「メトスラの遊戯」 (Metosura no Yuugi)
“The Game of Methuselah”

Girl, take off all your clothes if you want to live… After the numerous references to cerebral and thought-provoking material like philosophy and science-fiction, many viewers were probably expecting the solution to Makishima’s elaborate game of cat and mouse to fall along the same intellectual lines. Who would have thought that the hope for escape came from an observation that girls usually match their underwear?

Makishima’s purpose for his game of cat and mouse is not a novel one by any stretch. It’s simply an age-old adage that a person’s true nature is revealed in times of adversity, and his dialogue left no illusions about his intentions – Makishima is aiming to uncover Senguji and Kougami’s true nature by using the blunt instrument of fear. However, it’s worth nothing that this isn’t the first time he’s actually done this.

The last two psychopathic murders who received Makishima’s aid and became close to being caught by the police have one way or another found themselves in situations where they fear for their lives – and their true nature is revealed. Midou “Tomato Smoothie” Masatake appeared to be another cold-blooded killer who showed little emotion or remorse for his acts, at least until his arm was blown off and the police were breathing down his neck. Faced with imminent death, Midou revealed his true self and took solace in his avatars – all while Makishima looked on, separated by a virtual wall. The most recent psychopath, Ouryou Rikako, met a similar fate as well. She was a complex character whose ideologies about the role of females in society appeared to be the primary motivation behind her gruesome kills, but in the final minutes of her life as she lay trapped and bleeding, she pulled out her phone and tried to call none other than her already deceased father. This was her true nature, and once again, Makishima looked on from high above, detached from the scene.

The manner which Midou and Rikako both met their end raises the question of what Makishima’s true intentions are in his grand scheme. Does he derive his entertainment, pleasure, and ultimately happiness by providing the tools for others to commit murder as was previously believed? Or is it from observing people’s true nature being revealed while the most basic and primal fear – the fear of the death – grips them? For all we know, Makishima’s twisted yet brilliant mind probably enjoys both, as they are equally revealing about a person’s personality.

The two individuals being tested in this episode are interesting cases in their own right. Senguji appears to be a man whose life for the most part life is dependent on the mechanical precision and predictability of technology. He doesn’t even use hunting dogs of flesh and blood, instead preferring to rely on robotic facsimiles to strike fear in the hearts of his prey. So what happens when the machine of a hunt Senguji designed is not as predictable has he intended it to be? Makishima’s bet is that whatever transpires is indicative of Senguji’s true nature as the hunter possibly becomes the hunted. As for the other man in this game, he’s a harder nut to crack. For Kougami, being trapped in a dark maze with a murderous and insane cyborg hot on his heels still isn’t dangerous enough to incite any palpable fear in him – he’s been calm and collected throughout this ordeal. The only reaction we’ve seen on his face is a look of anger more than anything. As an Enforcer, Kougami has probably had his fair share of dangerous experiences, and so far it seems the only situation that can trip him up is one that reminds him of the time he failed to save Sasayama. It’s definitely possible that in the coming episodes Makishima will take an even greater interest in the unflappable Kougami and conjure up an even more elaborate scheme to strike fear directly into the Enforcer’s heart.

In fact, Makishima might have already set one such plan in motion already. A likely scenario that may already be playing out is that he is actually one step ahead and is using the whole cat and mouse game to lure his true target: Tsunemori. Makishima is the one who provided (in bits and pieces) Kougami a way to contact his fellow MWPSB officers, knowing that the people who are most important to Kougami will then rush in to rescue him. In the confusion, Makishima will probably attempt to use Tsunemori somehow in order to unlock Kougami’s true nature. It wouldn’t be surprising if somehow both the Inspector and her Enforcer are in one way or another by the time this is all through.

Ten episodes into the psychological “game” of Urobuchi Gen that is PSYCHO-PASS, this recent change of pace – substituting in more ‘thrilling’ in exchange for less ‘thinking’ – is a welcome one. The result is one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series yet, thanks to the reappearance of dark and gritty action that provides a shot of adrenaline that the dialogue-heavy series has lacked as of late. Hopefully, this episode isn’t also the last moment of relative normalcy for Kougami, Tsunemori, and company – because if past series by Urobuchi are any indication, there’s a monster named Suffering lying in wait…

  • I’m not sure if this whole matching underwear thing is true because in high school, I flirted with this girl who would always tell me whenever her underwear matched – and she didn’t match every day…
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  1. Makishima seems like a bit of social dawinist on a quest to find perfect killer…
    Might I add he can end up on the receiving end of killing, though. Things are heading towards confrontation between him and Kougami. BTW, didn’t first episode Tsunemori voiceover mentioned about theat confrontation between those two was inevitable?

    1. *Oops, managed shouldn’t be in that sentence above. Then again, Kougami is sort of “managed” :P.

      I wonder which member of the MWPSB team the Urobutcher decides to kill off first. I’d love it if the plot twist was actually that all of the team manage to survive by the end of Psycho Pass 🙂 a girl can dream.

      1. It’s hardly something restricted to Japanese women, though I personally have almost never adhered to it. (What a strange topic to touch upon in a Psycho-Pass thread lol)

        Interesting episode, for sure. I’m inclined to agree with you in regards to Makishima’s motivation, Verdant, in that I believe it could very plausibly be both by facilitating murderers and observing people’s true nature when faced with primeval fear that he finds joy and fulfillment in his life. A terrifying yet fascinating villain.

  2. I never match my underwear either. How could I when I have like 5 bras and 20 panties ?
    Anyway, thanks for the helpful review, I didn’t notice that Makishima’s line about fear was to be put in relation to the death of Rikako and spookie-smoothy. It certainly is interesting. Now a normal writer would build an ending with Makishima himself having to experience true fear as karmic retribution… But this is Urobchi. Makishima is probably the character he shares the most with, so I have no idea what could happen.

  3. I suppose that the titular Methuselah is Senguji? Makes sense, since he’s so old. However, I’d say that his game wasn’t as important as Makishima’s, so maybe they mean him instead of Senguji? Come to think of it, he does have white hair…

  4. Nice knowing you Akane’s BFF. There’s no way Gen is going to spare her especially since its a perfect opportunity to get Akane to suffer. In fact, next episode makes a perfect opportunity to start killing characters. The PSB is walking right into Makashma’s fort and he’s always been one step ahead of everyone.

    Thank god for Masaoka owning Gino. He really crossed the douchebag line this episode, his comments to Akane were uncalled for.

  5. I believe its a culture thing, lingerie in Japan are normally sold in pairs. At least that’s what I saw when I was in Japan, plus its cheaper to get them in pairs LOL Where as back at home they don’t normally promote the whole pair thing, just saying ^^””

  6. Unmatching underwears are common these days. From there, it is evident that the Sybil System has “made” otherwise normal people into Psychopath following Verdant’ conjecture.

  7. The hunting dogs remind me so much of the ‘mechanical hounds’ in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Also, like Psycho Pass, the citizens in the novel are overly reliant on technology to meet their mental health needs.

    Psycho Pass never fails to entertain. I’m glad isn’t as formulaic as I thought it’d be, with detectives catching a bad guy at the end of each arc.

    I think it’s true that Kougami and Makishima are destined to meet, but only because Makishima is stalking him, lol

  8. Oh wow, Yuki stripping to reveal non-matching underwear. (nosebleeds) Great observation skills you have there, Kougami. lol

    This being Urobuchi, there’s always a possibility he has arranged for something bad to happen to Yuki, in order to torment Akane further.

    In fact, if he was being sadistic, he wouldn’t kill her off right away in this ordeal, but rather have her rescued, but have her Psycho-Pass hue corrupted by this whole traumatic affair, leading to her descent to the Dark Side, with some help from a certain Sith Lord called Makishima, of course.

    Of course, Urobuchi may also choose to spare her, as he has spared Hitomi in MadoMagi (though ironically using the fact she survived to torment Sayaka instead).

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Interesting to note that the Tokyo subway system has been shut down since the 2050s (60 years prior to 2112, the story setting). Does the development of auto-pilot mode in automobiles render public transport redundant? Perhaps it may mean more efficient traffic and less accidents and people can still more or less sleep on their way to work.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. If they ever figure out how to fix the battery problem for electric cars, then self driving electric cars seem pretty feasible to me. I think it’s plausible to see that in fifty years considering Google currently has self driving cars in California and Tesla makes premium electric cars. One problem with that idea is that a train is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than a city of self driving (but gasoline powered) cars.

  10. Girls hardly match their bra and underwear. Kougami, you may be hot but what kind of male delusion do you have up in your mind? XD

    Also girls hardly wear bra when they are just going to sleep. But then again, Makishita could have put put it on her for the wire purpose of it LOL

    Best episode yet!

    1. her reaction was most likely not from releazing she had a different bra but most likely…”Wait? Last time I checked I wasn’t wearing a bra?!” anyways….so I’m guessing no screencap of Kogami with the bra on his head?

  11. Was thinking … the robot guy’s bone pipe is a sign of the loss of the real in Pyscho Pass’ society, where people like Akane don’t even own furniture or physical clothes beyond something basic onto which a surface is projected. A guy with no organic body wants to smoke out of a bone pipe b/c it’s a real, material thing with a presence and a history. The “deviants” in this society, heroes and villains, likewise live in a way that treats real experience – smoking, drinking, living in an actual Frank Lloyd Wright house – as preferential to simulation. Kougami notes that even the traps in this hunt are anachronistic.

    So it’s interesting if as you observed Senguji is using facsimiles of hunting dogs to merely simulate a hunt, going thru a predictable set of actions to kill his prey. That would make him a LOSER is Makishima’s world where the real is fetishized over simulation and process.

  12. ” flirted with this girl who would always tell me whenever her underwear matched – and she didn’t match every day…” Now did it ever go from telling to showing? Always knew you Big Pimping. LOL (^o^)

  13. I kinda like to question as to why police database isn’t updated every time there are major changes in their city’s structure. This episode shows just how shitty an underground jaunt would be if the map isn’t up-to-date.

    Still you can’t blame Akane and Kougami for not waiting for more info and backup: the victim was just kidnapped out-of-the-blue and murders every damn episode just makes the scenario more frightening. Plus their opponents are geniuses and rich-fags(having an underground filled with waste mats isn’t cheap). Kougami and Akane may be smart enough to solve the cases, but Makishima and his cronies are just toying them.

    1. Cities are a lot slower at updating their databases than what your property taxes paid for. At least in present day.

      I was doing intern job to correct and align city infrastructure database 8 years after several smaller cities merged into one mega one. Yes 8 years and still not done. Also what are wax maps older than my dad without electronic backup or updated version? We have them. For major down town segments too.

      I imagine bureaucracy won’t get much faster in the far future.

  14. I call bullshit on matching underwear.

    Bras are a lot more expensive than panties. If the chance comes up, sure will try to match. But chances are, most girls have more panties than they do bras.

    Unless you have lots of duplicate panties, be a bit hard to match everyday.

    1. I have no idea why I’m commenting on this, but if you have a bra in a rare color or pattern, you really should buy multiple pairs of matching panties with it so you won’t run out.

  15. Ah great episode. 😀

    I wonder what will happen to Kougami.
    Situation 1: Kougami’s psycho-pass is stable as …. and nothing happens (except for the paralyzation by Gino or someone else).
    Situation 2: Minutes or seconds before being rescued, Kougami sees Makishima and his psycho-pass goes beserk.
    Situation 2.1: Gino finds Kougami (whilst Makishima is already long gone) and kills him.
    Sitaution 2.2: Gino finds Kougami (whilst Makishima is already long gone) but tsunemori arrives just in time to prevent the quick kill, leaving room for explanation…
    Situation 3: Kougami sees Makishima, leaves the girl because he’s going mental. Leaving Gino to think that Kougami really escaped and just called to get the girl rescued…

    There could be some situations that I forget but my guess would go to 2.2 or 3. I don’t think the cyborg dude will be a big problem, he had his screen time, time to kill him off or stop him (either by some clever trick from Kougami or just someone from the bureau who catches him)


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