Conclusion – “Adieu, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye”


It is with a heavy heart that I must take my leave from Random Curiosity, the home to all of my musings, ramblings, and essays for nearly a year and a half now. Back in the olden days of fall 2011 when my blogging career here first began, I was nervous as all hell. Worries about what people would think of my writing raced through my mind as I began watching that first episode. Yet with every word, every paragraph, and every post, I discovered that although my vocabulary may not be as expansive and my sentence structure not as eloquent as some of the other writers, I still loved to write.

In every post, I hoped to have a thesis that would help readers see an episode in a different light and more importantly, appreciate it in a different way. This was my philosophy behind writing for Random Curiosity, and now that my time here is over, I hope that I have been able to accomplish this goal once in a while so that my time and yours have not been spent in vain. Even on the days when an unfinished post seemed to stare at me for hours on end, my fingers would continue their staccato rhythm and my mind kept searching for an episode’s common thread – all because I wanted to present my best work to the readers.

I cannot express enough of my gratitude that you, the readers, have actually read and even liked my thousand-word plus essays, and I especially cherish the wonderful comments you’ve left that have helped me realize what my strengths as a writer are, what my voice is. More after the jump.


「あとは、沈黙」 (Ato wa, Chinmoku)
“The Rest, Is Silence”

While this series is set in a fascinating dystopian society just begging to be explored, it is also populated with equally fascinating psychopathic inhabitants who deserve just as much focus, if not more. Much can be learned about a society from the people who are most affected by it.