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AKB0048 – 04

「その努力裏切らない」 (Sono Doryoku Uragiranai)
“I Won’t Let Down Their Efforts”

I’d already decided on “Taking a break from the combat? But-but-but, that’s the best part of the show!!” as this week’s excerpt. Why the heck then, did the episode have to actually go and be equally good!?

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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 07

「忘却乙女」 (Boukyaku Otome)
“Oblivion Maiden”

Who… are you?

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Hiiro no Kakera – 08

「典薬寮の思惑」 (Tenyaku Ryou no Omowaku)
“The Prediction of the Bureau of Medicine”

An angst buffet this week, although the source is definitely not who I expected it to be. The impact on the cast is greater however, since it’s always odd to see the most enthusiastic one of the bunch take on the role of Debbie Downer.

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