy is gone? ORLY? (I’m trying to imagine a guro-doujin with Murasaki and Shinkuro’s horn right now. I am a trained professional however so please don’t try this at home.) So we establish through 11 episodes that the Kuhouins are a filthy incestuous ruthless pack with absolute powers on their own land, only to state now that a little girl’s ramblings (She’s seven, not seventeen goddamnit! Kids that age are either not intelligent or don’t care enough to give this kind of speech, stop kidding me!) about how it’s her own decision who gets some can change this ancient family tradition? Yeah, sure. I can believe that, easily. It’s sad, that Ryuji in all his glorious sickfuckness (yeah I just came up with that word) is the most believable character there.

  26. @xdotx

    You and the guy who wrote the article seriously need help. The 2 of you clearly show that you have paid almost no attention whatsoever these 12 eps.

    I’m pretty relieved actually…. at the fact that shallow products on inbreeding like yourself don’t like Kurenai…. make us people with real taste feel better about ourselves. You can go back to watching Kanokon or Nascar now.

    Divine/Omni, feel free to ban me, but please do this site a favour and ban that prick, xdotx as well.

  27. Having only read the manga I think this a prequel to it, so if you want to find out what happens next try that. It shows Murasaki out and about (going to school, going to parties) while still linked to the Kuhouin’s.

  28. I suppose it is hard to explain the inbreeding plot to people who had not heard of Tales of Genji, the masterpiece that set the bar for all classical Japanese literature. My view is that nobility came at a cost of sacrificing one’s family as well as one’s emotion. When one tries to get both often ends up in losing both. The Kuhouin family in Kurenai forced its descendants to go through this cruel ritual in order to cultivate the ultimate, emotionless superhuman to lead the family. Murasaki’s response is the Japanese feminist answer to the traditional fight-or-flight dilemma, that is, she accepted her father as who he was but rejected what he did. She didn’t destroy the family, but she also did not abandon it.

    I don’t see how this type of stalemate ending can move forward. However, since Kurenai is based on a series of short stories that are still being developed, we also never know for sure when the endings will really be complete. So far, Tamaki, Yamie, Yuuno, and Ginko still had not found their “resolutions”. If there is any sequel to it, then perhaps we will know the answer. I give this series 5 out of 5 stars for effort and novelty, and 4 stars for overall quality (1 star short of perfection due to its incomplete ending).

  29. Despite the ending, i still feel like this series was a 9 out of 10 for me. it was 10 out of 10 going into the last episode. I enjoyed the dialog and the storyline and character development. But i can’t say this was the best series i watched because the ending makes me feel empty inside. I prefer happy ending, not ending where the characters get separated, except for when one character dies for another. Just like that movie 5 cm per second, this series would be at the top of my list if it had a happy ending. However, a sequel would change it for me and i have no doubt this show is at the top of my list. Plus, come on, did you really think a little girl would change a long standing tradition? She will fails despite her brave attempt. I prefer that she is in the care of people who won’t treat her simply as a baby making machine for her brother. Is that so wrong of me to think that or do you mugen like the incestrous route? if so, go turn yourself to the cops now and admit your guilt.

  30. I honestly loved this series. Character dev was great artwork was great, the ending basically set the stage for the manga from what i can tell( they did kinda go into historical info on why ad how shinkurou end up with benika in the manga again, and the nature of things between Yuuno and shinkuro are changed but i think thats about it. )

    I dont know what it takes to produce an a show at this level, but i surely hope they find funding for a second season, and from what i read so does everyone else.

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