It is with a heavy heart that I must take my leave from Random Curiosity, the home to all of my musings, ramblings, and essays for nearly a year and a half now. Back in the olden days of fall 2011 when my blogging career here first began, I was nervous as all hell. Worries about what people would think of my writing raced through my mind as I began watching that first episode. Yet with every word, every paragraph, and every post, I discovered that although my vocabulary may not be as expansive and my sentence structure not as eloquent as some of the other writers, I still loved to write.

In every post, I hoped to have a thesis that would help readers see an episode in a different light and more importantly, appreciate it in a different way. This was my philosophy behind writing for Random Curiosity, and now that my time here is over, I hope that I have been able to accomplish this goal once in a while so that my time and yours have not been spent in vain. Even on the days when an unfinished post seemed to stare at me for hours on end, my fingers would continue their staccato rhythm and my mind kept searching for an episode’s common thread – all because I wanted to present my best work to the readers.

I cannot express enough of my gratitude that you, the readers, have actually read and even liked my thousand-word plus essays, and I especially cherish the wonderful comments you’ve left that have helped me realize what my strengths as a writer are, what my voice is. Without you, I would not have become half the writer I am today, and I will be appreciative of that for the rest of my life. In a way, I consider you all my friends, bound together by a shared love for anime and for writing. Our friendship is also why I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for all my faults. Each week I am constantly reminded that I am one of the slowest writers on Random Curiosity, and I am very sorry for all the delays. It was only so that I could bring the readers a post that lived up to my philosophy and wouldn’t let the readers down. My apologies that I will not be able to finish my coverage of PSYCHO-PASS, and that I left Hyouka without the closure such a noteworthy series deserved. I will try to continue writing about anime on a weekly or bimonthly basis to keep honing my writing skills, but on one of the writers’ blogs instead, which you can also find through my Twitter since Random Curiosity is probably not an appropriate place to link it outright.

TL;DR – I will no longer be writing at Random Curiosity, but I will forever be thankful to the readers who read my essays, left great comments, and above all, helped me become a better writer.


  1. It saddens me to see this, it really does. You’ve been a great asset to the site, and I’m really sad to see you go. Your posts really stood out, and you’ve truly left a mark here with your writing style. I will really miss you here on RC, I really will.

    I’m glad you’re going to keep sharing your amazing writing with us, and it makes me insanely happy to have you on my personal blog. I really look forward to calling you my co-worker again!

    As for your time at RC, thank you for everything. You will truly be missed here, both as a writer, and as a very dear colleague of mine. Thank you for everything you’ve done on and for this site!

  2. Thanks for Persona 4 and Fate/Zero! Especially for the tidbits for people like me who haven’t played the game. I think it’s safe to say those two shows were quite the ride.

    I think this is fitting.

    “The path of devotion is a great labor. Do not ever mar it.”
    – Gilgamesh

  3. I have only recently found RC but I have thoroughly enjoyed your coverage on Psycho-Pass. Your perspective on the show was interesting, informative, and a pleasure to read. Thank you for that.

    All the best.

    1. I’m very happy you liked my coverage for PSYCHO-PASS, it’s a show that is very ripe for interpretation and analysis, and I hope that I could at least help people appreciate the series more. Thanks for reading!

  4. As his name implies..Perhaps the grass is greener somewhere on the other side? I kid.

    “Real-life priorities” and “Burnout” are two very dangerous words when it comes to blogging on a consistent basis and I don’t think anyone should be surprised that as time passes, things around us change, and eventually there comes a time where we have to move on to another stage of life.

    I’ll just echo the same sentiment – Thanks for the countless hours and nights spent writing out these philosophical, if not lengthy posts (*cough* Nisemono, F/Z, PP) Not only that, the extra effort taken to spearhead and organize the podcast, we (or at least some of us) will miss your sexy (<_<) voice.

    Hope to see you still hanging around, be it here or on IRC..Maybe become Divine v.2 ya know?

  5. so…who’s covering P;P now? Is it dropped at RC like Hyouka? Doesn’t look too good for that show’s coverage since there are many writers covering 3+ shows already (How about it, Moomba? Wanna go for 5? I kid) and P;P is 1 episode behind. Oh well, too bad.

  6. I remember reading your introduction post and here we are a year and a half later. I won’t lie to you, I didn’t read too many of your posts. But I always saw the effort you put into things. Take that anywhere in life and you’ll do great.

    Good luck on life, and just be sure to at least watch anime; because anime’s really amazing and always life-changing.

  7. Well, damnit. This was the last thing I wanted to see while refreshing the IRC page.

    Down another great writer. -Shrugs- Guess it can’t be helped. Thanks for sharing your words and lengthly essays, they were a pure joy for me to read and very insightful. I wish you the best Verdant, who knows maybe you’ll come back as Verdant 2.0 in the future. -Hinthinthinthint-

    I’ll keep an eye out for that. -ninja-

    1. Your kind words mean a lot to me, and I am very thankful that I have readers like you. I remember your comments in particular as they were inspirational whenever I lost track of why I was writing here in the first place, so thanks again!

  8. Nooo Verdant, I cry. :'(
    Thanks so much for all you brought to the site (like podcasts!) and for all of your hard work in general. Definitely keep up your writing and I look forward to reading your next post, wherever it may be.

  9. As a huge fan of your post I’m truly sad to see you go. Your writing style was the most inspiring for a writer like me. Ironically, a few minutes ago I was reading your very last post of P-P and was happily prancing around on the net until I saw this post. ;-; I will truly miss you and thank you for shaping RC the way it is now.

  10. This is really unfortunate to see when refreshing the page but hopefully life has many more opportunities and experiences for you in the future, Verdant. Your thoughts on many great series have been a pleasure to read here and will be greatly missed.

  11. It may not mean much, but I’d like to say that I don’t recall ever being less than satisfied with anything you’ve written here, Verdant. Your presence here will be missed.

    1. Haha, it means a lot to me actually, so many thanks for that. And yeah, since I did say that I considered you all my friends in a way, it’s only right that I end things with a personal goodbye for my friends. Thanks for everything. =)

  12. Thanks man, we really appreciate the blog entries you’ve written for us.

    On a side note, will you still make appearances in future podcasts? I’ve always enjoyed hearing your view on things (as well as your voice).

    1. Really glad you appreciate all my entries, thanks for reading them. I don’t know yet if I’ll be making any appearances in future podcasts, sorry! I’m very flattered that you liked hearing my view, and my voice, haha!

  13. Can’t really forget you Verdant since you were brought into the team, along with Unlisted, for the purpose of having someone who played Persona 4 blog the anime adaptation. Show Spoiler ▼

  14. Thanks for all the work & musings you’ve put in to RC Verdant.
    Though it might be goodbye for now, there may come a time where you’ll be back and write for RC again.
    Best of Luck in everything and don’t forget to lurk into RC from time to time [though I’m guessing you will be doing so everyday~ ^o^].

  15. :O I’m sad you decided to do this right after your incredibly deep and well written post on Psycho Pass episode 13( I especially loved the references to Heart of Darkness). It was by far one of the best posts I’ve ever seen on RC. Best of luck to you good sir!

  16. Sayonara. ;___;

    Honestly, verdant is one of the best and such inspiration in this batch of RC writers,..
    It saddens me to see his goodbye T︹T We would never have a chance to hear these writers
    lovely koe/voice without his start of doing podcast and such. So,.. we’ll miss ya’~

    P.S. Gomen I’m so emotional (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
    Atashi- *///* fan desu kedo. . eheheh!!

    1. It’s okay to be emotional, it shows you really care =) Writing my thank you to you is emotional too…

      Thank you for reading my posts and especially your kind words, it all means a lot to me and I will never forget them.

  17. It always pulls me a heartstrings when I see a writer gone from RandomC but people have their priorities in real life which is understandable.

    It was great having you. Thank you for putting your time and effort for us!
    Do well my friend! 🙂

  18. Why am I so sad? Why does this truly feel like goodbye?

    Regardless, your insightful and extremely thorough posts have definitely struck a note as a fan of anime and a fan of great writing.

    Hope to catch you floating around the RC community or blogosphere, Verdant-dono 😉

    1. I’m sorry I’ve made you sad =( I am very happy to hear that I’ve made an impression on you though, and I know that readers like you will forever make an impression on me. Thank you for the kind words, for reading, for everything =)

  19. When Divine is around back to few years back, Random Curiosity seems to have atmosphere where you are compelled to watch those animes not because you are forced to, but it just honour and pride to be able to finish many series in a season. It is somewhat like religion…xD
    Verdant, have a great life and I like your posts actually. Thank you for covering Fate/Zero and the others. I like the style of your writing and the way screenshots were chosen.

    1. I’m glad you liked my posts, especially Fate/Zero, those were very fun to write together with BakaMochi. Thank you for reading my coverage, and for the kind words you have for my writing style and screenshot choice, means a lot.

  20. Good luck in your future endeavors, Verdant. Thanks for your tireless dedication to all of your posts. I had always looked forward to reading your posts, as I enjoyed reading your profound perspective on each episode and the thought-provoking questions/ideas that you raised to bring a lot of quality discussions to the comment sections here.

    Time and again, you’ve blamed yourself for being slow, but the quality of your posts were well worth it to read, even if they weren’t posted within a day or two. I will miss reading your posts, as you were one of my favorite writers at Random Curiosity. Your beautiful prose oftentimes made me quite jealous as a fellow writer lol.

    As for Hyouka, thank you once again for picking this up during Takaii’s absence. Even if you did not provide a proper closure, I was glad you picked up this series and I really enjoyed reading your posts for this series especially during the Kanya Festival arc. I’ll honestly admit that I was a bit sad by the lack of posts for its remaining 3 episodes, and I sincerely hope that it wasn’t the pressures of this conflict that has prodded you into resigning as a writer here.

    Once again, I wish you the best, and I look forward to reading your impressions on a different blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you for all of your kind words, Isabel. I’m very happy to hear that you appreciate my work and that you looked forward to reading my posts. I also remember your comments, since they have been very inspiring and helped me remember what kind of writing I wanted to give to readers like you.

      I’m glad you thought my posts’ quality was worth the extra time it took, that means a great deal to me, probably more than you will ever know. I’m really flattered that I am one of your favorite writers as well, and I know I will miss being read by you. Please don’t be jealous of my prose, as what I’ve seen of yours in the comments is nothing to be ashamed of!

      Yeah, I very much regret being unable to finish covering Hyouka in a timely manner, as I wanted to give proper justice to one of my favorite series of the year. It’s a show rich in meaning and complexity, so much so that I felt it deserved posts that would fully explore the common thread of each episode, but unfortunately I might have been too ambitious.

      Thank you again for reading my posts, for your comments, and especially your kind words that I shall never forget.

  21. I’m sorry to see you go, Verdant! Your posts on Nisemonogatari are the reason I discovered Random Curiosity! And for that, I thank you wholeheartedly! I don’t know what I would do without you amazing bloggers on this website! I’ve enjoyed every lengthy post and appreciated the time you spent on them for us readers. May your future writing bring you joy no matter where it may be! Thank you again for your time and dedication 🙂 You shall be missed!

    1. I’m really happy you liked my Nisemonogatari posts. I have to admit I’m really proud of those, but I really couldn’t have done it without readers like you, especially the inspiration and feedback from everyone’s comments. Thank you for all of your kind words, for reading and commenting, as they’ve made my time on RC worth every second. I’ll miss you too!

  22. I recently came here but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Good interaction with other blogger and I expect to read your review after watching anime haha thank you for your dedication

  23. Thank you for your posts kind sir. It is much appreciated. Always thought that yours were very well thought out. When watching a show I usually miss many important points.

    Samurai Pumpkin
  24. You will be missed, Verdant!
    I truly love reading your posts. Too bad you couldn’t finished Hyouka. Your style of writing made me enjoy the show even more than I thought I could.
    Good luck to all your future endeavors 😀
    P.S: I love your voice too! Haha.

    1. And I’ll miss you too. I am really blessed to know that you and others loved read my posts, that I could do something to help you enjoy Hyouka even more, and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, for everything – means the world to me.
      P.S. I’m very flattered you love my voice, that makes my day. =)

  25. While it is terribly sad to see you leave, verdant, I have to say, I am very grateful that you were here for us and for RC! I still remembers the day when you blogged P4 and even got me interested in playing the games (although I didn’t finish them all), and who could forget your blogging of infamous toothbrush scene?

    Sir, we will remember you, one way or another. Good luck with RL and everything else! Thank you for the great time!

    1. I am terribly sad to leave as well, but I know I can leave with fewer regrets knowing you enjoyed my coverage of P4 and of dat toothbrush scene, haha. Thanks for reading, for commenting, and remembering me – I won’t forget readers like you and your kind words as well.

  26. @croos I think you should stop doing tht unless you want the hate of verdant fangirls/boys…..

    Goodbye verdant. Wish you all the best. I hope we can see more of your essay post again somewhere in the internet.

  27. Good bye Sir may life brings you lots of fortune and joy.

    Just one more thing that I never understand is: why writes worry about getting the post “on time”? The way I see it is that the posts are a free and a gift to us. So why the readers dictate when and how a post needs to be?! The post is ready when is ready. If you don’t like it go to another place. I mean these writes give their hearts out to readers for free. Why harass them with nitty complains when they never get paid for it! I remember when Divine was busting his health writing 20+ shows alone and people will complain for not on time, not enough caps, too short, too long,not enough whatever. Just appreciate what you got if you can do it better create your own site and tell us what it feels to be on the receiving end.

  28. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOMESLICEEEE why T_T!? thers still plenty more monogatari to be BLOGGED alll the booobies the BOOOOOBIESSS D: thanks for the hard work! good luck have fun! on your next greatest ESCAPADES! COME BACK FOR future MONOGATARI stuffs you freeelancer youuuu?

    1. Sorry man, I know, “dem boobies” right? Haha, even though I never really blogged the Monogatari series for the fanservice, it was one of the most challenging yet satisfying and rewarding shows to blog, and I am really glad you enjoyed them, thanks for reading and for the kind words!

  29. 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 nan-de???? (。┰ω┰。) oh well, nobody can stop the forces of Real-Life priorities. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。 Verdant, you'll be missed. (*^◇^)_旦 It was a pleasure reading your reviews! d=(´▽`)=b All the best!!!

    1. Yeah… even as I write this, I am missing you and readers like you too. I’m very happy that you enjoyed my coverage of Fate/Zero and I am forever thankful that you read them, and for your kind words.

      Sayonara destinyflower =)

  30. …, I don’t see why being a couple of days late makes it bad. I rather see a good impression then a bad one. It’s not like you’ve been a week late or something longer constantly.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. I guess maybe some people like fast posts because they want to comment about an episode as soon as possible? Some people comment and even admit that they haven’t even read the post and just wanted to say something. Thanks for reading my posts even though they were a couple of days late, and for your kind words.

  31. Thank you for your posts Verdant. I have been following RandomC for many years and in my view you were a wonderful writer. Your analysis on Fate Zero and Hyouka was really enjoyable and i believe they helped me broaden my way of watching and appreciating anime as a fan. I’m sorry to see that you left RandomC and many followers such as me but i wish you well and hope you’ll never give up on writing. ( sorry if my phrasing may sounds weird, i do believe that i use english fairly well but it’s not my native language and i don’t use it on a daily basis.. )

    1. Thank you, it means a lot to hear that you thought I was a wonderful writer. I could not ask for anything nicer than to hear that my analysis of Fate/Zero and Hyouka helped you appreciate the shows more. That was my hope in the first place, and knowing that I accomplished this means the world to me. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words and for reading all these years =)

  32. nooooooooooooooooo 🙁

    Thanks for all the writing. I really enjoyed it, even though I’ve never been and active poster here.

    You will be missed Verdant :'( May many good shows still find your view 🙂

  33. Thanks for your writing at RC!

    Although I haven’t followed your posts for a while, reading your analytical writing sure was a pleasant and great learning experience. Good luck to you in RL, and hope to see you writing often in the future!

  34. It’s incredibly sad to see such a great talent leave us, but our loss is’s gain and I’m glad you’ll still be staying close to the RandomC community. I’ve enjoyed your work immensely and anyone who follows your posts knows your writing is engagingly readable and prodigiously detailed. Informed by your sensible insights across a great portfolio of anime reviews, I was especially inspired by the very well-written impressions on Nisemonogatari and the recent Nekomonogatari. I can’t think of anyone else who can frame the description of the infamous “toothbrush scene” as tastefully as you did and your excellent work is certainly one of the most authoritative account of the why, how and what of NisiOisiN’s marvelously complex saga. Even though your coverage of PSYCHO-PASS was cut short, you’ve certainly set a precedent that would be hard to follow and your comprehensive analysis that takes us brilliantly through such an opaque dystopian sci-fi will be greatly missed.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, while the slack in timeliness is not the most ideal, you’ve stayed true to your philosophy behind writing for RandomC and importantly, more than made up for it through your consistently insightful posts and insanely entertaining podcasts. It’s been a blast reading your walls of text, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience here as much as your readers. Best of luck and thanks again for everything!

    Seishun Otoko
    1. I am very honored that you consider me as a great talent, and I will do my best to stay as close as I can with to the RandomC community. A writer can receive no higher praise than the compliments you’ve given me, and for that I am immensely grateful and thankful. I’m really glad you found my Monogatari and PSYCHO-PASS posts useful and inspiring, as I was always wary that the analyses I made were too far-fetched.

      Your words of encouragement have definitely made my day, as I am very glad that you felt my posts more than made up for my tardiness. I have enjoyed my experience here, largely thanks to readers like you, so thank you for your kind words, for reading and commenting, and for your support!

    1. Yeah, I don’t know how I lucked out and was able to cover so many amazing and fun series over the previous year. I will miss writing them, and more than that I will miss great readers like you. Thank you for everything.

  35. Dear Verdant, Thank you for your posts that you have done for the last few years . They have been very enjoyable to read. I very much enjoyed your Dantalian no Shoka comments as well as your Psycho Pass, Fate/Zero. You shall be very missed and I hope your future is bright and enjoyable for the years to come. So thank you Verdant for all your work that you have given us.

    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed reading my posts on PSYCHO-PASS and Fate/Zero, although I’m afraid I wasn’t responsible for the Dantalian no Shoka ones. Thank you for your kind words, for your appreciation of what I have done on RandomC, and especiall for reading my posts.

  36. I am pained to hear that you’re leaving, Verdant. You were my favorite writer since Omni, and I enjoyed your posts the most. I actually liked your posts to the point where I would make sure to watch the shows you blogged. I particularly loved reading your posts from Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Nisemonogatari. It was great having you around, and I hope to see your posts again be it here, or at another site. Let us know if you do. Best of luck with the future. Hope we cross paths once more. 8)

    1. Thank you so much, your compliment is one of the highest that any RandomC writer would ever want to hear, and I am extremely flattered that you think so. It brings me great happiness that you would go as as to watch the shows I blogged about, and I’d like to thank you for your kind words and for being such a wonderful and loyal reader. I’ll never forget amazing readers like you whom I have been lucky to have here on RandomC.

  37. Wow! It’s exam time for me, so I haven’t checked on RC in a few days. And I come back to this awful news. Ultimate sad face. 8(

    Verdant, thank you very much for your work here on RC. Your posts have been some of the most insightful analysis about anime I’ve ever read, so it’s quite disappointing that such a strong interpreter/writer is leaving the crew. RC is a little less stronger without you here!
    I’ll also miss your voice in future postcasts. /cries

    1. Sorry to put a damper on your exam time like this! Thank you very much for reading, and especially for your compliments. It means a lot to me knowing I was appreciated here. Your kind words won’t ever be forgotten =)

  38. Verdant, thank you for your work on Random Curiousity. Though I rarely posted on your blogs, I really enjoyed how well thought out they were and I always made sure to read the shows you blogged. Like the current Psycho and Monogatari, which convinced me to watch them.

    Though I’ll miss your work, I hope you find enjoyment in whatever you do!

    1. Thank you for reading my work, I don’t mind if you rarely posted =) I am glad to hear you enjoyed my posts and the style in which they were written, and especially happy that I could convince you to watch PSYCHO-PASS and the Monogatari series – I’m sure all the bloggers here aspire towards being able to convince their readers to watch a show. I will definitely miss loyal readers like you very much, and thank you for the kind for your kind words.

  39. Your departure leaves a gap in RC that can never be filled. Your writing has been of such remarkable quality and depth that I can’t envision your style ever being eclipsed on this blog, regardless of the talents of other writers here at RC. Those juicy bits of lucid philosophical and analytical insight you’ve treated us to will endure as some of the finest displays of talent I’ve witnessed here to date.

    Best of luck in all future affairs!

    1. I am truly honored and flattered with your kind words, and it brings me great joy as a writer to hear my work so appreciated. I don’t think I could ever forget how lucky I feel to have such wonderful readers. I couldn’t have done it without the support and feedback from all of you who have inspired me to do what I do. Thank you for everything!

  40. I usually never comment, but I feel I should. The fact that you’re responding to nearly all of these farewell comments speaks volumes about your character. If we knew nothing else about you, that would have been enough. Take care, Verdant. You will be missed.

    1. I’m usually not much of a commenter myself either, so that’s why I am very happy that you’ve taken the time to say goodbye to me because it feels like it means that much more. Thank you for reading my posts, and for your kind words – I will always cherish them.

  41. Thank you for all of your insightful contributions and wonderful writing all this time. I looked forward to reading your posts. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and I hope that you will keep up with your writing! You will be greatly missed =(

    1. Hearing that you looked forward to reading my posts is very inspiring to me as a writer, as does knowing that you enjoyed my contributions. Thank you for reading them and especially for your kind words. I will greatly miss readers like you as well =)

  42. Nooo :((( I’ve always awaited your Fate/Zero posts (though I don’t always comment), they are very insightful and I definitely saw each episode in a different light so kudos to you! I really liked your writing style BECAUSE your “vocabulary is not as expansive and sentence structure not as eloquent” as the others. The weight of your posts came from your deep insights and not from lengthy and flamboyant words so don’t you ever think that you’re inferior to the other writers. (not that I have problems with the other writers here..)

    If you ever want to come back as an RC writer, don’t even hesitate for a second because you’re one of the charms of this site (for me at least). Good luck to you future endeavor!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my Fate/Zero posts and that my blogging philosophy actually worked. =) And it means so much to hear that you liked my writing style. I hope that in my future writing I never lose sight of what readers like you appreciated. Thank you so much for reading, and especially for the kind words that I won’t forget anytime soon.

  43. I haven’t been on this website for long, well posting that is, I was just an adept reader who wanted to read other’s perspective besides mine. Thanks for your great effort though and I wish you all the best!

    Cheers, xx!!!!

  44. I don’t usually comment here on RC (in fact, it’s just my second time), but the gravity of this event made me do so. I’m really sad that you’re leaving RC. I always look forward for your posts on Nisemonogatari, Psycho-Pass and (briefly on) Hyouka. I love your deep insights, going as far as trying to grasp the philosophical basis of the stories and characters. Thank you very much. Good luck and take care always!

    1. I’m usually not much of a commenter either so it means a great deal to me that you took the effort to leave your kind words. I am sad to be leaving as well, but I can rest easier knowing that you looked forward to my posts and loved what I was trying to accomplish with them. Thank you for everything!

  45. This is so sad and sudden……..words cannot express how I feel about you leaving randomc.
    I always look forward to your Fate/Zero posts every day of the week during its airing because you were the only person who is just as passionate about the show as I am and share similar views on how its story was told so it was always a treat when you do a post on that show.
    Goodbye,Verdant.I wish you the best of luck

  46. Hey Verdant, thanks a lot for your hard work on RC, particularly on Psycho Pass! I really wish you could stay for till the closure of the series, since I would have never been able to appreciate the series in such mesmerizing angles without your intereting analyses. I wish you all the best 🙂 and hopefully still drop by to share your insights! (Also looking forward to you on Stereoman’s blog!)

    1. Hey Hikari, thank you for the kind words. I wish I could stay to finish it off as well, since it’s probably one of the most interesting shows I have ever covered and each episode is just ripe for analysis. I’m glad I could help you appreciate the series more, even if just a little bit. Thank you for reading!

  47. This is the worst news I’ve read on randomc… (T_T) and made all the more awful that it was posted on my birthday. I’ve enjoyed every one of your Fate/Zero and Psycho Pass postings and was looking forward to reading more reviews!! Thank you for all your work but is there any way you’d change your mind?

    1. Happy belated birthday, I’m sorry you had to read bad news like this on your special day. I am very happy that you enjoyed my Fate/Zero and PSYCHO-PASS posts, and I’d like to thank you for reading them and especially for your kind words. =)

  48. I’ve only been visiting and lurking a short while, but I’ve found that the post by the writers on this site have been interesting, informative and insightful. It’s always a shame to see contributors leave, but if it’s to pastures greener and challenges new, then it’s for the best, and hopefully you’ll have great luck and fun experiences wherever you go.

  49. Yeesh! I almost missed this entirely were it not for the “Recent Comments” sidebar. Thank you for your efforts, Verdant. May life see you onto even more grand adventures and exploits ^-^~~

  50. I pop onto the site after returning from the holidays and literally the first thing I see is this sad news. I’m gonna miss you Verdant, your articles were some of the most intelligent and comprehensive that this site has ever seen. The quality of your posts completely made up for any lack of timeliness; they were always worth the wait, and always a great pleasure to read. I wish there was some way that I could make you stay, but I know full well that when greater things call, the lesser must give way. So I salute you sir, you are without a doubt one of the best writers to ever grace this site; I’m pretty sure that you still hold the record for the longest-ever RC episodic post. You’re awesome, and I’m certain that you will find the utmost success in all your future endeavors…;)

    1. Sorry for adding to your post-holidays malaise, haha! I’m gonna miss readers like you as well, since you left some pretty great comments that were quite rewarding to read. In a way, they also inspired me to write posts in the hopes of seeing similar comments to yours. I am truly honored by your compliments and cannot thank you enough for them. They have made me feel that my time here was appreciated and won’t be easily forgotten. Thanks for reading, for commenting, and for your kind words.

  51. Thank you, verdant, for sharing your writing experience at RC. It was good to read your story. Though I do not visit RC as often as I used to these days, I enjoyed your posts and others’ responses on Fate/Zero etc. Thank you for all of your work and efforts!

  52. Best of luck in all that you do, Verdant! Thank you for your contributions to RC, hope you’ll still lurk around as a reader and occasional opinion-giver! You will be missed here, my fellow Kiritsugu Emiya fan. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words, I’ll try to lurk around although I’m not sure if all of my opinions can even fit in this tiny little comment box. =p I will miss being here as well – I mean who wouldn’t when there are wonderful readers like you to brighten my day. =)

  53. Verdant I want to point out two things:

    1) I’m relatively new to RandomC, but every week I’d refresh the feed on Thursdays waiting for your philosophical pieces on Psycho-Pass. They were a true pleasure to read and as a fellow writer and anime aficionado they were truly a highlight of my week. Thank you.

    2) Sadly I’ll need to go back and read up on Fate/Zero, but if this single post is any indication, you have some of the most well-behaved and thoughtful readers and commenters here on RC. And *that* is saying something.

    Peace out.

    1. Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed my posts on PSYCHO-PASS, hearing that they were a highlight for you really means a lot to me. Yeah, I really appreciate my readers and commenters here on RC, and it’s probably what I will miss the most about RC. Thanks for reading and for the kind words.

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