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Sword Art Online – 19

「ルグルー回廊」 (Rugurū Kairou)
“The Lugru Corridor”

I think the aspect of this arc I most enjoy is watching Leafa take every opportunity she can to poke fun at and belittle Kirito.

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Sukitte Ii na yo. – 06

「どうして…」 (Doushite…)

What is a shoujo series without a love rival?

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「空中迷宮」 (Sukai Rabirinsu)
“Sky Labyrinth”

How to make a maze more difficult than it already is – make it rotate!

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Initial D Fifth Stage – 01

「運命の出会い」 (Unmei no Deai)
“Encounter of Destiny”

Even after all these years, I still haven’t been able to find a show that delivers adrenaline fueled excitement quite like Initial D does.

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